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101HD Steam Ironing Press 101cm Professional Heavy Duty with Stand & Iron

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3 x Cover & Foam for 101HD-White & 101HD-Silver Steam Ironing Press 101cm
3 x Cover & Foam for 101HD-White & 101HD-Silver Steam Ironing Press 101cm
4 x Water Filter Cartridge for Professional Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Presses
4 x Water Filter Cartridge for Professional Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Presses
Water Filter Cartridge for Professional Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Presses
Water Filter Cartridge for Professional Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Presses
Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste
Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste
PRICE: £489.99
  • Choice of 2 Colours: White or Silver/Black.
  • 30 x Size of Iron: 101cm x 30cm; 2,600watt.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Largest press = quickest ironing time.
  • Suitable for domestic use, including busy households who do a lot of ironing, as well as light commercial use.
  • Irons multi layers / upto king size bedding.
  • Suitable for guesthouses, small hotels, nursing homes and large households etc.
  • Temperature range: 60°c - 200°c (approx.).
  • Can reduce ironing time by up to 75%.
  • Fabrics last much longer.
  • Multiple dry and steam settings.
  • Wide opening angle 30% larger than standard.
  • Free iron attachment for ironing small pleats plus other accessories.
  • Telescopic height-adjustable press stand included. Height of press stand: 60cm to 80cm.
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30 times larger than a standard / regular iron!
Plate size: 40" / 101cm x 30cm.

2,600watt of power.
Temperature range from 60°c - 200°c (approx.).
Net weight: 15kg. Gross weight: 18.7kg.

Free UK + mainland Europe next day delivery. Same day dispatch.
24 months (home use) / 12 months (commercial use) warranty, including delivery and collection to and from your home.
Excellent after-service.

Includes a Telescopic Height-Adjustable Press Stand which is extremely sturdy and durable.

This press now includes a FREE iron attachment (see pictures), as well as a FREE Anti-Limescale Water Filter Cartridge, Replacement (Cloth) Cover & Replacement Foam Underlay / Underfelt (Iron Sponge Pad).

The 101HD is our largest ironing press; which means it ensures the quickest ironing time of all the presses in our steam ironing press range!

Heavy duty press.
Non-stick Teflon-coated (polytetrafluoroethylene) heating plate.
Excellent ironing performance, especially with larger items.

Suitable for household use, including busy households who do a lot of ironing, as well as for light commercial use.

Ideal for thin and bulky, delicate and heavy duty fabrics alike, and as an invaluable time-saver for domestic ironing!

Suitable for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, small hotels, event and party venues, nursing homes and large households etc.

This press irons multi layers / up to king size bedding.
Ample ironing space for bulky garments.
Especially suitable for larger items such as bedding / sheets.

Powerful bursts of steam.
Automatic steam output and pressure, and a "booster" for those stubborn wrinkles.

Can be used as a total dry press or with automatic steam.

Integrated iron attachment for ironing small pleats and creases included. This iron is also useful for using on collars or on small, hard-to-press areas.

Fast heat-up time of 3 minutes.
Built for long-term heavy use.
Electronic security and auto-off system.

Easy to carry and store.
Waterproof and washable cover.

When pressing down, it's equivalent to 50kg of pressure (or 25g per cubic metre).

Steam Function: Powerful steam output of 90g per minute, and a booster steam output of 120g per minute, without any water dripping.

Strong Burst of Automatic Steam: Fast heating time. Can steam within 3 minutes of being switched on.
Powerful steam output; almost no water will be sprayed out besides for steam.
As you press the handle down to a half-closed position, it emits steam automatically.

Digital Soft Touch Control and Display: Electronic control for precise ironing temperature.

Heating Tube / Elements: Even distribution of heat.
Intensive pressure to fix heating tube in order.
The heating tube stays straight after long-term heating.

Opening Angle: A huge opening angle means there is ample space for bulky fabrics and large items like double sheets etc.
It also helps prevent the user from getting hurt whilst operating it.

Safety: Automatic cut-off after 15 seconds in a closed position.
Automatic cut-off after sitting idle for 15 minutes.
Overheat protection inside the machine, including an "auto pop-up" design feature to safely protect fabrics from overheating.

Electronic Mineral Control System: A feature that will feel and test the water quality prior to controlling the water pump, to ensure that the water is pure enough, so as not to compromise the performance or safety of the steam press.

Handle: Very large strong handle with extra thickness to make operation more comfortable and smooth.
Safety lock on handle.

Pressing Operations: The handle lifts up automatically, to safely protect fabrics from overheating.
Its unique pressing system makes ironing even easier and smoother.

Water Tank & Anti-Scale Water Filter: Water tank has a massive capacity of 800ml.
Unique anti-scale filter to extend the lifetime of the machine and the performance of its steam function.
Very easy to replace water filter cartridge.
The tank can be taken out completely for easy refill.
The tank can be filled whilst ironing.
Water tank indicator shows clear water level.

The 101HD Ironing Press Stand from Speedypress provides a sturdy spot for your press.
Ideal for use whilst sitting down or standing.
Height of press stand: 60cm to 80cm.
Set it up and fold it down in a matter of seconds.
The height is adjusted by turning the crank handle, which raises or lowers it.
Can be used either on the supplied stand or without the stand.
Alloy construction with a sturdy four-leg base and a large thumb screw knob to secure the ironing press to the stand.

You won't need to put your steam press on your dining room table if you utilise this useful accessory from Speedypress. This special press stand holds your press steady and at the right height to be used whilst sitting.

Superior Ironing Board: Shape and size is ideal for all the family's laundry.
Shirt buttons, zippers etc. press down into the padding of the board.

User Friendly Controls: Clear and simple pressure and temperature selector controls for ease of use.

Pressure Sensitive Handle: Fingertip pressure is all that is required. Our presses then apply their own pressure to the garment.

New Supertherm Heating Plate: Minimises heat radiation - cooler for the user.

Plenty of Space at the Back of the Board: Makes ironing sheets and tablecloths so simple.

Low Power Use: Our presses use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron, thanks to its special heating plate.

Warranty: 2 year home warranty // 1 year commercial warranty.

Manufacturer's maximum recommended usage: 300 hours a year.

Speedypress, based in the UK, has been importing and manufacturing ironing equipment for over 40 years.

Orders within the European Union will be dispatched from our warehouse in the Netherlands. All of our prices for EU sales include delivery, custom duties and taxes such as VAT.

Inside the PCB: All of our PCBs are made by a precision machine with constant welding and craftmanship for stable performance. All of our PCBs have a voltage transformer to protect the circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will they do shirts?
Yes, shirts are amazingly easy. An everyday shirt is easily ironed/pressed in 1 or 2 minutes once you have learnt the technique, which is fully explained in the instruction video.

2. Is it quicker than normal ironing?
Yes, most users report that pressing saves them half or more of their normal ironing time!

3. Are they easy to use?
Yes. Customers report that after a short period of time, they are very easy and convenient to use.

4. Do you iron sitting down or standing up?
The ironing press is designed to be used sitting down - ironing is a lot more comfortable that way. However all of our HD ironing presses are available to purchase with Telescopic Height-Adjustable Extra Strong Ironing Press Stands as well.

5. What about complicated items?
Anything that is difficult with an iron is still difficult on a press but with a bit of practice and the use of the pads provided you can iron most items.

6. Are they heavy?
The 101HD weighs 15kg. Most people find it a reasonable weight to pick up and put on the table.

7. Does the steam press use a lot more energy than a normal iron?
No, the steam press uses very little energy, about the same as a normal iron in overall hourly running costs. They cost approx. 8-10p an hour to run - but you will use it for less time than a normal iron.

8. Do they take up a lot of room?
They fold for easy storage and take up less room than an iron and an ironing board.

9. How long will they last?
The steam presses are very well made and should last you around 10 years, if well looked after.

10. Do they need any maintenance?
Apart from wiping the heating plate after use and occasionally replacing the ironing cloth cover, foam underfelt (sponge pad) and water filter, there is no maintenance required.

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