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Steam Press XL review (Pending)

Have only tested this item over a short period can't give a proper account till I have time to use over a longer period.

By PHILIP PRITCHARD on 27-Aug-2020

ironing press

the wife so pleased with this, she is angry with herself that she did not purchase this years ago.

By kenneth stroud on 05-Aug-2020

Return Order No 6925 DPD 671689112

Just to ask you if you received my return of the xl steam press from dpd number 671689112 picked last Monday. And every thing is ok for the refund.​ Thank You​ Order No 6925 Chris

By Christopher Sellick on 18-Jul-2020

I've had a Iron press for years, but this ultra large is something else, love it! Thank you.

I've had a Iron press for years, but this ultra large is something else, love it! Thank you.

By janet charles on 06-Jul-2020

Great press

Real fast ironing

By MR MIDDLETON on 19-Apr-2020

So far so good

My easy press lasted 25 years. Hope this does the same. Certainly it's much faster, races through the sheets

By jim mills on 05-Apr-2020

Best thing I have bought in years !

Fantastic ironing press. Everything is crisp and professionally pressed. Can’t believe that I waited all these years before buying this. I am a farmers wife and have very little time to do ironing, so this iron press is wonderful time saver. Do all my fathers sheets for his king size duvet and all his clothing. Shirts are marvellous. Thanks so much.

By Katherine Watson on 22-Feb-2020

good press reduces ironing time

By M Crow on 03-Feb-2020


Very good my time in 80%...I can sit and do it

By Maria Furtado on 02-Jan-2020

Wonderful & fast ironing

Really wonderful, sped up my ironing by a lot - what could be better?!

By Mrs Rachael Ellard on 09-Dec-2019

Excellent product

Never used one before - whizzed through the ironing. Very pleased with performance and quality.

By Christopher Gibbs on 26-Nov-2019

Life changing

This has really changed the amount of time I spend ironing. I actually enjoy doing my ironing now since purchasing the steam press!

By Suzy Rosado on 01-Nov-2019

Works a treat

Really pleased with my press, the 90cm is just right for ironing my double bedding when folded into 3 layers... It still manages to press the bottom of 6 layers of material nicely. Takes a little time to load the material where it's stored at the back of the plates in the very limited space, but soon got used to it. No problems so far :)

By Sleights girl on 09-Oct-2019

Very good

Works like a dream so far, very impressed.

By William Johnson on 01-Oct-2019

Great product

I was not sure at first if I was going to get on with these, I wanted one to press my art quilts. I have to say the company were very helpful and I bought a larger model and have used it for the first time and it has given my quilt a very professional finish. Thank you.

By Moya Quick on 03-Aug-2019

Amazing product!

Really amazing - makes my ironing go so much quicker!

By Mrs. M. Thompson on 31-Jul-2019

Ultra XL Steam Press 90cm - Largest Home Press

Fabulous. Works brilliantly - It has given me my life back. I can press a duvet cover to perfection in 4 minutes (previously took me 40 minutes sometimes!)

By Ali O'Neale on 25-Jul-2019

Love my new steam press

This is so quick and effective and especially good for large duvet covers and sheets. What previously would have taken at least an hour, I can do in around 10 to 15 minutes and with much superior results. Every home should have one!

By Valerie Lewis on 15-Jul-2019

My best buy!

Do I like this, hmmm, just the best iron ever as far as I'm concerned. The horrible king sheets are now a pleasure. Takes all the work out of it. I am left handed and have never got on with irons, cords always in the way etc. No more, now easy and quick. Seems a very good price for a sturdy machine. Thank you.

By Catherine Parkinson on 22-Jun-2019

Love it!!

Love it, steaming through my laundry. Great size. I run a small bed and breakfast and do all my own laundering so it is a huge bonus!

By Margaret Mackay on 03-Jun-2019


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