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great press

same us my friend who has singer press just £50 less + spare cover which was added bonus

By ANN BALL on 24-Feb-2020

does the job well

By ANN BALL on 24-Feb-2020

I have had one before for over10years they are very good

By Denis Sutton on 22-Feb-2020


I have two school children and this allowed me to press all their uniforms in less than 20 minutes! Normally this would take me about an hour. I love it!

By Sarah Marshall on 17-Feb-2020

Steam ironing press

At present pleased with item service was good delivery prompt h

By Heather Domah on 06-Feb-2020

Iron Press

Quick to warm up. Presses beautifully.

By Margaret Chree on 04-Feb-2020

Iron press

It is very easy to use the new iron press and very happy with it.

By Peter Thouless on 27-Jan-2020

Love Love Love

As a fibromyalgia suffer this is a god send. No more excruciating pain in my shoulders and hips through standing to try and iron. Absolutely amazing, love it.

By Liz Hassall on 27-Jan-2020

Really easy to use, does a great job - well worth the money in my opinion. With this ironing press it's a breeze!

By Frances Grattan Plunkett on 06-Jan-2020

Fast delivery for a great product

By Mrs J Hornby on 05-Jan-2020

A real bargain!!

A real bargain for people who hate ironing - this is your answer!!

By Miss E. Kerr on 18-Nov-2019

Does the job well

Very pleased with my new press so far.

By Cheryl on 18-Nov-2019

The Mega press is exactly the same as as the old one I've had for years which has just now packed up... I am very pleased with this model which makes ironing so much easier & faster.

By Royston Shaw on 17-Nov-2019

Ironing press

Saves getting my iron and ironing board out, and elbow grease. Really easy to use, does a great job - well worth the money in my opinion. I'm no expert with an iron, but with this ironing press it's a breeze!

By Mrs Christine Radford on 15-Nov-2019

No more ironing just a simple press and done

Well it used to be a chore to iron but no longer. I just sit in position, clamp and press, its actually relaxing, well almost!

By Carter Graham on 10-Nov-2019

Making Ironing Fun!

We almost fight to do the ironing now! All good so far. Arrived safely and on time. Heats up quickly enough, flattens even the most stubborn linens. We're hoping this will be the start of a long love affair!

By Christine Greaves on 05-Nov-2019

So far, so good

I cannot give a full review as I am still waiting to a reply to a message asking a few questions that the instructions don't cover. I have used it twice and burned myself once! I think it will be great once I have had a bit more practice.

By Jean Taylor on 12-Oct-2019

Great press

Really great press for the money but my next press will be one of the larger models

By Chris Roverson on 23-Sep-2019

Very good press

Very good press but I wish I could afford a larger model for larger sheets - could do with larger area.

By Roma Scott on 12-Sep-2019

Does the job

Cracking machine to have in the house to save considerable amount of time I used to waste on ironing!

By Mr Ranjan on 12-Sep-2019


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