Product Reviews

Excellent service

By Paul Hazell on 02-Jan-2023

Simply awsome product and service

Fantastic quick delivery, smooth uncomplicated purchase and a wonderful product.

By Jon Simmonds on 02-Jan-2023

Great fast ironing. Easy to work with

I got used to it it very quickly and it's great product to iron with. So far it's certainly worth the investment.

By Eve Barnett on 09-Nov-2022

amazing roller press

really makes ironing a LOT QUICKER

By Justine Coker on 09-Nov-2022


Fantastic rotary iron with added steam function! I also have a Meile rotary iron and this one is just as good, if not better. Would highly recommend.

By Maureen Herd Speed on 19-Oct-2022

A real time saver!

Very pleased so far, saves time and does a better job than a regular iron.

By Jill Stubbington on 11-Jul-2022

A truly amazing piece of kit

This roller ironer press is amazing, it takes all the hard work out of ironing and saves considerable time. I will likely be purchasing another one soon.

By Lady Jane Westerlea on 17-Jun-2022

truly amazing quick ironing

really truly unique quick ironing, highly recommended !!!

By Norma Hanson on 30-May-2022

Very fast ironing!

Fastest way for ironing sheets, its amazing, every b&b should have one of these

By Norma Hanson on 30-May-2022

Arrived yesterday

Excellently and carefully packaged! Sturdy bit of kit and have tried the iron this morning, just got to have a bit of practice but am impressed!

By Jennifer Hemming on 21-May-2022

Fantastic product

Amazing fast iron ironing, would definitely recommend this roller press rotary iron, a real upgrade on my old Speedypress ironing press, very pleased so far so thank you

By Hugh K. on 28-Mar-2022

a real time saver for our bedding

highly recommended this roller will save you many hours of ironing your bedding

By Rose Rutter on 28-Mar-2022

I bought this to replace an old Pfaff machine I'd had for years. Its brilliant at doing bedding and takes up a lot less room than my previous one. Delivery was quick too, so thank you :)

By Helen on 10-Mar-2022

The fastest way of ironing bedding

So happy with my purchase as using this roller press is really the fastest way of ironing bedding that I've seen in my 22+ years in this industry. Helpful and polite customer service too, as well as next day delivery. Thank you!

By David Williams on 15-Feb-2022

Absolutely brilliant

After years of struggling, back pain and crumpled sheets, I found this amazing machine. I cannot praise this company enough, helpful and polite. I only wish I had purchased this years ago.

By Julie Cox on 11-Feb-2022


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