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Fantastic Service

Fast delivery. Excellent product. Will definitely use The Ironing Press Company again. Livraison rapide. Excellent produit. J’utiliserai certainement The Ironing Press Company à nouveau.

By Jill Devine on 12-Dec-2022

Amazing service

Amazing service and a fantastic product. Delivered in hours and it has revolutionised our ironing room. Special thanks to Lionel for his advice.

By Tanya Mertens on 24-Mar-2021

A thing of beauty!

I'm a domestic ironer, I enjoy ironing but get so frustrated when domestic irons and ironing boards typically only last me a few years before they give up on life. Having recently purchased a Magpie iron and board I now realise that until now I've only been playing at ironing. I'm in awe of my new iron and board. They are fantastic quality and built like a tank. As well as being proudly made in the UK they're obviously designed to last a very long time. OK they're not cheap, you do get what you pay for, however, when you take into account the fact that they are repairable and will most likely outlive several domestic irons and ironing boards, they're hardly expensive ether. I expect to still be using these way beyond the warranty period, knowing that I've done my bit for the environment and not cluttered up landfill with junk. As these are designed for heavy domestic/light commercial there is weight to them. I bought them thinking that I would be able to store them in the space I normally fit a domestic iron and ironing board. It is possible, the board does fold away, but in reality as it is so well built there is a lot of weight to it. The iron has its own trolley, although you can easily attach it to the ironing board, but the fact is it isn't small and you will need sufficient space to store it. My happy solution to this is to leave it in situ and give it pride of place in my home, where I can actually appreciate it, afterall it is a thing of beauty. I'm really pleased, you won't be disappointed either!

By Louise Gregory on 01-Jul-2020


Suitable for all ironing :-)

By Derbyshire Ironing Service on 13-May-2017

Absolutely fantastic

A complete professional ironing system. Very pleased with this.

By James Menswear on 29-Apr-2017


Ordered this at 4pm, received it 10am the following day!! Extremely happy with this so far. It feels very sturdy!

By Classic Chair Covers on 16-Jan-2017

Easy-to-use & efficient

Really speeds up my ironing. The difference between this and a regular iron is immense! Looks really professional with knife-sharp creases.

By Dickies on 05-Oct-2016

Best thing since sliced bread!

Fantastic machine, the table makes ironing thoroughly enjoyable, the fact that it is British made is a bonus!

By Richard & Danielle Simpson on 31-Aug-2016

Great product

2nd Magpie I've bought. Thank you Speedypress!

By Classic Cleaners on 03-Jun-2016

Excellent piece of kit

Very happy with this. We use it daily.

By Hilton Padington on 02-Apr-2016


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