Ironing Press FAQs

Q: Which ironing press is best?
A: The best ironing press depends on how much - and how often - you iron. If you're doing a lot of king-size sheets and duvets the larger-sized presses are certainly better.

Q: How do you use an ironing press?
A: An ironing press is much simpler to use than a regular iron. All you usually need to do is place your clothing or linen inside, pull down the pressure-assisted handle, and press the button for steam. Job done!

Q: Is a steam press better than an iron?
A: A steam press can be better than an iron for some uses and people. They're great for large duvet covers, sheets and tablecloths. They also make things much easier for the elderly and for those with bad backs.

Q: How do you iron sheets with a steam press?
A: How you iron sheets depends on the size of the steam press. With the smaller designs you need to iron in horizontal strips and feed the rest of the sheet out the back. So look for presses which have space at the back to do this.

Q: Any more tips for using steam ironing presses?
A: Yes, a good tip is to buy a cheap pair of heat proof gloves when you're first getting started. The plate is hot and this will protect your hands from accidental burns when you're getting used to folding cloths. Also, if you live in a hard water area, buy a press with a limescale filter or use deionized water.


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