Product Reviews

Amazing press

Amazing quality press, just wish it had steam! But that's what you get with a dry press.

By Matome Maponya on 19-Jul-2021

Fantastic machine

Really good for duvet covers, pillow cases and tea towels. Still learning the art of fitted sheets!! Cuts time down to a minimum. Not tried anything but bed linen yet.

By Jennifer Kiely on 03-Jul-2021

Really great press

This Blancapress is great for sheets. I've got a 5 bedroom B & B.

By Mike Macfarlone on 02-Jun-2021

Best press

Would highly recommend

By F Khan on 06-May-2021

Good press, just wish it had steam

Great, strong iron press... Just missing steam but it does a fantastic job!

By Mrs. K L Williams on 06-May-2021

Very pleased

This sturdy Blanca press is great for ironing sheets and duvet covers for my guest house. It knocks the socks off the previous steam press I ordered! It warms up quickly and maintains it's temperature throughout. It's easy to change its settings and it leaves sheets and clothes perfectly crisp and crease-free. The added space at the back of the press is ideal for pressing folded king size sheets and covers. It's well worth paying a bit more for this quality of an ironing press.

By Mrs Donna Thomas on 19-Mar-2021

fast ironing

great quality press and real fast ironing

By peter may on 18-Oct-2020

good press

great for busy places with loads of sheets

By b.Finer on 05-Oct-2020

fast ironing

By MR B JONES on 05-Oct-2020

great heavy duty press

great press, irons nicely just wish it had steam

By MR B JONES on 05-Oct-2020

amazing for sheets

amazing for sheets just wish that it had steam

By Mr Kaywood on 29-Sep-2020

great quality press

By JUNE P & J LINEN SERVICES on 29-Sep-2020

decent press and very quick ironing

really great press, gets used 8 hours a day and staff are very happy with the speed of ironing


good large press

great quality iron press

By JUNE on 15-Sep-2020

good pressing

great quality press, irons well, just wish it had steam

By PAM TALBOTS on 14-Sep-2020

great heavy duty press

next morning delivery for great press, well reccomended

By GARY CROUCH on 09-Sep-2020

Fabulous machine

Bought the press as we decided to do our own laundry for an 8 person holiday rental. Zips through all the Egyptian cotton in an hour or so. Highly recommended!

By Keren on 09-Sep-2020

great press but wish could afford one of the larger 101hd press

By JANE CRIPPS on 28-Aug-2020

Good upgrade from Speedypress XL

I have 8 holiday cottages and iron for approx 2 days per week. This press was to replace an overworked Speedypress XL. The lack of steam hopefully means less to go wrong. We now have professionally pressed bed linen and are very impressed overall with the product. It’s a lot more expensive but gives great results.

By kirsty kirk on 19-Aug-2020

Ironing press

I was very pleased with my new easy fast ironing press, it’s cut the time in half, standing at a ironing board brilliant news for me

By Teresa Charlton on 10-Jul-2020


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