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64cm mega Steamer

Arrived within 24hrs of ordering. Stand assembly and fitting press eezy peezy. V. Easy to use and v.efficient, this is a replacement for same product that we wore out after 14 yrs service. We’re already converts!!

By James Bartlett on 17-Apr-2024

Steam prees

Very good bit of kit easy to use and bus's a great job ????

By Paul Wood on 30-Mar-2024

Great no cable snagging

A great product at fantastic price. No big ironing board or iron cable snagging on it. Just put in and press. Easy and less time consuming. And no shine on me trousers.

By James Gardiner on 30-Jan-2024

Ironing Press

I like the iron but I think the stand could be improved. I have used this sort of equipment for years. The stand is hard to store because the 'table' is at a fixed angle. The 'sticky tape' to hold the iron steady, in my opinion will not last long causing a safety issue.

By Annettte Aldridge on 28-Jan-2024

Looks the part

Very good delivery time. Looks very robust. All being well it will save time if looks have anything to go by.

By Nigel Kempthorne on 20-Dec-2023

fantastic and fast delivery thanks

By John Frame on 01-Dec-2023

Didnt work

didnt work at all. called to get a replacement

By eamon heggarty on 30-Nov-2023


Fast and easy ordering, quick delivery. Great product works well. The removable stand is easily packed away. The stand means you can use it anywhere. Works brilliant. Love it highly recommended

By Tammy Jeffery on 01-Oct-2023

Amazing product and customer service

So pleased with my speedy press iron and stand, I can now do all my ironing 10x faster than usual and can set it up anywhere around the house, so easy to use and store. I had an issue with the delivery with my stand but after emailing the company I was called back within minutes and my issue was resolved and a new stand sent out! Thank you

By Mina on 02-Jul-2023

It's great

Once you get used to the fact it is not the traditional iron it's a belter Ironing done in half the time

By Dave Sarginson on 29-May-2023

By Rodica Iliescu on 08-May-2023


J'ai dj une presse repasser, c'est bien pour les draps, les nappes, pantalons et autres. Celle que je viens d'acheter sera pour ma maison de campagne (repasser les grands draps...). Je fais confiance Ironing-Press-Company!

By Bernadette LOUIS on 12-Apr-2023

First class

Easier than I thought it would be to get used to. Good Quality and good results.

By Anne on 18-Mar-2023

Mega steam ironing press

Very happy with my purchase. The steam settings are excellent. The only drawback is the opening of the press which is not very big which has resulted in quite a few burns, so be careful. The stand I don't feel is very stable and I wish I had bought a bigger press without the stand.

By Moya McReynolds on 15-Mar-2023

Good buy. But hard to use at first

This item is good, it does what it says on the tin. Good price. But a bit hard to get used to especially when doing bedding, but I got there after a few tries and now I'm happy with it . Would recommend as the press was delivered quickly as well.

By Anthony Clarke on 05-Jan-2023

Love it!

I had never had an ironing press before but so glad I took the leap! I love it! When I get the hang of what I am doing my ironing time will easily be halved!

By F J Lewis on 05-Jan-2023

Good Iron Press, safe time ironing

Good Iron Press; saving loads of time doing ironing, Heats up very quickly, The steam burst mode is good for ironing easily creased pieces. 300ml water tank is very useful. I have been using the press for just over a month and still have a tank left. The only issue I found is the press could have open a little bit wider. If you have big hands, you are more at risk of getting burnt while moving fabric around while ironing.

By Piyanut Annis on 15-Oct-2022

Steam press

Couldn't believe how quick I was with my ironing using the steam press. Love it.

By Christopher Moriarty on 03-Oct-2022

Great Press

I bought this for my wife. She had an iron press without a stand or steam. It worked well but was too heavy for us to lift on and off the table. This Speedypress resolves all the issues we had with our last one. She is delighted with it. Our only complaint is with the second courier who delivered the stand to the wrong address and took a photograph of the parcel on next door's doormat.

By David Benton on 25-Apr-2022

Speedy press

Brilliant service, ordered at 4pm item was delivered next day, can't get any better than that, only one niggle, thought it came with a spray bottle, I may have misread, apart from that great piece of kit!

By Paul Scott on 27-Feb-2022


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