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Great press, irons perfectly!

By D. Mallilson on 23-Jun-2021

Fantastic, wife is happy!!

By Angus Macinnes on 22-Jun-2021

Great results

I have a two bedroom B&B and bought this iron press to help with changeovers. I'm delighted with it - halves the ironing time and the bedding looks fantastic!

By Jill Uzel on 12-Jun-2021


I bought this press mainly to iron bedding on as I run a small B&B and got fed up of spending hours ironing sheets and duvet covers. I am so glad I bought this press, it is brilliant. Took a few attempts to master the best way to tackle the king size bedding, but once you get the hang of it and develop a routine, it’s great. I have even pressed super king size bed sets on it! Well worth the money... Speedy delivery... Well packaged... All round great product.

By Susan Jones on 06-Jun-2021

steam press

arrived quickly, tried and tested, great item

By Leon Atkins on 23-Mar-2021

So so good

The machine cuts ironing time by hours. Very very happy with this purchase. Definitely worth the money. Sheets are now like new.

By Timothy Miller on 04-Sep-2020


Absolutely love my new steam press replacement for my old one bedding takes half the time would recommend to everyone

By William Rowley on 22-Aug-2020

I love ironing now!

I bought the press as a result of coronavirus. I usually took my superking sized bedding to a local launderette. But they were obviously closed. I do like my bedding ironed and ironing superking duvet covers and sheets took forever. Since having the press, I can sail through my ironing. I still am getting used to pressing different types of clothing, but once I have placed it on the press so that it is crease free, the satisfaction of lowering the press is great. It is on the heavy side to move. I will have to find a suitable spot for it.

By Gwyneth Owen on 29-Jul-2020

Great product

we bought this to help with our linen for our holiday let and it has reduced the ironing time by half. Definitely worth the investment. Easy to use and sturdy

By Gavin Smith on 06-Jul-2020

Exceptional Service

Had a problem with the first press my wife rang and explained the problem and a new press was sent by return. She is now delighted with the unit.

By Martin Bonner on 02-Jul-2020

fast delivery

arrived as expected and all your arrangements were excellent

By A. Moss on 29-Jun-2020

Great iron

By Esther cochrane on 27-Jun-2020

The joy of ironing

Seems to press very well but there should be more detail about the steam process. Unless you press the steam burst buttons then no steam is apparent and I‘be seen on YouTube some people press the buttons when the lid is shut rather a burst when it’s slightly open. Does it steam at all on its own when the lid is shut? This has a larger ironing area which makes it rather heavy but it certainly makes light ironing of my bedding which was my main concern

By Janice Evans on 20-Jun-2020

Steam press

This item is first class! Thank you

By Peter Atkins on 18-May-2020


It is a replacement for a very elderly steam press which after many years finally gave up. Initial impression is excellent value for money. The larger surface area has reduced ironing time so I'm very pleased with the purchase and the very speedy delivery.

By John Booth on 10-May-2020


I had doubts but the best I done was to buy this item. Will never use a iron again. It really does what it says it going to do.

By Stephen Spink on 19-Apr-2020

Absolutely brilliant

I recommend this particular press as it's very easy to use and its alot faster than conventional ironing. Best buy in a long time 5*

By Shazia begum on 16-Mar-2020


I have never had a press before but when we changed to super king sized bedding decided it was time. I ordered the professional 101 thinking bigger the better. When it arrived I realised it was too heavy to move from where it would be stored to where I could use it. I rang and talked it through. The customer service was excellent. We decided the best press for me was the super mega. The professional 101 was collected the following day and at the same time my new press delivered. No fuss, and very speedy service. I’m delighted with the super mega press. It will take a bit of practice to master the super king sized duvet cover but it was the first thing I attempted and the results are fantastic. I watched YouTube videos of pressing shirts and thought I probably wouldn’t bother and would need to set up the iron at the same time. However, it’s easy and the results are much crisper than ironing. Its had a good test because we just got back from a weeks holiday so a whole pile of washing. I love the press and haven’t used the iron once. I’m surprised I have barely used the steam function. Everything presses beautifully without steam. T shirts look great pressed. Trousers will take a bit of practice. The pad is very useful. I would like some different size and shapes of pads.

By Barbara Warr on 06-Mar-2020

Very good

Very good press quick ironing

By Srivarshini Sarvabhowma on 02-Mar-2020

good press

the press is good but as ~I do a lot of sheets wish I could afford super mega as for sheets would be quicker

By MRS KUSUM GILL on 17-Feb-2020

great press

By Mr Henley on 03-Feb-2020

Excellent ironing press - good size and very effective

My old irong press - only 63 cm broke at the opening mechanism after nearly 20 years of use! This one is much better, it feels smoother to operate and the larger ironing bed is great for sheets etc! i still have not got the hang of formal shirts though it is excellent for casual and T shirts and cashmere! i love it!

By Selina Craig on 05-Jan-2020

Does a great job

It does a really good job of my ironing, I only wish I had purchased this years ago!

By Angela Martin on 09-Dec-2019

Excellent Product

I was very impressed with the product, also the quick delivery. I was not sure what size to get but opted for 80cm which I'm glad I did, as it's great for everything including sheets, quilts and jeans. Would highly recommend this steam press.

By Patricia Langmead on 11-Oct-2019

Excellent product

Was a replacement for a previous press. Very happy. Makes ironing duvets and pillowcases a doddle.

By Tom Hyde on 02-Oct-2019

Great press

I love it!

By Mrs. Sally Pearce on 14-Aug-2019


Best thing I have ever bought. All my friends are getting one too!

By Sandy Buckley on 14-Aug-2019

Super happy

Brilliant service, brilliant product, what more does one want!!

By Pristine Dry Cleaning Pattani on 13-Jul-2019


Superb so far!

By Gavin Edge on 09-Jul-2019

Better than amazing!

Can't do better than cutting your ironing in half. Very happy with this purchase, will recommend it!

By Miss M. Lafayette on 04-Jul-2019

Don't know yet

Not so sure, padding isn't as good as my old one, will try it again

By Lynnette Kingdon on 02-Jul-2019


Je suis très satisfait de cette presse. Elle est plus grande, stable et repasse parfaitement. Je recommande ce produit!

By Patrick Elbaze on 21-Jun-2019

Gives a good result and is easy to use. Good value for the price!

By Pauline Gill on 30-May-2019

A good replacement for my Elna

A good replacement for my old Elna press and costs less than what I paid 15 years ago so that can't be bad!!

By Ian Young on 22-May-2019

speedy delivery by Speedypress

speedy delivery by Speedypress, good replacement for my 20 year old Elna

By Patricia Kerridge on 22-May-2019

Speedypress Super Mega Steam Iron

Very useful for ironing bed linen, t-shirts etc. It has taken me some time to work out a system of using the machine, particularly with our super king size duvet covers but I have found that if you spray the item with water when it is in place on the press you can smooth out the wrinkles and get a better result.

By Jacqueline Cossey on 21-Apr-2019


Really easy to use, good quality and irons well.

By Gabrielle Gregory on 22-Mar-2019

Faultless service

I called the Ironing press company for advice as unsure which type of press to buy. I was given sensible advice and the press was delivered the next day. It has transformed ironing for me as I did spend hours ironing bed linen but no more!

By Bridget Rosser on 06-Mar-2019

Steam iron press

Delighted with steam iron. Easy to use. Brilliant!

By Gill Bayliss on 25-Jan-2019



By Serena Rossi Monogrammi on 08-Jan-2019

Iron press

Love it. I’ve already filled a review

By Eleanor Harrison on 03-Jan-2019

its amazing

it is amazing, the time spent ironing time is half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Mrs Oconnor on 04-Sep-2018

Great service great product

Use for B&B

By Alex Brown on 29-Aug-2018

Great service great product

By Alex Brown on 29-Aug-2018

Iron Press

very please with the press, at first the steam came out when open and moving garments but has cleared not - think because a new item. great machine

By Vanadis Fox on 07-Aug-2018

nice long wide steam press

Press received in good order and using it a pleasure, specially the 80 cm longer and wider version.

By Joep de Fraiture on 08-Jul-2018


Love this press. sat on the couch still watching my usual tv programmes whilst working through a mountain of ironing.

By William Stewart on 06-Jun-2018

Pressing Engagement

The machine arrived very quickly, which I was very impressed with, it was well protected in its packaging. In the small amount of articles that had accumulated, they were dealt with, in a quick and efficient manner, to a high degree smoothness and wrinkle free.

By Alexander McEwan on 03-Jun-2018

Found it hard to use at first with then I started to be patient and I love it my kids can't believe they have clothes ironed straight away. Would recommend

By Miss Flounders on 27-May-2018


Compared with SP2 (smaller size) that it replaces, press much better and quicker and consistently does a good job

By Tim Instone on 27-May-2018

A small leakage

The product works fine however one of the steam halls sprays water instead of steam

By Bassam Al-Anezi on 20-May-2018


Should have got one years ago

By Tim Ancliffe on 25-Apr-2018

Super press

This is my second steam press, I had my last one 14 years, until it finally gave up about 2 years ago. I wasn’t going to get another one, but ironing bedding was becoming a real chore. Having taken the plunge I realised how much I missed having a press! Still getting accustomed to using one again, but I am sure it will prove a great asset to our home.

By Sandra Hodges on 07-Feb-2018


Amazing next day delivery - arrived following morning. Loving the Super Mega Steam Press so far. My first ever press and finding it fairly simple to use - so much faster than an iron, especially for sheets. Need more experience with shirts as they can be tricky but I'll get there. Bottom line, good service and recommended.

By Geraldine Edwards on 20-Jan-2018

I like it

Es geht schneller und die Resultate sind gut. Auf 2 Dinge muss man aber sehr achten: Knöpfe müssen abgedeckt werden, sonst beschädigen sie die obere Teflonhälfte. Die Wäsche muss absolut faltenfrei gelegt werden. Bettwäsche ist jetzt einfacher und schneller zu bügeln,aber bei grosser Bettwäsche hat man dieses Faltenproblem noch mehr. Trotzdem ist diese Maschine eine Arbeitserleichterung. Sie macht Spaß und ich würde nicht mehr auf das herkömmliche Bügeleisen zurück greifen.

By Vicky on 13-Jan-2018

Super Mega Steam Ironing Press 80cm

Have used a few times already. Easy to set up and use and does a great job. Use mainly for bedding and makes fast work of the king size duvet covers. Fantastic. Good speedy delivery too. Would recommend.

By Karen Chadfield on 14-Dec-2017

great time saver even for double sheets

makes ironing quick and easy and best of all really goes fast.

By Steven Coggan on 25-Nov-2017

Very pleased.

By Sue Donaldson on 03-Sep-2017

Great value

Easy to order, came the next day, this is my 3rd press, great size large press area especially for sheets and linen. The only issues for me are 1) I am used to a sleeve press being attached, there isn't one so need to see how I will press sleeves as my husband does not like a crease line in sleeves 2) The stand does not go low enough for me to sit on a chair to press, I will have to get a stool

By Maralyn Cherrett on 31-Aug-2017

Five Stars

Works well - better than smaller unit mainly because of size

By Bernard Laporte on 04-Oct-2016

very good & promt suppler

very very pleased with the prompt service from this seller. goods were spot on, would recommended

By james crawford on 05-Sep-2016

great press

this seems to be a great steam press, much bigger than my last one, bath towels fit in sideways without having to fold. also opens up wider so don't burn your knuckles, very quick delivery, was delivered the day after I ordered it, very pleased with press and also supplier thank you.

By len cropper on 23-Jul-2016

Five Stars


By Brian Grover on 06-May-2016

Great product

This is a great product. I tried it at a friend 2 weeks ago, purchased it 10 days ago and will never be going back to using an ordinary iron. The press makes my task of ironing bedding, kids school clothing much faster and easier it take a little of getting use to but once you get it is smooth sailing. Large ironing area is a must!

By Donny on 12-Feb-2016

Brilliant press

Have had this for a few months now and it is great, it's twice the size of my last Steam Press and means I can press much bigger area making it quicker and easier. I love the digital display and the fact I can have steam on or off automatic, would recommend this seller and the product.

By louise on 25-Jan-2016

Five Stars

This is the best thing I have bought in a very long time. Worth every penny.......

By Mandy Purcell on 27-Jul-2015

Five Stars

brilliant! irons wonderfully and takes so little time

By elani on 21-Mar-2015

Five Stars

great machine great service would use again

By margaret on 23-Nov-2014

Fantastic machine.

saved so much time when you have a lot of sheets ect, to press. good for us owning holiday rentals.

By kevin thorley on 16-Oct-2013


this item was needed urgently so I was very upset that it wouldn't steam. on contacting the supplier though they were extremely helpful and sorted the problem immediately.

By sheila stephens on 13-Sep-2013

Very good press

I had never used one of these, but as I have foolishly bought Egyptian cotton bedding for all our beds I was getting tired of dragging large duvet covers over the ironing board several times to iron them. I must say I am very impressed with it! There's a knack to using it which is to fold the duvet cover into a strip and then move the press along it (avoiding the edges) and then refold the other way and do the same. The press copes exceptionally well with the many layers of fabric and took me half the normal time with an iron to achieve an excellent results. I would say it's very good for 'flat' items such as T shirts, trousers, pillow cases, sheets/duvet covers etc. However, it gives instructions regarding how to press shirts, and I gave up after two as I hate having creases down the sleeves, so I shall iron the shirts in the 'old fashioned' way. I really don't mind this, as the rest of the ironing will take a lot less time and being able to press multiple items at once (I managed 3 T shirts at a time). A good buy and it was delivered really quickly (well ahead of the estimated delivery time).

By Kayemcee on 09-Nov-2012

Fantastic product

I have had a normal press iron for years this is far superior having it with steam certainly speeds things up brilliant item

By Mrs. S. D. Jones on 07-Jul-2012

Can't live without it ! Superb after service too!

I love my PSP206eE super Mega steam press. I can't live without it now can't understand why I waited so long to buy it! Save me loads of time and still is working fabulously every time I use it which is at least twice a week some times more. Good quality product fast delivery too! Also when I had a problem with my press six months on They sent me a brand new replacement within days. Now that's what I call fantastic after service so your money is well invested too. So if you spend hours ironing buy one you"ll save so much time.

By Jem on 11-Feb-2012

Good delivery, works well - Just Perfect.

I did review this product when I first got it and thought the product was good. I can now happily say the product is great and so is the company supplying it. I happily used the press for serveral months and then we recently hit a snag. I contacted the seller via Amazon and they organised an immediate pick up of the press. Within a week I have had a brand new press delivered. Sometimes things do stop working and it is great to know that when that happens that the company is as good on their after sales as they are on the selling side. Thanks very much - One Very Happy Bunny merrilly steaming through lots of ironing again!

By NeilHobbs on 09-Oct-2011

quick and efficient press

Makes ironing so much easier. large surface makes it simple to iron sheets and bedding. water bottle is large, so saves filling up with water every 2 minutes like some other presses. Has a great burst of steam for those difficult creases and the pressure of the press is so great that most creases come out without much effort

By Nathan Hirsch on 25-Jul-2011


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