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Was I meant to have received it?

Because I didn’t. Difficult to review it

By Simon Abrahams on 21-Nov-2023

Excellent product

So far so good. A learning curve

By on 25-Aug-2023

Iron press

Quite pleased with the press as I have only just received it .It is a large piece of kit and needs to be set up in a room ready to use .So far so good

By Jenny on 14-Aug-2023

Great Machine

Best thing I've ever purchased. Doesn't take long to heat up and it's very easy to use. Can press my king size bed linen very quickly.

By Rosemarie Wright on 01-Mar-2023

You will wish you'd bought this sooner

This press makes quick work of my ironing, particularly my trousers and damask tablecloths. A couple of things to note: Dampen the items before pressing (I used a spray bottle, rolled up the item, and left it for a few minutes while I ironed something else); and if you are undecided about which model to choose, buy the widest one you can afford. I almost chose the 81HD but ended up buying the 91HD, and those extra 10cm made a huge difference when ironing the tablecloths. It may be an expensive piece of equipment but because of the ease of use and the excellent results, ironing has become less of a chore. I'm very pleased with this press.

By Deborah Gibson on 06-Feb-2023

Speedypress 91HD with Stand and Iron

I am absolutely delighted with my purchase of the Speedypress 91HD. It takes the stress and back pain out of ironing. Great Purchase at a fantastic price. THANK YOU!

By Raymond G Parrett on 04-Jun-2022

By Ali Sardar Ahmad on 03-Jun-2022

Why did I not buy this sooner!

Fabulous delivery service. Iron press sturdy and easy to use. Bought heat-proof gloves from amazon and flew through a stack of sheets, duvets and shirts. Watched videos on youtube to see how best to do the shirts. All look like they have been dry-cleaned.

By Michelle Murtagh on 15-May-2022

Works great. Not much else to say really, happy I chose this one.

By Harvey on 10-Mar-2022

Instructions not the best but press is great

It's very well constructed, however, a dvd on how to iron garments, especially shirts should be included. As it's completely different to conventional ironing.

By Dean Hope on 11-Jan-2022

Great machine

Fantastic press, great for bedding. Perfect for my glamping business. So much quicker than an ordinary iron. Highly recommended!

By Christine Macleod on 04-Jul-2021

really great press, well recommended

By Debbie Deakins on 21-Jun-2021

Speedy 91HD with stand

Unbelievable machine. It’s cut my wife’s ironing time for the B&B by 75%. Good design and clear display.

By Reggie Kay on 08-Jun-2021

super press would reccomend

By Robyn Jones on 08-Jun-2021


Very satisfied with the product. It took a few weeks to wait for the delivery to Sweden then I contacted the Ironing Press Company who were very helpful and sent a new delivery which took only 5 days. Thank you Lionel for your kind treatment.

By Astrid Frisk on 01-Jun-2021

Wish I had discovered pressing my clothes instead of ironing them years ago

I only wish I had discovered pressing my clothes instead of ironing them years ago. I'm only one month into use the steam press, but it seems to be everything I had needed for dress and casual shirts. It is taking me some time to get used to the proper placement of my clothes in the press, but that is getting better with experience.

By Mr. Cauper on 01-Jun-2021

super press, great ironing, very fast delivery

super press, great ironing, ordered at 3pm received 10am the following morning!

By Mr. Goring on 11-May-2021

Really fantastic iron press. Deserves 5+ stars

Really fantastic iron press. It's not as light as my old iron press but it is much larger. Irons my clothes and bedding at heck more better than any of my previous iron presses that I have had in the past, and love the fact that it has a filter for the limescale as I live in a hard water area, really deserves 5 star +

By Mrs. E Perry on 05-May-2021


I have been using it for five months and it is a fantastic iron press. Saves ironing time with excellent results. Very comfortable. I would repeat the purchase.


Excellent product

Arrived before time, good packaging set-up was easy and fast ironing.

By Powlas Gaware on 07-Apr-2021


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