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Excellent product

After reading many reviews on this I decided this was the right one for me and I wasn't disappointed. We are a family of 5 and we run 2 holiday cottages so this purchase has been money well spent, I don't know why I haven't bought one before it more than halved the amount of time I spend ironing. I would defiantly recommend buying one 5 star product.

By Susan Fenn on 04-Sep-2017

Does a brilliant job!

The ironing press does a good job & is easy to use - just be careful of burning as it can get very hot. Very fast delivery as I ordered in on lunchtime and it arrived the next day!

By Zena on 16-Aug-2017

Great piece of kit

I bought this for bedding, it is brilliant

By Jo Johnson-Hill on 16-Aug-2017

Brilliant machine, until you attempt to iron shirts which is a little difficult.

By Ian Davidson on 07-Jul-2017

Dare I say, it actually makes removing creases enj

Fabulous product that really does make pressing clothes easy, effortless and dare I say, enjoyable! The actual press is simple to use and incredibly easy to get used to - I have one small burn on my thumb from the first use - but I have quickly got my head around avoiding the top plate! By far the most difficult thing about it is getting it out of the box and polystyrene packaging - seriously - it was a 2 person job due to being so well packed! However, this meant it arrived with no damage! I paid for a faster delivery, which meant I received it within 2 days (one being a bank holiday!) so I was really pleased with that. The stand itself is fine - although the machine is not actually attached to it and does move around on it - also the lowest height setting is too high for use from an 'easy chair' - a standard dining table type chair works fine, or standing also works. It is relatively easy to work out how to tackle getting the creases out of all items - took me a while to work out the yoke on the back of a shirt, but I now have a technique which works fine. I have found myself washing bedding just so that I can press it (I never bothered with duvet covers in the past!) folding a double duvet into half and then half again length ways means that all of the layers get pressed in one go - it really is that effective. I love it!

By Mrs. C. A. Robertson on 04-Jun-2017

Five Stars

Really like this... ironing so much easier especially large amounts.. stores neatly in cupboard.

By Evelyn Baird on 29-Mar-2016

Best buy I have made.

Having rhumatoid arthritis I found ironing difficult, but since I have been using the steam press I find it easy .

By Hilary Pickering on 01-Feb-2016

Ironing is now half the time

Love this product

By Helen McGeehan on 15-Aug-2015

Very happy with this product!

Bought this to replace an ironing press that had died after 24 years of sterling service. Did a bit of research and at first was disappointed with this - although same weight at previous one, the opening is bigger and consequently, a further stretch to reach up to pull down top press. First few times I used it I had pain in back and shoulder area from stretching that bit further. However, problem resolved by raising level of seat by placing thick cushion on it and now more comfortable. Works well.

By CJW on 07-May-2014


Great item, I have problems standing as I use a wheelchair this is a great item. It's quick and still works as good as an iron

By paula learmouth on 17-Mar-2014

You won't be disappointed

This press is the best, it does a great job and opens up wide enough that you don't burn yourself adjusting the clothes. if you need a press this is the one to get

By Jane on 26-Nov-2013

Steam press usage

On first time of using , it was easy and great to use. Bedding is a doddle with this steam press.

By Sheena Allan on 03-Nov-2013


takes practice to master it but the results are wonderful. Alot faster than the iron and takes less space. grab it.

By renato gallo on 05-Aug-2013

Cuts ironing time by 70%

Easy to use and makes ironing denim jeans a doddle. Shirts take a bit of practice and polo shirts are easier to iron when buttoned up. I love cotton sheets on my bed but hated ironing them. Now it is SO easy. Every home should have one.

By Eileen on 02-Aug-2013

Steam press.

This is my third steam press, in over thirty years, it's the only way to iron. The steam on this particular iron is very powerful and well directed, I just love it.

By Johnk on 31-Jul-2013

Bought for my disabled mother

My mother has used a steampress for some years now due to her disability and is very pleased with the machine. also nice and light for her. a little bit of a cock up when ordering as I received 2 instead of 1 due to an error so had to pay to return but other than that the service was fast and efficient and as much my fault as theirs.

By mrs gillianhallas on 30-Jul-2013

Makes light work of heavy ironing

This steam press makes short work of larger items and is ideal for quickly pressing t shirts etc ready for packing and actually makes ironing more of a pleasure. It is slightly larger than I thought it would be but that is not a bad thing. The leaflet enclosed with the steam press gives great tips on ironing certain items like shirts and trousers along with sheets etc. After a few trial runs, it becomes easier and one fairly whizzes threw what was (to me) a laborious chore.

By joan rae on 19-Jul-2013

Great asset to the utility room

Very impressed, the time I save on ironing the washed. The list goes on... bedding, jeans, clothes are done in no time as well, 3 pieces in one go, depending on what it is... it's great... a bit tricky with women shirts, as they are a different cut, but men shirts take less than a minute to iron. Would recommend this to anyone.

By I love books on 23-Jun-2013

Does as it says

The press works well, It is just the right size for easy storage. The steam facility is efficient and it makes short work of the tedious job of ironing. Good in all respects.

By STANLEY PULLEN on 12-Jun-2013

A great product and reasonable price

The steam press arrived in 2days, tried it out on duvet and sheets very pleased with the press, it takes practice but I like it

By mrs p thompson on 14-May-2013


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