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By Barbara Zurek on 26-Jun-2023

Top class table

Excellent product. Very pleased with the quality of the product. It does everything I expected it to do. Very happy with my purchase.

By Michael Hardwick on 15-May-2023

Worth Every Penny!

This vacuum ironing board gives a professional finish to your clothes without any effort. I use a Snail 2 litre steam generator iron which is needed if you want the highest possible finish. The board is not cheap, but once you see the results, you'll be glad you bought it.

By Chris Cruise on 08-Mar-2023

Excellent ironing board

By Zoe Cliffe on 04-Jun-2021

snail vacum professional ironing table

it was delivered in 48 hours. prompt and good. it works well and well recommended.

By Amir Salehian on 26-Aug-2020

Very good overall, although I wished it would have been just few cm taller.

By Victor Adafinoaiei on 06-Jun-2019

Vacuum Table Review

I'd been contemplating one of these for a few months and finally decided last week to order one. Arrived quickly and simple to put up, was advertised as suitable for right and left handers. I am a left handed person and certainly I can operate the vacuum/iron as I would normally. However, the vacuum is obviously positioned underneath the table and it vents out the sucked through steam on to my midriff! Not a problem for right handed people as you'd be standing on the other side of the table but not great for me. It's also an extremely heavy piece of kit, very sturdy, the table does not "travel" out of it's position which is good. The vacuum itself is not as strong as I was expecting but nevertheless is still good. It's not too noisy either. I love the way this table handles bedding, gives a really good finish, as it does with t shirts, trousers etc. I am still finding it tricky to iron the yoke of a shirt on the end of the table in a traditional way, since pressing the vacuum pedal with my right foot for anything else (as I am staying in one position) requires a change to my left foot as otherwise I wouldn't be able to reach the end of the table easily. I am trying hard to relearn and undo 11 years worth of professional ironing of shirts to a new way, using the vacuum table. Overall I think it is a good addition to our equipment for our ironing service and with practice I'll get back to ironing a shirt in less than a minute and half but it will take time to learn to get the best out of the table. Would I buy it again knowing what I know now? Yes, and learn to be patient to get the hang of it ;)

By Emma Watson on 22-Jun-2018

Fantastic purchase

So much better than a home system. Couldn't live without this now!

By Mary's Laundry on 11-Jul-2017

Snail pressing board

Quick response to my email. Thank you.

By joanna Kazmierczak on 28-Jun-2017

Snail pressing board

Everything would be great apart from one small problem with vacuum plastic cover which is broken. I have sent pictures in email which explains that issue and it got resolved quickly.

By joanna Kazmierczak on 26-Jun-2017

Five Stars

Great stuff thanks

By cgahmed on 19-Jan-2017


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