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Great service, great product

Fantastic next day delivery. Steam press easy to use and with very good results!

By G Cousins on 23-Jan-2023


Ironing press, delivery and packaging excellent on all counts. I’m paraplegic and it’s making ironing easier on my shoulders, cutting time by 1/3. I’ve tried it on all items of clothing, and sheets, even shirts and managed them with ease. So very happy to recommend the company and product.

By Corrine Page on 14-Jan-2023



By William Lockett on 12-Jan-2023

Great labour saving device

Rubbish at ironing until I bought a SpeedyPress. Ironing now takes a third of the time without it being a chore. Brilliant piece of kit. Highly recommended.

By Michael Gibson on 24-Nov-2022


Excellent product which cuts my ironing time by half.

By Michael Davis on 17-Aug-2022

A great press for fast ironing

A great press for fast ironing, I highly recommend this iron press.

By Lindsey Grady on 01-Aug-2022

Press iron

I love it half of the time I was spending with a normal iron makes sheet so easy

By Donna Louise Ellison on 25-Jun-2022

Very pleased so far

Super fast delivery and impressed with ironing results so far. Only draw back is weight, it is not easy for me to move around.

By Patricia Dimmock on 21-Jun-2022

Absolutely love it

Absolutely love it, so easy to use on sheets but also on other clothes. Wish I had bought one years ago. With the stand I can iron sat down too, which is great for me.

By Jenni Brown on 15-Jun-2022

I had to use it a few times before giving feedback. I'm used to it now, it is much faster than an iron, it's a different experience. Once I got the knack of it I realised how good it was. Takes up less room than an ironing board, and it can be moved about easily. My only regret is I wish there was more room at the back of the press for more space for sheets waiting to be pressed. I process lots of super king size sheets, this press is big enough to do them only there's not much room at the back and I tend to create creases to then press them out. Saying that it's still quicker than an iron so I'm very happy with my purchase, thank you!

By Gennie Moreton on 03-Apr-2022

Works perfectly fine

Delivered quickly. All works fine. Could improve instructions for mounting stand. It would also be beneficial if it came with visual tips for ironing shirts, dresses, trousers jackets (eg youtube)

By Martine on 26-Mar-2022

81HD Ironing Press & Stand

Very impressed, makes superking bedding so easy and quick, not got the shirts right yet, but early days yet, wish there was some way of fixing it to stand as to make it feel more secure, overall great product

By Michael Williams on 19-Mar-2022

81HD - loving the ease

Purchased this after reading the reviews as it fits my needs. My learning disabled sister lives with me and I get quite a bit of extra washing from her and it just helps to be able to get laundry washed, dried and pressed in double quick time. What a blessing especially in that the ironing is so much easier with this press.

By Lynne Dagley on 11-Mar-2022


Love it! I should have upgraded sooner!

By Alison Pritchard on 07-Feb-2022

81HD Steam Ironing Press

I had an ironing press for many years and foolishly decided I could manage with just a normal iron. After a weekend of visitors resulting in piles of sheets, pillow cases and duvets to iron, which literally took hours, I bought another steam press plus a stand. It's a joy to do the ironing again. The ease of dealing with sheets etc is amazing. Worth every penny and arrived so quickly. Love it.

By Maureen Matthews on 29-Jan-2022

Ironing Made Easy

This is a must for anyone with a large amount of ironing. So straightforward to use and the finished items are perfectly pressed.

By Michael Ridyard on 16-Jan-2022

What a time saver!

Next day delivery, easy to set up and easy to use. Saves so much time (run a B&B) and leaves a professional finish. Pleased I got the stand too.

By Jennifer Finn on 18-Dec-2021

Easy to set up and use. Cut down my ironing time. A good purchase.

This is our best buy in a long time. It cut my wife's work load in half. We have a lot of bed sheets that need washing and ironing on regular basis for rental properties and it made a big difference. She says she should have bought this ages ago.

By Peter Renfrew on 16-Dec-2021

Works well!

Great product!! Easy to set up. Fast delivery.

By Kathryn Roberts on 07-Dec-2021

81HD professional press

Very pleased with my new press. Saved a lot of time ironing sheets and quilt covers. The stand is sturdy too. Haven't used the iron yet but feel there should be a lip at the end so not to knock the iron off the pull-out tray. Delivered 2 days earlier than informed by the carrier. Added bonus. I'd highly recommend this model to others looking for a press.

By Alison F on 06-Oct-2021

Love, love, just love it!

I'm disabled and ironing for me in the traditional way is painful and very difficult. Since having the Speedy press I can iron a pillowcase in 5 seconds in next to no pain. The press is simple to use and takes up less space than an ironing board. Like all things the more you use it the better ironing result i.e. less creases. The stand is well worth the extra money because it's very stable. My only caution is that if you are wearing nail polish it may cause tips to mealy!

By Linda Gambba-Jones on 08-Sep-2021

Amazing ironing!

Amazing real fast ironing, so much time saved already!!

By Maria Gay on 16-Aug-2021

Ironing buddy

It's such a great device to have for ironing and it takes only 1/3 of the time doing it with ordinary iron.

By Hellen Abrahams Pampaluna on 28-Jul-2021

Great machine

The machine was so easy to set up and to use. I have arthritis and this was so much less effort on my joints. Best money I've spent.

By Angela Boyd on 11-Jul-2021

Excellent product

So pleased with this iron press, the integrated iron is a great idea

By Kathy Brackley on 04-Jul-2021

Very nice

First, the entire ordering, shipping and delivery process was extremely fast and smooth. Then, to say the least, the 81HD Steam Ironing Press (with the stand) is even better than we thought. We are very pleased with it. Highly recommended.

By Steve Jordi on 16-Jun-2021

Excellent press and service.

Great press, easy to assemble and use. Fast delivery with good communication, thank you for a trouble-free experience.

By Sylvia Marfleet on 09-Jun-2021

Iron Press

Thank you for fantastic delivery and service. I have just spent a couple of days using my Iron press, it is great, so easy and quick the clothes look lovely. Thank you again for your great service.

By Linda Muston on 17-May-2021

So happy with my 81HD press

This has changed my perspective on ironing! I used to hate it and considered it a chore, now I’m literally excited to have piles of ironing! It’s so easy and fun to iron with this thing, I started washing the bed linen more often just so I can press them! Thank you The Ironing Press Company!

By Kristina V on 06-May-2021

Why didn't I buy one before now!!

Only had this beauty a week and OMG I wish we'd bought one sooner. We run 3 self-catered cottages and use a professional laundry for most of the bedding but we launder the smaller items. Ironing over 50 linen pillow cases with a normal iron was taking forever! We ploughed through the first batch in no time. No need to iron both sides. Love it.

By Karen Poyser on 28-Apr-2021

Great product. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I've found this is much easier and quicker than an ordinary iron. Very easy and straightforward to use and easy to assemble.

By Janice Parry on 24-Apr-2021

81HD Steam Ironing Press 81cm Professional Heavy Duty with Stand & Iron

Fantastic Steam Press, We Have Upgraded To This Much Larger Press. It Makes Ironing An Absolute Pleasure. Great Company, Fantastic Product, Fast Delivery. I Highly Recommend This Company - Buy With Confidence.

By Paul Smith on 18-Mar-2021

irons well and fast

Got to be honest on this press you really can't go wrong with this,really irons well and fast

By MR MORGAN on 02-Dec-2020


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