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LOVE this press!

Excellent ironing press if you're a professional tailor looking for a reasonably priced iron press that’s similar to an industrial unit. Heavy weight iron for professional pressing which steams beautifully. Good capacity tank for a single person to use, I would highly recommend this product as a good starter iron press for trainee tailors or those with small businesses. Also arrived very quickly.

By Roxanne Newcombe on 10-May-2021

Much better then my previous Singer 7 press, can iron fast even my Arthritis hands are no problem

I only like to use steam iron presses. This one was a replacement for a Singer press which I’d had for several years. I have arthritis in my hands and don’t find this iron press too heavy, much better then a iron, really good quality, very fast finish, much quicker then my Singer due to its large size.

By Debbie Lemon on 05-May-2021

Very impressed!

I am very impressed. It heats up very quickly and presses over the garment so smoothly, very pleased. Large size is great for my king size sheets.

By Pat Clarke on 05-May-2021

Wow what a service

Fantastic service, press ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. The press is great and really makes a different to the ironing time in my ironing shop. Best purchase of 2020!

By Tanya Mertens on 07-Sep-2020


I'd used this model a lot before purchasing my own, it's a great steam press for kilt making. Swift delivery, very pleased overall. Thanks!

By Jack on 26-May-2020

101HD ironing press

Great product, and service was superb, fast and professional. Could not be bettered, even though we are in the midst of the coronavirus!

By Pamela Rowe on 21-May-2020

Amazing press

It is amazing - cut my ironing time by half due to its size!

By MRS P CRUSHER on 19-Apr-2020

Great Product Great Service

Order one day, arrived the next, not even a delay due to lockdown. The press is efficient as expected.

By Stuart Wassall on 06-Apr-2020

real fast ironing

can do what used to take me 3 hours of ironing on traditional ironing board now in less than a hour

By MRS SHERINA PETIT on 03-Feb-2020

Ironing made easy

This is a large board ironing press makes ironing faster and less effort than a conventional iron only downside were the instructions as never explained fully how the steam works I am new to the press but I will work it out

By Sandra Harper on 03-Feb-2020

Great & sleek ironing press

It would be nice if you tell people on the product's page that they need to buy a transformer in order to use the steam press in the USA, but they told me about it after I ordered it and offered me a refund if I wanted, which I declined, because thankfully transformers aren't very expensive. Once you get everything together it works real good!

By Fernando E. on 05-Oct-2019

Best press ever

Having just purchased a BandB, I looked at the specification of the press and it fits the bill perfectly. It arrived very promptly, in a well wrapped packaging (which is much appreciated) and the quality of the product is excellent. I am so impressed. Thank you.

By Isabelle Jones on 01-Oct-2019

Im pressed!

Exactly what I wanted, it saves a lot of time and I'm getting better every time I use it. I didn't buy the stand and it does sit comfortably on my kitchen table but it's quite heavy to move so I think I'll end up buying the stand at some stage.

By Paula Westhorpe on 30-Sep-2019

Great Service

Great product & service from a company we've now made two purchases from. Recommended.

By Ian Porter on 27-Sep-2019

Wonderful product

This ironing press really does reduce ironing time, 5+ star review any day of the week!

By Paul Wilson on 12-Sep-2019

Really a five star press

Highly recommend! Anything to cut ironing in half!

By Mrs. Ola Onekuku on 01-Aug-2019

I am still getting used to this steam press; I have had a fabulous Domena for the last 20 years, which is still working - hopefully I will get many years from this new press.

By M Jenkinson on 19-Jun-2019


This makes ironing so easy and quick. The ironing press was delivered so quickly and efficiently. The set up was really easy too. I would recommend this company and this product to anyone.

By Jill Campbell on 11-Jun-2019

Generally pleased but a little bit noisy.

By Honor Hoggins on 06-Jun-2019

Delighted with our ironing press

The press has met and indeed exceeded our expectations. We run a small BnB, and most of out ironing is of bed linen. The press has cut the time in half, even on the first try. We anticipate even greater time savings once we become more proficient at using it. The service and communication from Lionel was exceptional. We are very happy customers

By Barry Campbell on 03-Apr-2019


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