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Commercial Dry Ironing Press - Blanca by FastPress

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Cover & Foam x 3 for Blanca Commercial Dry Ironing Press
Cover & Foam x 3 for Blanca Commercial Dry Ironing Press
Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste
Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste
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  • Commercial Dry Ironing Press - Blanca by FastPress.
  • 14 x Size of a Regular Iron: 78cm x 28cm, 1,500watt.
  • Suitable for guesthouses, hotels, nursing homes etc.
  • Designed for years of continuous heavy use.
  • Includes FREE replacement (cloth) cover & foam underlay / underfelt (iron sponge pad).
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The Blanca Dry Ironing Press is an ideal heavy duty ironing solution for guesthouses, small hotels, restaurants, residential and nursing homes, small laundries and dry cleaners.

14 times larger than a regular iron!
Plate size: 30" / 78cm x 28cm.
1,500watt of power.

The safe, simple and easy-to-use ironing press allows up to 4 layers of sheets, tablecloths or napkins to be folded at any one time, giving you a professional look in your venue.

EASY: So simple to use on everything from trousers to shirts or blouses, Blanca Press will zip through any garment in half the time.

FAST: Saves time and effort. Simply close the press with fingertip control, the pressure is automatic, the effect stunning.

DURABLE: The Blanca Press stands years of hard continuous use.

  • Sheets, tablecloths and napkins can be folded and ironed up to four layers at a time.
  • Shirts, skirts, trousers and blouses can be ironed in less than half the time.
  • Clear and simple pressure and temperature selector controls for ease of use.
  • 50°c - 190°c temperature range.
  • Ironing area: 78cm x 28cm.
  • Dimensions: 57cm (Height) x 79cm (Width) x 22cm (Depth).
  • Weight: 17kg.
  • Low current consumption: 1,500watt.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Designed for many years of continuous heavy use.
  • Locking handles makes carrying easy and safe.
  • Non-stick Teflon-coated (polytetrafluoroethylene) heating plate.
  • Safe, simple and easy to clean.
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty construction.
  • Non-steam ironing press, supplied with a spray bottle for clothes damping.
  • Overall ironing pressure of 46kg for smooth professional results.
  • Quick to set-up on any table or work area - no more standing / backache.
  • Energy efficient with a running cost of approximately 10p per hour.
  • 24 months parts and labour warranty, including full commercial use.
  • Manufacturer's maximum recommended usage: 2,000 hours a year.

    One of the most advanced, reliable and economical presses you can buy, the Blanca will enable you to breeze through any kind of garment or flat item you have with ease, and whilst you're sitting down!

    Your sheets can be folded and ironed up to four layers at a time, tablecloths and napkins the same, plus shirts, skirts, trousers and blouses can be pressed in half the time of normal hand ironing!

    Safe, simple and sturdy, the Blanca press is designed for years of continuous hard use.

    It is easy to clean thanks to its Teflon casted heating plate and apart from occasionally changing the cover, it's virtually maintenance-free!

    The Blanca is the only mid size press on the market capable of doing all this and is ideal for guesthouses, small hotels, restaurants, residential and nursing homes, small laundries, dry cleaners - in fact, the list is endless!

    Complete with a comprehensive 24 month parts and labour warranty and a 10 year spares availability guarantee, the Blanca press comes with complete peace of mind too.

    Technical Specifications
    Product Dimensions: 79cm (L) x 22cm (W) x 57cm (H)
    Package Dimensions: 83cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 66cm (H)
    Ironing Area: 78cm x 28cm
    Product Weight: 17kg
    Package Weight: 19kg
    Voltage: 220 / 240 v
    Current Consumption: 1500w
    Temperature Range: 50-190°c
    Heating Plate: Teflon-Coated
    Approx. Running Cost: 10p per hour

    Superior Ironing Board: Shape and size is ideal for all the family's laundry.
    Shirt buttons, zippers etc. press down into the padding of the board.

    User Friendly Controls: Clear and simple pressure and temperature selector controls for ease of use.

    Pressure Sensitive Handle: Fingertip pressure is all that is required. Our presses then apply their own pressure to the garment.

    New Supertherm Heating Plate: Minimises heat radiation - cooler for the user.

    Plenty of Space at the Back of the Board: Makes ironing sheets and tablecloths so simple.

    Low Power Use: Our presses use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron, thanks to its special heating plate.

    If you have large quantities of ironing, lots of double sheets and other bedding then the Blanca is the answer for you. You can iron in half the time even while sitting down.

    The Blanca press is large enough to take a folded king-size sheet and iron its several layers at a time. It is also ideal for all garments and everything is ironed with a superb professional finish.

    Built to last, it can stand up to daily heavy use year after year.

    The Blanca fills the gap between smaller domestic ironing presses and expensive, large heavy duty laundry equipment. It is ideal for the laundry requirements of commercial users such as guesthouses, small hotels, restaurants, residential and nursing homes, small laundries, dry cleaners, ironing services, textile manufacturers and associated industries.

    Unlike small ironing presses the Blanca press will stand up to heavy, continuous daily use and its rugged construction has proved it to be very reliable.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Will it do shirts?
    Yes, shirts are amazingly easy. An everyday shirt is easily ironed in 1 or 2 minutes once you have learnt the technique.

    2. Is it quicker than normal ironing?
    Yes, most users report that it saves them half or more of their normal ironing time.

    3. Is it easy to use?
    Yes. Customers report that after a short period it is very easy and convenient to use.

    4. Do you iron sitting down or standing up?
    This ironing press is designed to be used sitting down.

    5. What about complicated items?
    Anything that is difficult with an iron is still difficult on a press but with a bit of practice and the use of the pads provided you can iron most items.

    6. Is it heavy?
    It weights 17kg. Most people find this to be a reasonable weight to pick up and put on the table.

    7. Does the Blanca Press use a lot more energy than a normal iron?
    No, the Blanca Press uses very little energy, about the same as a normal iron in overall hourly running costs. It costs approx. 10p an hour to run - but you will use it for less than a normal iron.

    8. Does it take up a lot of room?
    The Blanca easily folds for easy storage.

    9. How long will it last?
    The Blanca Press is very well made and should last you up to 10 years depending on use and care.

    10. Does it need any maintenance?
    Apart from wiping the heating plate after use and occasionally replacing the ironing covers and foam underfelt pads, there is no maintenance required.

    Life is short - too short to spend it with your iron!

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