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Fabulous Compact Press

Excellent in every way. Highest quality, easy to use, excellent outcome everytime. Easy to store. Fast delivery. 5 star. Very impressed and I do fully recommend

By Patricia on 16-Apr-2024

cleaner impressed

cleaner impressed but she wishes I had purchased a larger size

By Patrea More Nisbett on 22-Jun-2023

Ironing made easy

This is the third steam press I have owned over my 48year marriage and it does not disappoint. It functions efficiently and looks neat and compact. I am very pleased with it.

By Frances Berry on 21-Jun-2023

By Janice Chester on 04-Jun-2023


found this very easy to use and very fast.

By mr jm andrewartha on 04-Jun-2023

Steam press.

Extremely good product.

By suzanne barrett on 29-May-2023


Never thought I'd need one of these irons, my word - best item I've ever purchased. Still getting used to it, trying out different garments, 100% pleased, highly recommended.

By Penelope Woodward on 16-Apr-2023

Delighted with my steam press, takes no time to get duvets sorted, very pleased!

By Jennifer Dossor on 12-Apr-2023

Yes brilliant, couldn't be without it!

By Susan Mellor on 06-Apr-2023

Very good Speedy Press

Received my speedy press on Thursday, very efficient service. Used machine after I received it and so far am very pleased with it. I have no issues at all. Thank you Jerry for a wonderful service and so far a very good machine for the money.

By Jackie Vale on 18-Mar-2023

Super machine

Everything you could want in a steam press that's not too large. Forget the iron, this is everything you need and makes life so much easier. Although the next one I get will likely be a larger size.

By Jean Rayment on 04-Aug-2022

Easy Ironing

This is the second iron press I have had. My last one was a Mega press and this is the Compact. They make ironing so easy and quick and I would never go back to an ordinary iron.

By Cressida Landless on 21-Mar-2022

Life Changing!!

I hate ironing! I also have ADHD and rheumatoid problems and this is why I never used to do my ironing, often leading to a huge pile which I would have to get done over several days. Then I got my new ironing press! I can't even begin to tell you how much this has changed everything. The press is a totally fun to use which helps with my ADHD and lack of motivation. Although it's heavy to move around, if you have a set place for it the operation of it is very easy and lightweight with the steam button very conveniently placed on the pull down handle. I've never had a steam press before and so it really has changed my world for the better where my ironing is concerned at least. This was the cheapest option that I could find online and was very competitively priced compared to those on large shopping websites who shall not be named. As it was the cheapest I could find, I really didn't know what to expect but from the first time I used it, it made everything so much easier. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is struggling with even getting motivated to do the ironing and the features on the press are very easy to use and understand from the first use. I'm so happy that I got my press.

By Sarah on 31-Jan-2022


It's brilliant I love it

By Mary Knox on 03-Nov-2021

Good small press iron

Very handy, and makes ironing bedding so much quicker and easier.

By Ruvimbo Mujawo on 20-Aug-2021

Good service

I have tried it but not with a full ironing. Looks good. It is to replace my old one. It arrived very fast.

By Jillian Gray on 21-May-2021

Sale and delivery excellent.

Time will tell if Ironing Press meets our expectations

By Leslie Plant on 01-Apr-2021

Game changer

I’ve had one before, when I ran a small B and B. It broke, after 10 years. I have been without for 3 years. This one is smaller, I should perhaps have gone for the next size up. However, I’m no longer doing sheets so this is great for my clothes and pillow cases. I will not be having another “break”, without one of these handy and efficient little life savers in my home.

By Crystal Jenkins on 15-Dec-2020

Wish I had bought one years ago

I love ironing but find sheets and pillow cases difficult. I used this for the first time yesterday and it was amazing so light and easy to use I did my whole ironing basket in no time

By Pauline Ferrier on 12-Oct-2020

Ironing Press

Wife loves it has made life easier for her. Many Thanks.

By Patrick Curry on 01-Oct-2020


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