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XL Steam Press

Excellent quick delivery. Product very robust, provides fantastic results. Extremely satisfied and happy with this purchase.

By Victoria Baxter on 15-Dec-2020

ironing whizzed really fast

ironing whizzed really fast due to the huge size

By Jane Burgman on 12-Oct-2020

really Fantastic ironing press. Everything is crisp and professionally pressed

By Ann Young on 12-Oct-2020

Steam Press XL review (Pending)

Have only tested this item over a short period can't give a proper account till I have time to use over a longer period.

By PHILIP PRITCHARD on 27-Aug-2020

ironing press

the wife so pleased with this, she is angry with herself that she did not purchase this years ago.

By kenneth stroud on 05-Aug-2020

Return Order No 6925 DPD 671689112

Just to ask you if you received my return of the xl steam press from dpd number 671689112 picked last Monday. And every thing is ok for the refund.​ Thank You​ Order No 6925 Chris

By Christopher Sellick on 18-Jul-2020

I've had a Iron press for years, but this ultra large is something else, love it! Thank you.

I've had a Iron press for years, but this ultra large is something else, love it! Thank you.

By janet charles on 06-Jul-2020

Great press

Real fast ironing

By MR MIDDLETON on 19-Apr-2020

So far so good

My easy press lasted 25 years. Hope this does the same. Certainly it's much faster, races through the sheets

By jim mills on 05-Apr-2020

Best thing I have bought in years !

Fantastic ironing press. Everything is crisp and professionally pressed. Can’t believe that I waited all these years before buying this. I am a farmers wife and have very little time to do ironing, so this iron press is wonderful time saver. Do all my fathers sheets for his king size duvet and all his clothing. Shirts are marvellous. Thanks so much.

By Katherine Watson on 22-Feb-2020

good press reduces ironing time

By M Crow on 03-Feb-2020


Very good my time in 80%...I can sit and do it

By Maria Furtado on 02-Jan-2020

Wonderful & fast ironing

Really wonderful, sped up my ironing by a lot - what could be better?!

By Mrs Rachael Ellard on 09-Dec-2019

Excellent product

Never used one before - whizzed through the ironing. Very pleased with performance and quality.

By Christopher Gibbs on 26-Nov-2019

Life changing

This has really changed the amount of time I spend ironing. I actually enjoy doing my ironing now since purchasing the steam press!

By Suzy Rosado on 01-Nov-2019

Works a treat

Really pleased with my press, the 90cm is just right for ironing my double bedding when folded into 3 layers... It still manages to press the bottom of 6 layers of material nicely. Takes a little time to load the material where it's stored at the back of the plates in the very limited space, but soon got used to it. No problems so far :)

By Sleights girl on 09-Oct-2019

Very good

Works like a dream so far, very impressed.

By William Johnson on 01-Oct-2019

Great product

I was not sure at first if I was going to get on with these, I wanted one to press my art quilts. I have to say the company were very helpful and I bought a larger model and have used it for the first time and it has given my quilt a very professional finish. Thank you.

By Moya Quick on 03-Aug-2019

Amazing product!

Really amazing - makes my ironing go so much quicker!

By Mrs. M. Thompson on 31-Jul-2019

Ultra XL Steam Press 90cm - Largest Home Press

Fabulous. Works brilliantly - It has given me my life back. I can press a duvet cover to perfection in 4 minutes (previously took me 40 minutes sometimes!)

By Ali O'Neale on 25-Jul-2019

Love my new steam press

This is so quick and effective and especially good for large duvet covers and sheets. What previously would have taken at least an hour, I can do in around 10 to 15 minutes and with much superior results. Every home should have one!

By Valerie Lewis on 15-Jul-2019

My best buy!

Do I like this, hmmm, just the best iron ever as far as I'm concerned. The horrible king sheets are now a pleasure. Takes all the work out of it. I am left handed and have never got on with irons, cords always in the way etc. No more, now easy and quick. Seems a very good price for a sturdy machine. Thank you.

By Catherine Parkinson on 22-Jun-2019

Love it!!

Love it, steaming through my laundry. Great size. I run a small bed and breakfast and do all my own laundering so it is a huge bonus!

By Margaret Mackay on 03-Jun-2019

So far so good

Super fast delivery. Have used briefly. Nice size bit bigger than I'm used to.

By David Markham on 24-May-2019

By Carla Candusso on 01-May-2019

Heavy piece of kit

Works through a pile of ironing like a hot knife through butter but is quite a heavy iron to be moving around. Also not sure if mine has a fault as it leaves a small patch of water on every steam as if too much water is coming in one part. Only used it once so will use it again before i ring customer services...

By Justine Cunniffe on 06-Apr-2019

Great delivery!

Very quick delivery, good communication and produce as expected. Thx

By Jane Chapman on 19-Mar-2019

very pleased

By MC on 27-Feb-2019

Definitely worth every penny

Did a lot of research before buying this but it has lived up to expectations. I hate ironing and I have a serviced apartment. I have chosen to do my own laundry. The ironing part was taking forever even with a steam generator iron. This machine does it in half the time. Love it.

By Gerry McDougall on 24-Feb-2019

Ironing press review

Have had several presses over the years and this being the largest and most efficient so far, ease of functions and large plate for ironing makes for light work.

By Jacqueline Pryde on 10-Feb-2019


I have had an Iron press for around 15 years but this is the best by far. The larger area makes it easier to press bedding, the height when the press is open has meant that, so far, NO BURNS! I had burns regularly with my old press. LOVE IT

By Kath Gowland on 04-Jan-2019

Ultra XL press

Great product, saves so much time! Thanks!

By Elaine North on 12-Oct-2018

Ultra XL Ironing Press

Great service and product.

By Terence Mitchell on 02-Sep-2018

brilliant machine

This has changed my life! I run a small guesthouse. I reckon I've gained a whole day now I don't have to iron the sheets by hand. Only criticism: the water container for steam could be bigger.

By Edith Cowan-Hughes on 20-Aug-2018

fantastic very large iron press received next morn

real fantastic very large ironing press which I received the morning after I ordered it!

By Mr Jeffries on 23-Jul-2018


really and truly amazing ironing press

By Elizabeth Baron on 22-May-2018

This is a dream machine

This machine is unbelievable. I wished I had bought it sooner. I have had a press iron for many years but this one outdoes the old one with flying colours. Would recommend this machine to anyone thinking of buying one.

By Susan Fountain on 20-May-2018

Delivery Great - Product average

The service was excellent - came earlier than expected - to France. The product is a bit lightweight and creases at the ends - I have since been informed I may have purchased the wrong one for ironing linen for up to 10 beds a week.... my old press is smaller and 20 years old but doesn't crease at the ends.

By Peter Jackson on 08-May-2018

love it,should of had 1 years ago

By Vanya Hebden on 27-Apr-2018

Just had it one day and so far I love it. Simple to use and with better than expected results

By David Smith on 09-Apr-2018

Good product

I used it the day it arrived and managed to reduce the ironing pile quite quickly.

By StephB on 20-Mar-2018

Excellent product & service

Love this press, nice and big and does a good job. Also service was prompt & courteous Would recommend the product & the company

By Liesje Cochrane on 05-Mar-2018


Best press I’ve owned so far. This is my third in 25 years and the best yet.

By anthony de havilland on 11-Feb-2018

Fast work

We bought this to iron sheets and duvet covers as we rent out a guest house. Dies great job - reallyvquickly.

By Maureen Sullivan on 10-Jan-2018

steam press

excellent company to deal with fast next day delivery and a great product would recommend to anybody

By graham blackmore on 28-Nov-2017

Domestic steam press

Was very happy with this steam press having had my old one for 15 years this one was much better getting creases out so I am very pleased

By Linda Watts on 11-Nov-2017

Ultra XL Steam Press 90cm - Largest Home Press

Hard to believe but it's actually a joy to do the ironing now!!

By Philippa MacRae on 05-Oct-2017

Five Stars

Making my life so much easier but it is a heavy beast!

By Jane Corner on 10-Jun-2017


Good price and good product. Happy with the purchase.

By Jasmine ying tian on 13-May-2017

Helps my back pain

The steam press does all that is promised by the reviews on your website. It cuts ironing time and best of all helps greatly with anyone who has lower back pain and cannot stand for long periods ironing. The pressing action is good even on large/king-size sheet and duvet covers.

By GD on 09-Apr-2017

Five Stars

This product has changed my life. Cuts ironing time down to nothing.

By Nic on 12-Feb-2017

Brilliant Product

I am so happy with my Steam press. I wish I had invested in one years ago. I have COPD, so I get tired easily. with the Steam press, I have halved the time it usually takes to iron a load. The actual action of using the press is very light.

By Chris McNair on 01-Feb-2017

5 out of 5 Stars

If you want to make your clothes look new again you need the speedy press over sized iron. It makes steam pressing easy and fast. I love the way it transforms my older clothes back into something I want to ware. The oversized press gives me plenty of space to press anything I want to.

By Charliott Rodgerson on 21-Jan-2017

Love it

Should have got one years ago

By Maxine Jackson on 19-Dec-2016


Bought this ironing press because I just hate ironing due to arthritis in my hands and what can I say but where have you been all my life, it's wonderful and so easy to use thank you.

By R SMITH on 28-Sep-2016

Great purchase.

I suffer with quite severe lower back pain, so ironing was becoming a great difficulty. A friend told me about the Steam press. So I bought it. It arrived earlier than expected. Which was great. I've had it a few days now and used it twice. Best investment I have ever made. Ironing has now become a pleasure NOT a chore.

By May Dunbar on 09-Aug-2016


My ironing time is a quarter what it was. As I have up to 9 duvet sets and sheets etc to do a week, I used to ache in my shoulders. Now it's so easy to do. I wouldn't be without it, I just wish I'd bought it sooner.

By V. Bond on 14-May-2016

Huge machine easy to use.

Firstly it is very large and heavy so not something that you would carry around, having said that it works well. Easy to set up, the instructions for use are fairly good but could do with a bit more info such as clear instruction that the machine must be raised when first switched on to heat up. Having said that, I did get it up and working quite quickly. The tri-pod stand has a large footprint so you need room for a machine like this one. I was pleased how easy it was to use, it shows the temperature it is working at in clear bright digital numbers. I tried it first with a couple of large cotton T shirts, then a small cotton button up blouse, simple to do and it took the baggy knees out of a pair of tweed wool trousers very easily.

By Hopefully Helpful on 05-Apr-2016


Fantastic, we have had 4 steam press machines over the last 34 years and this one is better in size and seems a lot easier to use.

By Lawrence Doncaster on 04-Apr-2016


Great item, good price & received quickly.

By anne-st on 03-Mar-2016

very pleased

very good pleased with the steam presser and the delivery thank you

By Sheila Hickson on 12-Oct-2015


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