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Love, love, just love it!

I'm disabled and ironing for me in the traditional way is painful and very difficult. Since having the Speedy press I can iron a pillowcase in 5 seconds in next to no pain. The press is simple to use and takes up less space than an ironing board. Like all things the more you use it the better ironing result i.e. less creases. The stand is well worth the extra money because it's very stable. My only caution is that if you are wearing nail polish it may cause tips to mealy!

By Linda Gambba-Jones on 08-Sep-2021

Amazing ironing!

Amazing real fast ironing, so much time saved already!!

By Maria Gay on 16-Aug-2021

Ironing buddy

It's such a great device to have for ironing and it takes only 1/3 of the time doing it with ordinary iron.

By Hellen Abrahams Pampaluna on 28-Jul-2021

Great machine

The machine was so easy to set up and to use. I have arthritis and this was so much less effort on my joints. Best money I've spent.

By Angela Boyd on 11-Jul-2021

Excellent product

So pleased with this iron press, the integrated iron is a great idea

By Kathy Brackley on 04-Jul-2021

Very nice

First, the entire ordering, shipping and delivery process was extremely fast and smooth. Then, to say the least, the 81HD Steam Ironing Press (with the stand) is even better than we thought. We are very pleased with it. Highly recommended.

By Steve Jordi on 16-Jun-2021

Excellent press and service.

Great press, easy to assemble and use. Fast delivery with good communication, thank you for a trouble-free experience.

By Sylvia Marfleet on 09-Jun-2021

Iron Press

Thank you for fantastic delivery and service. I have just spent a couple of days using my Iron press, it is great, so easy and quick the clothes look lovely. Thank you again for your great service.

By Linda Muston on 17-May-2021

So happy with my 81HD press

This has changed my perspective on ironing! I used to hate it and considered it a chore, now I’m literally excited to have piles of ironing! It’s so easy and fun to iron with this thing, I started washing the bed linen more often just so I can press them! Thank you The Ironing Press Company!

By Kristina V on 06-May-2021

Why didn't I buy one before now!!

Only had this beauty a week and OMG I wish we'd bought one sooner. We run 3 self-catered cottages and use a professional laundry for most of the bedding but we launder the smaller items. Ironing over 50 linen pillow cases with a normal iron was taking forever! We ploughed through the first batch in no time. No need to iron both sides. Love it.

By Karen Poyser on 28-Apr-2021

Great product. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I've found this is much easier and quicker than an ordinary iron. Very easy and straightforward to use and easy to assemble.

By Janice Parry on 24-Apr-2021

81HD Steam Ironing Press 81cm Professional Heavy Duty with Stand & Iron

Fantastic Steam Press, We Have Upgraded To This Much Larger Press. It Makes Ironing An Absolute Pleasure. Great Company, Fantastic Product, Fast Delivery. I Highly Recommend This Company - Buy With Confidence.

By Paul Smith on 18-Mar-2021

irons well and fast

Got to be honest on this press you really can't go wrong with this,really irons well and fast

By MR MORGAN on 02-Dec-2020


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