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So disappointed! Not suitable for king size Bedding!!

I have a small b&b business and mainly needed a press for king size bedding. I did a lot of research and thought I had found the perfect product, as the Speedypress 101HD was specifically advertised as suitable for 'king size' bedding. I was really looking forward to using the press but unfortunately after setting it up the first thing I noticed is the pressing plates are not very wide (approx. 28cm) which is far less than my brilliant Beldray ironing board at 40cm. (I don't know how I missed that one, I think I must have been too focused on the fact it could fit king size bedding and all the reviews that stated how amazing it was). My partner had unpacked the press ready for me to use as a surprise so I can't even return it as the wrapping has been removed now so buyers be aware of this!! The main issue for me is the limited amount of space behind the pressing plates for the bedding to 'sit-in' before pressing, which means it won't take my king sized bedding there is just too much bulk and it interferes with the closing of the press!! I have tried so many different folded configurations to see if I could get it to work but sadly there is just not got enough room for the bedding, also as the surface area of the plates is so narrow it just minimises the options even further. I have to say that I am very disappointed as this was a big purchase for me and it won't work for the task I need it for. There are other products available with better space behind the pressing plates and a wider pressing surface area, I should have taken even more time during my research instead of taking the marketing info and reviews at face value. The product itself seems to be a satisfactory build, the pressing plate cover is very wrinkled but that will probably smooth out over time. I think it's fair to say that it will be ok for large flat sheets (just about) and probably fine for other smaller items like pillow cases etc, but it looks like I will still have to plug in my trusty old Bosch steam iron and keep my big old Beldray board for the duvet covers at least :( Another point to mention is the power supply is at the front of the press which is a little inconvenient as the thick power lead is running down the front of the press by your feet and gets in the way of the ironed items at the front! I don't normally spend so much time on a review but I wanted to share the points that have been an issue for me and I wish I had known about beforehand. Sadly this purchase has been an expensive and extremely disappointing experience as I was really looking forward to the time saving a press would give me.

By Denise Reynolds on 09-Feb-2024

Great press

I love the press. It does a professional job of my pillowcases and general ironing. I bought it to do pillowcases to reduce the cost of my holiday lets laundry bill. Small things great, but don’t buy if you want to do duvet covers. Its a faff and mine ended up more creased by the time I was finished. Maybe there is a back to it that I’m missing though.

By Kelly l Warman on 03-Nov-2023

Worth every penny and time saved

It only takes a third of the time I used to spend ironing.

By Mrs Waddell on 30-Oct-2023

For the price it’s just ok

Useful bit of kit let down by some basic design errors. When ironing sheets there is insufficient space at the hinge for the fabric making ironing difficult. This space could very easily be made bigger. Also spits water on steam boost setting and gives surprisingly little steam on standard setting. Although faster than a traditional iron I am overall quite disappointed for the very high cost.

By Jane S on 11-Oct-2023

Fast and Easy to use

The iron is great, we have a holiday let so the sheets now are a lot easier to do. It takes up some floor space but that's to be expected.

By Gary Hester on 31-Aug-2023


The stand is not tall enough. It takes a long time to heat up from cold and the recovery time between each operation is also not fast. There is little room to the rear of the press to for material from large items. This is not an item I would buy again.

By PAUL NESS on 03-Aug-2023

excellent ironing system

Ironing Professional real quality iron press. I highly recommend

By A.SHERRTT on 26-Jul-2023

Don't buy

Bogus company, what they advertised about their steam iron is not the same you're getting. I deliberately ordered 101 HD model with 2600 watts in this company because this model is not available in the US but instead I received 100 HD model with 1800 watts which I can buy in the US. I paid shipping of $ 200.49 just to get this 101 HD model but it's a waste, I wasn't receiving what I wanted to buy. I emailed the company, that also is waste of energy and time because I'm not getting a response about my concerns. I would never ever buy in this company again.

By Claude Klein on 20-Jul-2023

Highly recommend

Excellent service and really pleased with the press. It was easy to set up and very simple to use. Great results

By DAVID STANTON on 12-Jul-2023

Brilliant so far, thank you

By Jonathan Owen Day on 03-Jul-2023

I should have bought one earlier

I am so pleased with this machine easy to use and flies through the ironing I'm just getting used with it and already I'm saving time and effort doing the ironing

By Elizabeth Courtney on 14-Jun-2023

Fab press!

This press will make ironing your sheets a dream - so much faster than the good old ironing board!

By Linda McWilliam on 11-May-2023


Good. I wish it was a few inches taller but the product is great otherwise.

By Ruth Hobbs on 22-Apr-2023

Speedypress 101hd

Love the pressure, only I was hoping that it can go more higher for standing working.

By Audrey Hartman on 22-Mar-2023

Excellent service & product

Initial impressions appears very well made, looks built to last. My wife is very happy with it ironing is a lot easier. it only uses a small amount of water and clothes are not left damp after ironing. Overall very pleased with the product and the service from the shop, we ordered after 12 on a Friday and they got it to us the next day so that was very good.

By C. WHITTALL on 22-Mar-2023

Iron press Silver/Black

Heavier than I thought. Very sturdy on the frame. So far very pleased with the iron press, cuts down on ironing time for sure!

By Vanda Daniels on 20-Mar-2023

Wish I'd bought it sooner!

We have 2 self catering units and the ironing was getting me down, no longer! Already saved me time, easy to use and I don't feel overwhelmed by laundry now. It does take up space but definitely worth it.

By Fiona on 13-Mar-2023

New iron press

Wife absolutely loves it! I reckon she'd iron me if she could!

By Chris McNab on 21-Jan-2023

Great improvement over ironing by hand

Early days, having only had the press a few days, but so far, excellent. Very quick delivery (to the Highlands) so well done on that - many could learn from your example. The actual press itself is easy to use, cuts down the time to iron/press king-size duvet covers and sheets by about 70%. We bought the stand to go with it, highly recommended as the press would be harder to use if just sat on a worktop. If you are running a B&B or holiday let and don't want to use a laundry service, the press is a huge time-saver. Go for the biggest one you can afford - it will pay for itself within a year or two.

By M Gunn on 27-Sep-2022

Steam press

Love it great time saver just wish the stand was slightly higher but easy to resolve?? Ty

By Jacqueline Clarke on 17-Sep-2022


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