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sturdy/easy to use/well worth the price/ not giving it full stars as they could not supply the stand

By George Wilkie on 06-Sep-2020

Bit to get use to but love it when you get the hang of it

By Susan Devine on 30-Aug-2020

Almost perfect for bedding

We use it for our Airbnbs so lots of sheets. Definitely worth it but bear in mind, with sheets you don’t get as good results as you do with an iron but then they don’t have to be perfect so it works for us. The essence is the time saved. Including the time spent folding (the quality of which, is key) it is three times quicker than an iron so the time saving is immense when doing large volumes.

By John Raftery on 31-Jul-2020

Great machine

By Avril Faulds on 20-Jun-2020

great iron press

By Mr & Mrs Melton on 17-Jun-2020

really speedys up ironing

By Mr & Mrs Melton on 17-Jun-2020

Excellent Machine

I have now used the press on two occasions and have really noticed the time saved and the quality of pressing for the majority of items. Sheets and Duvet covers are easier to press, as are t-shirts and polo shirts. No ironing marks on garments and logos can be pressed without fear of them lifting. More practice needed with ordinary shirts to speed up the process and improve the quality over a conventional iron. I am sure this is down to user error. Overall, very pleased I purchased the press. Ironing is not as much of a chore now.

By Kevin Moore on 15-Jun-2020

Love this ironing press

It's very easy to use and makes ironing less of a chore!

By Susie Sainsbury on 12-Jun-2020


So easy to use, from t-shirts to king-size duvet covers, they're just so easy to press, just have to learn to fold fitted sheets now!!!??

By Jacklyn Dawson on 25-May-2020

Originally faulty but replacement machine is great!

I have given 4 stars as unfortunately the press that I initially received was faulty. The customer service was very good though. i explained the issue with my press and they sent me out a new one which arrived the very next day. That is the only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars.

By Marilyn Draper on 30-Apr-2020

Quick to use

I bought this for doing bedding but I find it crinkles covers or pillowcases at the sides. I haven't figured out if it's coming from the foam below or if it would work better if I replaced with felt, that's the only thing I can think of trying. I wouldn't mind some feedback in how to get rid of the crinkles.

By Catherine Taylor on 27-Apr-2020

So much quicker then my old singer press

The large size really speeds up my ironing, can now do all the ironing in half the time compared to my old Singer press!

By Mr Spalding on 26-Apr-2020

Large pressing area, it does what it says on the tin.

Noisy steam compared with previous press, and stand for standing use, not adjustable to lower for sitting. Matter of getting used to.

By Brian Melbourne on 10-Apr-2020

Best Steam Press

Pressed within seconds It’s awesome.

By Shashu Amir on 21-Mar-2020

great press really saves me hours a week standing by ironing board

saves me hours a week standing by ironing board

By Denise Curran on 23-Jan-2020

My iron gave me a pay rise

I can't comment on the stand yet as it hasn't arrived yet. I was told right at the start that the stands were out of stock but would follow a week later. The press is so amazing. I am disabled and ironing the 120 meters of material I use every 6 months took me 6 weeks. This time is part of my 'cost of sales' and effects my profit margins. This evening I ironed 20 meters of fabric in 30 minutes. You can fold it behind the board (where the hinge is) but I personally find it easier to fold my fabric in half along the long side, then in half (long side ) again and iron from left to right. It has literally saved my life. The 'cost of sales' has dropped dramatically so I have better profit margins immediately. It's like I bought this and it gave me a pay rise. In fact it's already paid for itself. Heats up fast, is really easy to use and really good at its job. I love it!

By Amanda Reed on 20-Jan-2020

Great service!

We had great service with our order, from the dispatching to delivery we were kept informed about the delivery. It was a 5 star service, and I'm very happy with the ironing press so far.

By Martin Tolley on 09-Dec-2019

Great machine

Good delivery and well packaged. In operation it provides a very good finish.

By Ian Murray on 21-Nov-2019

Super Amazing Product

I highly recommend this steam press!

By Mrs C. Malvin on 18-Nov-2019

The joys of ironing (not a chore anymore)

My wife suffers from chronic arthritis and finds using her steam iron and ironing board an uncomfortable chore. Since using her new Speedypress Ultra XL Steam Ironing Press plus sturdy Stand, now in it's pride of place conveniently set up permanently in place in the corner of spare bedroom, she finds it a joy to use.

By Bryan French on 18-Nov-2019


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