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Jaguar Advanced 099

I am extremely impressed with my Jaguar overlocker. Many overlockers clatter or sound hollow. This machine is quite weighty and it runs without vibrating or clattering. It is supplied fully threaded and ready to run with four different coloured threads, so you can observe and learn. The upper and lower looper threads are best pulled through by tying to the previous thread used. You won't be disappointed with this overlocker. It's a lovely, lovely cutter/sewer .. like a little Rolls Royce.

By Dajo on 10-Sep-2021


Really easy to thread. Solid machine, highly recommended!

By Anandi Pooranachandran on 05-May-2021

Jaguar 099

Impressive next day delivery. Thank you. Am enjoying my new overlocker. Very pleased with it.

By Janet Clay on 21-Apr-2021

Great overlocker

Very good quality highly recommended

By K. MCMILLAN on 14-Mar-2021

Game changer

This overlocker is amazing,bought to replace a gifted Toyota overlocker that was a nightmare to thread and use..The jaguar 99 advanced is sturdy,very quiet..and doesn't vibrate when at full speed! More and more sewists are recognising that this is at the top of the food chain compared to Janome and Brother machines. Anyone buying a jaguar overlocker will not be disappointed.

By NICOLA REYNOLDS on 24-Oct-2020

Lovely machine and great service.

I ordered the Jaguar 099 and was unsure of which day my machine would be delivered, I gave the company a call to enquire and was very happy with the customer service. The machine arrived in perfect condition and packaged very safely. It's fairly easy to thread once you've done it a couple of times (youtube and use manual showed me how to) and considering I had never touched an overlocker before (only used a sewing machine) it was surprisingly easy to use. Thank you for wonderful service :)

By Katie Cogan-Baldock on 28-Sep-2020

amazing easy to use overlocker

really easy to thread

By MRS R MARTIN on 27-Sep-2020

Effective overlocket

Reasonably easy to thread and easy to use

By Edward C Thornton on 22-Sep-2020

So far so good

I’ve never used an overlocker but with the manual I’ve sewed a few seams. Love how tidy they are. The machine is good and solid

By Isabel Hoxworth on 22-Sep-2020

Jaguar 099 LOVE IT!

My lovely Jaguar 099 arrived within 24 hours of ordering, I spent a little reading the comprehensive booklet that came with the machine and then it was time to put the Jaguar to the test. It comes ready threaded with a generous amount of thread, it's a workhorse of an overlocker, so little of it is plastic compared to other makes I have seen. Everything I asked of this overlocker it has done without any issues, the booklet explains all the different settings for different effects and hems. The machine is so quiet too,and the light is bright and lights the whole working area. I absolutely love it, my Grandson has had a go too and has named her Jackie Jaguar lol. The service from The Ironing Press was so efficient and the packaging was substantial too. Thank you for the quick service. I am extremely happy with my overlocker

By Carmella Shaw on 14-Sep-2020

Fab machine

Recently received my new Jaguar 099. This is the first overlocker I've bought and swithered for ages before taking the plunge. Wish I'd done it sooner. I've not done much with it yet, apart from face masks, and I was a bit daunted by the instruction manual but when I sat down with it by the machine it was very easy to follow. I've now taken the thread out and rethreaded, converted it to and from 2, 3 and 4 thread settings, and figured out what all the bits and bobs do. Now I just need a project! Can't wait to use it for something bigger than a face mask.

By AnnT on 13-Sep-2020


My first overlocker and was a little intimidated but have found it easy to use, threading easy and its just brilliant. Now to try out the different feet......

By W BROWN on 19-Aug-2020

Jaguar Overlocker

Just got this machine & already I love it ! So easy to thread with the front opening up on both sides. Lovely stitching & very, very happy. I have no problem recommending this machine

By Helen Hodgson on 18-Aug-2020

Couldn’t be happier

I ordered the jaguar 099 but ended up with the free upgrade so actually received the jaguar 2015df and I love it!!! Super quick delivery (it was delivered 3 days after I ordered). The machine is super easy to use, id never used an overlocker until I got this one. It makes creating clothes for my 2.5 year old son super fast! I love it! Thank you! ☺️

By Leah Kinsella on 12-Aug-2020

Just loving my new machine

I'm just loving using my new overlocker, it came with 4 small reels of thread to get you started and when they run out it took me only a few minutes to thread up again, so easy to do, and this is the first time I've ever even been near an overlocker. I was thrilled to see I'd been given the upgrade 2015 jaguar. So I am one extremely happy customer

By Caroline Malkin on 06-Aug-2020

Happy with the overlocker

Happy with the overlocker I received.

By Julie Johnson on 05-Aug-2020

Jaguar 099 overlocker

Brilliant quality machine. Really happy with my purchase. Fast delivery, would definitely reccomend ????

By Hollie Richardson on 05-Aug-2020

Jaguar 099 overlocker

Brilliant quality machine. Really happy with my purchase. Fast delivery, would definitely reccomend ????

By Hollie Richardson on 05-Aug-2020

Jaguar overlocker

I could not fault the delivery service. My overlocker arrived in 24hrs. The price was very competitive and I was thrilled to get an upgrade to the 2015DF model. One very happy customer ????

By Linda Bowden on 04-Aug-2020

Fabulous company to deal with

Ordered the 099, was thrilled to receive a free upgrade to the Jaguar 2015 and what a fab machine! Easy to thread and use- don't know why I've waited so long for one!

By Alison Chamberlain on 03-Aug-2020

Brilliant service and great machime

Thanks so much for the fast delivery and free upgrade to 2015. It’s a Great machine

By Bernadette Mckevitt on 01-Aug-2020

Easy to use and thread

Absolutely delighted with this machine, and with the service from this company. I was very happy on receiving my parcel (free speedy delivery to the Netherlands included in the price) to find that I had been upgraded to the 2015 model, which was a lovely surprise. My friend who is a sewing teacher is very impressed with this deal and I feel really happy that I have got a quality machine for a great price, and have supported a small business by buying direct.

By Sarah H on 29-Jul-2020

Fantastic service and overlocker

Placed an order for the Jaguar 099 on Sunday and received a free upgrade to the 2015df on the Tuesday morning. Exceptional service from The Ironing Press Company, would definitely use them again in the future and have recommended them to other people already. The machine I received has been an absolute dream to use, so happy with it.

By Carolyn Samuel on 27-Jul-2020

Fantastic machine

Really pleased with my machine (I was sent the Jaguar 2015DF) Feels very study and the instruction manual was clear and easy to understand. Great customer service from the Ironing Press as quick delivery and couldnt have been more helpful when I rang up with a query

By Eleanor Lewis on 24-Jul-2020

Fantastic machine

Thank you for the quick delivery of my overlocker. I was also ungraded with my machine. Nothing to set up as it was already pre-threaded ready to go. I have used quite a bit and threaded it up myself which was easy peasy due to the fact that the machine opens right up and getting to the loopers is so simple. I think this machine is going to be my new best friend. Thank you.

By Jo Harrison on 24-Jul-2020

Jaguar 2015 Upgrade

Thank you received 2015 as upgrade Great speedy service ordered one day received by 10.30 am next day DPD great service please keep using this company Machine easy to use comes ready threaded Wish I had ordered threads at same time Thank you

By Vicki Smith on 21-Jul-2020


Brilliant machine, overlocks like a dream. Highly recommend

By Jane Billington on 21-Jul-2020


I'm in love with this overlocker. Very easy to thread, changing threads take less than 5 minutes. I am very new to sewing but it is very easy to operate.

By Joanna Debuse on 18-Jul-2020

New machine

Fabulous, really pleased , so much better than my last one ! I’ve had many machines, but this is tops !

By Jackie Embley on 13-Jul-2020

Love it!

So pleased I purchased this machine. Easy to thread, delighted with the extra presser feet. Spent some time getting used to it first which was worth doing, particularly working out ensuring I was was sewing on the seam allowance. A huge timesaver whilst making scrubs!

By Eileen Chapman on 13-Jul-2020

First class service

Very quick delivery and 1st class service, machine was upgraded so no complaints

By Ann Mitchell on 13-Jul-2020

Jaguar overlocker

I ordered a Jaguar 099 overlocker (my very first overlocker!). The next day delivery service was free and I received an email and a text message to advise me if a one hour time slot. My overlocker arrived within the time slot given and I was delighted to discover I had been given a free upgrade, a Jaguar 2015df. It's a very solid and easy to thread overlocker and I'm looking forward to putting it to good use for my sewing endeavours.

By Pauline Malone on 06-Jul-2020

Very pleased to get the upgrade. The machine is compact, sturdy and quiet. No problems in using it so far - seems straightforward. This is my first overlocker - I always thought that the cost outweighs the advantages for the occasional sewer. However, I am delighted with the finish obtained for the amount of time and effort needed. The service from ironing press was good - there was a little delay as the extra pressure feet were out of stock and a message about this would have been good. I'm hoping that these will arrive soon!

By Susan Brown on 29-Jun-2020

A great easy access machine.

Pleased to be given an upgrade and five feet!. Machine delivered within 3 days of ordering. Clear set of instructions both on machine and in manual. Runs smoothly with low level noise.

By Moira Hind on 29-Jun-2020

Delighted with the machine and it was so easy to get started on my first project.

By Angela Caulton on 27-Jun-2020


Firstly, I couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived. I’ve never owned an overlocker before, but did plenty of research. I had a price in mind, more than I paid for this, but the reviews really impressed me. So I went for it. I’m so glad I did. It came threaded with lots of goodies for free. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone. It’s built like the Bernina but a fraction of the price. Go for it!

By Paulette Flowers on 21-Jun-2020

Brilliant!! Five stars everyday

This review is actually for the 2015DF overlocker as it was sent to me as a free upgrade from the 099 and it is amazing. It has a sturdy build and feels like it's going to be around for a long time. There are numerous variations of stitch style, length, width, etc to suit all projects. I am a complete novice but managed to have it threaded in well under 10 minutes and it was pretty straightforward. So far it's doing everything I want and more. There is no free arm, instead there is the fully front opening for easy threading. I've already done childrens clothing with cuffs and it's not been a problem. I would highly recommend this overlocker. The delivery was super fast and the item well packaged (and did I mention the free upgrade?!) - what's not to love.

By Naomi Cliff on 20-Jun-2020

First overlocker

Ordered Tuesday morning, arrived super fast Weds lunchtime. I unpacked and eyed it cautiously. On Thursday I looked at the threading. On Friday I watched some YouTube videos about it. On Saturday I finally took the plunge...scarily fast, but edges and cuts beautifully, seems solid and well-built. I think it'll change my sewing hugely!

By Deborah Terry on 14-Jun-2020

Amazing Service

So impressed. Ordered the machine 8am Monday morning during lockdown and it arrived the next day, and £10 cheaper than Amazon. Love the machine.

By Mark Braidford on 13-Jun-2020

Brilliant machine

Excellent machine sent very quickly. Super easy to thread and nice and smooth to use. So quick to make a project. Leave the coloured threads in when you get it to work out how changing the different tensions affects the stitch. So pleased I got this machine

By Rosy Sutton on 09-Jun-2020

Brilliant machine

Excellent machine sent very quickly. Super easy to thread and nice and smooth to use. So quick to make a project. Leave the coloured threads in when you get it to work out how changing the different tensions affects the stitch. So pleased I got this machine

By Rosy Sutton on 09-Jun-2020

What a dream

I absolutely love my new Jaguar 099, it floats on like a dream with cute little nifty extras such as the little tape and compartment. So so happy. So glad I spent the money on it. Will defo recommend!

By Angel Pooley on 08-Jun-2020

Easy to use overlocker

Very impressed with your service and the Jaguar overlocker. It is easy to set up and get started.

By L H King on 05-Jun-2020

Fast efficient service

Product exceeded expectations in quality of build and number of features.

By Kate Ryan on 23-May-2020

Great overlocker!

Really happy with my purchase, very sturdy, smooth running machine, much better than my previous Singer overlocker, a great price too!

By Linda Welton on 25-Apr-2020

Great machine

Bought this to replace my 35 year old overlocker which had finally died. I am pleased with it, easy to use , and looks easy to thread. The fact it comes threaded helps, as you can just tie the new ones on. Delivery was fast too

By Teresa Denton on 23-Mar-2020

Jaguar overlocker

I am really happy with this make of overlocker. I was upgraded to the 2015 model as the 099 was not in stock. I am using YouTube as a teaching guide and am really pleased with its performance.

By Patricia Broadbent on 11-Mar-2020

Excellent overlocker

This is my first overlocker and I am already wondering how I managed without one before. I ordered it on a Sunday and it was despatched on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. The whole ordering and delivery process was fast and efficient. The machine itself is easy to operate and I learnt to thread it within minutes using the colour coded guides. It comes already threaded so you can see how the thread should be set up. The finish it produces is neat and professional. It comes with 5 additional feet as well as the standard foot and a range of accessories which are all useful (not just added for effect). I feel that this was exceptional value for money and would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.

By Angela Tubb on 05-Jan-2020

excellent machine and friendly help and advice

Machine is top quality, up there with well known brands like Bernina, Babylock. Delivered promptly and outstanding customer service. Would highly recommend and definitely used again.

By paul curran on 30-Dec-2019

Great machine

I'm very new to overlockers, it took me quite a while to get my head around it, it was pre-threaded but incorrectly it wouldn't work, the loopers seemed ok but the needles were the problem, I had to re-thread it which wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, then it worked, very happy with it, a good strong machine and a decent weight, would recommend.

By Marilyn Kemp on 05-Aug-2019

So pleased

I am so pleased I took the time to do my research before purchasing my first overlocker, imagine my delight when the Jaguar machine arrived and it is every thing I had hoped for, a good sturdy machine. I am amazed how heavy it is, and most importantly very easy to thread because it has the fantastic feature of all the underneath mechanics which are open so you can see what you're doing, it is possible to thread without tweezers, plus it has an easy flip to roll hem, everything I wanted at a a great price, such good value :-)

By Norma Paddock on 27-Jun-2019

Really pleased with this machine

I'm new to overlooking and really didn't know which machine to purchase. I researched reviews, and found the reviews on this model were all good. And I'm so pleased with this machine too. Easy to use, easy to learn and gives a professional finish to your garments. Definitely recommend to all. Also very impressed with the speed at which it was delivered. Within a couple of days!

By Kelly Thomas on 23-May-2019

Super overlocker

Great overlocker, good quality and at a bargain price!

By Lyn Wallinger on 15-May-2019

Very pleased with my purchase good solid machine and love all the extra features

By Martin Keyes on 21-Apr-2019

it does the job

excellent machine, works straight out of the box and simple to use and easy to understand

By Angela Parkinson on 17-Apr-2019

Great machine

Brilliant machine, great price and the machine came well packaged with a great range of accessories. The machine was threaded when it arrived and is easily to thread. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The machine works well and has produced good quality, consistent results.

By Krasimira Mavrodieva on 17-Apr-2019

Great OVERLOCKER and great service

This Overlocker is fantastic,, it eats up all my lazy mistakes and produces a beautiful edge! So easy to use and easy to thread. Looked through the manual and off I went, made a hoodie and some pjs in first 24hours! Customer service was just brilliant, arrived next day with a time slot and such a good price.

By Caroline Furnell on 06-Apr-2019

New Challenge

The company are extremely helpful and offer clear valuable advice without any pressure. The delivery service immaculate using DPD, ordered at 2pm, delivered at 9.30am next day. The type of machine is new to me, so I am still discovering it but so far, Its less of a learning curve than I imagined. Clear instructions and with the whole front opening up makes threading straight forward. I now have to get used to tensions etc. Am really pleased with the machine and very impressed with the company.

By Miss Urquhart on 25-Mar-2019

Jaguer overlocker

Love it, I run a busy alteration shop and it has been a godsend, there's nothing this machine won't tackle and the delivery of it was first class. Thank you, would definitely buy from this company again.

By Geraldine Codner on 21-Feb-2019

Still learning all about its features

Seems to be a very well designed and well built Overlocker. Bought it because my service engineer recommended it and because it is much easier to thread with the whole threading mechanism open. Seems to sew well but only time will tell how robust it is.

By Kathleen Green on 04-Feb-2019

Jaguar 097

Looks a good machine. Have not had time to use it yet.

By James Elliott on 03-Jan-2019

Functional and easy to thread

I am happy with this machine. It is easy to thread as it opens up, and is clearly labelled so you don’t have to get the manual out when you want to thread it. Stitches are quite neat and it does the job. There are no bells and whistles and it is quite noisy but all in all a good budget machine that does what you need an overlocker to do. I haven’t really tried any of the other feet or fancy stuff like rolled hems but I’m sure it will be just fine. Thanks!

By Debbie Brotherton on 12-May-2018

great overlocker

great easy to use overlocker with 5 amazing feet included

By Beverley Webb on 27-Mar-2018

Jaguar over locker

Promp delivery . Over locker is good, easy to handle . Still working on it to get to know the machine and try to achieve its potential. 10/10 Satisfied customer.

By Kheam Harvey on 29-Jan-2018

Excellent product and really prompt service.

By Jackie on 19-Dec-2017

Amazing service!

Order made at 3.30 and overlocker delivered at 10.30 the following day - absolutely brilliant. Machine looks good and the price was better than anywhere else. Overalll I am delighted!

By Caroline Goulding on 10-Aug-2017

Love my New Machine!

My Jaguar 097 is my first overlocker but I need not to have worried, it is a great buy and excellent value. I have had no problems with threading it or setting up, it is all clearly explained in the manual and I took a Craftsy class to help too. Easy to use, compact, well-equipped and well made machine. If you have any doubts just go for it, you won't be disappointed.

By Debbie Brotherton on 07-Aug-2017

The Jaguar 097

only used it a couple of times but lovely machine, I had a Toyota overlocker for 20 years they have come a long way since then though given my old one away after using this new one

By Patricia Rider on 20-Jul-2017

great value and fantastic service

i ordered the machine late on Wednesday night and it arrived on Friday.Great value for a really good machine I am very happy

By sue hughes on 25-Jun-2017

Fab machine

So happy with my purchase. Delivery was super quick. The machine is easy to use. Would recommend to family and friends

By Carolyn Hughes on 21-Jun-2017

It does it says

Genuine brill machine. One of two bought from this company. Will come back again thankyou

By steph BLEYTHING on 14-Jun-2017

so happy

I was recommended to spend at least double this on a decent overlocker but after reading the reviews and specs i went for this one, and I love it. It came yesterday,2 days before expected which is amazing for north scotland. It has very clear instructions and is ready to use out of the box. I really wanted a machine that is easy to use, versatile, opens up to allow easy maintenance as this is the only issue i have with my new brother sewing machine. It is weighty and made with metal parts not plastic which was my worry and the accessories included are really good. this was definately the right choice for me with the feed differential as i work with fine silk as well as fur,tweed and leather. Time will tell how long it lasts but for now i am very impressed indeed for the price this is just amazing

By LouLou on 27-Apr-2017

Well pleased

A brilliant machine. I love it.

By Marcella Devine on 11-Dec-2016

Love it!

Easy to use, excellent choice of settings, easy to thread (threading was my biggest fear...). It is, as others have pointed out, rather noisy, but I think not a big deal and it's great value for money.

By PB on 22-Sep-2016

Jaguar 097

Excellent machine which does all I need it too very well.

By francinacole on 16-Apr-2015

easy to change reels

Quick delivery it arrived when stated, it was already threaded when machined arrived, easy to change reels, cotton reels that come with the machine are useful colours but of poor quality, but overall the machine is excellent, I am very pleased with.

By Mrs Jennifer Tickle on 13-Sep-2014

Easy to thread

My first overlocker. Easy to thread. Easy to use. Very pleased

By lisa Newman on 08-Sep-2014

This is a wonderful overlocker and if you are stil

I bought this overlocker, my very first, a mionth ago. Let me tell you its brilliant. I had read many reviews on various overlockers regarding threading problems and was worried about getting an overlocker but this machine is a simple. Its a very robust beast of a machine that does not complain at any fabric you put through it. If you are reading reviews to make up your mind then look no further,. This is a wonderful overlocker and if you are still unsure, give TIPC a ring and have a chat. Their customer service is also wonderful.

By Mrs. S. Gregory on 30-Aug-2014

Excellant quality overlocker

I am really pleased with this new machine, i was going to purchase a Janome untill i read the reviews on this one and i am glad i changed my mind. The delivery was extremely prompt and arrived within a day of ordering, it was packed very sturdly and came already threaded, although i have used an industrial overlocker so i was familiar with how it all worked. I would have no hestation in reccomending this machine and all its gadgets, which i am trying out at the moment. I have already made several items including a pencil skirt from the sewing Bee book, it looks amazing and very proffessional i have been asked were i purchased it from and people were amazed when i said i have made it!

By Rosemary Cook on 02-Jul-2014

Jaguar 097

Just decided that I would like to have a go at making some of my own clothes. After much deliberation I decided to purchase the latest Jaguar Epochlock 097. I am delighted with it so far as it appears to be a sturdy machine and is easy to thread. I have had a few problems with my cotton snapping but I am still trying to get used to the machine. The finish it has given me on the clothes I have already made has been excellent. So it's five ***** stars from me!

By David Rigby on 18-Jun-2014

A very good overlocker

This is an excellent machine and very good value for money. I would not hesitate in recommending this machine to anyone. It is simple to use and the result is good.

By loraine musson on 11-May-2014

The best thing in my sewing room

We'll I will keep this short and sweet. I have never owned an overlocker until now. I was trying to sew some stretch fabric, but with a standard sewing machine, it was having none of it. So I spoke to a very nice lady who was buying the same type of fabric I had purchased, and she told me about this machine. So I went and purchased this Jaguar 097 Locker. It is very simple to thread, even for a total beginner as myself it's a piece of cake, as the front opens up and swings out the way, very clever.... You will not be unhappy in any way if you buy this Jaguar 097 Overlocker. I love it, only had it four days, already made 3 tee shirts, a top from my strech fabric, and will finish a shirt later.... A very happy customer!!

By Shaz on 21-Apr-2014


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