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Speedy iron press

Top quality product. Very pleased. The stand is at fixed height and is higher than expected. But not a problem once a suitable chair was found.

By Suzanne Grainger on 06-Apr-2023

Love this

A great bit of kit. Irons sheets and other flat things very well. Good heat and steam. Prob quicker and better with trad iron for other items. The stand is an unnecessary extra if you have any flat area to sit or stand at. Would have preferred without and for £50 less. Just another thing to store.

By Mrs Anne E De Saxe on 14-Dec-2022

Great product

Excellent delivery

By Alan Weller on 25-Nov-2022

Love it

Speedy delivery and a fantastic press, I don't know how I did without it! So easy to use & it cuts ironing time significantly! I just love it.

By victoria thompson on 30-Jul-2022

Steam Press with Stand

My new Steam Press arrived on the day it was supposed to, so easily made up and the plate is an excellent size, so easy to use too

By Karen Holmes on 26-Jul-2022

Ultra XL Steam Ironing Press 90cm with Stand

Bought this for my partner for our B&B to save time on ironing. It has cut the ironing time down by 50%, and she advises that it is very easy to use and does the job wonderfully. Thank you.

By Andrew Neill on 16-Mar-2022

ironing press

excellent should have bought one years ago, saves time and presses really well so easy, also has stopped my arm and shoulder from hurting.

By Judith Tyler on 25-Oct-2021

Brilliant device!

Wish I had bought this years ago when I think of all the time it would have saved. It's made a huge difference to my achy back too.

By Irene Jones on 03-Sep-2021


Having just opened an AirBnB this steam iron press is a must. Makes light work of the ironing. Product is solid on the stand. Recommended

By Julie Greenslade on 08-Aug-2021

Time saver!

Brilliant steam press, I got the XL due to doing lots of laundry for my business, and it saves me so much time, I hadn’t ever used a press before but this company was recommended to me by my business partner and it so easy to use, I got the stand too which is also a space saver, highly recommend this product and company!

By Jemma Ashby on 05-Jun-2021

Great piece of equipment

Looks good and fits stand perfectly. Stand is a bit shaky when using steam and you need muscles to spread the stand legs.

By Alison Langford on 04-Feb-2021

great fast ironing

highly reccomend

By Chris Parr on 05-Jan-2021

eaier quicker ironing

The larger plates mean easier and quicker ironing

By Nasreen Rafiq on 12-Oct-2020


sturdy/easy to use/well worth the price/ not giving it full stars as they could not supply the stand

By George Wilkie on 06-Sep-2020

Bit to get use to but love it when you get the hang of it

By Susan Devine on 30-Aug-2020

Almost perfect for bedding

We use it for our Airbnbs so lots of sheets. Definitely worth it but bear in mind, with sheets you don’t get as good results as you do with an iron but then they don’t have to be perfect so it works for us. The essence is the time saved. Including the time spent folding (the quality of which, is key) it is three times quicker than an iron so the time saving is immense when doing large volumes.

By John Raftery on 31-Jul-2020

Great machine

By Avril Faulds on 20-Jun-2020

great iron press

By Mr & Mrs Melton on 17-Jun-2020

really speedys up ironing

By Mr & Mrs Melton on 17-Jun-2020

Excellent Machine

I have now used the press on two occasions and have really noticed the time saved and the quality of pressing for the majority of items. Sheets and Duvet covers are easier to press, as are t-shirts and polo shirts. No ironing marks on garments and logos can be pressed without fear of them lifting. More practice needed with ordinary shirts to speed up the process and improve the quality over a conventional iron. I am sure this is down to user error. Overall, very pleased I purchased the press. Ironing is not as much of a chore now.

By Kevin Moore on 15-Jun-2020


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