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An expensive experiment!

I bought this press because I am having trouble with arthritis in my hands and thought it would be easier to operate than a normal iron. I do not have the space to leave it out permanently as my SIL does and found it heavy to lift onto the table. Once I get used to how to manoeuvre the sheets and bedding into the press I’m sure it will get easier. Luckily I had been pre warned by my sister to wear cotton gloves before embarking on the exercise so avoided burning my hands!

By Veronica James on 18-Feb-2024


Perfect for what I need. Easy to use. Not too heavy.

By Claire Hiett on 10-Feb-2024

So easy to use, can do it standing or sitting. Does a great job and easy to store when not in use.

By Angy Rye on 05-Feb-2024

Good service

Product is excellent, and arrived promptly

By Fiona B on 23-Jan-2024

Absolutely brilliant

I have recently purchased this press iron and I honestly thought it would take some getting use to but it was very simple to use including button down shirts. The time it took me to do the pile I had been avoiding was 1/4 of what it would have and bedding was a breeze! I wish I had bought this years ago because I've wasted my life ironing. It's not the chore it once was.

By Sheri Chick on 16-Jan-2024

Terrific labour saving appliance

Delivered promptly and well packaged. Great looking and very easy to use. Recommended for those who find standard ironing too difficult, e.g due to arthritis etc.

By Kate Harvey on 07-Jan-2024

Ironing Press

I am very pleased with the press.

By Catherine Stewart on 27-Nov-2023

Ease of use

I have multiple sclerosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia which cause a lot of pain. My shoulder joint is affect by arthritis so using an ordinary iron isn’t possible as I would have to add weight to the iron and continuously move my arm back and forth to iron the clothes. I gave up ironing 3 months ago. I’m so glad I bought the ironing press which is less of a fuss, all I need to do is place a folded sheet into the machine put the lid Down wait a few seconds and that’s it done. No need to use my painful joints. I can’t go to bed with crushed sheets or pillow case so that all I’m able to do now, it’s great.????

By LINDA MCKEEVER on 15-Nov-2023

A Wonderful machine

What a great item! makes the ironing of clothes and bedding so easy and quick. Good service as well

By Graham Schneider on 08-Nov-2023


Really easily to set up. Efficient and saves hours of times instead of ironing. Would highly recommend.

By Justine on 29-Oct-2023

Just the job

Everything good, thank you.

By Mr, david taylor on 21-Oct-2023

Super easy

I have always avoided ironing. Now I achieve excellent results in no time.

By Quinton Ballenden on 14-Oct-2023


Great press quiet and irons perfect and not too heavy to lift

By Thomas Macknight on 11-Oct-2023

Replacement press

My press unexpectedly died no reason phoned ironing press got a replacement within 48 hrs fantastic customer service definitely recommend

By Alan Kane on 20-Aug-2023

Life changer

Wow how did I not know this British company existed before now the press is a fantastic piece of kit. Easy to operate, burnt myself already but will get used to handling the equipment it’s so fast I was getting cocky.

By selina frisken on 09-Aug-2023

Wish I found this sooner

Hadn't bought a press before due to the initial outlay, and because I didnt realise they were avialable for the domestic market. It makes ironing easier. The finish on garments is far far better than when I used an iron, ie flatter, smooth, even, wrinkle free etc. It does cut down on how long you spend ironing especially for bedding, but you will still spend time positioning garments and linen etc, so people who left reviews moaning about the time it takes to use have unrealistic expectations. I would recommend.

By Rachael Hope on 02-Aug-2023

A Pressing good time

The press I bought was the best thing I have ever bought, every household should have one. I will never buy another iron again, press makes clothes look new and it will not drag the fabric also they don't crease easy when wearing them. It's the most wonderful time saving appliance which every household should have love it xxx

By Julie Manson on 30-Jul-2023

Steam press

Brilliant press easy to use not long to heat up

By patricia rogers on 10-Jul-2023


Just what I wanted for bedding , cuts ironing time dramatically, takes a bit of practice but I’m very pleased . Only downside the water dispenser is attached I would prefer to take it out to empty it.

By Julie Byford on 05-Jul-2023

We are very pleased with our new press iron

Easy to use

By Michael McManus on 21-Jun-2023


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