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Love it but

I love my iron but there was no instructions in closed I had to wing it was a bit scary due to the powerful steam situation with no instructions But did it as called a friend who has one too and realy needs a water gauge to let u see how much water in tank

By Angie Prosser on 18-May-2024

Amazing piece of kit 5*

Amazing piece of kit 5*. We have spent hundreds on the so called brands that last 6 months max. There is no contest when it comes to build quality, output of steam and most of all, you an buy spares.

By Mark on 30-Oct-2023

Snail 3 Litre Iron

Great product and excellent delivery

By Michelle Smith on 01-Sep-2023

Great iron

Just what I needed for my ironing service

By Gina Seddon on 31-Aug-2023

Brilliant Snail iron

Bought a Snail boiler and iron and it is amazing, gets rid of the toughest of creases, best purchase I have made in a while.

By Sharon Cook on 10-Aug-2022

Very pleased with my purchase. The boiler is high quality.

By Maria Costa on 14-May-2022

Snail 3 litre iron

Great boiler and iron. The iron itself is light. Very easy to use. I do need a table with wheels on to be able to move it around as I make curtains etc. My only biggie is that there's no way to see how much water is in the tank.

By Julie Rodgers on 04-Dec-2021

Arrived no problem assembling so far so good

By Duncan Ault on 06-Aug-2021

Snail 3

I love this iron, have wanted an industrial iron for years as I have not found a household pod that suited my requirements and I have tried several!! Best money I have spent in a long time!!!

By Lorraine Cartwright on 04-Oct-2020


Very happy with this iron

By Judith Bradley on 05-Jan-2017

Making ironing your dream!

My first reaction when coming across the iron snail commercial, was, "Are you serious such a thing exists"!! I had packs and packs of ironing every day, and now it's become a dream!! The iron produces tons of steam and lasts for ages without having to be reheated. No more shine on trousers - with the iron shoe you'll never see shine again! Additionally, the trolley makes there be no need to drag it around. Just wheel it at your leisure. Got lots of ironing? hate it? make it your hobby!!!

By LS on 10-Nov-2016

4 out of 5

Had the Magpie boiler until I decided to sell my business, but bought the Snail 3-litre for my home as it was affordable. It is a good ironing system but it does not compare to the Magpie unfortunately...

By Joan on 27-Aug-2016


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