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Not yet received!

Original order was lost through DPD and now waiting for replacement order to arrive - not the next day delivery we had hoped for

By Kate Morgan on 16-Apr-2024

Top quality steamer

Purchased as a second steamer, my first Speedypress steamer is still working and in daily use after 30 years!

By Martin Hollier on 01-Aug-2022

So good I bought another!

I bought one of these for my charity to freshen up pre-loved clothing, for a swap shop. More expensive than I’d bought before but wanted quality and British made as previous ones (different brand) were just not up to the job. This is easy to use and does exactly what we need it to. So good that, 6 months later, I’ve bought another for a 2nd shop. Customer service really helpful too. Wouldn’t consider any other brand now. Perfect, thank you.

By Sue B on 15-May-2022

The best steamer I've ever used

Having a shop, steaming is a daily chore and it's something we do for an hour a day. It's very sturdy, holds a lot of water and more importantly it's very safe for staff. Nice little alarm lets me know when the water is low.

By Valerie Tinker on 25-Mar-2022

Great purchase

So glad we replaced our old steamer with with the Handymaid steamer 2.5, it does a much better job and feels like it will last for many years

By Alan H Thomas on 07-Feb-2022


Although this is an expensive steamer the staff are delighted with it.

By Daisychain Benevolent Fund on 07-Aug-2021

Great steamer with a loud buzzer when it is time to refill

We got this for a great price with a free handheld steamer. Great customer service when we requested a VAT invoice too. Highly recommend the product and this store. Made in the UK, so that's great too! Good to buy local form smaller companies too!

By on 21-Feb-2021

Great quality steamer

Dropped down the stairs and not a drop of damage, a truly strong robust metal steamer which does not spit like cheaper plastic ones do!

By Alexandra Coste on 27-Sep-2018

A real professional clothes steamer

I have owned several steamer irons (including the ridiculously overpriced Laurastar). I decided to buy this British steamer after I saw it in several charity shops in London - and it turned out that those stores keep Speedypress steamers for a reason. Firstly they are a lot easier to use than the normal iron - and does not require any complicated assembly at all. You just have to screw on the metal rod (comes in 3 pieces) that holds the steamer head and then connect the hose - and it's ready to use. The steamer rolls around easily on its casters and can be just left standing somewhere in the corner. It is much better at dealing with delicate fabrics than a standard steaming iron would be since it doesn't leave any streaks from the steam (which are impossible to remove, by the way, since the steam literally burns through the fabric), or make the fabric shiny from heat and pressure. The reason for this is that the steam comes out continuously and from a larger area than in the iron - so you get a little cloud instead of several strong streams that burn the fabric. It doesn't make the fabric wet either, so you can put the garment on straight away. At the same time, it gets rid of creases on wool and silk perfectly.

By Carol Powel on 11-May-2017

Really pleased

Being completely hopeless at ironing, I bought the Handy Maid as I was spending too much money (and time) sending my husband's shirts to the dry cleaners to be pressed. I ordered this from Speedypress, as they are the official manufacturer, and I thought I would probably get better customer service if I had any queries or concerns. I received the steamer the next day (excellent). It took all of 5 minutes to set the steamer up and I was away. It works brilliantly. There was a huge pile up of work shirts to get through, the prospect of which would have normally had me filled with despair if I had had to get the ironing board out. Steaming with the Speedypress Handy Maid was super fast, and almost, dare I say it, fun. I worked out I'd saved over £16 steaming this lot alone, so I'm hoping to recoup my initial outlay fairly quickly. The machine itself is sturdy, and feels like it will last a lifetime. The steamer has a metal head (as opposed to the normal plastic in other steamers) which I'm sure helps in the de-wrinkling process. The instructions say you can use tap water, but given this is an expensive piece of kit, I'm using deionised water in the hope of preventing limescale build up. Overall I am really happy with this purchase. I don’t think you will find a better quality steamer.

By Ina M. on 14-Sep-2016


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