Ironing Press FAQs

Q: Which size ironing press should I get?
A: We would recommend you to purchase the largest size that you're able to afford, because the larger the press = the less time you spend re-positioning items = the more time you will save.

Q: Is a steam press better than an iron?
A: The vast majority of our customers have reported that their ironing press has transformed their lives! In addition to clothing and everyday ironing loads, they're great for large duvet covers, sheets and tablecloths. They also make things much easier for the elderly and for those with bad backs.

Q: Is an ironing press really much quicker than using a conventional iron?
A: Yes. Customers have reported that using an ironing press has reduced their ironing time by as much as 75%.

Q: Are ironing presses easy to use?
A: Yes. Customers report that after a short period of time, they are very easy and convenient to use.

Q: I suffer from arthritis and find it difficult to move my hands and therefore I struggle to use an iron. Would an ironing press be easier for me to use?
A: Many people who suffer from disorders that affects their joints report that using an ironing press was their easiest solution for their ironing.

Q: Which ironing press is suitable for large items like bedding?
A: If you're ironing a lot of larger items like sheets, duvet covers and tablecloths, the larger-sized presses are certainly better.

Q: What about king-size bedding?
A: The larger the ironing press, the more space there is at the back of the press to rest your items in preparation for pressing them. All of our ironing presses are capable of ironing multiple fabric layers, which means that bedding can be pressed whilst folded. Using a larger press will mean that you can iron even quicker. The fabric type and the thickness will dictate how many layers you will be able to iron in one pressing action (the average is four layers).

Q: Can I iron shirts with an ironing press?
A: Yes, shirts are amazingly easy. An everyday shirt is easily ironed/pressed in 1 or 2 minutes once you have learnt the technique.

Q: Should I use the ironing press sitting down or standing up?
A: Most people find it more comfortable to press whilst sitting down, however some people prefer to press whilst standing up, so our ironing presses are designed in a way that makes it comfortable to use either sitting down or standing up.

Q: Can a steam ironing press be used without water as a dry ironing press?
A: All of our steam presses can be used without water as a dry press.

Q: Are there any advantages in not using water and using my ironing press as a dry press?
A: Due to the heat-reflecting plate on our ironing presses, you can get excellent results whilst simultaneously saving on energy costs, by using your ironing press as a dry press. Using your press this way may even extend the lifetime of your ironing press. One of the useful accessories that are included with all of our ironing presses is a spray bottle, which can be used to dampen your items before pressing.

Q: Is it faster to use my ironing press on items that are bone-dry or on items that are damp?
A: Generally speaking, it is faster to press items when they are slightly damp. Pressing items that are slightly damp can negate the necessity to use steam.

Q: Are there any advantages in using steam whilst pressing items?
A: Occasional use of a short burst of steam can be effective for stubborn creases and should not be compared to the continuous flow of a regular steam iron.

Q: Do I need an ironing press stand?
A: If you have a suitable table or work surface to press on, a stand is not necessary. But if you don't have a suitable flat surface to place your ironing press, a stand can be very helpful.

Q: What are the advantages of a Speedypress Roller Press Rotary Iron over a Speedypress ironing press?
A: The roller press is faster for larger items, because it saves the user from having to spend time re-positioning bedding and sheets, as they feed through automatically.

Q: Can an ironing press iron multi layers?
A: Yes, all of our ironing presses are capable of ironing multi layers at one time. Most materials will allow four layers to be pressed at once, whilst some thin materials will allow as much as eight layers to be pressed at once.

Q: Can I use tap water in my ironing press?
A: If you are in a hard water area, we would recommend that you use deionized water.

Q: Which ironing press is best for me?
A: The best ironing press depends on how much – and how often – you iron. Please see our ironing press comparison chart to help you choose which ironing press is right for you and your requirements. As a rule, the larger the ironing press surface = the faster the ironing!

Q: How do I use an ironing press?
A: An ironing press is much simpler to use than a regular iron. All you usually need to do is place your clothing or linen inside, pull down the pressure-assisted handle. Job done!

Q: What about complicated items?
A: Anything that is difficult with an iron can usually be ironed after some practice with an ironing press.

Q: Are ironing presses heavy?
A: The average ironing press weighs between 10kg and 14kg. Most people find them to be of a reasonable weight to pick up and put on the table.

Q: Do I have to keep my ironing press flat for storage?
A: No, all of our ironing presses are easily stored either flat or upright. They take up much less space when positioned upright and can be simply placed in a cupboard.

Q: How do I keep my ironing press shut when lifting or transporting it?
A: All of our ironing presses have a lock on the handle that locks the pressing plates together and keeps the press shut when not in use.

Q: Do I have to empty the water in the tank/reservoir when the press is not in use?
A: It is only necessary to empty the water in the tank/reservoir when the press is not going to be used for a prolonged period of time.

Q: When I switch on my ironing press, should the press be open or closed?
A: The press has to be open when it is switched on, otherwise it will automatically switch off after a short time.

Q: How does the auto shut-off safety feature activate on my ironing press?
A: When leaving the ironing press shut (in a closed position) for more than 10-15 seconds, or when leaving the ironing press open, sitting idle, for more than 15 minutes, the overheat protection automatic cut-off feature will kick in and your ironing press will switch itself off, with an audible alert.

Q: What temperature / heat setting should I use for different fabrics?
A: The temperature control settings are a good starting point to use for ironing different types of fabric, however, sometimes the temperature will need to be increased. For example, with heavier cotton materials, you may need to use the linen setting.

Q: Do ironing presses use a lot more energy than a normal iron?
A: No, our ironing presses use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron in overall hourly running costs. They cost approximately 10-20p an hour to run – but you will use it for less time than a normal iron.

Q: Do ironing presses take up a lot of room?
A: No – they fold for easy storage and take up less room than an iron and an ironing board.

Q: Can I leave my ironing press on its stand permanently?
A: Because the presses are attached to their stands, they can be left attached together permanently.

Q: Will my ironing press leave a shine on my trousers or skirt?
A: All of our ironing presses are designed not to leave a shine on your garments. Remember, while using a regular hand iron, the constant movement over the material will leave a shine on most fabrics, however with our ironing presses, there is no movement from the hot plates, and no constant pushing the iron backwards-and-forwards over the garment, which is where the shine on your garments comes from.

Q: Are there any instruction videos available to show me how to use an ironing press?
A: Yes, there are many videos available online that provide demonstrations about how ironing presses work, including a video from Speedypress which can be found here:

Q: Can an ironing press be used by both right-handed and left-handed people?
A: All of our ironing presses are designed to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people.

Q: Are the heating plates non-stick like a domestic iron?
A: All of our ironing presses are either coated with Teflon or another non-stick material, to help protect nylon clothing from melting or sticking to the upper soleplate.

Q: How long should my ironing press be closed for when pressing?
A: Usually, 2 to 4 seconds is enough. But remember, it all depends on your laundry's textile content and thickness.

Q: How much pressure is applied when I bring the handle all the way down?
A: Moving the handle / pressing lever down all the way applies up to 100lbs of even pressure to the garment.

Q: Which temperature setting will produce the most steam?
A: The linen setting is the highest temperature, and therefore will produce the most steam. The linen setting can be used for items that are not made of linen, e.g., items made of cotton and other similar materials.

Q: What is the best way to reduce my ironing time with an ironing press?
A: To save the most amount of time, we would recommend you to consider purchasing one of our larger ironing presses, because the larger the size of the press, the less time you will spend re-positioning your items.

Q: What are the pressing cushions, that are included as a free accessory with all Speedypress ironing presses, for?
A: The pressing cushion is ideal for shirt sleeves and shoulder tops, as well as trouser tops and pockets etc. The cushion fits nicely into those awkwardly gathered areas of fabric.

Q: How long will my ironing press last?
A: Our ironing presses are very well made and should last for up to 10 years, if well looked after, however, the usage amount and the quality of the water used will also be a factor in how long your ironing press will last.

Q: How large is the water tank/reservoir?
A: The tank/reservoir in the Compact, Mega, Super Mega and Ultra XL ironing presses hold 300ml of water, and the tank/reservoir in our HD Heavy Duty Professional range hold 800ml of water.

Q: Is the water tank/reservoir replaceable?
A: Yes, we stock replacement tanks/reservoirs for all of our ironing presses.

Q: What should I do if my ironing press cover is torn?
A: All of our ironing presses come with a free replacement cover, and additional replacement covers and foam underlays / underfelts are available to purchase for our entire range of ironing presses.

Q: Do ironing presses need any maintenance?
A: Apart from wiping the heating plate after use and occasionally replacing the ironing cloth cover, foam underlay / underfelt (sponge pad) and water filter (if applicable), there is no maintenance required.

Q: How do I clean the ironing press plate if marks or burns appear on the surface?
A: Keeping your ironing surface clean is extremely important. Using a heavy duty cleaner, for example EZ-Off, which is readily available in our store or elsewhere, will enable you to remove most starch, scorch, soil and foreign residue that over a period of time could appear on your ironing press plate.

Q: What material are your ironing presses made out of?
A: All of our ironing presses are made out of metal, unlike inferior models offered by other brands which are made out of plastic.

Q: How long is the guarantee / manufacturer's warranty?
A: For the Compact, Mega, Super Mega and Ultra XL ironing presses, and the Rotary Iron Roller Press R02036, we offer a 1 year home warranty (3 months if used commercially), and for our HD Heavy Duty Professional ironing press range, we offer a 2 year home warranty (and a 1 year commercial warranty).

Q: Do you ship your ironing presses to my country?
A: Yes, we offer worldwide delivery for our full range of ironing presses.

Q: Any more tips for using ironing presses?
A: Yes, a good tip is to buy a cheap pair of heat-proof gloves when you're first getting started. The plate is hot and this will protect your hands from accidental burns when you're getting used to folding items. Also, if you live in a hard water area, buy a press with a limescale filter or use deionized water, which will extend the lifetime of your ironing press.


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