Product Reviews

Best sewing purchase I've made

Was a bit worried for going for a automatic machine but now been using it for a month can say best sewing purchase, makes sewing so much easier, really nice machine

By Michael Gerstel on 07-Aug-2016

Top notch!

Excellent blind hemmer, recently bought after my last one broke. This one is miles better!

By Gary McPhail on 17-Aug-2018


Great value for money and it has everything I needed

By Rob Bailey on 17-Aug-2018

Makes my life comfortable

I can see myself as a seamstress as l worked more with ease and faster. Thanks.

By Lola Akosile on 17-Nov-2017

Makes my life comfortable

I can see myself as a seamstress as l worked more with ease and faster. Thanks.

By Lola Akosile on 17-Nov-2017

Real strong overlocker

Real strong overlocker, cuts and sews perfectly

By Alexander Johnston on 09-Jun-2017

Does the job well

Goes though really thick leather and multi layers real heavy weight machine, really happy with purchase well recommended machine for heavy work

By Paket on 12-Mar-2017

Good value for the money

Great machine, very quiet, I hardly hear the motor running, nothing like my old noisy Juki, now nobody else in the house knows when I am sewing. It sews well and built-in light is an added bonus, good value for the money!

By Annika Clarke on 28-Jan-2017

Highly recommended

A real work horse, been using Brother for years at my previous employment as a seamstress, now started myself and this latest Brother is even better with a real silent motor :)

By Hai Huynh on 08-Nov-2016

Very happy

Started with the smaller portable Blindstitch, now that I do clothes alterations all day upgraded to this model, and being so much larger and on a work bench makes all the difference

By Matteo Rizzo on 21-Oct-2016


Perfect for my work on Canvas, and leather, I restore sofas and been using this model for nearly a year and it has never let me down

By Sirichand on 14-Jul-2015

Best thing I have bought in years !

Fantastic ironing press. Everything is crisp and professionally pressed. Can’t believe that I waited all these years before buying this. I am a farmers wife and have very little time to do ironing, so this iron press is wonderful time saver. Do all my fathers sheets for his king size duvet and all his clothing. Shirts are marvellous. Thanks so much.

By Katherine Watson on 22-Feb-2020

I have had one before for over10years they are very good

By Denis Sutton on 22-Feb-2020

Shmetz universal sewing needles

Excellent needles, fast delivery of item ????

By Ann on 20-Feb-2020

Great service

I just got my new presser a couple of days ago so only getting used to it. Finding it very difficult to do bedlinen, this is it’s soul purpose as I do Airbnb. Very little room behind the presser for the sheets and the stand is very low. Perhaps I just need to get the hang of it. Delivered very quickly.

By Anne Muldoon on 20-Feb-2020

good press

the press is good but as ~I do a lot of sheets wish I could afford super mega as for sheets would be quicker

By MRS KUSUM GILL on 17-Feb-2020

fast delivery

By MRS KUSUM GILL on 17-Feb-2020

good product saved my press

good product saved my press

By MRS KUSUM GILL on 17-Feb-2020

The iron is great thankyou

The iron is great thankyou

By David Mourant on 17-Feb-2020


I have two school children and this allowed me to press all their uniforms in less than 20 minutes! Normally this would take me about an hour. I love it!

By Sarah Marshall on 17-Feb-2020

Wow wow wow

I have died and gone to heaven! This machine has saved my life, we run a busy AirBnB and have been struggling with all the ironing, superking duvet covers taking ages to iron, now I whizz through it in a third of the time. The product is incredibly simple to use, easy to set up. I have found pressing everything when damp works best and this saves on drying time too. It is deeper than I expected so placing it somewhere suitable has been my only issue but now it’s in place it’s perfect. I am pressing everything now where before I would leave the familiy’s sheets etc. I great product, does everything the previous reviewers said so completely satisfied, I would recommend it to anyone. Also just a side note if anyone has a shoulder injury this press would be fantastic as literally no physical strain on any joint unlike an ordinary iron where ironing can aggravate ones shoulders.

By sarah brown on 15-Feb-2020

Wow wow wow

I have died and gone to heaven! This machine has saved my life, we run a busy AirBnB and have been struggling with all the ironing, superking duvet covers taking ages to iron, now I whizz through it in a third of the time. The product is incredibly simple to use, easy to set up. I have found pressing everything when damp works best and this saves on drying time too. It is deeper than I expected so placing it somewhere suitable has been my only issue but now it’s in place it’s perfect. I am pressing everything now where before I would leave the familiy’s sheets etc. I great product, does everything the previous reviewers said so completely satisfied, I would recommend it to anyone. Also just a side note if anyone has a shoulder injury this press would be fantastic as literally no physical strain on any joint unlike an ordinary iron where ironing can aggravate ones shoulders.

By sarah brown on 15-Feb-2020

What an amazing machine

Ironing is certainly a delight now I have this.

By Anne Thomas on 14-Feb-2020

Super Mega Steam Ironing Press 80cm with Stand

Very happy with my purchase so far!

By Helen White on 10-Feb-2020

quick delivery

received next morning after ordering and it did the job well

By MR RAY MANK on 10-Feb-2020


One of the needles broke first go which was a shame as not had problems with this brand before.

By Alison English on 09-Feb-2020


Super needles

By Alison English on 09-Feb-2020

just the best

bought a collection of needles Schmetz of course for my grand-daughter, just learning to sew. And these are the best needles and, by far, the best company to dela with. Fast efficient service. Well done them.

By Georgina Sillett on 08-Feb-2020


Easy to order and Arrived very promptly

By cecilia sleap on 06-Feb-2020

Steam ironing press

At present pleased with item service was good delivery prompt h

By Heather Domah on 06-Feb-2020

Shmetz jeans machine needles

Not tried this size yet, but I have used the 80/12 and they are perfect. They glide through your fabric. I will always buy shmetz needles in future and always from ironing press. Quick delivery and well packaged.

By Wendy Price on 04-Feb-2020

Shmetz 70/10

Not tried this size yet, but I have tried the 80/12 and they are perfect. They glide through your fabric. I will always buy shmetz needles in future and always from ironing press as I know they are flat on the back. Quick delivery and well packaged.

By Wendy Price on 04-Feb-2020

Shmetz 60/8 sewing machine needles

Not tried this size yet, but I have recently used the 80/12 and they are perfect. I will always buy shmetz needles in future and always from ironing press as I know that they are flat backed which is what I need. Quick delivery and well packaged.

By Wendy Price on 04-Feb-2020

After using a Joy steam press for about 18 years it died on us and not wanting to go back to traditional iron I ordered a Mega Steam Ironing press to replace it. It was delivered within 2 days and used it the same day and it was brilliant.

By Carol Russell on 04-Feb-2020

best press

best press on market, must have tried out over the years cat least 6 smaller prersses this is really large for fgast ironing

By LOUISE JEFFERSON on 04-Feb-2020

best press

best press on market, must have tried out over the years cat least 6 smaller prersses this is really large for fgast ironing

By LOUISE JEFFERSON on 04-Feb-2020

Iron Press

Quick to warm up. Presses beautifully.

By Margaret Chree on 04-Feb-2020

great sewing machine

really good sewing machine at very cheap price with plenty of really decent extras

By Mrs Barr on 03-Feb-2020

good press reduces ironing time

By M Crow on 03-Feb-2020

this machine does tons and half the price of Janome Brother

this machine really has loads of buttons, easy to use and has loads of decent free extra

By Mrs Barr on 03-Feb-2020

great press

By Mr Henley on 03-Feb-2020

real fast ironing

can do what used to take me 3 hours of ironing on traditional ironing board now in less than a hour

By MRS SHERINA PETIT on 03-Feb-2020

Ironing made easy

This is a large board ironing press makes ironing faster and less effort than a conventional iron only downside were the instructions as never explained fully how the steam works I am new to the press but I will work it out

By Sandra Harper on 03-Feb-2020

Shmetz 80/12 needles

These sewing machine needles are perfect. The 80/12 needle I took off my machine seemed to catch on the fabric. It was a new needle. Having read reviews how good shmetz needles are, I thought I would give them a try. They really do just glide through the fabric. I will always order these in future. My order arrived quickly and correctly and packaged well. When I need more needles I will order again from ironing press company. Thanks

By Wendy Price on 02-Feb-2020

Sets jeans denim needles

The product was perfect and the price, free delivery and rapid sevice was excellent - thank you

By James Slatcher on 30-Jan-2020

Very good!

I use Schmetz Stretch needles in my sewing machine and work very well.

By Bahar Kose on 30-Jan-2020

Excellent-much quicker!

Really easy to use and gives excellent results. The only problem is that I could do with the stand being a little higher as I am quite tall!

By Caroline Barnes on 29-Jan-2020

Great quality!

Schmetz Microtex needles are really good for sewing velvet fabric. I use them both for Sewing machine and overlocker machine.

By Bahar Kose on 29-Jan-2020

Super fast delivery

Received next morning which is amazing considering it was free delivery

By Miss C. Bonomy on 28-Jan-2020

Iron press

It is very easy to use the new iron press and very happy with it.

By Peter Thouless on 27-Jan-2020

Love Love Love

As a fibromyalgia suffer this is a god send. No more excruciating pain in my shoulders and hips through standing to try and iron. Absolutely amazing, love it.

By Liz Hassall on 27-Jan-2020

Delighted with ironing press. So fast and efficient! Suddenly I love ironing! Thank you

By Carol Grant on 27-Jan-2020

Should have bought one sooner.

I rent a holiday home, and used it to press the bedding, it make a great job and saved lots of time. So much easier than ironing the old fashioned way. Less tiring and didn't give me a back ache. Just make sure you fold the items neat before pressing.

By Julie Ringer on 25-Jan-2020

great press really saves me hours a week standing by ironing board

saves me hours a week standing by ironing board

By Denise Curran on 23-Jan-2020

Twin needles

Quick delivery Good value Excellent customer service Will definitely order again High recommend this company

By Zaiban Malik on 22-Jan-2020

My iron gave me a pay rise

I can't comment on the stand yet as it hasn't arrived yet. I was told right at the start that the stands were out of stock but would follow a week later. The press is so amazing. I am disabled and ironing the 120 meters of material I use every 6 months took me 6 weeks. This time is part of my 'cost of sales' and effects my profit margins. This evening I ironed 20 meters of fabric in 30 minutes. You can fold it behind the board (where the hinge is) but I personally find it easier to fold my fabric in half along the long side, then in half (long side ) again and iron from left to right. It has literally saved my life. The 'cost of sales' has dropped dramatically so I have better profit margins immediately. It's like I bought this and it gave me a pay rise. In fact it's already paid for itself. Heats up fast, is really easy to use and really good at its job. I love it!

By Amanda Reed on 20-Jan-2020

Very good press

I was hesitant before buying it, but very happy now with better quality of ironed clothes. Ironing has become much easier. Can watch TV shows while ironing !

By Vasudeva on 18-Jan-2020

Cover & Foam for 100HD

First-rate equipment and service. Thank you Ironing Press.

By Martin Bessell on 14-Jan-2020

Iron fuse

Great service got the part the next day

By Kalwant Liddar on 14-Jan-2020

fast delivery

ordered 3.45 pm and received following morning in most

By Mr. Ozo on 13-Jan-2020

over the moon with this press

my other half bought me this machine a while ago now and I am over the moon with it. I had a question and the seller responded immediately. It came the very next day and I have used it every day since its arrival.

By joe jo on 13-Jan-2020

Absolutely thrilled with this press. Purchased as a treat and it does everything it says.

By Malcolm Bayley on 13-Jan-2020

great blindhemmer

does the job so good value for the money

By Mr. Ozo on 13-Jan-2020

real wonderful press

real a genuine nice wonderful press that reduces my ironing time and gives more time to do other things

By Pebbles on 13-Jan-2020

Good purchase

I have not had a chance to use the new needle but they look fine and for a good price I am happy

By Billie Robinson on 08-Jan-2020

Iron Press 100 HD

Great Press, Great advice from the Iron Press company. Really good product and much better than our smaller old elna press. The only negative I have to say is that the courier company they use failed to deliver our product and instead left it at a house 8 miles away. Luckily the people living there contacted the Iron Press company direct and they then contacted us. We then had to drive there to collect it. I would strongly recommend they change their courier service.

By Richard Leonard on 08-Jan-2020

Silver Iron Press 64cm

Quality of ironing good Delivery good - had Press Tuesday morning- having paid for it Sunday and between Christmas and New Year Downsides have been Awkward ironing “smalls” Not much room at the back for sheets Burnt myself several times trying to adjust clothing while ironing Suggested improvements Post Video on YouTube or on website demonstrating set up and how the press works Conclusion: Appreciate Press - not sure it reduces ironing by 50% let alone the 75% as per internet/your website

By Algar Goredema-Braid on 07-Jan-2020

Excellent service and great price

I am so pleased with my twin needles and will definitely be ordering more. Do you also sell quality threads especially 30 to 40 weight for decorative sewing?

By Laraine Gosden on 07-Jan-2020


I can’t express how amazing my whole experience has been with this sewing machine! It arrived earlier than expected and then when it did I couldn’t believe all the extra pieces that came with it! Not only that, the machine itself is brilliant and as a beginning sewer, it’s easy to get the hang of! Simply amazing!

By Lizzy on 07-Jan-2020

Really easy to use, does a great job - well worth the money in my opinion. With this ironing press it's a breeze!

By Frances Grattan Plunkett on 06-Jan-2020


By Alan Rendall on 05-Jan-2020

Excellent ironing press - good size and very effective

My old irong press - only 63 cm broke at the opening mechanism after nearly 20 years of use! This one is much better, it feels smoother to operate and the larger ironing bed is great for sheets etc! i still have not got the hang of formal shirts though it is excellent for casual and T shirts and cashmere! i love it!

By Selina Craig on 05-Jan-2020

Fast delivery for a great product

By Mrs J Hornby on 05-Jan-2020

Excellent overlocker

This is my first overlocker and I am already wondering how I managed without one before. I ordered it on a Sunday and it was despatched on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. The whole ordering and delivery process was fast and efficient. The machine itself is easy to operate and I learnt to thread it within minutes using the colour coded guides. It comes already threaded so you can see how the thread should be set up. The finish it produces is neat and professional. It comes with 5 additional feet as well as the standard foot and a range of accessories which are all useful (not just added for effect). I feel that this was exceptional value for money and would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.

By Angela Tubb on 05-Jan-2020


Love my new jaguar sewing machine bundle , arrived within 2 days, exceptional value !!

By Carol Robinson on 05-Jan-2020


Want it to be perfect but either still not perfected my skills or it is what it is. Sadly I’m struggling to iron duvet covers and pillow cases without leaving some major wrinkles. Would think it’s the easiest items to do, right? Straight forward, right? Also, please be aware it gets pretty hot on the bottom cover so when moving items about you’re hands get very sensitive. Major issue when doing larger items is that there’s nowhere for them to go at the back of the pressing table. If you are able to spend the money, get a roller iron.

By Jojo on 03-Jan-2020


Very good my time in 80%...I can sit and do it

By Maria Furtado on 02-Jan-2020

Ironing Press

Ironing Press is great. It works good so far. I am satisfied with Press itself. I wish the stand would have wheels to make easier to move it with Press on it. Wheels could be made locking wheels. The base of stand where positioned the Press is not stable. It is wiggling during Press use.

By Olga Hunt on 01-Jan-2020

Excellent for holiday let bedding

I have had a standard ironing press for many years but needed something bigger and with the steam included - this one does the job as I have a big ironing half day at least once a week including Super King Size bedding!

By Katharine Bailey on 30-Dec-2019

excellent machine and friendly help and advice

Machine is top quality, up there with well known brands like Bernina, Babylock. Delivered promptly and outstanding customer service. Would highly recommend and definitely used again.

By paul curran on 30-Dec-2019

Quick Delivery, helpful staff

Speed of delivery was excellent especially as my order was just before Christmas. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong needles. I spoke with Andrew who informed me that the needles I require are not usually kept in stock, but he said he would add them to an order they are waiting to be processed, hopefully they will arrive in the country during January.

By Julie Hodgetts on 27-Dec-2019

Items got

Got a few items from this company cable covers &stick for iron cable top marks definitely recommend will be using them again

By Patricia Wood on 25-Dec-2019

Excellent service.

I purchased 2 packs of Smetz twin needles. These are the only needles I use and were an excellent price (compared to what I could buy locally) They arrived quickly with the bonus of free postage. Will definitely buy again from you. Many thanks.

By Susie Henderson on 18-Dec-2019

Schmetz Needles

Using these for ever great needles, speedy delivery. Thanks.

By Dave Till on 16-Dec-2019

A must have item

I bought a Janome 550e after owning a Brother VR and was surprised how quickly a needle could break with the new machine. Yesterday I was embroidering an item that turned out to be poorly digitised and the regular needle broke. To the rescue was the titanium needle together with a slower machine speed and the item was saved. Thoroughly recommend these needles, I don't think I'll be using anything else from now on.

By Susan Johnson on 13-Dec-2019

Does a great job

It does a really good job of my ironing, I only wish I had purchased this years ago!

By Angela Martin on 09-Dec-2019

Wonderful & fast ironing

Really wonderful, sped up my ironing by a lot - what could be better?!

By Mrs Rachael Ellard on 09-Dec-2019

Great service!

We had great service with our order, from the dispatching to delivery we were kept informed about the delivery. It was a 5 star service, and I'm very happy with the ironing press so far.

By Martin Tolley on 09-Dec-2019

Press covers

Slight adjustments needed for my model which now appears to be on the obsolete list. All is very satisfactory.

By Delia Rowe on 09-Dec-2019

Fast delivery, quality product

Next day delivery was great. I could have done with a larger press but this is all I could afford.

By Joe Evans on 04-Dec-2019

Best steam press on market

Really good steam press, reduces ironing time by half compared to a regular ironing press like the Singer model I used to have.

By Mrs A Fullard on 03-Dec-2019

Iron press 100HD

Excellent! I have a smaller one as well but this one is much bigger and more powerful, it is great, so it gets 5 stars from me, thank you.

By Patsy Connor on 03-Dec-2019

Ironing press

I had never have used one before so it's taking me some time to get to know how to use it properly. I think it has quickened my ironing skills but I've only tried it on pillows and sheets so far.

By Michelle Procter-Smith on 02-Dec-2019


Great shop, fine products and quick delivery!

By Marie Lockert on 02-Dec-2019

Mega Steam Ironing Press 64cm with Stand by Speedypress

Excellent presser - speeds up the time spent ironing! Quick delivery. Very happy with my early Christmas present!

By Liz Connell on 01-Dec-2019

Steam press

Absolutely fantastic delivery and a quality product, definitely worth the money. Will definitely deal with this company again. Thank you.

By David Oram on 01-Dec-2019

Schmetz universal needles

I always use these needles. They arrived within a couple of days of placing my order. I will certainly use this company again.

By Mrs L Widdowson on 30-Nov-2019

Schmetz stretch needles

I always buy Schmetz needles for my Elna sewing machine. Quick prompt service. I will certainly use this company again.

By Mrs L Widdowson on 30-Nov-2019


Very pleased with my new ironing press. Makes ironing so much easier. I love the steam boost button. Excellent!

By Elaine Cutting on 30-Nov-2019

Super Mega Steam Ironing Press 80cm with Stand

I live in CA, U.S.A., so our American plug and the electricity voltage is wrong. I emailed The Ironing Press Company. I received a very quick response saying "You need to buy a 3000kW transformer which drops from 220v to 110v, these are readily available on Amazon and eBay, you just plug in the UK plug into the transformer and the transformer goes into your wall socket. We have sold loads of presses to the USA and everyone ones sorted with transformer seems very happy. Any questions feel free to come back. Regards, Lionel." Besides taking this extra step I just used it. I am a beginner. It is easy to use. My only dislike of it all is having the steamer's prints on my clothes after the steam press, but it could be that I haven't quite gotten the hang of how to use it yet. I would highly recommend this press to anyone who is tired of ironing and burning their clothes.

By Kimberly Recinos on 27-Nov-2019

Excellent product

Never used one before - whizzed through the ironing. Very pleased with performance and quality.

By Christopher Gibbs on 26-Nov-2019

Top quality

Next day delivery and quality product replacement for my Snail boiler, top notch Italian manufacturing.

By George Pennywell on 26-Nov-2019

Great needles

Package arrived on time, very prompt. Needles really sharp for fine appliqué work.

By Susan Coulthard on 25-Nov-2019

Great machine

Good delivery and well packaged. In operation it provides a very good finish.

By Ian Murray on 21-Nov-2019

Ironing press stand

I'm very happy with this product, it feels stable even when I'm ironing large items.

By Paula Westhorpe on 19-Nov-2019

Very fast!

Very fast, I'm so pleased!

By Afra Alshahwani on 19-Nov-2019

Great buy

Super great buy, makes ironing a dream!

By Sharan Sargeant on 19-Nov-2019

A real bargain!!

A real bargain for people who hate ironing - this is your answer!!

By Miss E. Kerr on 18-Nov-2019

Does the job well

Very pleased with my new press so far.

By Cheryl on 18-Nov-2019

Super Amazing Product

I highly recommend this steam press!

By Mrs C. Malvin on 18-Nov-2019

The joys of ironing (not a chore anymore)

My wife suffers from chronic arthritis and finds using her steam iron and ironing board an uncomfortable chore. Since using her new Speedypress Ultra XL Steam Ironing Press plus sturdy Stand, now in it's pride of place conveniently set up permanently in place in the corner of spare bedroom, she finds it a joy to use.

By Bryan French on 18-Nov-2019

The Mega press is exactly the same as as the old one I've had for years which has just now packed up... I am very pleased with this model which makes ironing so much easier & faster.

By Royston Shaw on 17-Nov-2019

The joys of ironing (not a chore anymore)

My wife suffers from chronic arthritis and finds using her steam iron and ironing board an uncomfortable chore. Since using her new Speedypress Ultra XL Steam Ironing Press plus sturdy Stand, now in it's pride of place conveniently set up permanently in place in the corner of spare bedroom, she finds it a joy to use.

By Bryan French on 17-Nov-2019

Excellent spares

Great spare covers and at a great price too. Many thanks for an excellent service.

By J R Field on 17-Nov-2019

Good service

Best price I found for these top quality sewing machine needles. Order arrived very quickly.

By Ann Clowser on 16-Nov-2019

Schmetz Double Eye machine needle

Arrived very quickly. Inserts and threads very easy. Used a polyester thread and a gold metallic thread. It looks very pretty. Used it to hem a camisole.

By Linda Smalley on 16-Nov-2019

Ironing press

Saves getting my iron and ironing board out, and elbow grease. Really easy to use, does a great job - well worth the money in my opinion. I'm no expert with an iron, but with this ironing press it's a breeze!

By Mrs Christine Radford on 15-Nov-2019

What a super product, worth every penny!!

This press has cut down my ironing time by at least half!!!!

By Mrs M Lee on 13-Nov-2019

Fantastic needles

Thank you very much for these fantastic needles, at last both my wife and myself can thread needles no problem.

By Lewis Moore on 13-Nov-2019

Steam Press

I just love this. Great for clothes but PERFECT for bedding. Now all my bedrooms have that crisp hotel look. Definitely recommend!!

By Michelle Robinson on 11-Nov-2019

No more ironing just a simple press and done

Well it used to be a chore to iron but no longer. I just sit in position, clamp and press, its actually relaxing well almost!

By Carter Graham on 10-Nov-2019

Excellent service, swift delivery.

By Lynne Hewlett on 09-Nov-2019

Sewing Machine

I was very pleased with the delivery which came really fast. I am very pleased with the sewing machine 404. It does everything that was advertised and there was plenty of accessories which was a real bonus. Thank you very much.

By Elizabeth Lias on 07-Nov-2019

Great service

Great service

By Josephine Warner on 07-Nov-2019

Great service

Great service

By Josephine Warner on 07-Nov-2019

Making Ironing Fun!

We almost fight to do the ironing now! All good so far. Arrived safely and on time. Heats up quickly enough, flattens even the most stubborn linens. We're hoping this will be the start of a long love affair!

By Christine Greaves on 05-Nov-2019

Not satisfied with service as a request was made for ABC of needles leaflets on the website. It was suggested I buy needles as each set got a leaflet and more would be added however the package arrived but not even one leaflet was present.

By Mandy Hepburn on 05-Nov-2019

No instructions for assembly or operating Press. Iron provided was damaged.

By Kerry Walsh on 03-Nov-2019

Life changing

This has really changed the amount of time I spend ironing. I actually enjoy doing my ironing now since purchasing the steam press!

By Suzy Rosado on 01-Nov-2019

Loving it

Great value for money, it works very well.

By Ronald Pollitt on 30-Oct-2019

It works

You will need to let it work in for a few minutes and then with a bit of elbow grease it's done.

By Karl Rainer Failoni on 29-Oct-2019

Lasts a long time

Good quality, will last you for a couple of years.

By Karl Rainer Failoni on 29-Oct-2019

Industrial needles

Great quality needles, very pleased with these. Will recommend.

By Linnea Feeney on 23-Oct-2019


Quality needles, great service - thank you.

By David Rust on 23-Oct-2019

Wrong product information on website!

I just order this cover and I couldn’t believe what I received! Pity I can’t attach photo of it witch is totally different then the one on the website. Poor quality product!

By Kamila on 23-Oct-2019

Photos on the website are misleading!

I received a different product then I though! Would not recommend this cover it is poor quality!

By Kamila on 23-Oct-2019


I ordered and received my goods within a few days. Goods were as described. Good quality. Good fit. So I'm extremely happy with my experience and will use the company again.

By Kevin Strong on 23-Oct-2019

Ironing press

Great product, performance is wonderful - thanks!

By Franco Dipaola on 23-Oct-2019

Excellent buy

Very easy to use and much larger and better than my previous one. Great customer advice and fast delivery.

By Martin Will on 18-Oct-2019


Excellent delivery. Needles as expected.

By Adeola Ahmad Zaruq on 17-Oct-2019

Great product and service

Great product and service, delivery was very fast. Have used before and will use again.

By Lynne Hewlett on 13-Oct-2019

Jaguar 2015DF overlocker.

Really pleased with my overlocker, and the deal I was offered to include 12 large reels of thread and 5 presser feet, bag, and the efficiency the order and delivery was handled. Thank you very much Ironing Press Co.

By Mrs J Sirrell on 13-Oct-2019

So far, so good

I cannot give a full review as I am still waiting to a reply to a message asking a few questions that the instructions don't cover. I have used it twice and burned myself once! I think it will be great once I have had a bit more practice.

By Jean Taylor on 12-Oct-2019

Speedy delivery

Thank you. I would order from you again.

By Jacqueline Bennett on 12-Oct-2019

Excellent Product!

I was very impressed with the product, also the quick delivery. I was not sure what size to get but opted for 80cm which I'm glad I did, as it's great for everything including sheets, quilts and jeans. I'm also glad that I got it with the stand as it's a really robust stand and I can keep it set up in the utility room all the time. Would highly recommend this steam press and the stand.

By Patricia Langmead on 11-Oct-2019

Solid product

I didn't purchase this when I purchased the steam press but decided a couple of days after using the press to get it. Glad I did as it's a really robust stand and I can keep it set up in the utility room all the time. Highly recommended.

By Patricia Langmead on 11-Oct-2019

Excellent Product

I was very impressed with the product, also the quick delivery. I was not sure what size to get but opted for 80cm which I'm glad I did, as it's great for everything including sheets, quilts and jeans. Would highly recommend this steam press.

By Patricia Langmead on 11-Oct-2019

Aiguille Schmetz par boîte de 100


By Gaëlle Méheut on 11-Oct-2019

Works a treat

Really pleased with my press, the 90cm is just right for ironing my double bedding when folded into 3 layers... It still manages to press the bottom of 6 layers of material nicely. Takes a little time to load the material where it's stored at the back of the plates in the very limited space, but soon got used to it. No problems so far :)

By Sleights girl on 09-Oct-2019

5 stars!

Amazing, hard working press!

By Mrs N Aitken on 07-Oct-2019

We purchased the ironing press as a gift but we understood that they are very happy with it. Best Regards, Elizabeth

By Elizabeth Thompson on 07-Oct-2019

Great & sleek ironing press

It would be nice if you tell people on the product's page that they need to buy a transformer in order to use the steam press in the USA, but they told me about it after I ordered it and offered me a refund if I wanted, which I declined, because thankfully transformers aren't very expensive. Once you get everything together it works real good!

By Fernando E. on 05-Oct-2019

Best thing ever

My wife was after a steam press for ages. She loves it, ironing as far as she is concerned is the bees knees! Cut her ironing time by half. No way she would ever go back to a normal steam iron again.

By John Sutton on 04-Oct-2019

Good quality needles for heavy work

Excellent needles, I have repaired yacht sails and made a new Tarpaulin trailer cover all with one needle... No breakages.

By Gillian Welsh on 04-Oct-2019

Steam press

Working fine. Thanks.

By Robert Miller on 02-Oct-2019

Excellent product

Was a replacement for a previous press. Very happy. Makes ironing duvets and pillowcases a doddle.

By Tom Hyde on 02-Oct-2019

Aiguilles Schmetz

Les aiguilles sont de très bonne qualité et la livraison rapide et parfaite

By Gaëlle Méheut on 02-Oct-2019

Does as it says on the tin

Does a great job of cleaning iron soleplates - no effort.

By Mike Harvie on 02-Oct-2019

Best press ever

Having just purchased a BandB, I looked at the specification of the press and it fits the bill perfectly. It arrived very promptly, in a well wrapped packaging (which is much appreciated) and the quality of the product is excellent. I am so impressed. Thank you.

By Isabelle Jones on 01-Oct-2019

Very good

Works like a dream so far, very impressed.

By William Johnson on 01-Oct-2019

Im pressed!

Exactly what I wanted, it saves a lot of time and I'm getting better every time I use it. I didn't buy the stand and it does sit comfortably on my kitchen table but it's quite heavy to move so I think I'll end up buying the stand at some stage.

By Paula Westhorpe on 30-Sep-2019


Great customer service and excellent product!

By Claire Tyler on 30-Sep-2019

Great machine and good value

First use, turned collar on husband’s shirt. Easy to use, lots of control. Very smooth and quiet.

By Christine Bryant on 30-Sep-2019

Iron Press Covers

Very good and quick service and my new press cover fits perfectly. Hurrah! I will certainly use you again. Thank you.

By Mrs Sara Erith on 29-Sep-2019


Amazing press!

By Mike Talfrey on 29-Sep-2019

Hem trousers in seconds

A real time-saver machine!

By Miss E Hewitt on 29-Sep-2019

Unusual Usage

A needle is used to pin a honey bee firmly to an angled cork base. Once fixed the beekeeper is able to dissect the bee under a microscope to determine if it is infected with a tiny mite in its trachea.

By Richard Oliver on 28-Sep-2019

Great Service

Great product & service from a company we've now made two purchases from. Recommended.

By Ian Porter on 27-Sep-2019

Water filter cartridge

Great, was struggling to find a cartridge for my particular press and this seems to be a generic, one size fits all product, very happy, will buy again.

By Gayle Lowe on 26-Sep-2019

Couldn't be happier!

I don't normally do reviews, however I ordered a press never having used one before. I was undecided about what to buy so I looked the ironing press company up and then rang to change my order. The service I received was 5 star, plus when I went to collect my press in person, the company could not of been more helpful, showing me how to put the stand up etc. They even put it in my car for me! Since using the press, which is very easy, I would never use a iron again. My advice is: Be good to yourself and invest in this press from this company - excellent service and 1 VERY happy customer!!

By Eileen Purcell on 25-Sep-2019

Great! Saves loads of time on bedding!

Very quick delivery, easy set-up and simple to use, has saved me lots of time on bedding for our small 8 bedroom glamping.

By Lloyds Meadow Glamping on 24-Sep-2019

Easy Order and Speedy Service

Got exactly what I asked for, with a free needle threader and got it very quickly. Will definitely be using again and would highly recommend!

By Chris Ferris on 24-Sep-2019

Double needles

Just what I needed, received them really quick which was most convenient!

By Sharon Smith on 24-Sep-2019

Great press

Really great press for the money but my next press will be one of the larger models

By Chris Roverson on 23-Sep-2019

Amazing press

Amazing press, simple to use and fantastic results!

By Berlina Pye on 23-Sep-2019

Silver ironing press stand

I received my goods very promptly and it serves my purpose perfectly, very pleased

By Marilyn Flack on 23-Sep-2019

Good service

Great product and service, thank you

By Sue Tennett on 19-Sep-2019

So far so good!

Very quick service and the steam press is working fine, and cutting down ironing time that the wife asked for!

By Andrew Carrick on 16-Sep-2019

Excellent product

Best scissors I have ever owned, sharp right along the edge of the blade from tip to base, not too heavy, very easy and smooth to use. A good buy with very fast dispatch from this company.

By Diane Delaney on 14-Sep-2019

Great for sheets and other large items

Really great for sheets, mens shirts etc.

By Chris or Andrea on 12-Sep-2019

Very good press

Very good press but I wish I could afford a larger model for larger sheets - could do with larger area.

By Roma Scott on 12-Sep-2019

Does the job

Cracking machine to have in the house to save considerable amount of time I used to waste on ironing!

By Mr Ranjan on 12-Sep-2019

Wonderful product

This ironing press really does reduce ironing time, 5+ star review any day of the week!

By Paul Wilson on 12-Sep-2019

So far so good

Only used the press for the first time today but can say I am extremely impressed how quick it is to use compared to my generator iron. I purchased to stand for the press to sit on and now I can sit whilst pressing.

By John Law on 11-Sep-2019


Very happy with it so far, excellent value for money!

By Mr Ranjan on 11-Sep-2019

Fast delivery and good press

Next day delivery and a really good ironing press, thank you

By Roma Scott on 11-Sep-2019

Sewing Machine Needles

Delivery was quick and the needles are top quality.

By Elaine Maxwell on 11-Sep-2019

Overlocker Thread

Good quality thread at a great price. Exceptional delivery. Arrived before expected date. Very happy.

By Elaine Maxwell on 11-Sep-2019

Super fast ironing!

Best ironing system around, I wish we had purchased this years ago!!

By Chris or Andrea on 09-Sep-2019

Amazing, similar to my broken Bernina overlocker at a 1/3 of the price

Really amazing, very similar to my long-serving and now broken Bernina overlocker but at a 1/3 of the price. Very happy.

By Efraim Ludzker on 09-Sep-2019

Schmetz needles

Perfect product, prompt delivery. Thanks.

By Rosy Roberts on 09-Sep-2019

Very good, but...

This press has an excellent size pressing area, great for bedding, as well as clothing. The downside is it's height. At 86cm, it is way too high for me to sit at, as suggested in the advertisement. I'm 5"6 tall and my chin is level with press area, when seated on a stool, and constantly reaching to pull down the press makes my arm ache. I have it set at it's lowest level, too. Otherwise, an excellent product.

By Gillian Deadman on 09-Sep-2019

Quality needles

Speedy delivery, thank you

By Anne on 09-Sep-2019

Great needles

Good quality & value. Very fast delivery.

By Anne on 09-Sep-2019

Just what I needed

Prompt delivery and excellent value. I love the free needle threader. The best I've ever had!!

By Anne Argile on 08-Sep-2019

Five Star

Excellent scissors delivered the following day!

By G Taylor on 08-Sep-2019

Sponges and covers

Excellent product and service

By Jonathan Holmes on 07-Sep-2019

Excellent value for the money

Nice well made ironing press. Took a little time to get the hang of it but it was time well spent. We have a B & B and we have already cut the ironing time in half. With more practice I hope to get even faster. Would definitely recommend this ironing press.

By David Thompson on 06-Sep-2019

Quick delivery

As usual a speedy service.

By Lyn Young on 06-Sep-2019


Fantastic - well pleased sweet ty x

By Patricia Ashton on 05-Sep-2019


Fantastic piece of equipment. I just wish I had bought it sooner!

By Miss A Kunz on 05-Sep-2019

As expected

Great quality needles and speedy delivery

By Teresa Lumley on 05-Sep-2019

Mega press

Found it easy to use, made my life a lot easier, thanks

By Margaret Macneil on 04-Sep-2019

Does what it says

Very good

By Michelle Caulkett on 02-Sep-2019

Does what it says

Very good but was a bit smally when the iron was too hot

By Michelle Caulkett on 02-Sep-2019


Very pleased with the steamer and the fast delivery, thank you.

By Thomas Bell on 02-Sep-2019

Mega Press

Look forward to using it here at our college.

By Julia Paxton on 02-Sep-2019

Brilliant Stuff

Does exactly as it says! CRACKING GEAR.

By Steve Day on 01-Sep-2019

Excellent product and value for money

Never used Moon threads before, bought these as wanted to build a variety of colours for my sewing products. Quality of thread is great, variety of colours are great and excellent value for money. Will definitely recommend!

By F.J on 31-Aug-2019

Stand for 90HD Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Press 91cm

Easy to put together I thought it would of been a bit higher. I have it on max height, I'm only 5"2, it could do with being a bit higher as standing ironing for hours is not that comfortable but better than lifting it onto the table every time I want to use it.

By Renee on 30-Aug-2019

Iron press

Very happy with it. Great for doing bedding as I run a BnB.

By Sharon Taubenheim on 28-Aug-2019

Excellent service

Item as described, with next day delivery. However I need more practise using the needle as it pulls up the fabric on the up stroke. It must be me!

By Sheila Lea on 28-Aug-2019

Very good

Very good product. Makes our job a lot easier than the standard irons we were using before!

By Bethany on 28-Aug-2019

5 Stars

I have a small b&b and I use it every day. I had the same before, it broke and I felt it was time to replace it as I have had good service from it - wouldn't be without it!

By Gareth S on 28-Aug-2019


Does the job admirably

By Mehdi A. on 28-Aug-2019

Very pleased

By Anne Mitchell on 28-Aug-2019

Great Product

Really happy with our purchase, our last press lasted over 15 years. Easy to order and fast delivery. Thank you.

By FourSeas on 27-Aug-2019

What a beauty

This machine is a beauty and brilliant value for money. It is very robust and has many features usually only available on much more expensive machines.

By Cazz on 24-Aug-2019

I shall not be using the twin needles until later in the year so cannot comment on their performance yet. I can comment though on your speedy dispatch and delivery of said needles, well done.

By Margaret Evans on 24-Aug-2019

Ironing table

Very good back-up to our Hoffman press.

By Stephen Lee on 23-Aug-2019


Quality product and fast delivery. Thank you.

By Joanna Kazmierczak on 22-Aug-2019

Good Service

Just a small item, a twin needle for my sewing machine, but was as advertised, arrived when expected and did the job.

By Shirley Richardson on 21-Aug-2019


Just what I wanted to shorten a t-shirt. Easy to use. Good job done!

By Angela Barnes on 19-Aug-2019

Very satisfied. Will buy from you again.

By Monica Cartwright on 17-Aug-2019

Great quality

Super quick delivery too. Just what we needed.

By Oliver Boles on 16-Aug-2019


Excellent product, thank you.

By Heidi A. on 16-Aug-2019


I wish I had bought it sooner. I wouldn't have wasted my life ironing with a traditional iron!

By Nokutula Gore on 15-Aug-2019

Our best purchasing

It makes us easier our duty. We have 2 turístic apartments. Lots of bed linen need to be prepare every week. This iron allows us to finish fast and comfortable. Thanks.

By Joaquin Rocamora Patiño on 15-Aug-2019

Practice, practice, practice

Certainly looked a lot easier to use in the video compared with the reality of using it yourself. You need to master the techniques for all the various garments and just practice, practice, practice. Probably worth five stars when I master it.

By Colin Todd on 15-Aug-2019

By Richard Edwards on 15-Aug-2019


Fast delivery and great product

By John Henderson on 14-Aug-2019

Great press

I love it!

By Mrs. Sally Pearce on 14-Aug-2019

Great machine, real bargain

Amazing compared to other equivalent machines + it included some very decent extras.

By Mrs. Gallagher on 14-Aug-2019

Good iron

Makes ironing so much easier.

By Mrs. Sally Pearce on 14-Aug-2019


Best thing I have ever bought. All my friends are getting one too!

By Sandy Buckley on 14-Aug-2019

Machine needles for sewing leather

They are a good quality and reasonably priced too.

By Philippa Reeve on 13-Aug-2019

Great spare part!

My old cap for my Comel Snail 2 boiler was very leaky and full of limescale, and the washer was withered! Thought I’d treat myself to a complete new cap. My Snail 2 is like new now! And a competitive price compared to some. Many thanks, I’ll be back for spare washers!

By Rachel Pain on 12-Aug-2019

Facile à utiliser

By Yves Lefay on 12-Aug-2019

Very good

By Sandra Howlett on 10-Aug-2019

Very good

By Sandra Howlett on 10-Aug-2019


Super fast delivery, quality items, I will shop again

By Carol A Shead on 10-Aug-2019


I purchased the Press for the purpose of ironing double size bed linen for my holiday cottage. I am pleased to say it has lived up to expectation, although it has take a few attempts to get the hang of it. But now I have mastered it, the product is excellent, and I would definitely recommend it. Although the press is rather cumbersome, is quite heavy, and takes up a fair amount of room in my cupboard, I would say it is well worth it! Thank you very much.

By Dee Bailey on 08-Aug-2019

Good, strong press

And I received it the next day after ordering!

By Angie Thorne on 08-Aug-2019

Best steam press I have used

This is now the third steam press that I have bought and so far, the best. Always much better than an iron & ironing board. I just love the mini iron too, so useful.

By Stuart Hynds on 08-Aug-2019

Good machine

This press was bought as a replacement for the same model which failed recently. On arrival there was a nasty rattle. When I tested the press I found that the reservoir leaked continuously. Having no time to return the goods we cannibalised the old press for its reservoir and whilst fitting it we found the source of the rattle to be a very loose screw "securing" a PCB. All is now working well and producing good results; although we have probably lost the guarantee. We have no comment on the supplier, except to say that the (faulty) press arrived very quickly and seemingly well packaged.

By Carole Denholm on 07-Aug-2019

Love my Mega press

Love the machine once you get used to feeding things through. Very easy for pillowcases which you can fold and place flat on the board and press. Sheets folded in 4 longways feed through well. Some clothing works well but shirts get a bit tricky once you get to the yoke parts. Anything that gets a bit tricky can lead to burns. I found quilt covers are no good on this, they are too bulky and maneuvering them meant I kept hitting my wrist on the top hot part and ended up with a second degree burn plus a few little ones. Caution is very important in using this machine as you can get burnt if you don't pay attention to keeping things away from the top hot part. I also have a magnetic piece on my watch strap so had to remove that before I start ironing. Great machine once you get used to it and can iron most but not all things on it.

By Christine Hawkes on 06-Aug-2019

Brilliant needles

Exceptional needles for fine work. I thoroughly recommend.

By Sheila Peterson on 06-Aug-2019

Needle threader

Excellent service, quick delivery. Haven't mastered stopping the cotton coming out of the needle when sewing, but maybe that's my fault. Threads very easily. Thank you.

By James O'Reilly on 06-Aug-2019

Great machine

I'm very new to overlockers, it took me quite a while to get my head around it, it was pre-threaded but incorrectly it wouldn't work, the loopers seemed ok but the needles were the problem, I had to re-thread it which wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, then it worked, very happy with it, a good strong machine and a decent weight, would recommend.

By Marilyn Kemp on 05-Aug-2019

Fast next day delivery and helpful

Phoned for needle advice and they were really helpful + received needles next morning!

By Mrs. McDaid on 05-Aug-2019

Fast delivery

Delighted with these, top notch quality.

By Mrs. McDaid on 05-Aug-2019

Makes threading a needle a joke

Wish I purchased this years ago, really makes threading a joke, quick and easy!

By Mrs. McDaid on 05-Aug-2019

Great product

I was not sure at first if I was going to get on with these, I wanted one to press my art quilts. I have to say the company were very helpful and I bought a larger model and have used it for the first time and it has given my quilt a very professional finish. Thank you.

By Moya Quick on 03-Aug-2019

Hotel Broughty Ferry

As always, great product and great service

By Jeffrey Stewart on 03-Aug-2019

Really a five star press

Highly recommend! Anything to cut ironing in half!

By Mrs. Ola Onekuku on 01-Aug-2019

great accessories and good machine

highly recommended - great accessories and machine!

By Mrs. Merritt on 01-Aug-2019

Amazing value for money!

Does so much more than a machine twice the price! Delighted with this purchase.

By Delyse Edwards on 01-Aug-2019

Amazing product!

Really amazing - makes my ironing go so much quicker!

By Mrs. M. Thompson on 31-Jul-2019

It's lovely, I'm well pleased to x

It's lovely, I'm well pleased to x

By Patricia Ashton on 31-Jul-2019

cheap and fast

By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019

super delivery good price

By Andy Davis on 29-Jul-2019

good needles at best price

By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019

Schmetz are the best needles

only use Schmetz and you will get great sewing results

By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019

best needles

By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019


By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019

super fast received

received next morning, not bad for free postage

By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019


helps great sewing

By Sudha Sharma on 29-Jul-2019

Super product

Super product with next day delivery!

By Paula Taylor on 29-Jul-2019

Very pleased

Quick delivery, clear instructions, easy to use, very effective.

By Charles Robinson on 28-Jul-2019

Does the job perfectly

It is a bit heavy to move but does a good job, I like the big ironing area.

By Geraldine Hedderick on 27-Jul-2019

Ultra XL Steam Press 90cm - Largest Home Press

Fabulous. Works brilliantly - It has given me my life back. I can press a duvet cover to perfection in 4 minutes (previously took me 40 minutes sometimes!)

By Ali O'Neale on 25-Jul-2019

Speedy Delivery

Cannot believe how much better the new Safety Valve is now the old one is replaced. Excellent service, will use again.

By Karen Littler on 23-Jul-2019

Best value for money

It is so much more economical to be able to buy just the safety valve seals rather than having to buy the whole valve. Good value for money.

By Linda Seargent on 20-Jul-2019

Arrived quickly

These are great needles and arrived very quickly so that I could finish a project.

By Jennifer Skillen on 19-Jul-2019

Very easy to thread but a problem

I found that when doing repair work which involves forward and backwards stitching, the needle unthreads in reverse. There are no instructions so maybe I am doing it wrong. Great for my eyes though.

By Mrs S Wright on 18-Jul-2019

By Dianne Johnson on 17-Jul-2019


This arrived yesterday and I was keen use it. I powered through a huge pile of pillowcases and found pressing a dress was so much quicker. Really pleased with the press.

By Barbara Clements on 17-Jul-2019

Love my new steam press

This is so quick and effective and especially good for large duvet covers and sheets. What previously would have taken at least an hour, I can do in around 10 to 15 minutes and with much superior results. Every home should have one!

By Valerie Lewis on 15-Jul-2019

Just what I needed

Very good scissors, not too big or too small for arthritic hands, very pleased with them & the service received.

By Maureen Byford on 15-Jul-2019


I purchased several different packs of Schmetz needles, these all arrived safely and so quickly and I was amazed I got my free gift with each pack. Impressive!

By Roslyn Whitwell on 14-Jul-2019

Insufficient info on website

I would have liked to know - before purchase - that the ironing time on a full tank is only 60 at most and that one has to wait 20 mins for the boiler to cool down before refilling. In a large household with, occasionally, 10 beds worth of linen to be dealt with the only option for us was to keep a steam generator iron going at the same time to be able to get through the pile of ironing. Having said that, it works beautifully and is very good on linen.

By Lady Townshend on 14-Jul-2019

Super happy

Brilliant service, brilliant product, what more does one want!!

By Pristine Dry Cleaning Pattani on 13-Jul-2019


Superb so far!

By Gavin Edge on 09-Jul-2019

Best overlocker around!

Really the best overlocker, and I've owned/used quite a few different models, it's just so easy to thread!!

By V. Forster on 09-Jul-2019


By Richard Gregory on 09-Jul-2019

Never look back

Wish I had bought this years ago, quick and easy to use, makes such a good job. The more you use it the better and quicker it gets.

By Fiona H Halliday on 05-Jul-2019

Better than amazing!

Can't do better than cutting your ironing in half. Very happy with this purchase, will recommend it!

By Miss M. Lafayette on 04-Jul-2019

Same as Bernina overlocker at 1/2 price

Really almost same as the Bernina overlocker, looked at in shop but this Jaguar model was less than half the price and it does the same job. Not to mention, really pleased with the great accessories bundle. Thank you.

By Lesley Mackie on 04-Jul-2019

Big helper in small size

Very nice and helpful thing. Ironing now takes up to 10 times less time.

By Vladislavs Jasinskis on 03-Jul-2019

must have

absolutely must to have thing in the house! Ironing now is up to 10 times faster!

By Vladislavs Jasinskis on 03-Jul-2019


First time I have shopped with you and found you very helpful and efficient, my needles arrived the next day! Very impressed.

By Melanie Murphy on 03-Jul-2019

Don't know yet

Not so sure, padding isn't as good as my old one, will try it again

By Lynnette Kingdon on 02-Jul-2019

Execellent, Det är utmärkt tack

Hej! Det är utmärkt tack. Mvh Amanda Daban

By Amanda Daban on 01-Jul-2019

Ultra XL ironing press

Best value for money I've had in a while. Excellent performance!

By Maria Macleod on 30-Jun-2019

Best steam press

This is my third one. Got it with a stand this time so I can iron wherever I want to.

By Tina Spicer on 29-Jun-2019


Why didn't I buy one years ago?! I no longer dread ironing!!

By Teresa Forrest on 27-Jun-2019

So pleased

I am so pleased I took the time to do my research before purchasing my first overlocker, imagine my delight when the Jaguar machine arrived and it is every thing I had hoped for, a good sturdy machine. I am amazed how heavy it is, and most importantly very easy to thread because it has the fantastic feature of all the underneath mechanics which are open so you can see what you're doing, it is possible to thread without tweezers, plus it has an easy flip to roll hem, everything I wanted at a a great price, such good value :-)

By Norma Paddock on 27-Jun-2019

Best way of ironing!

The real best way of ironing, wish I had changed to an ironing press years ago!

By Tania Barras on 24-Jun-2019


I didn't know these needles existed until I saw them in a book. Brilliant.

By Adrienne Dovey on 23-Jun-2019

Happy wife = still winning!

I had purchased this for my darling wife as she has now “outgrown” her first sewing machine and therefore, needed a machine that is more advanced and designed for more than just casual use. She has been using it now for a few weeks, she is very happy with how it works and has been showing it off to the girls at her sewing club. I was concerned that she may find all the functions and gizmos a little daunting, however, she had picked it up rather quickly. Going by the products she has created so far, and at the speed she has managed to do so (plus the lack of groaning with frustration), I can be very confident that this was an ideal purchase. On a final note, the extras the machine came with were also very good and appear to be of good quality. Thank you.

By Mark Lake on 22-Jun-2019

My best buy!

Do I like this, hmmm, just the best iron ever as far as I'm concerned. The horrible king sheets are now a pleasure. Takes all the work out of it. I am left handed and have never got on with irons, cords always in the way etc. No more, now easy and quick. Seems a very good price for a sturdy machine. Thank you.

By Catherine Parkinson on 22-Jun-2019

Prompt Service

Price, Packaging, Product - All Perfect!

By Agnes Smith on 22-Jun-2019

Compact Ironing Pres

Best buy I've had for a long time, easy to use and press bedclothes beautifully, would highly recommend to my friends. ironing is not such a chore now.

By Joyce Haslett on 21-Jun-2019


Je suis très satisfait de cette presse. Elle est plus grande, stable et repasse parfaitement. Je recommande ce produit!

By Patrick Elbaze on 21-Jun-2019

Great item

Great item - easy to use - reasonable priced

By Stephen Ireland on 20-Jun-2019

I am still getting used to this steam press; I have had a fabulous Domena for the last 20 years, which is still working - hopefully I will get many years from this new press.

By M Jenkinson on 19-Jun-2019


Excellent product but be mindful it could set off the smoke alarms in your house or place of work in the fashion industry. lol

By Frances Ryan on 18-Jun-2019

First Class

Excellent service and product. Ten out of ten for costs of product and speedy delivery. Can't fault anything. I will certainly use again.

By Marilyn Samways on 14-Jun-2019


This makes ironing so easy and quick. The ironing press was delivered so quickly and efficiently. The set up was really easy too. I would recommend this company and this product to anyone.

By Jill Campbell on 11-Jun-2019

Schmetz Microtex size 60/8

Great service and great product. Thank you. Will order again.

By Jacqueline Parker on 11-Jun-2019

Generally pleased but a little bit noisy.

By Honor Hoggins on 06-Jun-2019

Quilting needles

I have not used these yet but they are as expected. Very quick delivery.

By Margaret Anne Smith on 06-Jun-2019

Very good overall, although I wished it would have been just few cm taller.

By Victor Adafinoaiei on 06-Jun-2019

Wish I had bought one years ago!!

Absolutely thrilled with my steam press, cannot believe I have stood for hours with a conventional iron. Clothes and bedding have never looked so good, it is so easy to use and lightweight. I am now looking for things to press! Thank you.

By Kim Handley on 05-Jun-2019


Makes ironing enjoyable!!!

By Mrs. D. Whitworth on 04-Jun-2019

Fast delivery

Received the next morning!

By William Burt on 04-Jun-2019

Prefect needles for my sewing projects

Haven't used yet, but great price, quick delivery and wide range of choice. Would recommend.

By Karen Chong on 04-Jun-2019

Arrived swiftly and securely packed. Very pleased with the overall performance. Thank you

By Brian McCabe on 04-Jun-2019


First ironing press I've had and pleased I bought this larger model. Excellent delivery - less than 24 hours from ordering. Much reduced ironing time but no benefit to me as yet as I've taken on doing my daughter's family bedding! (At least while the novelty lasts).

By Joanna Griffiths on 04-Jun-2019

Love it!!

Love it, steaming through my laundry. Great size. I run a small bed and breakfast and do all my own laundering so it is a huge bonus!

By Margaret Mackay on 03-Jun-2019

Double eyed needle

Works well

By Alice Hickie on 03-Jun-2019

Steam Press

Just tested the press today a lot easier than using the ordinary iron, it works great. I tried it out on a shirt first then on a pair of trousers but unfortunately I cut my hand on the trouser crease as it was that perfect LOL. I ordered it late on Monday it arrived Wednesday. Excellent service from The Ironing Press Company. I would recommend the press to anyone, as it is a lot easier to get the perfect outcome on all garments. Hence the 5 stars I give it. Regards, Andy G.

By Andrew Gough on 01-Jun-2019

Gives a good result and is easy to use. Good value for the price!

By Pauline Gill on 30-May-2019

used product

it seemed to an used product. Box was already opened before and sloppy taped back to close. It seemed to been have used before.

By C S on 29-May-2019

By Lordwin Jinga on 29-May-2019


I now have 2 of these for my holiday cottage business and will be purchasing a 3rd one for myself very soon!

By Erica Hastings on 29-May-2019

Fast & efficient


By Sara Abbott on 28-May-2019

Professional 100HD White Heavy Duty Steam Ironing Press 101cm

Brilliant, especially for someone who hates ironing! At last, flat linen sheets!

By Margaret on 27-May-2019

Super product

A real super ironing press really makes ironing easier

By Mrs. Bond on 26-May-2019

So far so good

Super fast delivery. Have used briefly. Nice size bit bigger than I'm used to.

By David Markham on 24-May-2019

Really pleased with this machine

I'm new to overlooking and really didn't know which machine to purchase. I researched reviews, and found the reviews on this model were all good. And I'm so pleased with this machine too. Easy to use, easy to learn and gives a professional finish to your garments. Definitely recommend to all. Also very impressed with the speed at which it was delivered. Within a couple of days!

By Kelly Thomas on 23-May-2019

A good replacement for my Elna

A good replacement for my old Elna press and costs less than what I paid 15 years ago so that can't be bad!!

By Ian Young on 22-May-2019

speedy delivery by Speedypress

speedy delivery by Speedypress, good replacement for my 20 year old Elna

By Patricia Kerridge on 22-May-2019

does the job received fast

does the job received next day :-)

By John Haswell on 22-May-2019

fast delivery

received following morning after ordered, wish all deliveries were so quick!

By David Hydon on 22-May-2019

Just the job!

Fitted our press, speedy delivery, good quality.

By David Hydon on 22-May-2019

Very Efficient

I've had the press less than a week but so far it is working great - I'm using it mainly for sheets for our B&B and it is much quicker than the iron - fitted sheets take a bit of working out but they are still quicker with the press. I'm planning on training the children how to use it next!

By Eleanor Logue on 20-May-2019

Very Solid and Good Quality Design

Ok, I am giving this a lower rating purely because its extendable height is not nearly what I was expecting and it still does not sit as high as my normal ironing board. I being, not particularly tall, find that I end up using the press kneeling down which is not great when I have lower back problems. Design, quality and everything else, excellent.

By Sheldon Meyer on 20-May-2019

Water Filter

I think, this is where they might catch you as you can't use the press without a filter due to the feeder system coming off the filter. As far as filters go, I don't think its the best as I did see some scale come through from time to time, certainly not as much as a normal iron but it was there. I will have to see how long it lasts too.

By Sheldon Meyer on 20-May-2019


I first used this a few days after receiving it. Delivery was good and hassle-free. After setting it up and figuring out how to use it (watched a YouTube video), it is quite seamless. I find that, it perhaps does save you a much time but certainly gets the clothes free of wrinkles than a regular iron, one is included just in case. What seems to be quite strange is how little water it uses as with using my regular iron, I could only iron a few items of clothing before having to top up, this barely uses any at all, even in max/boost mode. I have gotten through over a months' worth of washing in just a few hours, with a couple of breaks. I think, its only real fault, as I burnt my knuckles a couple of times is that the stand does not extend the height very much and when I am dealing with certain pieces of clothes, find myself kneeling most of the time or (burn knuckles). Other than that, and I have only used it once, I am pretty happy. It is a pleasant sight not having piles or ironing lurking in your room.

By Sheldon Meyer on 20-May-2019

Need to practice

Love the results, just need to remember to use just one hand as it's so easy to press the steam buttons accidentally. Had a steam iron for years best and quickest way to iron anything, thanks.

By Ida Whelan on 20-May-2019

Worked a treat

I needed to get my side patch put on my cut, so bought these for my wife so she could do it. They worked a treat, great product at a good price, what’s not to like! ♠️

By John Cocker on 18-May-2019

Iron cord support

Perfect, very good service!

By Sandra Webber on 18-May-2019

Super fast delivery and communications

Very pleased with the Jaguar's performance and variety of stitches. Super fast delivery and communications from The Ironing Press Company.

By Kathleen Maria Forrest on 16-May-2019

great at ironing

great at ironing

By Mrs. Anne Puck on 16-May-2019

Super overlocker

Great overlocker, good quality and at a bargain price!

By Lyn Wallinger on 15-May-2019

Only used this a few times so still getting the hang of it. Not much room at the back for the for the excess material, but saves so much time ironing the bedding, just got make sure it's folded right.

By Renee Hynes on 14-May-2019

Trop tôt pour un avis

Je pense qu'il faut du temps pour utiliser et commenter ce produit que j'ai reçu il y a une semaine. Produit reçu rapidement et très bien conditionné, manuel en Français et adaptateur prise Française. Prise en main facile, il faut comme avec un fer être attentif au plis.

By Guy Vaucelle on 14-May-2019

Efficient service as usual

Really great service and a call to check that we ordered the right size - which we didn't the first time! Very good.

By CSN on 14-May-2019

First time for me owning and using a press. Water compartment is rather small, it's going to take more practice to comfortable do king size bedding. The small free pad could do with being longer. But saying all that it's seems to do the job.

By Carole Fulford on 14-May-2019

Highly Recommended

Very fast delivery and excellent product & price

By Linds on 09-May-2019

Great site

Very good value and free postage.

By Alice Hickie on 09-May-2019

next day delivery

By C Furnell on 08-May-2019

quick delivery

really quick delivery

By Doreen Crossley on 08-May-2019

great quality

great quality

By C Furnell on 08-May-2019

got all marks from press

amazing, got all marks from press with minimum work. just put it on when press is hot and watch the magic.

By Doreen Crossley on 08-May-2019

fast delivery

received next morning after ordered

By Doreen Crossley on 08-May-2019

Great website

I am very pleased I found this website, the service is second to none. Next day delivery at exceptionally good prices. Well deserved my 5 stars.

By Alice Hickie on 08-May-2019


Very good service from this company, next day delivery. Product is excellent iron.

By Angela Levis on 07-May-2019

First class

Great customer service dnd product just what we wanted

By Mark Lewis on 07-May-2019

Steam press review

A fantastic service, very prompt getting my press, a fantastic machine, would recommend this to my friends.

By Alan Hodgkins on 07-May-2019

Prompt service. good price

By Diane Hakes on 05-May-2019

1st class easy to use Overlocker

Really good Overlocker so easy to thread

By Sylvia Thacker on 05-May-2019

Good quality, great service from The Ironing Press Company

Really pleased with my purchase of twin needles. Packaged well, arrived on time with email updates. I have tried the needles and they work brilliantly. Would buy from The Ironing Press Company again. Highly recommend.

By Shirley Scott on 04-May-2019

Very Glad I Bought This

New Bamboo bedding is really great, it is super soft and drapes beautifully, just like silk - really! So bought this press to cope with ironing/pressing it and it does the job quickly and really well. It is actually a pleasure using it and so easy. The quality and functionality of the press is super and I am very pleased that I bought this larger Pro model. Delivery was super quick so all in all I am very pleased.

By Ronald Douglas on 02-May-2019

Very good quality

Ironing with these covers was efficient. The quality of the materials is very good. I personally prefer a bit thicker padding.

By Handuhi on 01-May-2019

By Carla Candusso on 01-May-2019

Very Disappointed

Unable to say really, as the press I have is only just out of its warranty. Paid £470.00 at the time. It now fails to heat up. So ordered the new filter, but made no difference. This press is now available at £399.00, and I was offered it at a very small discount for £375.00. I would not buy another one. As for £470.00, I expected it to last more then 2 years. My old smaller press was over 10 years old, before it packed up. Very, very disappointed.

By Graham Copping on 29-Apr-2019

Good quality and fast delivery will use again

By Kathleen Nuttall on 28-Apr-2019

Schmitz machine needles

I ordered several packets of sewing machine needles to replenish my stock, as I do a lot of machine sewing. So my review is aimed at the extremely prompt and efficient service that The Ironing Press Company provided. I have used the company before and have never been disappointed. Thank you. As regards the make of needles I purchased, well if you buy the best, they never let you down.

By Sandra Gregory on 28-Apr-2019


The steam iron so far has been brilliant very pleased with it but the stand is Rubbish no were near high enough very cheap plastic and as for the wind mechanism if you really wound it hard I reckon it would easily snap useless so don't use it a waste of money!!!

By Gillian Bishop on 27-Apr-2019

Steam Press

Brilliant, this is the fourth one I have had. Love it.

By Jacqueline Bailey on 26-Apr-2019

Amazing steam press

Really amazing steam press, makes my ironing go super fast

By Mr. Das Chasewood Lodge on 25-Apr-2019

Great value for the money!

Makes shorting trousers take seconds!!

By Joe Woods on 25-Apr-2019

Better than Bernina overlocker at 1/2 price!!

This is really an amazing easy to thread overlocker, better then the Bernina and only 1/2 the price!!!

By Joe Woods on 25-Apr-2019

Life changing

I have always avoided ironing but the steam press has converted me, since owning mine all of my linen cupboard is pristine, I am so glad I bought this.

By Jennifer Voysey on 24-Apr-2019

Fantastic Service

Quick and Easy check out on website, Amazing, quick service & Delivery! Thank you!

By Carol Maclennan on 23-Apr-2019

3 packs of Twin

Great value for money, super fast delivery and very happy with the needles, thank you.

By F. Stein on 22-Apr-2019

Assorted Twin

Excellent, fast delivery and good product!

By Mikey G on 22-Apr-2019

Triple Needle

Just what I needed, great quality.

By Joan R. on 22-Apr-2019


Great needles,easy to thread

By Christine Gallivan on 22-Apr-2019

Very pleased with my purchase good solid machine and love all the extra features

By Martin Keyes on 21-Apr-2019

Efficace - Mais prise Anglaise?

Convient parfaitement à nos besoins (gîte de 14 personnes) mais j'attendais une prise Européenne et pas simplement un adaptateur. Par contre - livraison rapide, bonne qualité. Merci!

By Sarah Naylor-Butter on 21-Apr-2019

Time saver

If you have arthritis, this ironing press is brilliant. If you're short on time, it's brilliant. If you've never ironed before, it's brilliant. Everything about this press is ease of use so I would recommend to anyone thinking about getting an ironing press to purchase this one.

By Keith Burnett on 21-Apr-2019

Speedypress Super Mega Steam Iron

Very useful for ironing bed linen, t-shirts etc. It has taken me some time to work out a system of using the machine, particularly with our super king size duvet covers but I have found that if you spray the item with water when it is in place on the press you can smooth out the wrinkles and get a better result.

By Jacqueline Cossey on 21-Apr-2019

Excellent product, have used and completely satisfied

By Paula Farrell on 19-Apr-2019

It is the best thing I have bought - working great and definitely worth the money.

By Christine Jones on 19-Apr-2019

Excellent service

Just what I wanted - easy to use, constant steam and standby mode, very helpful. Good and sturdy, love the vibrant pink colour.

By Clare Longhurst on 19-Apr-2019

it does the job

excellent machine, works straight out of the box and simple to use and easy to understand

By Angela Parkinson on 17-Apr-2019

Great Service & Product

Product arrived quickly and was as described

By Nicola Munoz on 17-Apr-2019

Great machine

Brilliant machine, great price and the machine came well packaged with a great range of accessories. The machine was threaded when it arrived and is easily to thread. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The machine works well and has produced good quality, consistent results.

By Krasimira Mavrodieva on 17-Apr-2019

Great Value

For an ironing press this size and with smart features, it is great value. It was delivered promptly and our family would not wish to do the ironing chores without it.

By George Franks on 17-Apr-2019

irons sheets very fast

really fast irons sheets, worth the investment

By Ella Trehaven on 16-Apr-2019


Bought this product to replace previous one that had stopped working after many years. Very pleased with new one. So easy to use and store.

By Sylvia Scott on 15-Apr-2019


very good

By Raymond Taylor on 15-Apr-2019

Hemstitch/Wing Needles

I am delighted with this product. I am able to sew stitches that create more interesting appeal, just by changing my basic embroidery needle for this Wing needle.

By Mrs Patricia Griffin on 14-Apr-2019

Super value

Excellent quality service and great price

By Christine Williams on 13-Apr-2019

super press

well reccomended

By Paula Ritchie on 08-Apr-2019

great product

worth every penny, reduces ironing time which I hate

By Mrs. Frisbuy on 08-Apr-2019

Unit defective - no reply from IPC

I have received a defective unit and remain unimpressed with the response of the IPC, I wrote to them the very next day but as yet have had no reply. Currently regretting this purchase!! as I have a less that perfect blanca press. I have tried to phone with equal difficulties. As I was referred to this company I am not very happy I was expecting a lot better. I know the blanca is a good press but I have not received one in good condition.

By Kenny Lewis on 08-Apr-2019

Prompt and efficient service

Order arrived within 2 days..which is very impressive for Highland delivery! Press does everything it should. Thank you!

By Pamela on 07-Apr-2019

Great OVERLOCKER and great service

This Overlocker is fantastic,, it eats up all my lazy mistakes and produces a beautiful edge! So easy to use and easy to thread. Looked through the manual and off I went, made a hoodie and some pjs in first 24hours! Customer service was just brilliant, arrived next day with a time slot and such a good price.

By Caroline Furnell on 06-Apr-2019

Awesome customer service

Bought the wrong needles so they phoned to make sure I got the right ones! Brilliant

By Caroline Furnell on 06-Apr-2019

Heavy piece of kit

Works through a pile of ironing like a hot knife through butter but is quite a heavy iron to be moving around. Also not sure if mine has a fault as it leaves a small patch of water on every steam as if too much water is coming in one part. Only used it once so will use it again before i ring customer services...

By Justine Cunniffe on 06-Apr-2019

1st class product

1st class product

By Mrs. Sherwood on 05-Apr-2019

super press

well recommended

By Mrs. Sherwood on 05-Apr-2019

Great service from the Ironing Press company and so pleased with the press, easy to use, time saving and the finish of the linen is excellent which is important with my busy laundry service. Thank you !

By Kate Lowe on 03-Apr-2019

By Kate Lowe on 03-Apr-2019

Delighted with our ironing press

The press has met and indeed exceeded our expectations. We run a small BnB, and most of out ironing is of bed linen. The press has cut the time in half, even on the first try. We anticipate even greater time savings once we become more proficient at using it. The service and communication from Lionel was exceptional. We are very happy customers

By Barry Campbell on 03-Apr-2019



By Peter Horton on 02-Apr-2019

Excellent product and delivery time

Makes ironing your clothes fun and easy you will wish you had bought one years ago...

By Mark on 02-Apr-2019

Changed my life!

I'm fastidious over ironed sheets and i have never been able to do the king sized ones, the steam press makes light work of it in super quick time - i no longer hate ironing!!

By Elli on 02-Apr-2019

good press but wish I purchased larger model

good press but wish I purchased larger model especially for sheets

By Margaret Swallow on 01-Apr-2019

So far so good

Super fast delivery. Have not given both machines a full road test yet but what I have tried has been fine

By Lyn Fenton on 31-Mar-2019

So Good My Daughter Has Pinched It!

I really loved the press when it came and offered it to my daughter to try, but she won't give it back to me now!! I shall soon be buying a second one!

By S Bell on 30-Mar-2019

best ironing system, changed my life

best ironing system, changed my life, reduces time spent ironing by more then half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Clair Gowing on 27-Mar-2019

Ironing press

The press is excellent like my last one. Cuts the ironing by 80% of a normal iron and it gives me more time for other chores and time with the family. Would recommend it to further friends who haven’t got one and the ones who have tried it have bought their own. Wonderful product. Thank you.

By Karen Dorey on 27-Mar-2019

Great press but I haven't received the free foam and cover yet

By Maureen Bendall on 26-Mar-2019

New Challenge

The company are extremely helpful and offer clear valuable advice without any pressure. The delivery service immaculate using DPD, ordered at 2pm, delivered at 9.30am next day. The type of machine is new to me, so I am still discovering it but so far, Its less of a learning curve than I imagined. Clear instructions and with the whole front opening up makes threading straight forward. I now have to get used to tensions etc. Am really pleased with the machine and very impressed with the company.

By Miss Urquhart on 25-Mar-2019

Awesome service

Very quick and professional. Great website, easy to use. Would definitely use again. Appreciate it all. Many thanks.

By A Harris on 25-Mar-2019


Really easy to use, good quality and irons well.

By Gabrielle Gregory on 22-Mar-2019

best press arround

well recomended

By Tony Varma on 20-Mar-2019

Great delivery!

Very quick delivery, good communication and produce as expected. Thx

By Jane Chapman on 19-Mar-2019

Schmetz spring needle

Not used yet so cannot comment on them but must say delivery was very quick.

By Carolyn Mapleson on 19-Mar-2019

great fast delivery

easy to use press with fast delivery

By Rita Conroy on 18-Mar-2019

fantastic quilting machine

fantastic quilting machine + all everything a normal machine does

By Mrs. Maryann Offler on 18-Mar-2019

simple to use, great value

a real simple to use, great value ironing press, cheap but does a great jpb

By Rita Conroy on 18-Mar-2019

Compact and easy to use

If you are looking for a compact and easy press iron to use for everyday this is really great. Big items may be a bit tricky to iron but it may be an issue of finding the ways to do this easily too. If you want to use it mostly have for your king size and super king size linen, go for the bigger size.

By Dikaia Chatziefstathiou on 18-Mar-2019

Service was very fast

Haven't had chance to try the scissors yet, but being pressed for a review, all I can say is that they came within 2 days of being ordered, thank you!

By Fiona Sinfield on 18-Mar-2019


Bought Schmetz Twin jersey needles in 3 different sizes. They have been a dream to use for hemming T-shirt’s. Also ultra quick

By J Leary on 17-Mar-2019

Schmetz Twin needle

Excellent product and ultra quick dispatch

By J Leary on 17-Mar-2019

After sales

After sales was most impressive

By Peter Cox Jackson on 16-Mar-2019

Lovely scissors, very nice action

By Elizabeth C on 16-Mar-2019

Stretch needle

Bought these as I managed to break a twin needle halfway through a sewing project schemtz are my go to best needle. First time using this company great service highly recommended

By Mrs S M Gwilliam on 16-Mar-2019

easy to use overlocker

a real easy to use overlocker, where you can easily thread it up due to the way ir opens up

By Mrs. Rebecca Wakefield on 15-Mar-2019

Well built

Brought for my nan due to her arthritis, she can't use a standard iron very well. She loves the ease of use and is built alot better than her older one.

By Luke Chudleigh on 15-Mar-2019


This trolley is of high quality structurally but functionally essential for moving the iron around a cutting table. Excellent product.

By Lindsay on 15-Mar-2019

Excellent time saver

This press makes light work of all the large items like bed linen. The little iron on the side is handy although you have to be careful not to knock it off the stand whilst manoeuvring larger items.

By Angela Ward on 14-Mar-2019

Perfect Product

Really thrilled with the service and efficiency of this company. The cover and foam underlay is just what I needed. Thank you!

By Julie Williams on 14-Mar-2019

amazing press

cut my ironing time to half

By Brooklyn on 13-Mar-2019

super fast delivery

ordered at 4pm and received 10.25 am the following morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Mr. Miles on 13-Mar-2019

great press

great press, irons nicely, like all modern presses not as large as original presses 20 years ago

By Ynez Marshall on 13-Mar-2019

amazing products with fast delivery

really amazing with next morning delivery

By Helen Blackman on 11-Mar-2019


Fantastic needles, plus next day delivered! Thank you.

By Stan H. on 11-Mar-2019

Propress 4 litre steamer

Very pleased so far.

By T & M Patterson on 10-Mar-2019

5 Stars

Great product, great service, thank you.

By Sarah Gee on 10-Mar-2019

Decent steamer - works well enough, not so sturdy though.

By John B on 10-Mar-2019

Good steamer and fast delivery. Time will tell how long it will last due to it being made out of plastic.

By A. L. N. on 10-Mar-2019

Good steamer

Steams clothes well enough, happy with this purchase.

By Catherine Gore on 10-Mar-2019

should have bought one years ago

By Graham Wright on 10-Mar-2019

spend a little

should have had one years ago, brilliant

By Graham Wright on 10-Mar-2019

Super saver

Great press had one for many years old one gave up, got this new one it's a great time saver and does a great job with ironing. Brilliant

By William Foxcroft on 10-Mar-2019

An excellent machine. Well worth the cost

By Helen Blackman on 10-Mar-2019

An excellent machine. Well worth the cost

By Helen Blackman on 10-Mar-2019

Super Mega Steam Press

What a joy! This is a fantastic Press and has saved me so much ironing time. I'm delighted with it.

By Margaret Gregory on 09-Mar-2019

404 seeing machine

This is my first computerised sewing machine so far i am loving it. The extras that came with it are great they saved me the hassle and cost of having to buy them separately. The only downfall was the instructions were a bit hard to follow. Otherwise top marks to the ironing press company

By Pam on 08-Mar-2019


Really good machine, lost the last star as the automatic needle threader fell off. The extra feet attachments and the patterns make up for this, I would still recommend the machine.

By Julie Dewart on 07-Mar-2019

Luv My New Covers - Great Deal

My covers got to me very fast and they fit just like the original. My original was burned to a crisp! Luv these!!! Thanks

By Ron Woods on 06-Mar-2019

Faultless service

I called the Ironing press company for advice as unsure which type of press to buy. I was given sensible advice and the press was delivered the next day. It has transformed ironing for me as I did spend hours ironing bed linen but no more!

By Bridget Rosser on 06-Mar-2019


Great value bundle and excellent machines, can't fault them!

By Sharon Finley on 05-Mar-2019

All OK

Excelent delivery and press work as expected

By Bryony Sapsford on 04-Mar-2019

Steam press

Perfect for doing my bed linen took me quarter of the time.

By Vivian Harley on 04-Mar-2019

Press stand

Perfect for my press and very sturdy

By Vivian Harley on 04-Mar-2019

So far so good delivery quick no problems. Only used it once so far and soon got through the pile I had... shot of steam secured the perfect line in trousers and short sleeves! Excellent buy in my opinion.. if I had to pick a fault it would the stand could do with been able to adjust lower than it does but this is a minor and does not affect how well the ironing press works.

By Pat Barry-Clarke on 04-Mar-2019

Needles that please

I have now used both the Schmetz Microtex needles and their Stretch needles. I have had very good sewing results and will make Schmetz my first port of call for any needles I should need in the future.

By Rita Pocock on 03-Mar-2019


Makes ironing sheets and duvet covers for our hostel easy!

By Susan Wade on 03-Mar-2019

Brilliant product

I have had my previous steam press for over 10 years and it was very heavy to move around. My new one on its stand is still only half the weight of my old one. I presses so easy and my clothes come out like new. I love ironing but now because of the compact shape and ease of use I can now sit and watch tv whilst doing my ironing so now I have double the pleasure. The delivery time was so quick and the stand was a doddle to put together. Thank you Ironing press

By Frances Plimmer on 02-Mar-2019

Great Product

I bought this as I have had a holiday let built and I am not the best ironer. This certainly takes the hard work out of ironing sheets and duvet covers. I would be lost without it now.

By Marge on 01-Mar-2019

highly recommended company to deal with

highly recommended company to deal with, very fast delivery

By Jane Lay on 28-Feb-2019

next day delivery

fast next day delivery to keep my ironing press going

By Jane Lay on 28-Feb-2019

amazing press

halved my ironing time with this amazing press!!!

By Jane Lay on 28-Feb-2019

as described

Bought these as recommended by the manufacturers. Received well before due date and in great condition.

By Lynsey Throup on 28-Feb-2019

Great performance

Very pleased with the ease of use and final production

By Anna Gough on 27-Feb-2019

Brilliant service

Although I have not used the needles as yet, they will fit the blip. Excellent service and delivery.

By Kathleen McAllister on 27-Feb-2019

very pleased

By MC on 27-Feb-2019

Not very good

Needle was faulty and broke within 2 minutes of using as I usually would. Very disappointed

By Laura Harris on 26-Feb-2019

Great service and great product

Arrived the day after ordered with regular updates as to where the package was and the time it was being delivered. Minimal self assembly needed for the stand and the iron was simple to attach then use. Great service and a great product.

By Paula Kemmish-Bignell on 25-Feb-2019

Definitely worth every penny

Did a lot of research before buying this but it has lived up to expectations. I hate ironing and I have a serviced apartment. I have chosen to do my own laundry. The ironing part was taking forever even with a steam generator iron. This machine does it in half the time. Love it.

By Gerry McDougall on 24-Feb-2019

Fast delivery

Ordered 4pm and received 9am next day what could be better!

By Mrs. J. Ireland on 24-Feb-2019

Jaguer overlocker

Love it, I run a busy alteration shop and it has been a godsend, there's nothing this machine won't tackle and the delivery of it was first class. Thank you, would definitely buy from this company again.

By Geraldine Codner on 21-Feb-2019

Cotton thread

Love them. Beautiful colours and lots of thread on each reel. Great value for money, will definitely purchase again. And thanks for the needles.

By David Rawlings on 19-Feb-2019

Amazing product

By Julie Frankhan on 19-Feb-2019


Excellent service and postage Will recommend to my sewing groups I attend

By Valerie Porter on 18-Feb-2019

fast delivery

great product

By Naomi Tailby on 18-Feb-2019

Excellent service

I bought the overlocker feet and they are perfect,the chap was so helpful and I will buy from again

By Jane Frampton on 18-Feb-2019


Absolutely love this. Wish I had one years ago. Makes ironing so much easier and quicker

By Gillian Lamming on 17-Feb-2019

Pretty good but could be better

I bought this at my wife was convinced it would be great. As I'm a sucker or a new toy I agreed to go along. First the good points: The size is fine, though I wouldn't like to go any smaller and a bit bigger would be nicer. If you tend to leave your ironing board up then this actually takes up less space. It gets rid of creases and is indeed faster than a normal iron. How much faster will depend on the state of your clothes. If they've been scrunched in a ball for a few week then you're going to spend a lot of time trying to flatten it out before you can pull down the lid. It does have a steam function though the pressure and heat mean that it isn't really necessary, at least for anything I've ironed. It takes very little effort or concentration to use so its much easier to watch TV etc than when using a normal iron. The less good points: Slippy clothes tend to slide off and are difficult to hold in place when bring the lid down. It doesn't hold a steady temperature. For example on cotton setting, it heats up to about 200 degrees, but when you use it it drops to to less than 170. The temperature drops even more quickly when you use the steam. It's hot to use. You have a very large metal plate heated to 200 degrees pumping out heat. That may be fine in winter but in some it's going to be unpleasant. The top plate only opens to about 45 degrees so when you are smoothing out a garment, your knuckles are only a few cm away from the hot plate. There's not a lot space at the back in front of the hinge so ironing large items can be tricky. I'm 6ft tall and find the stand a bit low. I might be able to adjust the height but haven't tried yet. If you sew, you can't press open seams on it so budget another 10-15 pounds on a basic dry iron. Despite the problems, I'm glad to have it though next time I might try a larger commercial model.

By Matthew Helliwell on 16-Feb-2019

I'm a convert to ironing...

Well made and sturdy. Takes a bit of time to reach full heat, and also to cool down again for storage, but it's actually fun to use, so I'm bothering to do sheets and pillow cases. I haven't used my normal iron since purchasing this - I rarely did much ironing anyway. Now I'm still on the honeymoon period of trying to anything any clothing to see how much flatter and easier to store it is. I've had it for about a month. I don't quite get the point of the metal rack though. It doesn't seem sturdy/ well supported enough to pile the completed washing on and is a bit fiddly, so I haven't bothered with it.

By Margaret Humphreys on 16-Feb-2019


This was to replace a different make. I'm so happy with it. Glad I got the 80cm one. Great for linen. The stand foit-print is quite large but it is very sturdy. No complaints. Pressing happy!

By Anna Maloney on 14-Feb-2019

Great Quality

Great quality item at a great price. Excellent service from the Ironing Press. Very fast delivery. Will be purchasing again.

By Alan Stephenson on 12-Feb-2019

Ironing press review

Have had several presses over the years and this being the largest and most efficient so far, ease of functions and large plate for ironing makes for light work.

By Jacqueline Pryde on 10-Feb-2019

Received my items very quickly. Thanks.

By Elizabeth Walker on 09-Feb-2019

Wow! Great work so far.

So far so good, Wow! The steam surge nearly lifts you off your feet and steams up my specs. The results on the items being pressed are equally good.

By Anne Amedro on 05-Feb-2019

Wow! Great work so far.

By Anne Amedro on 05-Feb-2019

Still learning all about its features

Seems to be a very well designed and well built Overlocker. Bought it because my service engineer recommended it and because it is much easier to thread with the whole threading mechanism open. Seems to sew well but only time will tell how robust it is.

By Kathleen Green on 04-Feb-2019

Schmetz needles

Have not used product yet, excellent service

By Sheila Wightman on 04-Feb-2019

Brilliant service

Thank you for my order of the stretch sewing machine needles. The free needle threaders are great. Thank you

By Ann Brixey on 04-Feb-2019

Can't live without one!

Absolutely love my new press. I had two baskets completely full of ironing included three duvet sets! My old press did not have a stand and I struggled to find somewhere to use it without causing backache! So impressed I'm considering treating my daughter (she has four children and her ironing is endless). Must also mention the superb delivery - I ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday morning - couldn't be more pleased.

By Carol Edwards on 02-Feb-2019


Great Product

By John Mackenzie on 02-Feb-2019

Very good product

Simple to use, and fantastic result. Exactly what was advertised.

By Andrea Louth on 01-Feb-2019



By Lynn Williams on 29-Jan-2019

Excellent service

Visibility of tracking was great. Product delivered ahead of scheduled time.

By Andrea Louth on 28-Jan-2019

Looks good and easy to use even I can do it lol

By Mr Raymond Faxon on 28-Jan-2019

Ironing made easy

Fast delivery Had the ironing press up and running, within half an hour after delivered! I have severe osteoarthritis, so found ironing quite difficult. But now my life has just been made easier with my new ironing press, love it. Easy to follow instructions. Makes short work of all clothing items.

By Laurencia Simpson on 26-Jan-2019

Ironing press stand

Very sturdy and easy to use.

By Gill Bayliss on 25-Jan-2019

Steam iron press

Delighted with steam iron. Easy to use. Brilliant!

By Gill Bayliss on 25-Jan-2019


Love this, just wish it was slightly bigger for king size duvet covers

By KD on 25-Jan-2019

press covers

very quick delivery, perfect fit

By David Hulson on 16-Jan-2019

So little effort

I can not believe how much time is saved using this mega press. I use if for sheets and duvets mostly, as I have a holiday let. Once practiced with the art of folding and preparing the linens for pressing it is so easy and effortless.

By Kathryn Calvert on 14-Jan-2019


J’ai acheté cette presse après de longues hésitations, je ne regrette pas ! Prise en main facile, très efficace, rapide et résultat impeccable. Merci

By Sabine Darras on 13-Jan-2019

Great colour selection

Prompt service, Many thanks. Thank you.

By Janet Owen on 12-Jan-2019

Great product

Delivery was very fast and instructions easy to follow. I dislike ironing but using the press makes large items so much quicker. The handle and steam button is well placed and easy to operate. As there is no rubbing against an iron, clothes can be ironed on the right side without leaving a shiny surface. It takes a little practice to do shirts and jackets but watching an online video was useful. I have bought some heat proof gloves to prevent burns when pushing large items towards the back of the press.

By Stone on 12-Jan-2019



By Serena Rossi Monogrammi on 08-Jan-2019


Brilliant piece of kit and much cheaper than others (with all the extras and stand included) coupled with an extremely fast delivery service. Will hopefully make our lives much easier. 100% recommended. A pleasure to deal with.

By James Huxtable on 07-Jan-2019

Mega Steam Ironing Press 64cm by Speedypress

So pleased with my new Steam Press. The larger ironing board is great, and the cable storage is a much needed innovation. Was always happy with my old Press, but even happier with this new design. Works a treat too!

By Christine Walton on 06-Jan-2019

Twin Needle

Worked well with ordinary thread but unfortunately not with the topstitching thread for some reason.

By Jayne Liddle on 04-Jan-2019

Quilting needles

Fast and efficient service, would definitely use this Company again.

By Janet Allchurch on 04-Jan-2019

Sewing Needles.

Brilliant Needles if you want to thread easily and quickly. Well worth the money.

By Colleen Crawford on 04-Jan-2019

Great selection

All the colours of the Rainbow!

By Robert Cooksey on 04-Jan-2019

Overlocker needles

Arrived very promptly. Good quality needles

By Gillian Campbell on 04-Jan-2019

Topstitching Needles

Brilliant, worked great with a topstitching thread on denim. I'd been struggling with an ordinary denim needle up to that point! Would recommend.

By Jayne Liddle on 04-Jan-2019

Good value

So far I’m happy with this, having only used it a couple of times.

By Marion Sweet on 04-Jan-2019

Very Pleased

Very Pleased with product and service. Works great and saves time.

By Michael Harris on 04-Jan-2019

brilliant !

You could give others a lesson in customer care.I ordered the iron press in the afternoon,it arrived the next day and I didn't pay for any special postage.The product is brilliant,sheets and duvet cover ironed in half the time.If you don't like ironing,this could change your mind !

By Angela Chillocci on 04-Jan-2019


I have had an Iron press for around 15 years but this is the best by far. The larger area makes it easier to press bedding, the height when the press is open has meant that, so far, NO BURNS! I had burns regularly with my old press. LOVE IT

By Kath Gowland on 04-Jan-2019

Excellent Machine & Great Advice

Phoned the owner over Xmas and he answered the phone and was 100% helpful - he recommended this machine and l am very happy with it - A plus to the owner and the company !

By Tarik Chawdry on 04-Jan-2019

Jaguar 097

Looks a good machine. Have not had time to use it yet.

By James Elliott on 03-Jan-2019

Love it

Great size for b&b bedding

By Marie Mackay on 03-Jan-2019

Iron press

Love it. I’ve already filled a review

By Eleanor Harrison on 03-Jan-2019

Fault within first month

We have only had this item for a short period of time and already the thermostat is not working.

By Rebekah Walmsley on 03-Jan-2019

Great product

Great service from these guys along with a great product

By Lyn Young on 03-Jan-2019

Halves my ironing time

This is a great machine, easy instructions, you can sit down to iron, fast to get through a large pile of ironing!

By Tricia Surridge on 02-Jan-2019

Excellent Service exceeded our Expectations

Excellent service would highly recommend Thank you

By David Dalton on 01-Jan-2019

Steam iron

This is a very nice steam iron I use it every day couldn’t be without one it’s great

By Mary Logan on 26-Dec-2018

My partner was over the moon she already had one but it had gave up but she was impressed with this one so thanks would buy from yous again good quality product.

By William Grant on 24-Dec-2018

Good service

Very pleased with the prompt free delivery. Press is light and easy to operate and the stand folds down for storage.

By Yvonne McLafferty on 24-Dec-2018

Great service

Fast to deliver, exactly what I wanted!

By Michelle Goldsmith on 24-Dec-2018


The longer length of this press makes pressing large items so much more efficient than my previous small press. It also heats up very quickly and has a really large water tank so can press for very long time without having to refill. Digital screen is very easy to use. Wish had bought it long before, could have saved me so much time. Definitely recommend it.

By M. Campbell on 20-Dec-2018

Fantastic service

The supply was next day. The telephone support was incredibly good. The product superb. I wish I could give more stars.

By John Ridgway on 17-Nov-2018

Sewing Machine 404

By Gordon Winfield on 17-Nov-2018

Great Service

Great product, great service and really swift delivery.

By Helen Westerby on 12-Nov-2018


Wonderful service

By Susan Bray on 09-Nov-2018

Steam Press Fine but....

Steam press works well, gives a nice result. The adjustable stand however is rubbish, lasted all of 30 seconds before gears packed up, did email company, have received no replay.

By Maurice Cooper on 08-Nov-2018

Delighted with the service and sewing machine needles. Thank you

By Susan Bray on 07-Nov-2018

amazing press

amazing fantastic press

By Maurice Cooper on 05-Nov-2018


I have only used the press once, but was very satisfied with it's performance.

By Daphne Tibbles on 03-Nov-2018

Schmetz HLx5

Exceptionally quick service. Thank you. I will be ordering again.

By Sylvia Grayson on 03-Nov-2018

Fast delivery. Excellent service.Friendly Staff.

Arrived quickly, ( Next Day) Was not the machine I thought it was going to be? I had read online this machine identical to Jaguar 596. Its not. It looks sleek and has all the bells and whistles that is advertised for it. But it was not for me. I liked my friends Jaguar 596 and I explained & exchanged it painlessly.The 404 is really a Fristar& Rossman machine. But not the one I wanted. All in all I am very pleased with the service I get from this company.

By Margaret Hales on 03-Nov-2018

This is a great piece of kit I’ve had one before and it died after 30 years Yes 30 years it was a singer press loving the steam button on this one and the stand

By Marian Dellar on 03-Nov-2018

Mega steam press

WONDERFUL! !!! and top marks for delivery

By Mary Carr on 31-Oct-2018

Good quality

Recommended these at my sewing class, she said the best you can buy. Very quick delivery, and a good price.

By Jo Harrison on 29-Oct-2018

Excellent service, very quick delivery, really hope it lasts as long as my old Elna press!! Great value too!! I recommend

By Sharon Gough on 29-Oct-2018

great company to deal with

great company to deal with


Mega steam press 64cms

I am pleased with this machine. I bought it mainly for ironing sheets, which it does well and cuts pressing time in half. I would recommend it.

By Gwen Armour on 26-Oct-2018


Super fast service and at a good price too!

By Barbara S on 24-Oct-2018

changed my life

realy did change my life can do ironing in less then a hour rather thwen 2 to 3 hours until now

By Sharon Kerns on 23-Oct-2018

schmetz german needles are great

really happy with my schmetz needles, they sew great

By Maria Teresa Ranelli on 23-Oct-2018

cheapest place for schmetz

cheapest place for schmetz needles with free nezxt day delivey, what could you want more

By Amanda Wells on 23-Oct-2018

schmetz are the best

tried cheaper needles but schmetz are so much better

By Amanda Wells on 23-Oct-2018

Great purchase

Just what I was looking for, it supports my 101HD perfectly. Fast delivery and excellent customer service too!

By Leon B. on 22-Oct-2018

Schmetz twin needle stretch

Happy to do business with The Ironing Press Company. Although this was a small order, it arrived speedily, perfectly packed, and works like a dream. Recommended.

By Mary Bowles on 22-Oct-2018

super fast delivery

ordered at 4pm received 10am the following morning

By john on 22-Oct-2018

Ironing press and stand

First time user of a steam press and instructions were clear. Did actually half the time of conventional ironing with excellent results. Would recommend this to everyone. Delivery was within two days of ordering (ordered on a Sunday!). All in all an excellent buying experience.

By Richard Whitehouse on 22-Oct-2018

Fast delivery

Ordered at 4pm and received it at 10am the next morning with free delivery!!!

By John on 22-Oct-2018

Very good service

Can't fault the delivery and support I got from your company.

By David Sims on 22-Oct-2018

Great machine

Works very well. I pressed 14 pairs of trousers in 30 minutes to test it out! I agree with a previous review that you have to hang on to the handle when you open it or it jumps up on the table.

By Philip D. McGaughey on 20-Oct-2018

Dry pressing for fusing interfacing

Love this machine. It is easy to use and gets the job done perfectly. We are using it to fuse interfacing on polyester fabric and use the cotton setting which is hot enough and safe to use with the interfacing fabric. We did have trouble turning it on using our fingers but use our fingernail now or the back of a pen and lightly tap the on/off button and it is working perfectly. Lionel was very nice and helpful and was ready to replace the machine for us when I was having trouble turning it on. I have not used it to steam press yet because we need it for fusing, but I can't wait to try it.

By Dee Henry on 20-Oct-2018


Bought the large model and it is excellent, heats up quickly and really gets the job done fast. The large model let's me put a good crease in to pants as well. Highly recommended, glad I didn't go with a cheaper unit.

By Alex Koshy on 20-Oct-2018

Would definitely recommend!

I am very pleased with the press itself. It works perfectly, no problems with its performance in any way. It does, however have a bit of a learning curve! Even though I know perfectly well that the top plate is HOT, I keep bumping my hand on the top when moving the garment on the bottom! It is sometimes a little slow to heat up after steaming but it continues to press just fine. It just won’t steam shot again until it builds up steam again!

By Kayla on 20-Oct-2018

Great machine, great customer service

This is a fantastic board. You do need to purchase the stand. But, the combination stand and board are unbeatable and a must have if you do any ironing at all. Quick to set up, quick to heat and operate, and quick to break down and put away. I was missing the bolts with the stand and informed the seller. He was in constant contact with me to ensure I received the bolts and followed up with me personally to check to see if I was happy with the product. One cannot ask for better customer service. The best thing I like, wow, what a great, sharp crease on my trousers.

By Jack on 20-Oct-2018

Should be consider a necessary appliance for individual with pain issues.

Makes the chore of pressing the clothes a breeze especially the little ones. Had two of these when my children was in school. The first did not burn out for over 5 years and I found another one. It was broken by family members. It was an accident but realizing that I could not find another presser made it a disaster. The children is gone but due to medical conditions, I do not like to stand a lot because of pain issues and this appliance helps prevent long periods of getting this task done.

By Astonia on 20-Oct-2018

Good deal!

Far better than expected. Used on sewing machine and overlocker. Wondered if it may break easily but it hasn't. Very satisfied

By Diane H on 18-Oct-2018

Excellent product

Very very good. Thank you!

By Ioanna Pantazi on 16-Oct-2018

Ultra XL press

Great product, saves so much time! Thanks!

By Elaine North on 12-Oct-2018

Excellent Service

Top class needles, good price and excellent service.

By Carole Hack on 12-Oct-2018

Good value machine

This is a very good value machine incorporating many features found in machines costing twice the price. It does take some getting use to and the instructions could be clearer - but I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a good value overlocker.

By Alan Hodge on 11-Oct-2018

Idiot-proof overlocker

At last an overlocker which is really easy to thread, never got on with my Singer 14u which I have struggled with for years

By TOKEEZA ALI on 11-Oct-2018

Excellent service

I purchased this ironing press to replace one that had broken down after over nine years. I've used it about three times since purchasing and it is absolutely well worth the money. Also, it was delivered within two days of my ordering. Cannot fault the service

By Christine Roberts on 11-Oct-2018

Very pleased with my purchase

I waited to try this for a few months before leaving a review. I am very pleased with this ironing press. Thank you.

By PATRICIA KOMLOSY on 10-Oct-2018

Seems good so far

By Kirstin de Morgan on 08-Oct-2018

Schmetz sewing machine needles

My needles arrived quickly so I was very impressed with your service.

By Irene Jackson on 08-Oct-2018

Silver Steam Ironing Press

I've used my new ironing press a couple of times so far and I can say it's one of the best investments I've done so far. Works well and covers a good sized surface. Now my young 17 year old can help with this chore. I would highly recommend. Also it took only a couple of days for the order to arrive. Happy days!

By Yvonne Naiken on 07-Oct-2018

Steam press

So easy to use brilliant

By sharon lowe on 03-Oct-2018

Great pressing iron

It took a little while to get used to using but once I got used to it, it does a very good job.

By Clare Leggott on 02-Oct-2018

Mega Press Cover

Just the right item and of high quality.

By Mike Foster on 01-Oct-2018

Great product

Super delivery time and great product. Thanks

By Debbie Moores on 30-Sep-2018

Best quality needles

Lovely, long lasting needles, great results, will definitely buy again.

By Katherine Trigwell on 27-Sep-2018

Great quality steamer

Dropped down the stairs and not a drop of damage, a truly strong robust metal steamer which does not spit like cheaper plastic ones do!

By Alexandra Coste on 27-Sep-2018

Best investment ever

Speedy, easy to use and has cut hours off the normal ironing time, brilliant for bedding jeans etc. Have not quite mastered shirts yet however I have a broken arm so that is hindering my progress.

By Mike Harvie on 27-Sep-2018

Amazing product

Well recommended!

By Gertrude Reid on 26-Sep-2018



By Martin Stoves on 25-Sep-2018

Press Covers

Have bought them to take back to Lanzarote. My wife uses her press a lot and has warn out her last one, so time for replacements. These fit really well and do a great job.

By Richard Tandy on 22-Sep-2018

Love it!

Does everything I want it to do. Bedding fits well because of the width, seems to work better on several layers of fabric than just one or two. Gives an excellent finish.

By Pam Sherratt on 19-Sep-2018


Best thing I've ever bought. I now have more time to spend with my guests at The Cowshed B and B.

By Linda Smith on 19-Sep-2018


Very pleased with my press, I run a B&B and do my own laundry so wouldn't be without it, replacement covers always arrive promptly when needed

By Judith Matthews on 19-Sep-2018

Good for the price

Compared to other products out there, this is well priced. Does what it says on the tin. The steam jets could be more available more of the time. They take a while to heat up and then switch off intermittently.

By Graham Bishop on 18-Sep-2018

Ironing? No problem

Delivered as promised. Easy to commission. A pleasure to use. Impressive results. The reviews were correct and fair for once!

By GM FIELD on 17-Sep-2018

My new best friend.

I have always hated ironing and would do anything rather than stand ploughing through baskets of it. I have had tennis elbow and been in a lot of pain for the last four weeks, which is what led us to buying the ironing press. Since getting my ironing press, I have washed and ironed it straight off the line. It is a bit awkward at first but I have now got the hang of it and love it. I now find it quick and easy. It cuts my ironing time in half. When I walk away from the press, I don't feel as if I have been stood ironing, our clothes look newer and there is no fighting to get my old ironing board up and down. I'm off to do some washing. Highly recommend.

By Helen Rogers on 16-Sep-2018

Great product. Fantastic customer service

We've just bought a bed and breakfast and needed something to cut down the ironing time. This certainly does the trick. Easy to order, super fast delivery, easy to follow instructions, and superb customer service from Lionel when I had a query. Top notch all round.

By Nicole Court on 16-Sep-2018


Great product that cleans the surfaces of my 2 presses perfectly!

By Jaime on 15-Sep-2018

Speedy service great price

Ordered a box of 100 Schmetz sewing machine needles, they arrived swiftly, very happy with the service.

By Claire on 12-Sep-2018



By Pamela McCann on 12-Sep-2018


For a newly divorced 60 year old this is a godsend

By Dave Elsdon on 12-Sep-2018


Sorry but this is a gift for my ironing hating son. Will comment later in the year


Love love love this machine!

Super speedy delivery. Loads of fantastic goodies. Would absolutely recommend. Many thanks!

By Helen Thimbleby on 11-Sep-2018

1st Computorised Sewing Machine !

Delivery fast, haven't been able to try out yet as had mother in law with dementia staying... have read the manual, easy to follow, as never has a computerised machine before, fab design, can't wait to try it out !

By Mrs Pauline F Simons on 11-Sep-2018

Dry Ironing Press

Have tried out the press on bedding and am very satisfied with the performance.

By Lorna MacKenzie on 10-Sep-2018


Brilliant, easy to use and very safe

By James Bourdon on 07-Sep-2018

good iron press

well recommended to buy a iron press

By BRIAN WOOD on 04-Sep-2018

great pressing

By BRIAN WOOD on 04-Sep-2018

its amazing

it is amazing, the time spent ironing time is half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Mrs Oconnor on 04-Sep-2018

Professional 101 HD

I decided on this press as we have two lodges, we do the washing and ironing of the bedding. Using an Iron was taking ages. We ordered this and it arrived on Thursday 30th August. To say it is a revelation is an understatement. I can now get through the laundry in no time at all and it doesn't seem such a chore anymore, it also saves wear and tear on my hand. So glad that we decided on the bigger press.

By Elaine Longden on 04-Sep-2018

Cuts ironing in half but noisy and stand too low

We bought this for our laundry sheets blankets etc. Can do most clothes on it too. It would in my opinion be better if it heated up faster. This takes about 7 minutes and loses heat fast so have to wait again to press next item. Gets quite noisy and could do with more steam. A good buy but needs improving to warrant the cost. Stand is way too low I'm 6 ft and you have to bend right over or sit down. I don't know anyone who irons sitting down. I'd give it 5 stars if those improvements were added.

By Mrs Trickett on 03-Sep-2018

Great service

Ordered the unit and was delivered to Spain it was one day later but that is normal when it comes from England very nice unit and does everything I was told it would. Thanks

By Carol Webb on 02-Sep-2018

Ultra XL Ironing Press

Great service and product.

By Terence Mitchell on 02-Sep-2018

By Deborah Christopher on 31-Aug-2018

Hate Ironing? Buy an Ironing Press!

I cannot fault either the company, who delivered the press so speedily, or the product, which has made my life so much easier. Tee-shirts can be ironed in seconds!

By Veronica Sahiby on 30-Aug-2018

Great service great product

Use for B&B

By Alex Brown on 29-Aug-2018

Great service great product

By Alex Brown on 29-Aug-2018

Steam Ironing press 64cm with stand

I bought this for my daughter she loves it. The service and communication was very good, would recommend.

By Gary Coude on 29-Aug-2018

Really good quality. Good delivery

Really good quality. Good delivery. Will order again in a couple of months Many Thanks Sheila Coutts

By Debbie Turnbull on 26-Aug-2018

Good Service

Despite a hiccup to start with everything was resolved very quickly to my satisfaction.

By Graham Calvert on 25-Aug-2018

Excellent service

The needles arrived very quickly and pleased with the purchase. Hard to find locally. Good quality. Will again in future, thank you

By Emilia Fowles on 25-Aug-2018

super pressing received next day

super pressing, really quick compared to the good old iron

By Elizabeth Davies on 24-Aug-2018


Fantastic pair of scissors

By Craig Purvis on 22-Aug-2018

great sewing machine

By Andrew Wilson on 21-Aug-2018

Very satisfied

I can't believe how quick I received this product very happy with the cost of the product would recommend 100%

By Leah Barton on 21-Aug-2018

brilliant machine

This has changed my life! I run a small guesthouse. I reckon I've gained a whole day now I don't have to iron the sheets by hand. Only criticism: the water container for steam could be bigger.

By Edith Cowan-Hughes on 20-Aug-2018

Excellent machine

Easy to use, presses brilliantly, ironing “board” a good size. Very happy with my purchase & would recommend.

By Helen Cooksley on 20-Aug-2018

5 star

Excellent value, these machines both work like a dream!!!

By SRB on 17-Aug-2018

Thank you

No problems thus far, the sewing machine and the overlocker running smoothly and I'm really glad I bought them.

By Irene S. on 17-Aug-2018

Very happy

Delighted with this purchase, both machines are quality!

By Jude Wilkinson on 17-Aug-2018

Great thread

Just what I was looking for for my Jaguar overlocker, thanks!

By Susan McDaid on 17-Aug-2018

Great service

Very helpful will order again from them.

By Lisa Mellor on 15-Aug-2018

Amazing service!

The products are the same as used before and I am very happy. The service from you however, is outstanding, Having ordered them 2 days beforehand, they arrived in France, well packaged and ready for use. Thank you for being so efficient!

By Carolyn Francis on 13-Aug-2018

Superb product - odd instruction manual!

The steam press is excellent, though I need to practise folding sheets and quilt covers for maximum efficiency. Delighted with product, nonetheless. The instruction manual could do with being re-translated, to address such inscrutables as, “IRON key tacitly agree OFF.”

By Ruth Whittaker on 09-Aug-2018

Steam press ironing made easy

This is my third steam press in 11years, The press is everything it should be, easy to use and does a great job. The delivery system leaves something to be desired!

By Grace Albison on 07-Aug-2018

Iron Press

very please with the press, at first the steam came out when open and moving garments but has cleared not - think because a new item. great machine

By Vanadis Fox on 07-Aug-2018

I'm very satisfied when I'm using it.

By Nu Nu Yi on 01-Aug-2018

If you hate ironing you’ll love this

Absolutely love this press. So easy to use. It took a few practice runs to position shirts correctly but once I got the hang of it I’ve been able to zip through every load. I never used to bother with bedding but now my sheets look like a hotel. Arrived two days after I placed the order which was great. Already recommended it to friends.

By Lynda Cartwright on 31-Jul-2018


Just what I needed, cheers!

By Cieran McAuley on 30-Jul-2018


Absolutely brilliant steam press. Don’t know how how I managed without it. So very happy

By lesley Davison on 28-Jul-2018


very happy with this machine and would recommend

By KEVIN LISTER on 28-Jul-2018

fast ironing

By Alasdair Macleod on 25-Jul-2018

Fast delivery. Thank you!

By Ortensa Lepouri on 25-Jul-2018

fantastic very large iron press received next morn

real fantastic very large ironing press which I received the morning after I ordered it!

By Mr Jeffries on 23-Jul-2018


amazing product

By Mrs Alcock on 23-Jul-2018


Good product, received next day.

By Adam Watson on 23-Jul-2018

Schmetz Microtex Needles

Great quality,very quick delivery.

By Heather on 20-Jul-2018

Schmetz Needles

Great quality,very quick service.

By Heather on 20-Jul-2018

Great in theory

Bought these for someone with deteriorating eyesight. She found it much easier to thread these needles but unfortunately the thread keeps popping out of the eye when she is sewing.

By Louise Street on 18-Jul-2018

wonderful easy threading overlocker

at last I have found an overlocker that is really easy to thread!!!! + loads of built in extras

By MRS M HEINIMANN on 18-Jul-2018


Yery happy

By Shirley Eaton on 18-Jul-2018



By Shirley Eaton on 18-Jul-2018

Ironing press

Highly delighted with the performance of this ironing press.

By Christina Mulholland on 17-Jul-2018

Does as it says on the tin but a lot smaller than

Works well but I think it is pushing it to call it a 'Super Mega' press. Not sure it is saving us the time we expected but time will tell. Wishing we'd gone for something larger.

By Scott Gibson on 17-Jul-2018

Best Ironing Press

Best ironing press around makes ironing go fast

By Joan Smith on 16-Jul-2018

fantastic product making ironing faster

fantastic product making ironing really faster and better ironing

By J Tedstone on 16-Jul-2018


Will defiantly be using this company again for my future purchases

By June McGrail on 14-Jul-2018

Good product

Will save much time and effort

By Olga Johnson on 11-Jul-2018

By nicole AGUADO on 11-Jul-2018

Very happy with fast delivery

By Christina D'Arcy on 11-Jul-2018

Good Ordering Experience

Excellent ordering & supply service, but I've yet to use the press

By Ann Hefina Morris on 09-Jul-2018

nice long wide steam press

Press received in good order and using it a pleasure, specially the 80 cm longer and wider version.

By Joep de Fraiture on 08-Jul-2018

Made my day!

Ironing was a nightmare for me as I am not good at it and took me ages to iron. This has changed now as it has become so easy and fast that I do not mind ironing. The press arrived to Ireland just three or four days after placing the order. Not even Amazon deliver so fast!

By Pablo de Zaldivar on 08-Jul-2018


Arrived in less the 48hours, and works like a dream. so easy to use, even ironed a shirt on first attempt

By Julie Houseman on 07-Jul-2018

Saves so much time and effort in pressing bed linen.

By Yvonne Bennington on 05-Jul-2018

Jersey Needles

Arrived very quickly. Will definitely be using you again. Thankyou

By Celia Gwynne on 04-Jul-2018

serger machine needles

I bought these needles for when the ones supplied with my new machine need replacing, so have not used them yet!

By Rosemary South on 04-Jul-2018

Steam press

I purchased this as a replacement as my iron press developed a fault after four years of easier ironing and no was could I return to a iron I sit down to iron with the press and have always been pleased with product As always the replacement one is slightly different but still gives excellent results Putting the handle down is a lot lighter than before my only gripe is the steam buttons are now in trickier place at the end of the handle but in time maybe I will find it easier to overcome the problem If you are thinking of changing to an iron press I thoroughly recommend them

By Debbie Meadows on 01-Jul-2018

By nicole AGUADO on 29-Jun-2018

Speedy delivery

By Philip Harrison on 29-Jun-2018


Must say I was not impressed. Did not clean the plate very well.

By Joan Gledhill on 28-Jun-2018

good service

very prompt delivery of a very specific item I couldn't use my machine without.

By Sylvia Mellersh on 26-Jun-2018

This is a present, therefore not yet used

By Dorothy Howarth on 25-Jun-2018

Just the job

The boiler went on my pressing table and couldn't get anyone to repair it. This unit has got me back up and running at my dry cleaners it is simple to set up and use. I picked it as I needed a boiler that could be filled with no down time, so far so good.

By Jonathan McConnell on 24-Jun-2018


Après avoir eu un souci avec ma press 101cm , j’ai reçu la nouvelle en 3 jrs . Sur les conseils du vendeur j’ai acheté la press Blanca sans vapeur,la qualité du repassage est exceptionnelle,idéale pour une clientèle exigeante. Merci

By Sylvie klaczynski on 24-Jun-2018

Excellent value machine

Have not used yet but do not anticipate any problems.Good looking and delivery was amazingly fast.

By Margaret on 23-Jun-2018

Very nice. Im enjoying it. Very easy to use.

By oluwakemi ogundipe on 23-Jun-2018

Vacuum Table Review

I'd been contemplating one of these for a few months and finally decided last week to order one. Arrived quickly and simple to put up, was advertised as suitable for right and left handers. I am a left handed person and certainly I can operate the vacuum/iron as I would normally. However, the vacuum is obviously positioned underneath the table and it vents out the sucked through steam on to my midriff! Not a problem for right handed people as you'd be standing on the other side of the table but not great for me. It's also an extremely heavy piece of kit, very sturdy, the table does not "travel" out of it's position which is good. The vacuum itself is not as strong as I was expecting but nevertheless is still good. It's not too noisy either. I love the way this table handles bedding, gives a really good finish, as it does with t shirts, trousers etc. I am still finding it tricky to iron the yoke of a shirt on the end of the table in a traditional way, since pressing the vacuum pedal with my right foot for anything else (as I am staying in one position) requires a change to my left foot as otherwise I wouldn't be able to reach the end of the table easily. I am trying hard to relearn and undo 11 years worth of professional ironing of shirts to a new way, using the vacuum table. Overall I think it is a good addition to our equipment for our ironing service and with practice I'll get back to ironing a shirt in less than a minute and half but it will take time to learn to get the best out of the table. Would I buy it again knowing what I know now? Yes, and learn to be patient to get the hang of it ;)

By Emma Watson on 22-Jun-2018


Enjoying using the press - it's taken a bit of learning but finally I am quicker now. Housewife pillowcases I have to iron manually as the creases need a fine iron out instead of pressing in. I also find kingsize duvet covers hard in the press so I start round the edges with an iron then fold and press easy! Very glad I got the press as I manage six houses and the bedding mounts up a lot! I can't physically stand for the hours required to finish the laundry so to sit with the telly on is perfect. Thank you ironing press.

By Claire Fry on 22-Jun-2018

By Kristin Alisa Eiriksdottir on 20-Jun-2018

Not easy to use

Not easy to use, the normal tension on the machine does not work with the needle and the stitch get all loopy. Will have to figure out some way to get the tension right. Until then it is not working

By Kristin on 20-Jun-2018

By Kristin on 20-Jun-2018

By Kristin on 20-Jun-2018


Fast efficient service needles perfect arrived on time

By Jane White on 19-Jun-2018

Brilliant for sheets

have now used it several times and find that for sheets, pillow cases, t shirts it is extremely good. however but for shirts and linen trousers find that getting the creases out is very difficult.

By Mrs Janet Allen on 18-Jun-2018

Better than a standard iron

Instruction book translation could be improved, however once we worked out how it worked, the results are fabulous. Great piece of kit.

By Richard Sheppard on 16-Jun-2018

Iron press

Best thing ever ironing done in no time no hassle. ordered & delivered within 3 days completely happy with this service

By Michelle Mc donagh on 16-Jun-2018

Ironing press

Delivery on time. Press excellent only minor irritation no way to empty remaining water out before storing. Ended up syphoning the water out.

By Janice Brady on 16-Jun-2018

Easy ironing

This has replaced my old one that broke. I did think about not getting a new one, but after ironing with an 'old' iron, I ordered a new one. It came very quickly was well packed. The instructions are very good. Came with a handy water bottle and spray bottle. Ordering one line was so easy. Would recommend it every time.

By Penelope Gardner on 16-Jun-2018

brilliant ironing press makes fast ironing

best press, cuts ironing time by half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Elizabeth Baron on 14-Jun-2018

"What a pleasure"

The Ironing press is sturdy & strong, easy to use. It is a pleasure to do the ironing now has cut my ironing time by half at least.

By Wendy Sutton on 13-Jun-2018

Easy to use

I am very pleased with my purchase and find it very easy to use, very quick and with no back ache or forever having to fill with water.

By Susan Savage on 12-Jun-2018


The quality of this product is excellent. Easy to fit and a delight!

By Maureen Doherty on 11-Jun-2018

Quick delivery. Perfect size. Swift to get working. Does a fantastic job, we had a Singer before but this is much better. Very few things it can't iron. Wonderful in every way, but will need to see how long it lasts, though this should be a good while looking at the quality. Overall - delighted! Thank you.

By Roger Smith on 11-Jun-2018


Wife very happy with product, me very happywith service

By David Ford on 11-Jun-2018

Water Filter Cartridge

Sorry cannot comment on the item yet as haven't used. I am sure I will be satisfied when try it!

By Pamela Timans on 10-Jun-2018

Great machine

Delivery was really quick, and the machine is great, cuts ironing time in half!

By Ann Harris on 10-Jun-2018

Great product

Fantastic company to deal with, respond quickly to queries, product is well made ,sturdy and just love it. Ironing couldn't be easier should have bought years ago. Thank you ironing press company .

By Denise Groves on 07-Jun-2018


Love this press. sat on the couch still watching my usual tv programmes whilst working through a mountain of ironing.

By William Stewart on 06-Jun-2018


Has just arrived and have used it very successfully irons much better than my old one. Slightly concerned with the steam spray in case it catches my hand, otherwise fine.

By jeannie on 03-Jun-2018

Much Better than Expected

Suffering from Arthritis it was becoming more difficult to iron on a regular basis, The Mega Press is helping to resolve this problem for me. I can totally recommend this to anyone suffering in the same way.

By Connie Weston on 03-Jun-2018

Pressing Engagement

The machine arrived very quickly, which I was very impressed with, it was well protected in its packaging. In the small amount of articles that had accumulated, they were dealt with, in a quick and efficient manner, to a high degree smoothness and wrinkle free.

By Alexander McEwan on 03-Jun-2018

Excellent needles.

Excellent needles, the best I have used. Took a week to get here. Come on Royal Mail!

By Adele Sutcliffe on 01-Jun-2018


Saving time and good communication as we had to wait a few days for delivery.

By Ian Jones on 01-Jun-2018

Not received needles

Have not received the needles yet so unable to review product. They have been excellent previously, unlike Royal Mail!

By Adele Sutcliffe on 30-May-2018

Easy to thread

At last a really easy to thread overlocker! Easy to use and got a great rolled hem.

By Sandra Dickinson on 30-May-2018

Very fast delivery

I can't comment on the sewing scissors as I have bought them for a gift, however, they look good and delivery was extremely quick.

By Sally Jackson on 29-May-2018

Reliable seller

I haven't used the needles yet but they were dispatched promptly and are as described. Thank you!

By M L on 28-May-2018

Found it hard to use at first with then I started to be patient and I love it my kids can't believe they have clothes ironed straight away. Would recommend

By Miss Flounders on 27-May-2018


Compared with SP2 (smaller size) that it replaces, doesn't press nearly so well or consistently and leaves the same place (about 20% or the total area) wrinkled and badly pressed due to uneven pressure. I had expected much better.

By Tim Instone on 27-May-2018

Ice changing

Excellent . Very easy to use . Does just what it says on the tin !!

By Jayne Sutherland on 27-May-2018

Steam Iron

I was very disappointed because it just leaked water from the moment I switched it on and I was careful not to overfill it. I gave it to the charity shop.

By Jennifer Morris on 23-May-2018

Ironing press

Wonder piece of equipment wish I'd brought one years ago

By Vera Skinner on 23-May-2018

Such easy shopping

Needed sewing machine needles for denim jeans. Good quality needles, good price & fast delivery. Saved all the hassle of driving to local store and paying for parking. Great!

By Linda Newberry on 23-May-2018


really and truly amazing ironing press

By Elizabeth Baron on 22-May-2018

Very pleased

Very pleased with my lovely iron and the service from the company. Fast efficient and helpful. I’ve wanted one of these irons for years first encountering them at college. Wonderful control flow of steam and separate steam from the iron heating element means steam even at lower temperatures for iron more delicate fabrics. No problem with hard to iron creased fabric either. A dream

By Glynis Hutchins on 21-May-2018

This is a dream machine

This machine is unbelievable. I wished I had bought it sooner. I have had a press iron for many years but this one outdoes the old one with flying colours. Would recommend this machine to anyone thinking of buying one.

By Susan Fountain on 20-May-2018

Good Sturdy product

Well made, easy to assemble

By John Rigby on 20-May-2018

A small leakage

The product works fine however one of the steam halls sprays water instead of steam

By Bassam Al-Anezi on 20-May-2018


Only had it a few days and very pleased with it. There is only one negative comment and that is it could do with four legs to make it more stable. I am using it on a carpeted floor. It does tend to tip a little.

By Jacqueline Herbert on 19-May-2018

Steam press

We have had steam press before but this is bigger and a lot better due to it being heavy duty also can I say never seen a steam press that has an iron which comes with it great great 1st class will recomend your company.

By Peter Hawes on 19-May-2018


I have had a fast press for years using on a regular basis for my business but unfortunately it gave up the gost, so I started looking up press irons and come across the ironing press company looked at all the reviews see that there was plenty of good ones so decided to take the plunge and purchase one of the steam press, and since receiving it and I might just add the very quick delivery and very good communication. The iron has impressed me no end it’s easy to use the instructions are simple to follow and gives my ironing that professional finish that is so important in my line of work can’t recommend this iron enough!! you won’t be disappointed.

By Tina Morrison on 17-May-2018

Steam press

Liked the width, ideal for bedding, however, little room for bulky items such as Duvets to be feed through

By Edwin Stantiford on 17-May-2018

ordered at 4pm and received in the morning 9.30am

amazing fast delivery for an excelent ironing press, reduces ironing time but I wish I could afford a larger size as that would savre even more of my ironing time

By Keith Arnold on 16-May-2018

Exactly what I wanted and easy to use

By David MacCallum on 15-May-2018

Functional and easy to thread

I am happy with this machine. It is easy to thread as it opens up, and is clearly labelled so you don’t have to get the manual out when you want to thread it. Stitches are quite neat and it does the job. There are no bells and whistles and it is quite noisy but all in all a good budget machine that does what you need an overlocker to do. I haven’t really tried any of the other feet or fancy stuff like rolled hems but I’m sure it will be just fine. Thanks!

By Debbie Brotherton on 12-May-2018

Delivery Great - Product average

The service was excellent - came earlier than expected - to France. The product is a bit lightweight and creases at the ends - I have since been informed I may have purchased the wrong one for ironing linen for up to 10 beds a week.... my old press is smaller and 20 years old but doesn't crease at the ends.

By Peter Jackson on 08-May-2018

best thing I've bought!

absolutely love this piece of kit! everyone should have one! i find it very easy to use and ironed a t- shirt in 15 seconds! husband's work shirts take done getting used to but they're alot easier once you get used to it and press lovely. i suffer with tennis elbow and this takes c no effort at all! the machine does the work for you! everything about it is excellent and fast delivery 5*****!!

By lisa worrall on 08-May-2018

Love this press

Bought this to replace my old press. This is the third I've owned over the years and it's fantastic! I love the steam release buttons on the side of the handle. It gives a professional finish to all my clothes, bedding and curtains. I would struggle to go back to standing over an ironing board.

By Suzanne Procter on 07-May-2018

Wide twin needle

Brilliant for hemming tee shirts .

By Marlene Elder on 07-May-2018

Best Buy ever

I hate ironing but with a cabin to rent out I need everything neat and tidy. This saves me hours of work. 40 years a housewife wish I had this long ago. Well worth the money

By Fran Barnbrook on 04-May-2018



By Mr D Williams Country Style on 01-May-2018

Mega Steam Ironing Press 64cm

Swift delivery and very good product, used one before so no stranger to the press, changed from iron to press due to rheumatics in the hand, very easy to use and excellent finish to the clothes and sheets etc; just be aware its best to part fold large items like sheets and duvets.

By Lorraine Baldwin on 01-May-2018

Mega Press

Excellent purchase and fast delivery. So easy to use and ironing is now a pleasure (well nearly).

By Carol on 30-Apr-2018


Hate ironing but it's a breeze with this.Whizz through sheets for our holiday lets

By Sharon Hardisty on 28-Apr-2018

love it,should of had 1 years ago

By Vanya Hebden on 27-Apr-2018

Steam Iron

Great customer service. Great delivery and great iron. Presser very happy.

By eileen on 26-Apr-2018

404 quilter professional

Dear Ironing Press Co. Thank you for sending the sewing machine bought by my manager Robert Day for our sewing room. It is a wonderful machine and has everything we need for our sewing room. The different buttonhole settings has been most useful in our repairs. I have the same machine at home and would highly recommend this machine to anyone who either works in a sewing room or sews as a hobby.

By Robert Day on 26-Apr-2018


Should have got one years ago

By Tim Ancliffe on 25-Apr-2018

Absolutely recommend

Perfect ironing press, saves me a lot of time and money

By Rasul Alimukhamedov on 25-Apr-2018

Receipt of the ironing press.

The box has been unpacked and the press appears in good order, but we have not yet been able to use it so far.

By Alfred Tidey on 24-Apr-2018

Chinese laundry

As my wife irons for most of the family and standing for excessive lenghts of time is not good for her, I bought the mega press to help with speed of ironing and allowance of sitting down to iron.

By Anthony Winship on 23-Apr-2018

Megapress stand

This arrived quickly and was well packed. The instructions were clear and I wish that I had bought it when I ordered my steam press as it makes using it much easier.

By Christine Brown on 21-Apr-2018

Iron master thermostats

Product fine, shipping fine, price fine. Do you stock thermostat for newer iron master, the connectors sit on the same level left and right. If so can you place it on your website. Thanks

By Morgan Kelly on 18-Apr-2018

Iron master thermostats

Product fine, shipping fine, price fine. Do you stock thermostat for newer iron master, the connectors sit on the same level left and right. If so can you place it on your website. Thanks

By Morgan Kelly on 18-Apr-2018

lovely !

By Julie Briggs on 16-Apr-2018

Mega press

Wonderful service,came next day as promised,kept me well informed before it came,cost ,delivery.i would recommend this company to anyone.thank you.tom window

By Tom Window on 16-Apr-2018

excellent quality. A treat to use on my sewing projects.

By Daphne Richardson on 15-Apr-2018

very good product

By mick storey on 14-Apr-2018

Delighted with my purchase.

By George Garrow on 13-Apr-2018

Steam press

After many year Ihave another steam press a larger version of my old one which had given me many years of service . Iwould recomend them to any one and i dont think you would be sorry.

By Brenda Howard on 13-Apr-2018

Excellent sewing machine needles

Have tried others but Schmetz are definitely the best.

By Christine Hellis on 13-Apr-2018

The best sewing machine needles

Have tried others but Schmetz are definitely the best.

By Christine Hellis on 13-Apr-2018

Jaguar 596

Only arrived yesterday but love it already

By Christine Barton on 13-Apr-2018


Love these scissors !Perfect for all my sewing jobs.

By Karen Lanehart on 13-Apr-2018

Speedy press

Pleased with the product

By Mark Flenner on 11-Apr-2018

top stitch sewing machine needle

My first time for using this Top stitch machine needle. It can be used with a variety of thicknesses of thread, works better than a Metallic needle too. Great for collaged surfaces, foils, silk, sweetie papers etc. Sue

By Sue Wakefield on 10-Apr-2018

Love it

I wish I had bought one of these years ago. It has cut ironing time by half and a much more professional job too.

By Kim Foster on 10-Apr-2018


Very pleased with the new ironing press. It does a great job and it arrived less than 24 hours after we placed the order!

By Deirdre Alderton on 10-Apr-2018

Just had it one day and so far I love it. Simple to use and with better than expected results

By David Smith on 09-Apr-2018

Fab machine

Love it. Worked straight from the box and the instructions are in pictures so easy to follow. Kit contains all you need to get started except fabric!

By Tamasine Thompson on 09-Apr-2018

Great scissors

Arrived promptly. Very lightweight to use and they have a very sharp cut. Ideal thank you!

By Dawn Hiner on 06-Apr-2018

Just what I needed

Just what I was looking for, plus super quick delivery, thank you!!

By Stan on 03-Apr-2018

Sewing machine needles

Speedy delivery, securely packaged. Free delivery, always a bonus! And a nice little free gift (needle threader). Very happy with the service and will buy from hem again.

By Sandra Haggerty on 02-Apr-2018

Good product

Ironing is my least favourite thing to do but it is almost pleasant with this press. Ironing time was reduced by 50%. Also it consumes far less water than a conventional steam iron. If the press keeps working perfectly for a few years then it's going to be a star buy.

By Ioanna on 31-Mar-2018


The press makes short work of bedding. I had a different press some years ago and it was quite physical because you had to apply pressure all the while the press was closed. This press closes and applies the pressure for you and also cuts out if you leave it closed for too long. I like the stand for ironing in front of the tv, otherwise it is easy to set up on a table.

By Barbara Fennell on 31-Mar-2018

Well pleased

Found this site in a Google search after looking for a replacement cover for my ULTRA XL press. These arrived quickly and it fits perfectly. Cheers :-)

By JS on 30-Mar-2018

Happy with purchase

Thanks. One happy customer.

By Lisa S on 30-Mar-2018


Needed a replacement cover for my 100HD, now I have 3 :)

By Neal Scarborough on 30-Mar-2018


Just what I was looking for, thanks!

By Dustin H. on 30-Mar-2018

Great buy!

My threads arrived promptly and are just what I’d hoped they’d be...a great buy! At a great price! I’m thrilled!

By Vivien Clements on 29-Mar-2018


Great press, very quick delivery, what more could I ask for!

By Amy Aggas on 28-Mar-2018

Loving it so far

Just bought this press as my sister highly recommended it. Hers is silver but I thought I'd go for this silver one and I love it so far. Saves me so much time and it's so easy to store and carry. 5 Stars from me.

By Emma Westlake on 28-Mar-2018

Great thread

Great thread, awesome value. Didn't come with the neddles like it said it would, but that was just a bonus anyway. I won't have to buy single colours everytime I start a project now!

By Sarah Everson on 28-Mar-2018

great overlocker

great easy to use overlocker with 5 amazing feet included

By Beverley Webb on 27-Mar-2018


I love this item. It's cut my ironing time in half. I am still getting used to it but wow best thing iv brought in a very long time.

By Angela Taylor on 25-Mar-2018


Just what I needed.

By Catherine Hainsworth on 23-Mar-2018

Nice machine

Nice sewing machine, a little bit fidderly to thread cotton around the two hooks at the top of the needle but apart from that, all good. Fantastic selection of stitches. Good to have the extras, extension table, lovely selection of cotton, scissors and extra feet. Had an issue with the cable when I received the machine but emailed The Ironing Press Company and they called me straight back and send another one out which arrived the next day, fantastic service. Would definitely recommend

By Fiona BEER on 22-Mar-2018

Very fast delivery & great service

Ordered around midday and the needles arrived in the post the next day. No need to wait in for courier. Great Service. Thanks

By David Hitchcock on 22-Mar-2018

speedy press

more than i expected very good on all clothes also bed linen saves half the time .10/10 for speedy press .recomend to all my friends.

By jennifer gibson on 20-Mar-2018

speedy press

more than i expected very good on all clothes also bed linen saves half the time .10/10 for speedy press .recomend to all my friends.

By jennifer gibson on 20-Mar-2018

Good product

I used it the day it arrived and managed to reduce the ironing pile quite quickly.

By StephB on 20-Mar-2018


I bought this to help with ironing bedding. What an amazing piece of kit. I can’t believe how good it is! One of the best purchases I have ever made. I would definitely recommend the steam press.

By Sara Smith on 20-Mar-2018

By Edith Barton on 19-Mar-2018

haven't used it yet, but love the free delivery and prompt service!

By Edith Barton on 19-Mar-2018

Great ironing press!

Arrived quickly, good courier service. Compact and easy to use, easy to store away, overall very happy with it

By Vicky M on 19-Mar-2018

Mega Steam Ironing Press 64cm with Stand

So far so good. Really happy with this product. Arrived in super fast time. Have only used it once and I'm happy with it! Hope it lasts a long time.

By PATRICIA K on 18-Mar-2018

Speedypress 100HD

We have installed the first filter. The press was ordered last Saturday and was delivered to France on Wednesday. First rate service and the product does exactly what it says. Superb

By Mark Flenner on 18-Mar-2018

Absolutely horrible products

Absolutely horrible products .With my 20 years Tailor&Dressmaker experience I am never seeing anything like that. Product from China for very price .

By Jelena Amosova on 18-Mar-2018

time saver ironing press

took a day or 2 to get used to buy now an amazing time saver

By Lisa Hindson on 16-Mar-2018

Brilliant Machine.

Arrived very quickly, cannot believe the quality of the machine for the price. Very happy with the stitch performance so far. 100% recommend.

By Michelle White on 16-Mar-2018


My wife loves it, shirts are a bit harder though, but once she gets used to it, I am sure it will be a doddle. Overall, an excellent well made press which will hopefully last a few years.

By John Foster on 14-Mar-2018

Excellent Service!

I always use Schmetz needles and am delighted to find these online at such a great price. Excellent service from the Ironing Press Company and will recommend to friends and family...thank you!

By Linda Barber on 13-Mar-2018

life changer

I bought this press for the mountains of bed sheets I have to iron regularly when having friends over. It definitely speeds up the ironing time. The size of the press is good, but actually bigger would be better and a bigger opening would be ideal. Sadly the small iron is really flimsy, bad quality. Not in line with the rest of the machine. All in all, 4 stars for a life changing press.

By Katharina von Massenbach’s on 13-Mar-2018

The machine works fine BUT the throat do'se open wide enough not to burn your hands

By David George on 11-Mar-2018

Steam press

A great appliance to have does the ironing in half the time. No more standing at an ironing for hours at a time .

By Tracey Hall on 11-Mar-2018

Professional 101HD Heavy Duty 2600w Steam Press 10

really good when you get use to it,

By Keld Kommercial Services Co Ltd Jennet Raimond on 09-Mar-2018

Excellent product & service

Love this press, nice and big and does a good job. Also service was prompt & courteous Would recommend the product & the company

By Liesje Cochrane on 05-Mar-2018

Great selection of needles, fast delivery very happy

By John Green on 05-Mar-2018

Mega ironing press


By Iain Mackenzie on 05-Mar-2018

Very good

So far the press has proved very good. I am pressing lots of large bedsheets once you have worked out the best way to fold them you can fly through them.

By Claire Jackson on 04-Mar-2018

Best needles

I’ve used these for over 40years and never had a problem.

By Carol Stoackley on 03-Mar-2018


They look and feel very good. Not used them in anger yet, so can't really comment. Service was first class

By Ros North on 01-Mar-2018

Foam Underfelt for Rectangular Ironing Table

great service amazing product

By Nico Didonna on 28-Feb-2018

Magpie steam iron

I have just bought a new magpie steam iron to replace my old one which I had for many years. They are absolutely brilliant irons, and are far superior to any other iron that I have used.

By Lorna Parry on 28-Feb-2018

Schmetz Scissors 3-Pairs.

Very good product, arrived within a few days of placing my order.

By Teresa Costello on 27-Feb-2018

Very pleased with my press ordered and delivered within 2days takes a lot of work out of the ironing brilliant

By Alice Peters on 27-Feb-2018

Perfect Solution

We are a small B&B, this press does it all, happy to press King Size Duvets, (after a bit of practice) Happy to recommend.

By Mark Brumham on 26-Feb-2018

Excellent service

Very good product

By Valerie Barnes on 25-Feb-2018

Very good value

My order was exactly what I expected and arrived very quickly.

By Berrnice Clevely on 24-Feb-2018


We should have bought this with the ironing press. I would say this is an essential piece of kit.

By Regan Lowe on 23-Feb-2018

Seems pretty good

Just got this working Steams well

By Michael McNish on 20-Feb-2018

Pros and Cons

Some great things about this press are the ironing surface and the stand. Sadly unless you are doing multiple layers there are 2 circles one at each side that crinkle. I now have an extra layer of foam (which came with the purchase which has helped a little)

By Helen Powell on 14-Feb-2018

Mega Ironing Press.

Just got this press a week ago i am very pleased with it.

By Morag Matheson on 12-Feb-2018

Great scissors

Love my new Schmetz embroidery scissors. Sharp well pointed and feels good in my hand.

By Dawn Edwards on 12-Feb-2018

Great iron press

Really pleased I've bought this iron and found out what I've been missing out on the last couple of years. All you neex to know is that its quick,speedy and excellent results.

By Mohammed jaber Ahmed on 12-Feb-2018


Best press I’ve owned so far. This is my third in 25 years and the best yet.

By anthony de havilland on 11-Feb-2018

Great product

Absolutely love it great value for money

By Anthony Harry Whittaker on 10-Feb-2018

Super fast delivery received following morning

Ordered at 4pm and received at 9.30am next morning

By HELEN HENDERSON on 09-Feb-2018

Fantastic purchase

Only recently bought this but so far we have no complaints. It irons our sheets and linen like a dream, and we're very grateful for the time saved compared to when we used standard irons.

By Kevin Gilroy on 07-Feb-2018


Really happy with the 101HD press. Loving the sleek silver lid too!

By Bob Nankivell on 07-Feb-2018

Its ok

Its ok,i dont use the steam in it as i think its fiddly to have to oress a button on the side if the handle,and the water tank doesnt come out to old press the steam came out when you put the handle down this doesnt.if i trued it first i woukdnt habpve bothered.

By Pamela Moorhouse on 07-Feb-2018

The press is 5* and olive it. however the stand is a tripod one , not the one on the picture , the stand takes u a lot more space . I did contact them and they told me they only supply the tripod as the 2 leg stand is not stable enough to hold the larger press - as yet they haven’t changed the picture.

By Sandy Fellowes on 07-Feb-2018

Super press

This is my second steam press, I had my last one 14 years, until it finally gave up about 2 years ago. I wasn’t going to get another one, but ironing bedding was becoming a real chore. Having taken the plunge I realised how much I missed having a press! Still getting accustomed to using one again, but I am sure it will prove a great asset to our home.

By Sandra Hodges on 07-Feb-2018

The ironing press is great!

Wish I had brought one sooner.

By Patricia Wright on 05-Feb-2018

Good item

Fast delivery. Good item. Easy to install and does the job very well.

By Lynne MacInnes on 04-Feb-2018

Good Purchase

Happy with this. It took me a while to get the hang of worth the effort. I chose the Mega Press with its larger surrface as I wanted it mainly for bedding. I find it quite heavy to move around so anyone frail might want to take that into consideration.

By Beryl Ely on 02-Feb-2018

Very useful product. I am very pleased. I recommend every needle. Embroidering is easier and even more fun.

By Marina Yordanova on 31-Jan-2018

Super Shears

Just slice through the fabric , excellent and also quite light .

By Sue Trimmer on 30-Jan-2018

Great service

Very happy with both product and service I received from this company.

By Gail Hastings on 29-Jan-2018

Jaguar over locker

Promp delivery . Over locker is good, easy to handle . Still working on it to get to know the machine and try to achieve its potential. 10/10 Satisfied customer.

By Kheam Harvey on 29-Jan-2018

So Far, So Good.

We have used this once and were pleased with the results, just a bit of a job keeping the cats off the press as they were fascinated!!

By Ceri Sheppard on 27-Jan-2018

Great product works well

Can't beat the service

By Valerie West on 24-Jan-2018

Very Pleased

Just as expected; ironing efficiency and prompt delivery

By Elizabeth Constant on 23-Jan-2018

1st class ironing press

1st class ironing press

By MR CAWSTON on 21-Jan-2018

brilliant press received next day

brilliant press received next day what could be better

By Brenda Sedman on 21-Jan-2018

amazing iron press life saver

highly recommended if you hate I ironing this is your life saver

By MR CAWSTON on 21-Jan-2018

Good but could be improved

The press works really well and has sped up my ironing time (bed sheets and duvet covers for a gite). However the stand is very wobbly and doesn’t go up very high so I have to stoop. The operating instructions are quite badly translated which is a shame as there were some points that were unclear as lost in translation. There are no instructions whatsoever for the stand, which would have been helpful. The little extra iron doesn’t seem to work very well and seems to be quite a useless addition. It would be better if there was more space behind for when pressing double duvets and if the press could be opened up wider to adjust the sheets etc before pressing. It would also have sped things up to have a wider base rather than a longer one, ie 90cm x 40cm.

By Charlotte Gibson on 20-Jan-2018


Amazing next day delivery - arrived following morning. Loving the Super Mega Steam Press so far. My first ever press and finding it fairly simple to use - so much faster than an iron, especially for sheets. Need more experience with shirts as they can be tricky but I'll get there. Bottom line, good service and recommended.

By Geraldine Edwards on 20-Jan-2018

Spring needle

Thank you for your excellent service, I am over the moon with the needle, I have just finished stitching an organza vessel with the needle which had a lot of stitching and the needle have survived.

By Averil Davies on 17-Jan-2018

Ironing Press

Wonderful in every way Delighted with transaction and iron is excellent Would recommend

By Anna Cooper on 17-Jan-2018

Cheapest in UK for Schmetz needles + next day delivery

Can't do better, cheapest in the UK for Schmetz needles + next day delivery free, with no minimum order value!!!!

By Helen Henderson on 17-Jan-2018

Excellent service

Ordered three sets of twin needles in the afternoon and they were delivered the following day. Did not yet try to use the needles but will do so soon.

By Ines Hans on 17-Jan-2018

Very good covers

I don't have a Speedypress machine but decided to try these on my Fastpress which is also 64cm. I was disappointed at first as the foam only measured 62cm (for all 3) and the cover was a pull string although the picture on site made it look like it was elasticated. However, I decided to use it and was pleasantly surprised. The shortage of foam didn't make that much difference and the whole pressing process went a lot better than expected. I don't know if the old cover was just too worn out, but this one actually provides a bit of adhesion so you can get rid of creases better before pressing. Have used it twice now (just to make sure it wasn't a one off) with the same results. I don't know how long each cover will last, but very pleased so far.

By Philip Uden on 16-Jan-2018

Truly Speedy Press

Easy, effective, great results. The worst job has been made fun.

By Vanessa Black on 16-Jan-2018

Wow! Everyone should buy one!

Great product and great service. Ironing has become easy. I mean it. It’s so easy with an ironing press. I wish we’d had one years ago. Our bedding looks like a hotel bedroom and shirts look like a Chinese Laundry pressed them. 10/10

By Nick Pye on 16-Jan-2018

Exactly right

It's good to be able to buy in packs of 10.

By Tony Maslin on 15-Jan-2018


Having had an Elna press since 2002 I thought I had better try for a new one.I saw this one on the Internet and went for it,.The service was excellent,delivered in 2days, and am very impressed with the press.

By Joyce Richardson on 14-Jan-2018

Heavier than I thought.

Only used it once so far but it is heavier than I thought. I've filled the tank with water but it doesn't say how to empty any that's left in. I think I'll have to get used to ironing in a different way.

By Anna Oakes on 13-Jan-2018

5 stars

I have the 64cm long one. Using it for bed linen. Ideal, easy to use, light enough to carry but sturdy enough to be stable. Steam is very efficient. Glad I bought it.

By Celia Askwith on 13-Jan-2018

I like it

Es geht schneller und die Resultate sind gut. Auf 2 Dinge muss man aber sehr achten: Knöpfe müssen abgedeckt werden, sonst beschädigen sie die obere Teflonhälfte. Die Wäsche muss absolut faltenfrei gelegt werden. Bettwäsche ist jetzt einfacher und schneller zu bügeln,aber bei grosser Bettwäsche hat man dieses Faltenproblem noch mehr. Trotzdem ist diese Maschine eine Arbeitserleichterung. Sie macht Spaß und ich würde nicht mehr auf das herkömmliche Bügeleisen zurück greifen.

By Vicky on 13-Jan-2018

Sturdy stand, it was a bit difficult to open out the legs at first and the small plastic screw guard fell out and could have been lost. Once assembled the stand supports the steam press well and securely.

By R Seddon on 10-Jan-2018

Very good. Excellent for sheets and duvet covers.

By Penelope Durie on 10-Jan-2018

Mega steam press

Absolutely live my press saves time was half the price of my old one and works just as well if you do nothing else treat yourself to one you will not regret it.

By Denise Buckle on 10-Jan-2018

Fast work

We bought this to iron sheets and duvet covers as we rent out a guest house. Dies great job - reallyvquickly.

By Maureen Sullivan on 10-Jan-2018

Only used once

The product arrived earlier than expected. I have only used it once and I have no complaints about it for now. My only observation is it takes a few minutes to warm and actually press properly. The first few pressing are not smooth enough. I guess that's normal.

By Sadia Ogundimu on 08-Jan-2018

Excellent Product

Ordered this as it was taking me so long to iron my sheets. I had so many to iron after all my guests left after Christmas. Fantastic machine I pressed all of them in half the time it normally takes to iron them and with a better finish.

By Cherrilyn Ward on 08-Jan-2018

Great product

Item exactly as described by seller. Excellent company to order from.

By Rosemary M Smith on 07-Jan-2018

good ironing result.

Overall did a good job ironing lots of bedding.

By R Seddon on 03-Jan-2018

100HD iron press

What an amazing machine. Does ironing in less time than standard iron as stated, only fault is there is not enough room at the back for my duvets and the lid could do with opening more, very pleased otherwise, I enjoy ironing now, not a chore anymore, brilliant press.

By Mrs Gabriel on 03-Jan-2018

Ironing board stand

It is rely brill I would recommend it every one

By Elizabeth Sanders on 03-Jan-2018

Steam press

Excellent service and very quick delivery

By Paul Leggett on 02-Jan-2018

Still waiting!

This order was not correct, I am waiting for replacement, so am unable to comment!

By C J Burgess on 01-Jan-2018

amazing ironing press

believe it or not managed to make my wife happy, she enjoys the fact that her ironing now only takes 30 minutes instead of over a hour

By Airina Lukoseviciene on 27-Dec-2017


Very happy with product and service was first class

By Annabella Tosh on 24-Dec-2017

Ironing time halved

Love this press - my old one had had its' day and this one is a great replacement. Nearly makes ironing a pleasure ;)

By cheryl hare on 21-Dec-2017

fast delivery

ordered in the afternoon and next morning it was in my house. Jaguar quality looks amazing

By Gary Warburton on 21-Dec-2017

Great Machine

WOW what a Great Machine, take no time in Ironing Flat King Size Sheets.

By Miss C Fuller on 20-Dec-2017

Excellent product and really prompt service.

By Jackie on 19-Dec-2017


very pleased with it.

By Wendy Gee on 19-Dec-2017

Do what you expect them to.

By Tracy Cooper on 17-Dec-2017


It has made my ironing fun!

By H.M.L. Reeve on 16-Dec-2017

overlocker extra feet

came quickly and order process good, and good price cheapest found around worth every penny.

By Elaine Jones on 15-Dec-2017

Super Mega Steam Ironing Press 80cm

Have used a few times already. Easy to set up and use and does a great job. Use mainly for bedding and makes fast work of the king size duvet covers. Fantastic. Good speedy delivery too. Would recommend.

By Karen Chadfield on 14-Dec-2017


By Miriam Dorman on 14-Dec-2017

Outstanding Pressing Machine

Wow - this is one fantastic product - perfect for the 3 teenage boys I have to iron for each week - pulverises the skinny jeans creases, immaculate crease in shirt sleeves and razor sharp on school trousers, sports kit done in about 5 minutes flat (no contest versus this iron) and the bottom steam function is superb to get pesky creases out of the school blazers and hoodies - give them good 20 seconds steam and sorted - can't speak highly enough of this if you have heavy ironing workload and like immaculate ironing standards.

By Martin Ashcroft on 11-Dec-2017


Delighted with needles have already used thenm and they are excellent, fast delivery too! 5*

By FIONA WINN on 11-Dec-2017

fantastic press

fantastic press cuts down my ironing in half. For sheets wish I had purchased the larger size

By Mr A Clark on 10-Dec-2017

Iron press stand

Very. HAPPY with the stand this would be easy to adapt for ANY iron press FANTASTIC .

By Don Battista on 08-Dec-2017

Great Website

Our old press iron wanted a new cover. Found your site and found the covers we needed. Ordered on line and it arrived and fitted just right.

By Michael Duggleby on 06-Dec-2017


Easy online order and fast next day delivery

By Heulwen Davies on 05-Dec-2017

Excellent service

Prompt delivery, very impressed!

By Marion Witney on 04-Dec-2017

Great presser

Great presser value for money cuts ironing by 50% why have i waited so long to buy one glad i got it now amazinggggg

By Kathleen Mcelwee on 03-Dec-2017

Thank you

Very nice, keep it up

By Abdulrahman Alkaabi on 30-Nov-2017

Schmetz needles

Needles are great . They arrived well packaged and in good time.

By Theresa Stratton on 29-Nov-2017

Good quality needles

I have used these for 40 years and have always found them a good aid to machine sewing.

By Carol Stoackley on 29-Nov-2017

steam press

excellent company to deal with fast next day delivery and a great product would recommend to anybody

By graham blackmore on 28-Nov-2017

Thank you very match

Very nice

By Abdulrahman Alkaabi on 28-Nov-2017


I only wish I had purchased this before now, it's made light work and saved lots of time. I wash and iron all the the table cloths we use in our catering business at our local club, for once i didn't have to stand for a few hours pressing them all. I would recommend the mega press to anyone. Thank you.

By Sue Smith on 28-Nov-2017


I only wish I had purchased this before now, it's made light work and saved lots of time. I wash and iron all the the table cloths we use in our catering business at our local club, for once i didn't have to stand for a few hours pressing them all. I woukd recommend the mega press to anyone. Thank you.

By Sue Smith on 28-Nov-2017

Really imPRESSed!

Stunningly speedy delivery, exceedingly clear instructions and very effective, time-saving pressing

By Marilyn Harris on 27-Nov-2017

great time saver even for double sheets

makes ironing quick and easy and best of all really goes fast.

By Steven Coggan on 25-Nov-2017

Sewing machine needles

Ordered Sunday and arrived Tuesday. Very quick and impressive service, thank you.

By Marion Witney on 25-Nov-2017

Great Tool

Super ironing press saves a lot of time and well built A***

By David Cruttenden on 25-Nov-2017

Customer Service

First press I received did not work. I contacted company and spoke to Lionel who was very helpful. Replacement was received in full working order. Many thanks!

By Angela Wilson on 23-Nov-2017


I am enjoying using this and find it quite therapeutic! It is excellent for flat items , tablecloths, pillow cases , duvet covers, trousers, t.shirts etc., but I am still trying to master sleeves and necklines. My one complaint is the velcro strip which holds it onto the base/stand, I think that this should be something more substantial i.e. safer.

By L Trundley on 22-Nov-2017

amazing product

real great ironing press, best purchase would recommend to any household or b & b

By EDWARD DORRELL on 20-Nov-2017

Embroidery needles

Excellent product best needles I have used brilliant service thank you

By Elizabeth Rosser on 20-Nov-2017

amazing product

saving me hours of ironing. investment worth every penny.

By EDWARD DORRELL on 20-Nov-2017

Excellent service

By Alastair Scott on 19-Nov-2017

Very good machine needles - appropriate for imitation suede with microfiber backing

By Miriam Dorman on 19-Nov-2017

I started a bussiness washing and Ironing linen

Very happy with the purchase, save time, good results and the bring it next day morning! The customer servise very good too! :-)

By Lourdes Mariela Ramirez Casanova on 16-Nov-2017

Ironing Press

Love the ironing press .I cannot fault it any way .I am just delighted with the result I get and,yes I can do my ironing in half the time with excellent results.The only problem I have is with the stand.The stand I received is a tripod and we cannot get it to fit the ironing press.

By Anna Cooper on 15-Nov-2017

Good purchase

My last table top steam press stopped working in 2016 after 15 years. Brilliant price and delivery time for this replacement. Works well but not yet used it on steam.

By Ernest MARTIN on 15-Nov-2017

leather machine needles

Brilliant! makes sewing leather much easier, fast delivery and excellent service

By Andrea Butcher on 14-Nov-2017

Excellent sewing machine needles

I ordered size 60,70 and 80 machine needles - the finest ones to use on silk. They are truly excellent and I cannot say more!

By Sue Phillips on 14-Nov-2017

So far so good

I bought this steamer about 3 months ago and so far it's been working well and even better then some larger professional ones I have used. I would say this was a good buy.

By Michelle Adedokun on 13-Nov-2017

Domestic steam press

Was very happy with this steam press having had my old one for 15 years this one was much better getting creases out so I am very pleased

By Linda Watts on 11-Nov-2017

Excellent Value

Bought this to use with my Jaguar overlocker which I have been learning to use. Very useful bit of kit at an extremely good price. Received next day.

By Rosalind Broomfield on 07-Nov-2017

OMG where have you been all my life

Well, just got this beast up and running, and all I can say, is where have you been all my life. I hate ironing, and just found myself ironing every thing in sight

By sharon birkenshaw on 06-Nov-2017

Machine Needles

The needles I ordered were delivered very quickly and well packaged. Just what I needed as I was going away on a sewing retreat! I will definitely be buying my machine needled from this shop again. Thankyou.

By Theresa Stratton on 06-Nov-2017

The best machine needles

Always used schmetz machine needles over the past 40 years they have never let me down.

By Carol Stoackley on 04-Nov-2017

Steam press.

Excellent service from ordering to delivery. I read all review's before buying this produc, due to the cost, let me tell you, it was worth every penny, Easy to set up, amazed at the time saving of ironing also the speed I can press sheets, Love my new steam press. Thank you guy's.

By Fiona Marrow on 04-Nov-2017

Excellent service

Excellent next day service. Very pleased with transaction. Thank you.

By Barbara Minne on 02-Nov-2017

Amazing press

This press has reduced my ironing time considerably, I should have purchased it years ago! Great customer service from Lionel too, as well as next day delivery!

By Julie - Inn On The Green on 01-Nov-2017

The ultimate bundle

This is exactly what we were looking for to use at our shop. 2 of us use this system 5 days a week, without any problems so far (touch wood).

By Jake Yardley on 31-Oct-2017

Excellent and simple machine

The results are excellent and it is so quick and easy. It is also reasonably light. So much better than a normal steam iron and worth the extra cost.

By Elma on 30-Oct-2017

couldn't run the business without it

I use this at least 20 hours a week so I'm on my third one. It works a dream, although I learnt not to put water in it which is difficult to empty and rusts. The spray that comes with it is perfect!

By Gayna Martine on 29-Oct-2017


Recently purchased this system. Loving it so far. Saves so much time and works perfectly on my upholstery.

By Shumon Ahmed on 27-Oct-2017


Good sharp inexpensive scissors - with free fast delivery. Bargain!!!

By Amanda Ward on 27-Oct-2017

So far so good

I recently purchased the Professional 100HD Heavy Duty Steam Press 101cm with stand, and have been using it particularly for my holiday-let sheets. If I were to make design changes I would do the following: • Give more room for the sheets to be held behind the press to pull through – on large duvet covers (eg super king size) there is not enough room for them so you have to work side to side. • Either extend the handle a bit or give the upper press section another handle at the front so that when it is fully open it is easier (when you’re seated) to reach to bring it down to press. • Consider the position of the steam holes because, where they are currently situated the pressure they create has a tendency to lift or push any ends of the fabric, which can create unwanted creases. • I am not sure why it needs the first point of opening - it is easier to burn yourself with this one because the opening is not really wide enough to maneuver large items. I can’t say yet that it has drastically reduced my ironing time (I seem to spend a lot of time making sure everything is flat or out of the way of the press) but it has certainly made it a lot easier and for that I am very grateful! I’ve given it a 4 because I suspect I’ll get used to all of the above and in a few months time they won’t be an issue.

By Lesley English on 25-Oct-2017

So far so good.

I received my machine 4days ago and have only been able to spend a bit of time with it so far, but it seems pretty intuitive and easy to use. Delivery information and time was excellent, ordered on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived on Friday afternoon. The only reason I have given it four stars instead of five is that some of the instructions are badly translated and a bit tricky to follow.

By Sue on 24-Oct-2017

Amazing needles

Quick delivery and perfect product- the needles are perfect for sewing with olicloth

By Emma Cruickshank on 23-Oct-2017

Spares for the future

The products are good, arrived on the scheduled date. My recent purchase is spares for the future.

By Richard Townsend on 23-Oct-2017

Great service !

Received my order promptly very pleased. I would use again.

By Sheila Q on 22-Oct-2017

Good Quality

These pinking shears worked well, value for the price paid with free delivery.

By Carol Stoackley on 21-Oct-2017

Great product

Arrived really quickly as advertised, the little was damaged so I phoned and they told me it would take about 1 weeks for a new one. 3 days later it was here. The actual press itself is fantastic (once you get the hang of the instructions) it’s so quick and easy to use. Best thing I’ve bought in a long time.

By Sarah Jones on 21-Oct-2017

Excellent service

Very happy with this ironing table! Well worth the price :)

By P&J Ironing on 20-Oct-2017

wish I had invested in this table earlier

I can't believe the difference this table has made to my ironing, you can really tell the difference on the ironing over a regular ironing board and it really saves time

By terry on 20-Oct-2017

Great Service

Excellent service, well packaged and great quality, it’s like I have a brand new press again!

By Suzanne Douglas on 18-Oct-2017

Winged needle.

Great product.

By Jean Beven on 17-Oct-2017

Sewing Machine

Sew far so good. Haven't done much yet but feels an OK machine.

By Moira Nicholson on 15-Oct-2017

So Easy.

Most of the ironing is done so easily. Double sheets need extra care, but I'm getting the hang of them. I don't think the ironing perfectionists would like the steam press, but for saving time, and energy (vital in my case) it is PERFECT!

By Angela Read on 15-Oct-2017

First order

Delivered quickly, item as described, affordable prices

By Karoly Majer on 09-Oct-2017

This has cured my allergy to ironing!!!

The press is amazing and such fun to use! I agree with some of the other reviewers that it doesn't open far enough and I have already burned my left middle knuckle twice despite being warned. That's my own fault but you so have to be careful. Too easy to get carried away with the joy of using the machine!! I had a problem with the stand but a new one came the next day. A brilliant product

By Judith Chamberlain on 07-Oct-2017

Ultra XL Steam Press 90cm - Largest Home Press

Hard to believe but it's actually a joy to do the ironing now!!

By Philippa MacRae on 05-Oct-2017

great machine

Having not used a machine for a number of years and this one being so much more sophisticated than I have used previously, it took a bit of getting use to! It didn't seem to like me using the satin foot on silky material, but once I put the zigzag or straight metal foot on it was fine. Still to use all the features, but so far I am impressed. Great service from The Ironing Press Company and all the "extras" where great, plenty of thread to test the pattern stitches!

By Carolyn Lewis on 05-Oct-2017

Excellent iron press

Great for speeding up the ironing. Just need how to iron shirts!!

By Jacqueline Edwards on 28-Sep-2017

So far so good

I've only had this a few days but so far it is delivering what it promised. Wish the top opened up further as ups the odds on getting a burn. Takes a while to warm up but gives a nice finish to shirts and especially knitwear and T shirts.

By Lisa Trup on 27-Sep-2017

Emergency action!

My old Swiss iron gave up recently and I struggled on with an ordinary steam iron. Browsing the web I decided to try the Mega Iron and last night attacked a huge pile of duvets, fitted sheets etc. WONDERFUL!!! My very grateful thanks, it has simplified the ironing and made life so much easier. I particularly like the steam function and found the machine very user friendly.

By Jane Brown on 26-Sep-2017

Overall good

Product is overall good but feels a bit 'tinny'. The base has a crease across it already which is annoying even though you can iron around it. I just hope it is robust enough

By Sam Green-Armytage on 24-Sep-2017

Ironing Board Covers

These I have ordered before and they arrived very quickly considering that I live in France I will of course be using you again as the price is very good and so is the service.

By Bernice Dawson on 24-Sep-2017

New speedypress

Delighted with the delivery and arrival of my new ironing press.... this is my 3 rd press. The 2 previous ones were cheaper , around £156 but they only lasted a couple of years. And we're not able to be repaired. I would not recommend a cheaper version. This new press looks much sturdier and I am pleased with the wider opening - higher . It is more expensive but I am pleased with the use so far. We are a family of 4 , not a commercial business.

By Liz Kolodziej on 23-Sep-2017

New speedypress

Delighted with the delivery and arrival of my new ironing press.... this is my 3 rd press. The 2 previous ones were cheaper , around £156 but they only lasted a couple of years. And we're not able to be repaired. I would not recommend a cheaper version. This new press looks much sturdier and I am pleased with the wider opening - higher . It is more expensive but I am pleased with the use so far. We are a family of 4 , not a commercial business.

By Liz Kolodziej on 23-Sep-2017

Great I love it so much easier sorry I did not bye one years ago

By KAREN HUCKRIDGE on 19-Sep-2017

Sewing machine

I just love my new sewing machine

By mohrag mitchell on 18-Sep-2017

Ironing.....I love it.

Brilliant press, only problem I found was a double duvet cover wont fit comfortably behind the ironing surface, so I had to press it lengthways . But everything else spot on. :-)

By Lavinia Bennett on 17-Sep-2017

Ironing press

excellent good service recomend to all

By Gwen Marshall on 17-Sep-2017

Trying a New Make

This replaces my old Domena press, so far so good. The press was delivered very quickly in all a good transaction.

By Suzanne Morris on 15-Sep-2017

Exceptional service

By Helen Kuzyszyn on 15-Sep-2017

Sewing needles

Very good service and prompt delivery .

By Pam Rowley on 13-Sep-2017

steam press

this is he second press I have had and it is so easy to use and quick brilliant ironing press and good value for money

By ANNEMARIE MURPHY on 11-Sep-2017

Goods as described & excellent service

Asked for a quick dispatch and they were put in the post that day and arrived the following day.

By Ed Holmes on 11-Sep-2017

Arrived the next day

Super fast delivery and the best price I found!

By Sara Dootson-Graube on 11-Sep-2017

works as intended

I purchased this steam press to take the strain out of ironing sheets and jeans, is seems to be just the ticket, I should have read the specks before ordering, as it is the small size, next time it will be a bigger one, and perhaps with a shot of steam facility, having made these comments, I am happy with the steam press, and it does the job.

By Sherry Wakeman on 05-Sep-2017

Excellent product

After reading many reviews on this I decided this was the right one for me and I wasn't disappointed. We are a family of 5 and we run 2 holiday cottages so this purchase has been money well spent, I don't know why I haven't bought one before it more than halved the amount of time I spend ironing. I would defiantly recommend buying one 5 star product.

By Susan Fenn on 04-Sep-2017

Very pleased.

By Sue Donaldson on 03-Sep-2017

Very pleased

The steam press makes ironing easy and quick. A good purchase.

By Edward Whalley on 31-Aug-2017

Great value

Easy to order, came the next day, this is my 3rd press, great size large press area especially for sheets and linen. The only issues for me are 1) I am used to a sleeve press being attached, there isn't one so need to see how I will press sleeves as my husband does not like a crease line in sleeves 2) The stand does not go low enough for me to sit on a chair to press, I will have to get a stool

By Maralyn Cherrett on 31-Aug-2017


Not long had this press, and have only used the once thus far. Will definitely be sure this was such a good purchase, as very easy to use, and makes ironing a woddle. would have given 5 star, but have to use a fair bit longer just to see how it performs without any problems!

By Pamela Timans on 25-Aug-2017

product was as described fast efficient service well pleased

By gillian dennis on 25-Aug-2017


Best sewing machine ever

By marie smith on 23-Aug-2017

Excellent value

Strong and sturdy enough to do the job, easy to assemble and frees up the kitchen table

By Greg McCorquodale Cruise on 23-Aug-2017

Good quality

Easy to fit snug to the board and good value for the price

By Greg McCorquodale Cruise on 23-Aug-2017

Love it!!!

Having fallen out with a very poor iron, the piles began to grow - this press is quite simply liberating - approx 1 minute per shirt!! Who wouldn't want one !!

By Sue Barker on 23-Aug-2017

Perfect for the Job

I ordered these needles for sewing some very heavyweight canvas (12oz) and they did the job with ease.

By Louise Brown on 22-Aug-2017


I was pleased with the delivery, lovely and quick. Easy to read instructions and I now enjoy ironing, a lot easier

By Pam Coleman on 20-Aug-2017

Great ironing press. A 5* company

Bought this ironing press on Thursday, arrived Friday. Ironed all my holiday cottage sheets etc. today. Now that's what I can a productive 3 days. This company deserves a full 5*

By Pamela Laidler on 19-Aug-2017

Does a brilliant job!

The ironing press does a good job & is easy to use - just be careful of burning as it can get very hot. Very fast delivery as I ordered in on lunchtime and it arrived the next day!

By Zena on 16-Aug-2017

Great piece of kit

I bought this for bedding, it is brilliant

By Jo Johnson-Hill on 16-Aug-2017

Great service

Really happy with the prompt delivery. Easy to use. Very comprehensive manual. Not too heavy to use. Halves the time of the ironing. One happy bunny

By AJ Hawksworth on 15-Aug-2017


Excellent needles and service

By Adele Sutcliffe on 12-Aug-2017


This press is amazing and has made ironing all these duvet covers, and pillow cases a pleasure - if only I could learn how to fold fitted sheets!!

By Jeannette MacKinnon on 12-Aug-2017

Ironing press

LOVE IT...fabulous. I actually now enjoy ironing

By Agnes Bryson on 11-Aug-2017

Amazing service!

Order made at 3.30 and overlocker delivered at 10.30 the following day - absolutely brilliant. Machine looks good and the price was better than anywhere else. Overalll I am delighted!

By Caroline Goulding on 10-Aug-2017

Super fast!

I only blinked and product was on kitchen table! Bravo! Cherry

By Cherry Yhearm on 10-Aug-2017

Wonderful machine

I am delighted with this machine. It has replaced my other larger machine which had "expired" and is a little gem. Originally I thought it a little small but having got used to it, it is easier to use and does a "grand job".

By Elaine Eddleston on 10-Aug-2017

Jaguar sewing machine

Good price,excellent machine,our first electronic,very easy to use.

By Terence Mears on 10-Aug-2017

Great Time saver

Love this piece of equipment. It makes ironing so easy. It's quiet too so watching TV whilst ironing is more enjoyable than ever.

By Liz Cheesman on 09-Aug-2017

Sewing machine 404

Thrilled to bits with this sewing machine, tried most of the stitches and it works a dream. Been sewing for years and fancied a machine that could embroider and this one is perfect, it's not too advanced but enough for what I wanted. The automatic sew function is brilliant, and I mastered the needle threader straight away. All in all I am delighted with it and so glad I bought it, for the price it's a bargain. Ironing press was excellent, next day delivery, cannot praise them enough.

By Jill Tonks on 09-Aug-2017


Bought this to try and reduce my time ironing every week. Cant believe I have not looked at a press before. The Ultra XL Press is robust, well built, powerful and quick. Practice will make perfect. Great product, excellent Service from The Ironing Press Company, highly recommended.

By Gillian Butler on 09-Aug-2017


As soon as it arrived my wife went crazy. "It's the best thing I have ever had" and she has not stopped talking about it. unbelievable machine, all the ironing done in super quick time. Really is a superb machine.

By Christopher Turley on 08-Aug-2017

Love my New Machine!

My Jaguar 097 is my first overlocker but I need not to have worried, it is a great buy and excellent value. I have had no problems with threading it or setting up, it is all clearly explained in the manual and I took a Craftsy class to help too. Easy to use, compact, well-equipped and well made machine. If you have any doubts just go for it, you won't be disappointed.

By Debbie Brotherton on 07-Aug-2017

Best buy ever

We bought this press to cut down on ironing time and it's fantastic. Nice and big so it takes sheets and things but easy to store. I recommend it!

By Liz Cheesman on 06-Aug-2017

Iron press

Great service arrived within 2 days.Have used the iron press for the first time today and pleased with it's performance.

By Thelma Jones on 05-Aug-2017

Love it!

Easy to use. Lovely finish. Just happy :-)

By kelly cooper on 02-Aug-2017

Jaguar 596 Sewing Machine (Quilting Edition)

Prompt delivery. Machine so far so good. Lots of accessories. Am pleased with my purchase

By Irene Andrews on 02-Aug-2017

Mega Press

Was promised delivery next day and it arrived next day, beautifully packed, good and clear instructions even on how to lay out garments, lightweight . Very pleased from all aspects.

By Shirley Petty on 02-Aug-2017

Excellent love it

My wife really loves it, she says that she don't mind ironing now as it is so easy and seem a lot bigger. My wife is short so would have like the stand to be adjustable, but says it doesn't take long anyway.

By Michael Chadd on 02-Aug-2017

Just what I needed.

Thank you for giving me my life back. Running a small B and B, I was spending hours ironing the bedding. Now it is all done in record time. Allowing me more free time.

By Tina Doxey on 28-Jul-2017

Hironing press

Very good device, very convenient new at same cost of used

By Daniele Renzi on 25-Jul-2017

The Jaguar 097

only used it a couple of times but lovely machine, I had a Toyota overlocker for 20 years they have come a long way since then though given my old one away after using this new one

By Patricia Rider on 20-Jul-2017



By SUE MAJ on 19-Jul-2017

great product, and good quality

By s on 19-Jul-2017

Fast delivery

Fast delivery and very competitive pricing. Would use this company again

By Anne Oneill on 17-Jul-2017

Easy to use very professional results, a must for

Arrived the day after ordering, excellent service

By Anne Pickersgill on 17-Jul-2017

Great service

Will use this company again. Very good service. Thank you.

By Maxine Rose on 17-Jul-2017

Ironing press

Fantastic serves and a fantastic product I am well please wouldn/t hesitate to recommend to all my friends.

By Susan East on 14-Jul-2017

Very pleased with the service I received, came very quick.

By Melanie Mackenzie on 14-Jul-2017


really really good

By Eva Maria Fischer on 14-Jul-2017


Verry good

By Eva Maria Fischer on 14-Jul-2017

steam press

Well happy delivery exellent

By Frances Turner on 14-Jul-2017

I now have the hang of it . It's good but if you get a crise wrong, you need a hand held iron to sort it out .

By Debbie Buggins on 14-Jul-2017

Size 90 needles

The needles arrived almost overnight . Excellent service!

By alison Guest on 13-Jul-2017

Very pleased with the product

By linda aldam on 13-Jul-2017

Ironing press

I am absolutely delighted with this product, I should have bought one years ago. I have used it twice since it arrived yesterday and cannot believe how quick and easy it is to use, and how it helps my back by being able to sit down to iron. Very impressed, and also very impressed at the lightening speed it was delivered.

By Jackie Thrush on 12-Jul-2017

Sewing just got more interesting

As a relative newbie to machine sewing, the 404 has opened the door and my eyes to the possibilities for an inexperienced sewer. The speed control is at the moment my fovourite feature, it just makes practicing so much easier. The plethora of available stitches is also fun. I can certainly see this machine taking me forward for years to come.

By Richard Kaprot on 12-Jul-2017

Fantastic purchase

So much better than a home system. Couldn't live without this now!

By Mary's Laundry on 11-Jul-2017

Ironing press cover

We are very pleased with the item.It was delivered Promptly within a few days and was exactly what We ordered

By John Hickman on 08-Jul-2017

Excellent value

Will certainly buy these again if available

By Richard Kaprot on 08-Jul-2017

twin needles

Perfect from start to finish thank you will be back

By carole aston on 07-Jul-2017

Brilliant machine, until you attempt to iron shirts which is a little difficult.

By Ian Davidson on 07-Jul-2017

Best press on market!

Now this is one GREAT machine!!! Can't believe I didn't get it years before!!!!! King size sheets are now a pleasure to iron, a real must for a b & b

By De Dee on 03-Jul-2017


Came as promised and advertised. I brought this because my scrubs need to be ironed. I don't mind ironing however my wife hated it.....until this arrived at our house to be honest she had not let me use it and she LOVES IT!!!

By Mr Douglas Robert Campbell on 03-Jul-2017

Excellent product

I can get through the ironing in record time with this excellent ironing press. It is a pleasure to use and easy to operate. I highly recommend this product.

By Genevieve Crosthwaite-Eyre on 02-Jul-2017

Snail pressing board

Quick response to my email. Thank you.

By joanna Kazmierczak on 28-Jun-2017

Snail pressing board

Everything would be great apart from one small problem with vacuum plastic cover which is broken. I have sent pictures in email which explains that issue and it got resolved quickly.

By joanna Kazmierczak on 26-Jun-2017

Larger covers

Ideal for my press, very quick delivery

By Sylvia Harris on 26-Jun-2017

great value and fantastic service

i ordered the machine late on Wednesday night and it arrived on Friday.Great value for a really good machine I am very happy

By sue hughes on 25-Jun-2017

Fantastic iron

Does a great job ironing jackets and trousers in their natural position, an expensive piece of kit but well worth the investment

By Chilwell Laundrette on 24-Jun-2017

Great service and personal response- very impressed !

By Miranda Wharam on 23-Jun-2017

Fab machine

So happy with my purchase. Delivery was super quick. The machine is easy to use. Would recommend to family and friends

By Carolyn Hughes on 21-Jun-2017

Five Stars

We have 1 of these in each of our 4 shops up in bonny Scotland. A lifesaver for the jackets and trousers that we rent out. Great and fast results, can't recomend this system enough!

By Mackenzie Menswear on 21-Jun-2017

buy one!

what a bit of kit,when you master it boy ironing is actually enjoyable and so so much faster done with this

By Butcherboy04 on 20-Jun-2017

Great product and service

Size 18 needle no problem going through 4 layers of furnishing fabric with ordinary domestic sewing machine

By Christine Ford on 19-Jun-2017

It does it says

Genuine brill machine. One of two bought from this company. Will come back again thankyou

By steph BLEYTHING on 14-Jun-2017



By Phyllis Wynne on 14-Jun-2017

Great customer service

By Merril De Groot on 14-Jun-2017


Bought the large model with stand and it is excellent, heats up quickly and really gets the job done fast. The large model let's me put a good crease in to pants as well. Highly recommended, glad I didn't go with a cheaper unit.

By Alex Koshy on 14-Jun-2017

Very pleased with my new ironing press it is definitely saving me time ironing bed linen in my B&B business. It was also delivered very promptly, it was worth purchasing.

By Jane Rowe on 12-Jun-2017

Very pleased with my new ironing press it is definitely saving me time ironing bed linen in my B&B business. It was also delivered very promptly, it was worth purchasing.

By Jane Rowe on 12-Jun-2017

Very happy with the purchase

The ironing press is great, easy to use and saves loads of time. I wish I had it earlier :) Very happy with the purchase.

By Ulla Frasere on 11-Jun-2017

Five Stars

Making my life so much easier but it is a heavy beast!

By Jane Corner on 10-Jun-2017


I previously owned a Singer press bought for under £200 - it was great and lasted abour 2 years, being used once or twice every week for ironing a LOT of linen for my hospitality business. (It's probably fixable, being an electrical short.) No larger cheaper models were available online, so necessity made me reluctantly buy the much dearer appliance. I am not sorry! It is SO much better than the cheap steam press - better heat, better steam and much quieter and smoother to use. It really does an awesome job.

By Jill Hunterson on 09-Jun-2017

good product & fast delivery

it was great to receive my ezz off day after ordered

By Kim Tennant on 08-Jun-2017

Excellent Product

....that I'd done the bulk of my ironing before receiving this item. Firstly, it arrived two days before I expected it. Secondly, being ex-armed forces, I do like to be well turnes out. I used to quite enjoy ironing but a severe spinal injury made this task extremely painful. Not any more....its so easy and effective to use I fins myself looking for items to press.

By netshopper on 08-Jun-2017

The boiler that lasts forever

Despite 30 years of heavy use, my original Magpie boiler is still going strong, and I recently purchased my 3rd one due to expansion. Highly recommended!

By Classic Cleaners on 05-Jun-2017

Schmetz machine needles

Good quality sewing machine needles, No problem encountered during use on a variety of fabrics. Prompt service. Will use again. Thank you.

By Ryan Willis on 05-Jun-2017

Dare I say, it actually makes removing creases enj

Fabulous product that really does make pressing clothes easy, effortless and dare I say, enjoyable! The actual press is simple to use and incredibly easy to get used to - I have one small burn on my thumb from the first use - but I have quickly got my head around avoiding the top plate! By far the most difficult thing about it is getting it out of the box and polystyrene packaging - seriously - it was a 2 person job due to being so well packed! However, this meant it arrived with no damage! I paid for a faster delivery, which meant I received it within 2 days (one being a bank holiday!) so I was really pleased with that. The stand itself is fine - although the machine is not actually attached to it and does move around on it - also the lowest height setting is too high for use from an 'easy chair' - a standard dining table type chair works fine, or standing also works. It is relatively easy to work out how to tackle getting the creases out of all items - took me a while to work out the yoke on the back of a shirt, but I now have a technique which works fine. I have found myself washing bedding just so that I can press it (I never bothered with duvet covers in the past!) folding a double duvet into half and then half again length ways means that all of the layers get pressed in one go - it really is that effective. I love it!

By Mrs. C. A. Robertson on 04-Jun-2017

Great machine!

So far, so good! Great automatically Produces steam... which is also a great feature! Flattens clothes... Yet another super feature for a steam press! And the bonus.... It makes a boat load of paninis in one pressing! Saves huge amounts of time!! Just remember to scrape the cheese back off before pressing anymore clothes.... unless wearing a cheese shirt of course! Happy sailing ya Super Squirrels!! Great for my bedding

By CBMattsderChief on 04-Jun-2017


Quality Blind Hem finish, now takes us seconds to shorten trousers, with no stitches showing, I just wish I had purchased this model years ago as the cheaper Chinese models don’t work anywhere near as well...

By Cheshire Oaks Outlet on 02-Jun-2017

Excellent boiler + service

Great luxury to be able to run two irons all day without having to refill boiler every 3 hours

By JonH on 02-Jun-2017


Great press. I live in a hard water area so the filter system is a godsend! Highly recommended

By Tracey Smith on 02-Jun-2017

Best iron cleaner I have used

Excellent cleaner for the iron, I had ironed somthing and it had stuck to my tefal steam generator and had tried everything but the black mark wouldn't come off,my sister told me about this cleaner I ordered it and the iron sole plate is perfect. The tube is about the same size as a tube of toothpaste and you only have to use a small amount so it will last a long time.

By Christine Rodger on 01-Jun-2017

Soft furnishing

Ordered at 4pm, arrived next morning in the post, great service!

By JJ on 01-Jun-2017

Really happy with this machine

I absolutely ADORE this machine!!! I now prefer it to my sewing machine which is really saying something! When it first arrived I felt very nervous however, it came pre-threaded first of all, which is a massive help. Then when I watched the dvd that comes with it, it takes you every tiny step through the process of threading it and I managed to thread it correctly the first time. There are also clear coloured guides for each thread which really helps! It feels a very robust easy to use machine. I have since used this for work literally every day and love it. It is very fast! Can’t wait to try extra feet. The Canvas bag and Coats thread was a bonus.

By E Fischer on 30-May-2017

Large, sturdy press

Excellent for my bedding and sheets

By David Campbell on 29-May-2017


As everybody knows, Schmetz machine needles are the best you can buy. I strongly recommend them. Very good price!

By Mrs. M. Worsley on 28-May-2017


This is the best item ever. Wish I had bought it years ago. Saves time, money and energy

By A. P. Rogers on 18-May-2017


Suitable for all ironing :-)

By Derbyshire Ironing Service on 13-May-2017


Good price and good product. Happy with the purchase.

By Jasmine ying tian on 13-May-2017


Just Brilliant easy to use it takes a few minutes to warm up and the steam jets are brilliant I highly recommend this steam press

By Nicholas on 12-May-2017

A real professional clothes steamer

I have owned several steamer irons (including the ridiculously overpriced Laurastar). I decided to buy this British steamer after I saw it in several charity shops in London - and it turned out that those stores keep Speedypress steamers for a reason. Firstly they are a lot easier to use than the normal iron - and does not require any complicated assembly at all. You just have to screw on the metal rod (comes in 3 pieces) that holds the steamer head and then connect the hose - and it's ready to use. The steamer rolls around easily on its casters and can be just left standing somewhere in the corner. It is much better at dealing with delicate fabrics than a standard steaming iron would be since it doesn't leave any streaks from the steam (which are impossible to remove, by the way, since the steam literally burns through the fabric), or make the fabric shiny from heat and pressure. The reason for this is that the steam comes out continuously and from a larger area than in the iron - so you get a little cloud instead of several strong streams that burn the fabric. It doesn't make the fabric wet either, so you can put the garment on straight away. At the same time, it gets rid of creases on wool and silk perfectly.

By Carol Powel on 11-May-2017

Thank you

Received replacement Iron really fast the day after ordered which was a saviour for my business when our iron was accidently dropped and smashed

By Enhanced Dry Cleaning on 10-May-2017

Great purchase

Well made, very effective powerful vacuum and heated ironing board which gives a superb professional finish to all clothing alterations and repairs, really helpful to us the fact that the pedal works on both sides so it can be used by a left and right handed person

By ZV on 05-May-2017

I love it!

Really easy to use. Sturdy machine. I have made a king-size quilt with no problems. Lovely stitch selection which are easy to select and use. 1 step Button holes and buttons are really easy!! I love it!!

By K Tee on 05-May-2017

Absolutely fantastic

A complete professional ironing system. Very pleased with this.

By James Menswear on 29-Apr-2017

Amazing piece of kit

This is the ultimate in clothing steamers in this price bracket. It is solidly build and robust. We were torn between the British plastic made from Propress and this British made Speedypress steamer however decided to purchase this with the 3 year cover included, which was still a few hundred £ cheaper than the Propress! With a full tank it takes a few minutes to warm up and start steaming. I can't say we have had any issues with it and it's been very good thus far. It's not an iron and won't get that just ironed look but is close enough to get away with it and ideal for the weekly ironing chore. It does the job on business suits and shirts and the school uniforms. Less dry cleaning is always a bonus. Extremely happy with purchase and prime delivery. Thank you Speedypress!

By Alame on 29-Apr-2017

so happy

I was recommended to spend at least double this on a decent overlocker but after reading the reviews and specs i went for this one, and I love it. It came yesterday,2 days before expected which is amazing for north scotland. It has very clear instructions and is ready to use out of the box. I really wanted a machine that is easy to use, versatile, opens up to allow easy maintenance as this is the only issue i have with my new brother sewing machine. It is weighty and made with metal parts not plastic which was my worry and the accessories included are really good. this was definately the right choice for me with the feed differential as i work with fine silk as well as fur,tweed and leather. Time will tell how long it lasts but for now i am very impressed indeed for the price this is just amazing

By LouLou on 27-Apr-2017


I only use Schmetz as they are really the best!

By lula6391 on 24-Apr-2017

Another excellent machine

Worth the investment for sure.

By S&D Cleaners on 22-Apr-2017

Happy customer

Purchased 10 of these for our ladies sewing club, and would really recommend the Jaguar 596 to anyone, a real easy to use, beautiful machine, Button holing a breeze. Came with full, clear instructions. Even 80 years found it easy to use. Top quality product, everyone can sew really easily with these machines, so well worth the money. Very pleased with our purchases.

By Zayis Raanon Ladies Club on 22-Apr-2017

Great machine for the money

Purchased for my 12 year old and she loves it, really great for 1st machine as good quality, simple to use with everything needed on a 1st machine

By vialli25 on 21-Apr-2017


We run a guest house and needed to replace a failed steam press. This was one of the least expensive options but we are delighted with it. It is robustly built and practical. We could easily has spent £100 more and got the same or less.

By F&T on 20-Apr-2017


Amazing press, just wish I had bought this sooner instead of wasting time and money on a 50cm press for the last 3 years!!

By Andrew Mitchell on 20-Apr-2017

Professional + time saving

This huge Steam press can give you professional results without spending a fortune at the dry cleaners. It works in half the time of a conventional iron to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles and has specific settings for nylon, silk, wool, cotton and linen.

By David Laxton on 20-Apr-2017

Timesaving device

Since upgrading from a standard iron to this press, my housekeeper's ironing time has gone down consideranly, giving her much more time to get on with other chores

By Judy M. on 18-Apr-2017

Good quality needles

These needles are the best you can buy and I've never had any problems with them... in fact these are the only make needles I will buy

By Hilary Leckey on 15-Apr-2017

Strong & reliable

Long-time user of these Magpies on our yachts. As yet, they've never let us down.

By SuperYacht (Netherlands) on 11-Apr-2017

Helps my back pain

The steam press does all that is promised by the reviews on your website. It cuts ironing time and best of all helps greatly with anyone who has lower back pain and cannot stand for long periods ironing. The pressing action is good even on large/king-size sheet and duvet covers.

By GD on 09-Apr-2017

Best ironing press I've used

Only bought this 2 weeks ago, ironing has now become fun! Thanks TIPC

By Mrs. Taylor on 03-Apr-2017

Only had it for a week but like it already

Plenty of steam and get around 4 hours of solid ironing before needing filling up again so would recommend to anyone who does plenty of ironing, not sure how I managed with earlier 2 litre boiler that I had until now

By Sarah from Iron Angels on 02-Apr-2017

Very happy

Works fine with the steam and saves my back from standing all the time. Amazing for pressing sheets, stand is helpful too.

By Janice Jennings on 02-Apr-2017

Excellent product for Hotel

Thank you for the fast delivery of my 101cm steam press as I am extremely satisfied. Running a small hotel this large press is a must for bedding ect Thank you again.

By mrs. a. w. wooden on 01-Apr-2017

Ez Off Hot Iron Soleplate Cleaner

It did exactly what it said on the tube (remove all manner of foreign residue) unlike a similar product which failed to remove any of the gung stuck on the iron soleplate

By Thea Stanley on 23-Mar-2017

Love ironing now

I cant believe I have waited so long to buy this ironing press,after a lifetime of ironing, I actually look forward to doing this chore now.

By Marge on 22-Mar-2017

A pleasure!

Easy to use. Ironing finished in 1/2 the time !

By Ms. Anne Hinshaw on 22-Mar-2017

Highly recommend this

A real must for ironing large items, bedding, sheets and table linen, had it only a month and already noticed how it has reduced ironing time!

By Eva Huntly on 19-Mar-2017

Fantastic sewing machine

My mum bought me this sewing machine 4 years ago as a Christmas present, I use this machine regularly because of my craft. It's very strong machine, and I'm very pleased with this one. It's a strong machine and it's capable of sewing heavy duty because have a strong motor and iron parts, and it's not light.I use this machine to sew handbags, purses, cosmetic bags, and sew beautifully!I definitely can recommend this machine for all kind of users, not just beginners.Easy to clean, easy to sew, beautiful stitches, strong and quiet!

By Melissa on 19-Mar-2017


this is a lot better than ironing and much better on my shoulders. large size is amazing LOVE IT

By Jamie C. O'Neal on 17-Mar-2017

Highly recommended

This is my first overlocker. I must say it's so easy to thread. It's very well made. It comes with additional feet so you can do a lot with this machine. The instructions are very clear to understand. I highly recommend this overlocker.

By J. Marshall on 13-Mar-2017

Ironing no, steam pressing yes !

Outstanding press for the money, good quality and works perfectly. My wife would never go back to using an iron again and this is the third steam press in 25 years. She rates this the best one she has used.

By J F NOBLE on 11-Mar-2017

Good quality and price

It's good, and does a good job, wish I had bought a bigger size it would be better for K/S bedding.

By xloopylou on 09-Mar-2017

Prevent wasting space on your iron board

Makes ironing so much easier - resting the boiler and iron on the trolley rather than like I have had until now wasting space on my iron board for the boiler & iron

By Dancing Leopard on 09-Mar-2017

First day review

I have had 2 Rowenta steam generators. Got fed up, as my iron on which I have only used water from reverse osmosis filter has startem spiting dark brown carmel like, very sticky watter/ liquid.And despite several procedures to clean and descale. Itvhas showed No hope....In frustration I have been to consider miele system but over 1k and only 2 years od warranty, I felt that It is way to expensive for iron, I do use other appliances.I have not used miele ironing system, therefore can not coment.I have looked at other steam generating irons, but looks like all common is the brown water issue, and usually much sooner than my 2,5 y rowenta.My brabantia ironing board would do with upgrade, 13years.Pfaff has arrived today, big box.Awkward to handle.The board has a nice plastic cover with elastic.The board is well made, really solid, looks quality.The iron is well made, at first quite oldfasion looking.But the ironing process is amazing.I did 100% cotton jagger shirt in 5 min.The ironing board has 2 options of sucking on the fabric, so it does not slip or blowing for all those delicate blouses.The iron has lock in steem and soft handle.I thought that bar pressure could be an issue but the ironing system is just a dream. £449 I hope I will not struggle with that calc water issues.

By Jjadwiga Abu Sayf on 07-Mar-2017

Highly recommended

Every time we expand, we buy another one of these double boilers. Reliable, efficient and low running costs = winner/

By Heynen Systems Netherlands on 07-Mar-2017

Time saver - pressing not ironing

Absolutely amazing difference to the effort needed to iron clothes. Completely different to ironing. Once you have learned the basic smoothing and to press each side. Final fold comes last, each type of clothing is slower at first but then you begin to increase speed. I found it easier if you have a folding surface nearby. Definitely recommend as it reduces ironing time and effort.

By jjs on 06-Mar-2017

Five Stars

Brilliant. Delivered so quickly and a good range of needles for different fabric thickness. Highly recommended!

By Michelle on 03-Mar-2017

Essential item

Goods as described, arrived on time, stops shin on trousers and a must to use as a barrier when ironing delicate material.

By Bea dyer on 01-Mar-2017

A work horse

I bought this machine as a beginner, not expecting a lot given its price, however this machine has pleasantly surprised me. This machine has no problem quilting, sewing jeans or general everyday sewing. The machine comes with a wide range of feet allowing you to be very creative. Very easy to use and just generally a great machine, I wouldn't change this for the world now! Plenty of extras which were really useful!

By Guillermo Solís on 23-Feb-2017

Just what I needed

Now I can Iron sleeves without leaving creases down the middle which is what is wanted by some of my customers

By SAMANTHA LEE on 23-Feb-2017

Amazing machine

Been using this machine for a couple of months now and it's amazing. Haven't used all the features but I've tested them out. Great machine. Would recommend for beginner/intermediate sewers!

By Claudia on 23-Feb-2017

Great for almost every clothing item

A bit heavy, but it does the job. Great for almost every clothing item. Not so good for shirts, as they still come out with creases and so need traditional ironing afterwards

By pete on 21-Feb-2017

Love this press

Love it. Totally worth the money. Saves time and irons much faster than the everyday iron. Highly recommend it.

By Carol P. on 20-Feb-2017

Expensive but worth it

Beautiful results, can really see the difference, thanks

By Active Ironing on 17-Feb-2017

Powerful, consistent, worth the money

Both the table and iron iron are excellent so much better then any household iron and table and I would not consider another. The steam is powerful and consistent, iron is sturdy and has a nice weight whilst not being too heavy.

By Memo on 17-Feb-2017

So impressed!

Best ironing system for the home, I can do my ironing in half the time

By Polizzi Pierpaolo on 16-Feb-2017

Professional equipment

Very easy to fill and empty

By Bexley Care Home on 13-Feb-2017

Five Stars

This product has changed my life. Cuts ironing time down to nothing.

By Nic on 12-Feb-2017

PERFECT sewing machine needles

Colour-coded sewing machine needles that make selecting the right needles for the job idiot proof. Perfect!

By Jenny Lowe on 10-Feb-2017

Very happy

The large size cut down on my ironing time, replaced Singer Press which had for last 3 years, wish it had broke down earlier! As with this super size press ironing takes less then half the time, very large sheets takes seconds to iron, I also hope the filter system will help it last years longer.

By Amon L. Hudson on 04-Feb-2017

I love this press

Excellent press I love it makes my clothes look like they came from the cleaners very impressed thx. great size

By felix wooden on 03-Feb-2017

Really great iron

Honestly, once you get used to it (took me a few goes), you'll never go back to a traditional iron again. This machine saves me so much time every week. There are 6 of us in our house and I used to spend hours every week ironing; now it's just so quick and easy that I'll never go back. Truly, they're that good! :-)

By Anne on 02-Feb-2017

Brilliant Product

I am so happy with my Steam press. I wish I had invested in one years ago. I have COPD, so I get tired easily. with the Steam press, I have halved the time it usually takes to iron a load. The actual action of using the press is very light.

By Chris McNair on 01-Feb-2017

Great service

Received in Ireland less than 48 hours after ordering. Great telephone support. Simple to set up. Great buy.

By Wisdom - IRE on 27-Jan-2017

Good product

Very efficient transaction, item as expected, prolonged the life of my iron.

By Amy, Bristol on 25-Jan-2017

As expected

Fantastic quality, price & fast delivery. Thank you.

By Mrs J B on 22-Jan-2017

5 out of 5 Stars

If you want to make your clothes look new again you need the speedy press over sized iron. It makes steam pressing easy and fast. I love the way it transforms my older clothes back into something I want to ware. The oversized press gives me plenty of space to press anything I want to.

By Charliott Rodgerson on 21-Jan-2017

Five Stars

Great stuff thanks

By cgahmed on 19-Jan-2017

Great machine

The 90HD is a true workhorse, very powerful to get wrinkles out in the simplest and quickest way. It features a large water reservoir with filter system which kis great for hard water and a large nonstick pressing plate, plus it automatically shuts off for added safety if left idle for too long, great for sheets

By Danny Zafr on 19-Jan-2017

Wouldn't be without this

I love this machine! Bought for applying heat transfer vinyl to clothing and upholstery projects; it is so easy to use that I also use it for all of my ironing! Debating whether to get rid of my steam generator and ironing board - I haven't used it since I have had this ironing press. Every home should have one!

By Sandra Haggerty on 18-Jan-2017

Amazing clothes steamer

Largest steamer around with 7 litres of water - it has enough steam to last many hours! Plus it can simmer the water so it is ready to steam the second we need it, really quality British stainless steel product, would highly recommend to anyone who wants a decent steamer to order Speedypress Mobile :-)

By RSPCA charity shop on 18-Jan-2017


Ordered this at 4pm, received it 10am the following day!! Extremely happy with this so far. It feels very sturdy!

By Classic Chair Covers on 16-Jan-2017

Well worth it

Excellent company purchase. I was very impressed with the very fast delivery ordered at 4pm and delivered the following morning, I was notified of dispatch, and the hour of delivery. You can't get better than that. Well done!. Thank you. One of my best purchases. I like the fact that it has a DVD as well as a manual. This machine is of excellent quality, it is very straightforward and manageable, especially for a novice like me. The difficulty I will have, is choosing the fabric I like to make my first garment with. Appreciated all the extra feet, thread, bag etc.

By Juddith on 09-Jan-2017


beautiful, steady base, wife loves it

By Eurides O. on 07-Jan-2017


Very happy with this iron

By Judith Bradley on 05-Jan-2017

Excellent product, excellent seller

Excellent product! Delivered very fast, packaged well. Very happy with it.

By Annmarie Judge-Preston on 04-Jan-2017

Five Stars


By Sevy on 28-Dec-2016

Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles

To me, these are good quality needles. They each have the flat side and a good assortment of sizes to use on the various fabrics and they are colour coded. The case is well made and not easy for kids to get into. Happy with my buy.

By Christine Pointer on 23-Dec-2016

Love it

Should have got one years ago

By Maxine Jackson on 19-Dec-2016


This is great. I bought it because I had a frozen shoulder and found normal ironing a pain. I use it for everything - even shirts and 'fiddely' things. It's particularly good for bed and table linen. Ironing is my pet hate so I set this up in front of the TV and before I know it the ironing pile has gone!

By K. L. King-Wilson on 12-Dec-2016

Well pleased

A brilliant machine. I love it.

By Marcella Devine on 11-Dec-2016

Five Stars

Excellent value

By Timothy on 10-Dec-2016


We're on our 2nd one of these systems. Been using them for nearly 30 years! Very unique product. Vertically ironing clothes in their natural positions produces fast finishing results.

By Moss Bros Newcastle on 03-Dec-2016

Great sewing machine

Excellent and easy to use. A lovely smooth movement and clear instructions. Phoned for advice and got clear helpful support over the phone. Highly recommended to anyone as it is a good reputable brand.

By G. Mcadoo on 03-Dec-2016

Amazing Value

Fabulous machine, is a huge relief to the ironing chore. If you've never used one, persevere with the folding and placing of laundry, it is a different concept to a hand held iron and well worth it once mastered

By d bolas on 01-Dec-2016

Five Stars

An essential commodity for a B&B! Don't know how I managed without it until now!

By Jenn2016 on 01-Dec-2016

Great overlocker & service

Fantastic machine, great service, would recommend to anyone, have got one in each of our shops so much better quality than Brother and Janome equivalent which we had before changing to the Jaguar 2015.

By Quick Stitch Outlet shops on 20-Nov-2016

Five Stars

Just what I required.

By JYR on 19-Nov-2016

Steam press

Great best thing I bought for ages does exactly what I want well worth the money x

By shauna on 17-Nov-2016

Making ironing your dream!

My first reaction when coming across the iron snail commercial, was, "Are you serious such a thing exists"!! I had packs and packs of ironing every day, and now it's become a dream!! The iron produces tons of steam and lasts for ages without having to be reheated. No more shine on trousers - with the iron shoe you'll never see shine again! Additionally, the trolley makes there be no need to drag it around. Just wheel it at your leisure. Got lots of ironing? hate it? make it your hobby!!!

By LS on 10-Nov-2016

Five Stars

Wish I had found this product years ago. Makes ironing a pleasure (believe it or not!)

By Debra Guttridge on 05-Nov-2016

Five Stars

Excellent service and fantastic product

By McCalls on 04-Nov-2016

Five Stars

I first started sewing with a 40 year old Singer zig-zag machine. Unfortunately the older the machine got, the louder it got and in the end my mum, who lives next door, was so fed up of the faux freight train sound vibrating through the walls that she dragged me out to shop to buy a new machine. I was a relative beginner and knew nothing about the bells and whistles technology offers these days. What I did know was, I needed an idiot proof machine, something not too big and clunky, and something that could take a pounding. I wanted to go computerised and mum's budget was tight, I thought I was looking at a low end, lucky to last a year sewing machine, but thankfully I was wrong. This little gem was perfect, I would even go as far as to say it is foolproof. It worked right out the box, with no more than a cursory glance at the quick start guide, before I was away sewing my first project (cushion covers). The stitches are always neat and the movement as the fabric feeds through is smooth and even I found this is very useful for a beginner and also versatile for different projects. I have subjected this machine to almost 2 years of hard labour and I sew long hours, daily. Everything from clothes to teddy bears and I have even dabbled with quilting. The machine has never skipped a stitch and keeps up with the demands I make of it with no effort on it's part at all. The throat of the machine is quite small, but don't be deceived, I have had a double quilt through it with only a little bit of awkward manoeuvring. I also free motioned a smaller quilt and was delighted with the results.

By Valentina on 04-Nov-2016

Wouldn't be without this

I love this machine! Bought for applying heat transfer vinyl to clothing and upholstery projects; it is so easy to use that I also use it for all of my ironing! Debating whether to get rid of my steam generator and ironing board - I haven't used it since I have had this ironing press. Every home should have one!

By Sandra Haggerty on 04-Nov-2016

Love all the designs

Absolutely thrilled with this machine. Purchased as a treat and it does everything it says. Had some difficulty with self threading needle, had to drop the needle down in the holder so it works properly. Love all the designs, has three speeds and can go peddle free. Easy to load bobbin. Bleeps so you can't do things wrong. Wouldn't recommend it for its alphabet/numbers, they are a bit harsh. Fancy stitching is nice. Excellent value for money. Came with a load of threads which have been a great bonus. Have used it on free quilting (something I haven't done before) and once I get a bit more confident it is certainly capable of what I would need. Would recommend if you want a first quilting machine.

By Jan on 04-Nov-2016

Great quality

So far sew good!

By Karenr15 on 01-Nov-2016

Thank you

Because of major back problems, standing and ironing was no longer possible. This wonderful stand makes it possible for me to sit and iron with my press. It is very stable and the press attaches securely - using both a large bolt, Quality construction. Great size for doing sheets

By Jennifer Parker on 28-Oct-2016

Worth every penny

Great machine, great service

By Wash & Go on 20-Oct-2016

Fantastic ironing press

The stand was easy to assemble and works as presented. It helps to be able to sit while using the steam press and the stand makes it easy to put the finished fabric, I am a quilter so got it for pressing my large quilts, worth every penny

By Maria Delsing on 19-Oct-2016

Make your sewing alterations easier

I have used it everyday since purchasing it a few months ago I haven't seen any issues with it so far. Easy to use and excellent finish

By I.Hooper on 15-Oct-2016

Steam press

Like: Easy to use cuts down on ironing time. Dislike: quite heavy

By mrs anne-marie hamill on 13-Oct-2016

Sewing Machine 404 put the joy back into my sewing

This is my first menu driven sewing machine. My old FristerRosssman is 41 years old. I have been sewing for 56 years or so and have had my own sewing bussiness for 40 of those. I have recently retired and this machine was my treat! My machine was delivered 3 weeks ago and since then I have been having fun. I never had time for experimenting with embroidery stitches before.I have successfully made broidere engIaise edging. The choices of designs opens up endless possibilities.This machine makes a wide variety buttonholes at the press of a button.It's the easiest machine to thread.You only have to use the foot control if you want to, I haven't used it yet, the speed control on the machine is excellent, especially if you have arthritis (as I have).The snap on feet are great (never had this feature before).The goodie bag which came with the machine has been handy and of good quality. I particularly like the serging foot and the walking foot.The only down sides are niggles really. The bobbin winder can sometimes over fill. You have to but an empty biro or tube over the bobbin window to make a secondspool holder for turn needle sewing.And finally the bobbin tension needed some adjustment at the beginning.

By JJ on 13-Oct-2016

Amazing press

This thing is amazing. We use it at least one a week for 7 sets of bedding, and full range of clothes,It takes some practice but it is definitely worth it. Packaging was fine and it arrived next day!

By Monica Mattsder on 12-Oct-2016


Very pleased so far

By sarah rowlands on 12-Oct-2016

Great purchase!

Makes it so much easier to iron with spring loaded system taking the weight off the iron, a real bonus to the Pressmaster vacuum ironing table

By S & D Cleaners on 10-Oct-2016

Proven usage!

This replaced one I had for at least ten years. There was a fracture of the plastic handle on the old, which although mended to usable state with Super glue, made me think it about time to purchase a new one! Amazingly it is identical to my old one, and I look forward to many years of using it as before.

By D. HARTLEY on 10-Oct-2016

Five Stars

A wonderful machine for a great price, would highly recommend as it's easy to use.

By Maria Y. on 10-Oct-2016

Brilliant steamer

Really happy with the Speedypress quality, well worth the investment I think, would certainly recommend it to anyone. We had our last Handyman for over 30 years! It still works but I decided it was time to purchase a new one and keep old one as a back up, tell all the other charity shops to only buy Speedypress. Five stars from us!

By Age UK on 07-Oct-2016

Easy-to-use & efficient

Really speeds up my ironing. The difference between this and a regular iron is immense! Looks really professional with knife-sharp creases.

By Dickies on 05-Oct-2016

Five Stars

Works well - better than smaller unit mainly because of size

By Bernard Laporte on 04-Oct-2016


A gift for a seamstress who loved it - quite a time-saver

By Donnalee Dunne on 03-Oct-2016


Bought this ironing press because I just hate ironing due to arthritis in my hands and what can I say but where have you been all my life, it's wonderful and so easy to use thank you.

By R SMITH on 28-Sep-2016

Great purchase

I purchased this product for a friend and she is delighted with it best thing she as used

By S W. on 27-Sep-2016

Five Stars


By Amanda on 25-Sep-2016

Love it!

Easy to use, excellent choice of settings, easy to thread (threading was my biggest fear...). It is, as others have pointed out, rather noisy, but I think not a big deal and it's great value for money.

By PB on 22-Sep-2016

Five Stars

Very good

By Liz on 22-Sep-2016


I love this machine. The embroidery is basic but for the money the machine is excellent. I thought some of the listed accessories were missing when the machine was delivered, so I contacted the seller who got back to me straight away and told me that they were packed inside. I did feel a little silly for not looking first. Excellent service and machine.

By Rachel Welsh on 21-Sep-2016

Great Product

I now press my own shirts, sheets instead of sending them to the cleaners and not only save a lot of money, but have a better looking results

By Frank on 18-Sep-2016

Fantastic purchase

Speeds up ironing considerably!

By Sew Impressed on 14-Sep-2016

Really pleased

Being completely hopeless at ironing, I bought the Handy Maid as I was spending too much money (and time) sending my husband's shirts to the dry cleaners to be pressed. I ordered this from Speedypress, as they are the official manufacturer, and I thought I would probably get better customer service if I had any queries or concerns. I received the steamer the next day (excellent). It took all of 5 minutes to set the steamer up and I was away. It works brilliantly. There was a huge pile up of work shirts to get through, the prospect of which would have normally had me filled with despair if I had had to get the ironing board out. Steaming with the Speedypress Handy Maid was super fast, and almost, dare I say it, fun. I worked out I'd saved over £16 steaming this lot alone, so I'm hoping to recoup my initial outlay fairly quickly. The machine itself is sturdy, and feels like it will last a lifetime. The steamer has a metal head (as opposed to the normal plastic in other steamers) which I'm sure helps in the de-wrinkling process. The instructions say you can use tap water, but given this is an expensive piece of kit, I'm using deionised water in the hope of preventing limescale build up. Overall I am really happy with this purchase. I don’t think you will find a better quality steamer.

By Ina M. on 14-Sep-2016

Great machine and very good value for money

So far I am very impressed with this machine. It is very easy to operate and I was switching between various stiches in no time at all. It is excellent value and I am very impressed with it. I would advise reading through the instructions to familiarise yourself with all the buttons and the machines abilities before starting. I would definitely recommend this machine for those who are upgrading their basic machine for something that will provide various stitches for every requirement. I am looking forward to many happy hours of sewing endless combinations and possibilities.

By Karen on 11-Sep-2016

Impressive is an understatement

Had my first Mobile steamer for over 30 years. Instead of getting it repaired, I bought a new one. 30 years for one machine like this is incredible!

By Mrs E Smith on 10-Sep-2016

Very happy

Great needles. These were recommended by my repair man. He's been fixing sewing machines for 30 plus years and said he wouldn't use any other brand.

By Caskie.2007 on 09-Sep-2016

Five Stars

Quality product, it's got a great powerful vacuum, with plenty of space to iron on, well recommended, nice to buy something British for a change as well!

By Jane Perry on 08-Sep-2016

very good & promt suppler

very very pleased with the prompt service from this seller. goods were spot on, would recommended

By james crawford on 05-Sep-2016

Best by far!

If only we had purchased this sooner...

By Dry Cleaning Well on 03-Sep-2016

Best thing since sliced bread!

Fantastic machine, the table makes ironing thoroughly enjoyable, the fact that it is British made is a bonus!

By Richard & Danielle Simpson on 31-Aug-2016

Highly recommend

Very large surface. Does a great job and much nicer press than regular iron. Would buy again and recommend to others. Filter system will hopefully make press last, as my last cheap press from Argos only lasted 18 months

By katherine on 31-Aug-2016

Works well

Just a little bit heavy for elderly people

By Tatjana on 29-Aug-2016

4 out of 5

Had the Magpie boiler until I decided to sell my business, but bought the Snail 3-litre for my home as it was affordable. It is a good ironing system but it does not compare to the Magpie unfortunately...

By Joan on 27-Aug-2016

Five Stars

Wife loves it however do not see much of her now

By david perrin on 26-Aug-2016

Best machine I've ever had

A great machine and the best I have ever had it is one I would recommend to anyone and I would buy again

By annette martin on 22-Aug-2016

So happy with this press

This is so good I can not believe I have lived with out it for so long, I have a B&B and holiday cottages and its just changed everything and made things so easy, so much so that I purchased 2 one for my housekeeper so she can now help as well and she just loves doing her own stuff with it as she has a large household and takes in ironing for other people, it is just such a great size and the bedding, t.shirts, almost everything but shirts comes out wonderful

By henia slack on 19-Aug-2016

Five Stars

Really good machine

By kassim mohamed on 13-Aug-2016

Great purchase.

I suffer with quite severe lower back pain, so ironing was becoming a great difficulty. A friend told me about the Steam press. So I bought it. It arrived earlier than expected. Which was great. I've had it a few days now and used it twice. Best investment I have ever made. Ironing has now become a pleasure NOT a chore.

By May Dunbar on 09-Aug-2016

Cut my ironing time in half

This has cut my ironing time in half, would recommend to anyone to go for a large press

By PJ Wells on 09-Aug-2016

Highly recommend this!

Once you get used to this amazing form of fast ironing, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

By Coes on 08-Aug-2016


This is a fantastic overlocker. I got a real bargain and haven't stopped using it since it arrived. It's really straightforward and easy to use. My only grumble is that trying to thread it is a bit of a nightmare but that's more due to being left handed some of the mechanisms get in the way when I'm trying to thread it. Have recommended it to lots of friends though and would recommend it to anyone reading this review.

By Michael Shuttleworth on 07-Aug-2016

Five Stars

Superb sewing machine with many features at a great price

By susan taylor on 05-Aug-2016


Excellent press for my purposes, with normal iron style adjustment. I find it easy to use with good sized water reservoir and not too bulky or heavy.

By M Pedrana on 29-Jul-2016

Highly recommended

This overlocker is a very good price. Easy to use if you have never used a overlocker. Recommend it to anybody.

By Linda W. on 26-Jul-2016

Super super 404 sewing machine

Swift delivery well packaged - eager to see the machine. What a lovely looking compact machine. Runs like a dream so easy to use stitches nicely and really well behaved. Perhaps you are wondering what I mean by this - some machines suddenly slow or speed up or jump stitches. This one was so consistent with and without the foot control. Yes the light is not as bright or focuses on all the stitch plate but hey who really sews into the wee small hours and if I do I have lights on in my sewing room and an angled positioned lamp.Cut out and sewed a dress this morning wow no problems drop in bobbin so no fiddling with drop down flaps and trying to keep sewing out of the way and best of all you can see when you are running out of thread and can allow for a refil.Started to complete the borders of a quilt that has been waiting my attention for a few months now so much easier than by hand and I am free hand stippling them. Had a little hiccup with the feed dogs - All My Fault- didn't read the quick start guide. This machine is slightly different to my other 3 (yes 3 but after 50+ years of sewing who cares they are all well past their best and all pre loved). This is truly mine bought by me for me. The lovely Lionel answered my S.O.S and explained how to drop the feed dogs and hey presto away we went. I felt such a wallybut he was so kind and told me anytime to give him a ring if I had a query. My advise is read the quick start guide and refresh your mind on how things work on your lovely new 404, As I am familiar with programming etc this didn't phase me and truly going to enjoy some lazy afternoons playing on my 404 (well why not after all I am retired). So many ideas and trying to spin some yarn to match the lovely garments I have planned.Once you take the plunge and buy this machine you will appreciate all the added extras the cutting foot and walking foot as well as all the other feet are worth £'s to buy (I know I have purchased them all for my other machines). So many spare bobbins and the box of threads seam rippers scissors and of course the extension table - worth a bomb. If you add up all the cost of each items you could be paying a great deal more what with the cost of a branded machine possibly more. This machine is superb really really good value and will be loved as much as my much used Feister Rossman Cub. What more can I say but don't dally order pay receive and get sewing you know you want to.

By Sally W. on 26-Jul-2016

great press

this seems to be a great steam press, much bigger than my last one, bath towels fit in sideways without having to fold. also opens up wider so don't burn your knuckles, very quick delivery, was delivered the day after I ordered it, very pleased with press and also supplier thank you.

By len cropper on 23-Jul-2016

Well, well...

I have to say I didn't expect this to work that well, but I was amazed. My iron has had a brown layer on the base for years, and there's no way I thought it would ever come off to reveal the original baseplate in pristine condition. This stuff worked quicker than I could imagine. Beware of a couple of things though. 1. it is a bit messy and 2. it is a bit smelly when being applied. You use quite a lot too, but that's all the more reason to buy this big tube from these guys instead of the tube that is a quarter of the size.

By Paul S. Dunford on 22-Jul-2016

Sewing made simple

Can't believe what this machine can do it makes sewing simple

By Heidi on 22-Jul-2016

How did I manage before?

I am thrilled with my purchase - only wish I had bought one long before this. Now have duvet covers with little or no creases. Simple to use and can sit whilst operating it. Would not hesitate to recommend.

By Rosemary on 19-Jul-2016

Sewing machine&seller IPC

I didn't use it yet as it is to travel with me to Portugal so I just connect it and seems to be all ok. In my review of the seller: IPC I must redeem myself as I forgot to say in my seller review, how quick the team and Lionel had been to answer all my questions before I order. I sent several emails as if the machine needs a reparation,the body inside the casing now I know is metal, and other doubts as I am not going to try the machine immediately. They always came back to me and answer all my questions. The machine came in 2 days after I placed the order and even brought more offers than what we can see on the image. Is heavy enough to not be jumping around, or sliding but still workable&sturdy. For the reviews I red before and for my own experience with them, this seller is more than 5 stars. The machine came very well packed. I already know where all fit in the box and manage to just left out the 5 scissors looking nice and with quality&sewing threads 24 in beautiful colors. The accessories where in a bag side glued in the box, but now just those I said are out of the box. I am taking all as the box also contains important information, like order number for instance. It is an amazing machine just looking, I imagine when actually I will use it and get delighted/exultant, and all you get for this price is a bargain not to miss.

By Mariana on 19-Jul-2016

Great machine

Great machine. Hesitant to buy initially as no makers name but have been using for some time now and apart from not managing to get the needle threader to work there are no negatives to say about this machine. Great buy for the price.

By Haz053 on 12-Jul-2016


I do like it although it is nothing like as easy to use as a woman on a telly ad made it look, I still use the steam iron for awkward bits

By WIll on 11-Jul-2016

These are great

Good quality (I am not an overly experienced sewer, but happy with these, happier with price). Works with my old Singer sewing machine (concerto 2).

By Matthew on 11-Jul-2016


Arrived in double quick time and perfect for my needs brilliant

By a emerson on 04-Jul-2016

Machine is easy to use and sews beautifully

This machine has been nothing but a dream. It comes with a wide range of free Accessories nearly all of which I have used. Machine is easy to use and sews beautifully.This machine is a lot heavier than my cheaper Brother one but this is not too much of an issue for me as it pretty much stays in the same place all the time.Will add some pics when my sewing table is a bit clearer... Lol

By Lucy Lu on 04-Jul-2016

Excellent value for money a good all round machine

Excellent value for money. The machine is good quality and sews beautifully. Much better than my older machine. The alphabet is suitable for name tags but not high enough quality to put names or sentences on projects but in fairness it does not state that it is an embroidery machine, if you want this then you will need to spend the extra to get a sewing/embroidery machine. I would use the free motion sewing to put names on projects. The extra stitches are good. This is a good all round machine for home projects. It is on par with the more well known brands for the price. The machine is very easy to use, this is my first computerised machine and the instructions were very easy to follow, The needle threader is a bit hit and miss but with reading many reviews on many sewing machines this seems to be the norm, I think there is a knack to it which i'm sure I will master soon. The extra freebies are of good quality and lets face it where else would you get 13 feet. I only got 6 with my last machine. The extension table is good and would cost around £30 if you had to buy it separate You also get a hard cover for this machine which is good. Most only supply a soft dust cover. This is a good mid range sewing machine and would recommend it highly. Customer service is very good and deal with any problems promptly and courteously. I have been using this machine now for just over a month, I have made several projects and this machine has made it so easy. I love it. it is a really good quality machine for the price you pay. Highly recommend it.

By Dragon4lion on 30-Jun-2016

Blanca press excellent results highly recommended

I have two of these machines in used daily as I have a very busy hotel and they are excellent , we iron straight from the machines which spin at 1600 then leave the bedding to air overnight . I tried the roller type and smaller steam type baby presses but none and I mean none come anywhere near the finish that we achieve with these ... A little expensive I know but they take one hell of a bashing every day and give good results which is all you can ask for

By Keith T on 28-Jun-2016


I have a fairly old machine so I am always looking for replacement needles and unable to find ones which fit in the main craft stores. Very happy to find a collection of different sizes. I was concerned that something so small might become lost in the post but it arrived on time, no problems

By Mrs. Jayne L. Mcclenaghan on 25-Jun-2016

Great item

Excellent item, great service from the company.

By Mr. Grumpy Pensioner on 20-Jun-2016


Excellent machine. Very easy to use.

By GWS on 18-Jun-2016

Over the moon

I have had one for almost 10 years (not same make though) and it finally gave up last week, so a new one was ordered. It was delivered the DAY after I ordered it. Most impressed with the service. Used it the weekend and yes I am over the moon with it. My old one did not have a stand and I strongly recommend having the stand it makes life easier. Any one thinking of buying one of these steam presses I say buy one you won't regret it. Ironing becomes so much easier that it is a pleasure to do.

By Doting grandparent on 13-Jun-2016

Great unit

It's big, so it takes up a lot of space, it's not light, but it does exactly what it's supposed to do, large sole plate and loads of steam make this a delight to use. Feels really robust. We've been using this for a long while with no issues whatsoever. Delighted with product. Exactly as described. Thank you. A+++++

By mindymin on 10-Jun-2016

Would recommend

Bought this for my mum,she lives it wouldn't be without it now. Would recommend.

By Miss Sharon Kennedy on 06-Jun-2016

Great product

2nd Magpie I've bought. Thank you Speedypress!

By Classic Cleaners on 03-Jun-2016

Five Stars


By L L R Scott on 03-Jun-2016

Simply love it!

I waited a while to write this review, as I wanted to be sure that what I'm saying is true. I think the Magpie system is amazing. It does a very professional job.

By Carry On Costumes on 02-Jun-2016

Machine is as described by suppliers web site

Just what I wanted

By SaraJane on 02-Jun-2016

Love this product!

I absolutely love this product! My husband loves it more than I do. I bought it because I own a sewing business, and it makes childs play out of ironing up hems and pressing final products. You don't have to use the steam if you don't want to, so it would work for those looking for a cheap alternative to a heat press for applying vinyl to tee shirts. I use it for that too and it works like a charm!

By Deanna Imbro on 26-May-2016

Fantastic, love it

Fantastic, love it, only wish l had bought a larger one. I use it mostly to press bed linen for our holiday let, l now look forward to ironing the bedding now!

By Graham Williams on 25-May-2016

Overlocker fan

excellent machine just what is needed and more 10/10

By Mrs. Mac Giles on 18-May-2016

Five Stars

This is excellent, cuts down time on ironing, size is very good... prompt and helpful service too, highly recommended

By gillian hardiman on 18-May-2016


My ironing time is a quarter what it was. As I have up to 9 duvet sets and sheets etc to do a week, I used to ache in my shoulders. Now it's so easy to do. I wouldn't be without it, I just wish I'd bought it sooner.

By V. Bond on 14-May-2016

Great product, what's not to like!?

Great product, what's not to like!?

By Millenium Hotel on 09-May-2016

Great for ironing

Wife just loves this. Great for ironing, believe it or not she now loves ironing! Ironing used to be her worse!

By John J. Schooley on 09-May-2016

Five Stars


By Brian Grover on 06-May-2016

The best!

This is simply the best item i have ever purchased. Easy to use and quick and i cannot now imagine being without one now.

By Angie61 on 30-Apr-2016

Should have bought this years ago!

Very, very good buy. Takes a bit of getting used to initially if this is your first ironing press, in terms of keeping hands out of the way, but once you've got the hang of it the ironing gets done in a flash! I also found the pad very useful for sleeves & shaped areas of clothing. I should have taken the plunge ages ago - I have arthritis in my hands & it's painful to hold on to 'normal' irons but the handle design of this means I can operate it without pain. Ironing takes a fraction of the time & the clothes look really well pressed. The only niggle was the fabric selection as none seemed right, however I opted, believe it or not, for 'wool' & this seems great for the type of clothing I own, such as denims, polyester, cotton. If you had materials that didn't fit the available options & were thinner/finer, then you would need to experiment carefully.

By Caroljo on 28-Apr-2016

Great for ironing table cloths

We iron more than 100 table cloths every week, and this iron press definitely does the job. We would struggle so much and would never finish ironing all our cloths, but ever since we got this iron press we can iron everything in 1 or 2 days! The stand is useful as now we longer need to utilise valuable table space.

By SJP on 17-Apr-2016

Should have purchased earlier

Can't fault the boiler / iron, does all it it promised to do and more!

By Pressgang on 14-Apr-2016

Its amazing. Does everything it says and more

Was hesitant if I should return it but decided to keep it.Its amazing. Does everything it says and more. Great extra freebies which saved a lot of extra spending. Easy to use if you are familiar with any sewing machine. I didn't have to read any instructions just self explored so that says it all.

By star on 11-Apr-2016

Huge machine easy to use.

Firstly it is very large and heavy so not something that you would carry around, having said that it works well. Easy to set up, the instructions for use are fairly good but could do with a bit more info such as clear instruction that the machine must be raised when first switched on to heat up. Having said that, I did get it up and working quite quickly. The tri-pod stand has a large footprint so you need room for a machine like this one. I was pleased how easy it was to use, it shows the temperature it is working at in clear bright digital numbers. I tried it first with a couple of large cotton T shirts, then a small cotton button up blouse, simple to do and it took the baggy knees out of a pair of tweed wool trousers very easily.

By Hopefully Helpful on 05-Apr-2016


Fantastic, we have had 4 steam press machines over the last 34 years and this one is better in size and seems a lot easier to use.

By Lawrence Doncaster on 04-Apr-2016

Excellent piece of kit

Very happy with this. We use it daily.

By Hilton Padington on 02-Apr-2016

Five Stars

Great thanks

By Carol Hughes on 01-Apr-2016

Five Stars

Really like this... ironing so much easier especially large amounts.. stores neatly in cupboard.

By Evelyn Baird on 29-Mar-2016

Four Stars

Nice machine and alot heavier than I expected, but that hopefully means that it's a good quality, sturdy machine. My first overkocker so really pleased with it

By dorothy clayton on 26-Mar-2016

Five Stars

great product

By Kate on 23-Mar-2016

Easy to use

This is really very good and has reduced ironing times, with a good end result. I actually haven't found and faults.

By Julie on 21-Mar-2016

machine needles

Fitted my old Elba machine perfectly with very prompt delivery. Well made needles. Great value for money - would recommend this seller.

By martin sweeney on 19-Mar-2016


A lot better than my old one which was more expensive gets ironing done so quick plus it only took 2 days to get delivered very pleased all in all

By Elaine Armstrong on 19-Mar-2016


Fantastic machine, would have had five stars had the size of the letters been able adjust and the automatic needle theader work but otherwise does everything that I want. I love it it's not to noisey, still doing some practice on it. So that I can get used to all the settings and making notes about what works best for me but have made some presents

By Michelle on 14-Mar-2016

Brilliant machine, glad I bought it

I wanted a good all round machine to replace mine which I have had for 30 years and is getting past its best now!. I have started quilting so was looking for one that would work on that too. This seemed a good buy and with all the free extras I thought I would have a look at it. When it arrived, which was very quickly, it was well packed and everything was there. I unpacked it and plugged it in, it worked straight away, no issues, loads of different sewing feet, and the extra walking foot which I particularly wanted, The free scissors that came with it aren't very good quality, a bit cheap and nasty but everything else is great. Its not noisy, its easy to use and instructions are easy to follow, if a little sparse. I'm very pleased with my purchase

By Barbara D on 05-Mar-2016

Love it

I wanted to upgrade from my pretty basic sewing machine so did a lot of research. This machine came up as incredibly good value. It exceeds my expectations and I'm thoroughly enjoying discovering all that it can do. From the automatic needle threader to the embroidery stitches, it's straightforward and reliable. It happily stitches through multiple layers of fabric, too. It came with a host of extras, all useful. And best of all, it arrived the next day! I love it!

By Mrs T on 04-Mar-2016


Great item, good price & received quickly.

By anne-st on 03-Mar-2016

Very good

Excellent, easy my work. I suffer from fibromyalgia and now I can iron sitting down and relax, all my bed covers which was harder work for me. Not anymore!

By JENNY on 01-Mar-2016

would definitely recommend.

I use this item every day for my sewing job, would definitely recommend.

By Miss Lou on 27-Feb-2016

good value

I have been using this sewing machine quite a lot since june 2015. I only use it for quilting. it is amazing value for what it does. customer service is very helpful too.

By martine on 22-Feb-2016


Amazing results, very quick ironing. Very quick delivery despite the fact that we're based in the woods in a remote location in Ireland!!

By Suits Distributor Ireland on 14-Feb-2016

Great product

This is a great product. I tried it at a friend 2 weeks ago, purchased it 10 days ago and will never be going back to using an ordinary iron. The press makes my task of ironing bedding, kids school clothing much faster and easier it take a little of getting use to but once you get it is smooth sailing. Large ironing area is a must!

By Donny on 12-Feb-2016

Def. recommend

Fantastic, best item I have bought in ages. Would definitely recommend it to family and friends

By G. Latimer on 08-Feb-2016

Best buy I have made.

Having rhumatoid arthritis I found ironing difficult, but since I have been using the steam press I find it easy .

By Hilary Pickering on 01-Feb-2016

Brilliant press

Have had this for a few months now and it is great, it's twice the size of my last Steam Press and means I can press much bigger area making it quicker and easier. I love the digital display and the fact I can have steam on or off automatic, would recommend this seller and the product.

By louise on 25-Jan-2016

lots of really nice decorative stitches and at a v

Lovely machine, lots of really nice decorative stitches and at a very good price, still getting to grips with using it as I've not used a computerised sewing machine before, but I love the needle up/down feature also the speed changer, you can also use the machine without the foot pedal, which I haven't tried yet. It arrived quickly, very well packaged and with a lovely bundle of freebies, very useful, All in all so far I'm very pleased with my purchase.

By P. Jones on 09-Jan-2016

Five Stars

Still working well after 2 months and gets a lot of use

By Mr. Allan P. Davie on 08-Jan-2016


Basic piece of replacement equipment. Worked well on machine . Not much else to say about needles!

By Mo on 08-Jan-2016

The best!

This is the best iron cleaner. We use it in our busy theatre costume department, and it's recommended by our iron suppliers. It also smells nicely of coconut.

By Miss Mackintosh on 30-Dec-2015

Great buy

Professional ironing equipment, suitable for a high-end hotel. Thank you.

By Regency Hotel on 19-Dec-2015

It's easy to thread and has a really neat professi

This machine was to replace one I had had for 20+ years, it died a death. The new machine is fabulous it is so quiet, it's easy to thread and has a really neat professional finish to my sewing. Excellent quality machine for a very competitive price thank you.

By jan on 18-Dec-2015

A very, very good buy.

So pleased with this machine. It doesn't make me a cuppa, but other than that it seems to do everything else. I love the 'needle' down option. The speed options (excellent if teaching a child to use it). The choice of embroidery stitches is brill. The needle automatic threader actually works! Spool is visible, taking the guesswork out when it is about to run out. A really good all rounder sewing machine. The extras that come with this machine aren't cheap & nasty either. A very, very good buy.

By Shirley W on 18-Dec-2015

Four Stars

Great machine

By GraCall on 13-Dec-2015

My Fast Press

Very easy to use once you get going. Saves time and effort. An excellent buy.

By Glynell on 04-Dec-2015

Pretty awesome device

Reliable system, ensures many happy customers!

By Hilton Padington on 30-Nov-2015


Exactly what we needed for our dry cleaning business; we installed one of these high quality, locally made machines in each of our branches. Excellent, professional product with great customer service - Extremely satisfied.

By Enhanced Dry Cleaning on 27-Nov-2015

Four Stars

Not used it a lot yet but so far very pleased

By Polly on 28-Oct-2015

Life is so much easier now

Bought this for the wife as we look after numerous villas and apartments in Lanzarote. She loves it. Has cut the ironing time by 2/3 rds. Wish we had bought one years ago.

By Richard Tandy on 18-Oct-2015

very pleased

very good pleased with the steam presser and the delivery thank you

By Sheila Hickson on 12-Oct-2015

Cut down ironing time.

It has cut the ironing time. The only thing I would have changed is the size as this size does not quite fit the full width of the polo shirts.

By Mister Happy on 19-Sep-2015

The service from this company is excellent. They a

The service from this company is excellent. They are efficient and thorough. They even included an adapter plug because I live in Spain. I have only used the over locker a couple of times but I am very pleased with it. I also purchased a sewing machine from them, and as an experienced machinist I can recommend this company. Well done

By Mrs. C. M. Haines on 12-Sep-2015

Four Stars

A nice compact ironing press, easy to use with clear instructions.

By passed on 09-Sep-2015

Professional system

Heavy duty, durable machine. Being height-adjustable and made to be used both right-handed and left-handed means it's suitable for all of our staff.

By Erskine Hospital on 09-Sep-2015

You need a strong back for this one

I bought his item last year mainly because I have a problem with my back and cannot stand for too long. It takes some getting used to and how best to feed clothes into it such as trousers and fiddly things like blouses. My main problem is the weight. It weighs 15kg and is quite difficult for me to manage on my own. Would be perfect if you had a utility room where it could be left on the work surface all the time. I did have some problems with it when it wouldn't heat up. I spoke to the distributor and they tried to advise me on the phone and having tried all their suggestions without success, they arranged to collect and return ASAP. They did this very quickly, but I have no idea what was wrong with it as I didn't hear from them again.

By Sheila B. on 09-Sep-2015

Works a treat

So happy with the order yes my Mrs loves it, thanks, very good, easy to use, I have a stand for it also, okay thank you

By Mr David Mcallister on 01-Sep-2015

Five Stars

easy to use

By joe mc cartney on 29-Aug-2015


this machine was bought as a gift for me and it is a fantastic machine i have had great fun with my projects .this machine is well worth the price and i have now been using it for about a year and have had no problems with it i cannot find any fault at all .

By Elizabeth Pirie on 20-Aug-2015

Ironing is now half the time

Love this product

By Helen McGeehan on 15-Aug-2015

My first steam press - making ironing a treat.

This is brilliant for ironing bedding which is mainly why I bought it, it has taken a little time to get used to ironing T shirts and trousers. I have also found it less tiring than using a small iron. I have burned my knuckles a few times so I do wish it would open a little higher to give more room when straitening sheets etc. The only downside to this is the steam shuts off below 150 degrees which means I have to wait for it heating up again on the wool setting. I'm pleased the stand came with it as this locks the press to it making it very safe to use. I would definitely recommend this.

By Veggie on 12-Aug-2015

Five Stars

Very pleased delivery was quick and item just as stated.

By technophobe on 10-Aug-2015


This is the first computerised sewing machine i've used - and jeez it sure make sewing interesting and easy. My eyesight is failing so the needle threader is a huge blessing - make sure your needle is up as far as it will go (i usually press the needle down button to bring the needle down, then press it again to make sure the needle is in the correct position), hook the thread around the white hook and under the teeny upward hook that comes through the needle. release the gadget arm slowly for best effect.The computerised screen is simple to scroll through and stitch adjustments give you more than the 177 stitches on offer - the combinations this little machine offers are only limited by your imagination.The lettering is clear capitals with no option of lower case nor size adjustment. It does join the letters together with a stitch or 2 but it's easy to snip those stitches out. If you're good at machine embroidery though you could get round this by embroidering any script.The range of feet & tools that come with this machine is immense, saving a lot of money further down the line. The tension is easy to adjust and the bobbin is easy to access. I had an issue with the thread catching underneath until I realised that I hadn't quite threaded the machine properly - so this is definitely down to human error and now I just take more care.This machine is just the right weight that I can lift it or slide it out of my way and yet it doesn't slip around when i'm sewing like my lighter machines do - definitely a big bonus.I make 'art' quilts - this machine handles the thickness of 3 layers with ease - the only slight issue, which I don't mind but you might, is the pass through cavity is quite small - this has just made me more strategic in planning how to sew quilts to the left of me rather than the right :)The vibration & noise from this machine are minimal - it does get slightly louder as the bobbin thread runs really low - I like this - it's good warning that i'm about to have to stitch all over again if I don't sort it out :)There are so many plus point to this machine (for me at least) that I really can't fault it (nor the seller).

By Barbara Miles on 31-Jul-2015

Thoroughly recommended.

A real time saver and a neat product. Thoroughly recommended.

By Ardnashiel. on 30-Jul-2015

Five Stars

This is the best thing I have bought in a very long time. Worth every penny.......

By Mandy Purcell on 27-Jul-2015

Five Stars

big and efficient

By Leila Sango on 22-Jul-2015

Just what I was looking for

Buy this you will never own another sewing machine, just remember to have the machine serviced on a regular basis.

By denise jakings on 21-Jul-2015

Five Stars

My lil sister received this in great working condition. The delivery was spot on! Thank you

By Zamahlobo Pienaar on 19-Jul-2015

Five Stars

Very happy, thanks.

By Rob on 05-Jul-2015


Great job so much easier than using an ordinary iron. Doesn"t seem like work. Takes a few minutes to heat up and quite heavy too lift but apart from that great.

By amanda mcord on 03-Jul-2015

I love my Magpie

We highly recommend the Magpie 5-litre British Ironing Boiler, Iron, Trolley & Drain Bottle

By Baglioni Hotel on 01-Jul-2015


I am so pleased that I bought this product it is excellent for the bedding that I have to launder, makes my life so much easier and the response from the company with my queries was immediate, would definitely recommend.

By JA BARTLETT on 18-Jun-2015

Five Stars

Got my sewing machine in very good time. Excellent sewing machine!! Loads of freebies!

By katherine marco on 09-Jun-2015

Love this machine

I love it . I couldn't believe how soon it arrived. I think it will take me a while to got the hang of it but I don't care. It is great

By Mrs P Marron on 08-Jun-2015

Five Stars

Absolutely best machine I've ever had

By Claire Salleh on 04-Jun-2015

Jolly good value for money,superb after sales

The after sales service is the best I have ever encountered. I had a couple of queries ,so I telephoned ( quick responses) and received patient helpful and courteous assistance .A replacement needle threader and easy thread needles were promised and were sent very promptly . I was impressed that ( I live in France)an electrical adapter was included in the initial delivery. The machine is very different from my 20 year old Pffaf and I'm still getting used to it. I do find attaching different feet a bit fiddly, they snapped on with the Pfaff and the lamp is dismal due to new E.U electrical regulations, but a side lamp gets over this. I still cannot manage to change the bobbin tension( just where is that hole referred to in the instructions- perhaps someone can help me out on this. I should mention that I my left hand is not as efficient as my right due to a medical problem, which no doubt accounts for some of my difficulties

By twinks on 31-May-2015


Brilliant and so much quicker than the iron

By debbie bond on 22-May-2015

Five Stars

Great press, stand makes it easy to use, well worth the money, had no problem working it

By Mr Richard Wright on 21-May-2015

Four Stars

good press

By mr j l ford on 17-May-2015

Great purchase

My wife absolutely loves it,so much better than her old machine

By mr phillip d evans on 15-May-2015

Life saver

Have serious illness which made using an ordinary iron very very difficult, this has been a life saver, as it means it is one less thing that I need help with,

By Anne C Foy on 10-May-2015

I have found it not easy to sew some of the delica

I am a new sew bee and this is my first machine.I have found it not easy to sew some of the delicate fabrics. but it might be my skills not the machine.

By DilekY on 07-May-2015

Try it

Why did I not get one before! I read many reviews before opting for this one. It's so simple. Once you get used to it it's super! But watch your hands and arms while getting used to it. I have it set up on the stand and I'm glad I have the room to do so as it is rather heavy! If your in doubt just try it! Came very quickly and very well packaged.

By Susan on 29-Apr-2015

Five Stars

very pleased with the new steam press. just what i expected, thank you.

By george barnes on 21-Apr-2015

Jaguar 097

Excellent machine which does all I need it too very well.

By francinacole on 16-Apr-2015

Five Stars

brilliant! irons wonderfully and takes so little time

By elani on 21-Mar-2015

A press for everyone

This is an excellent product. It is robust yet very attractive. It is simple to operate and does everything what one might want of a press. Locate at work bench height and it is comfortable to operate.

By J. Smed on 07-Mar-2015

So disappointed......

.....that I'd done the bulk of my ironing before receiving this item. Firstly, it arrived two days before I expected it. Secondly, being ex-armed forces, I do like to be well turnes out. I used to quite enjoy ironing but a severe spinal injury made this task extremely painful. Not any more....its so easy and effective to use I fins myself looking for items to press.

By Sheila M on 20-Feb-2015

Love it

First time ever that our ironing is done every week! Even managed to motivate the husband into ironing! Love it

By jill FB on 18-Jan-2015

easy to use

Does what it says on the tin, easy to use, fantastic results

By Stephen Skwarnecki on 13-Jan-2015

Greatly reduces ironing time

This has proved a great benefit during the b&b season, reducing my ironing time. Wish it was a bit wider, but it has been easy to get to know and use.

By Helen Stephenson on 12-Jan-2015

very happy

Excellent machine, I would not try anything heavy like heavy curtains, but skirts trousers etc. Fast delivery also :-)

By when jen on 27-Dec-2014

Five Stars


By Anne Smith on 21-Dec-2014

Perfect experience

Really great machine. I would buy from this seller again in a future. Smooth transaction, fast delivery and great quality. Thank you!

By ewelina on 28-Nov-2014

Five Stars

great machine great service would use again

By margaret on 23-Nov-2014


Super machine & excellent Customer Service from The Ironing Press Company. Had a problem a few months after purchase & they didn't hesitate to replace. Fantastic !!

By Andy on 05-Nov-2014


Great item

By Geraldine on 03-Nov-2014

Works a treat

Nice iron takes a while to get how to use it but once you do it's great

By Mr. J. Pacey on 02-Nov-2014

Five Stars

all that it claimed to be

By stephen birch on 28-Oct-2014

Would buy this again / recommend to a friend

I haven't had this long but it compares very favourably with my previous machine. Good, sturdy quality. Works perfectly so far.

By Yvonne Attridge-Hall on 15-Oct-2014


This is a very handy little machine. My only complaint, it takes a lot of practice to get it right, but I suppose that's to be expected! If it could be simplified I'd give it the fifth star.

By Ronald Maxwell on 14-Oct-2014


Fantastic would not be without it now, Delivery was quick, it came the next day, cannot fault anything, would recommend to others no problem.

By Christine Davies on 06-Oct-2014

Five Stars

Excellent service & the unit does the job brilliantly

By AD on 02-Oct-2014

I am a bit disappointed that you can't change the

Ordered this machine Sunday night, arrived early Tuesday morning! I have only ever used a very basic machine before so wanted one that did more than basic stitches and this one certainly does lots of different ones, including letters and numbers. I am a bit disappointed that you can't change the size of the letters or some of the designs but nevertheless it is a great machine. It is a bit heavier than my previous one but that means it doesn't move around when sewing at speed. The manual is not as concise as I would have liked, for example having never before used different 'feet' I woulfpd have liked advise on when and how to use them but I have purchased a sewing book so will find out. I cannot get the automatic needle threader to work which is a pain as that was one feature I really needed, but I shall keep trying. The machine is very easy to use but the foot pedal seems a bit flimsy and at first I didn't feel confident to use the stop/start button instead, but with practise I now prefer this so don't use the foot pedal. It took me a few minutes, that's all, to work out how to select the different stitches and I got a piece of scrap fabric and tried them all! Before purchasing my machine I looked at others but for the price this is a great machine, plus all the extras is very good value. My only concern is that there is no makers name on the machine and I wonder if it develops a fault after the guarantee period if I will be able to get it repaired at my local sewing shop. However having read other reviews on here it seems the supplier should be able to help if np needs be. I am impressed with the machine and what it can do and fast delivery was a bonus.

By Lucy on 19-Sep-2014

easy to change reels

Quick delivery it arrived when stated, it was already threaded when machined arrived, easy to change reels, cotton reels that come with the machine are useful colours but of poor quality, but overall the machine is excellent, I am very pleased with.

By Mrs Jennifer Tickle on 13-Sep-2014

Easy to thread

My first overlocker. Easy to thread. Easy to use. Very pleased

By lisa Newman on 08-Sep-2014

This is a wonderful overlocker and if you are stil

I bought this overlocker, my very first, a mionth ago. Let me tell you its brilliant. I had read many reviews on various overlockers regarding threading problems and was worried about getting an overlocker but this machine is a simple. Its a very robust beast of a machine that does not complain at any fabric you put through it. If you are reading reviews to make up your mind then look no further,. This is a wonderful overlocker and if you are still unsure, give TIPC a ring and have a chat. Their customer service is also wonderful.

By Mrs. S. Gregory on 30-Aug-2014

Five Stars

Just what we wanted

By Tina on 30-Aug-2014

Very pleased

Very pleased, I fully recommend.

By Brenda Hay on 28-Aug-2014


It's great.

By Amanda. Fineran on 07-Aug-2014


Excellent machine cut my ironing time down by half

By daphne banks on 03-Aug-2014

I am 80 years old, at last I love ironing.

Hated ironing! Now I am looking for things to wash! The press is excellent, easy to use, instructions are easy to follow. I will recommend to my friends. I have only one criticism, it is a bit heavy.

By p morgan on 30-Jul-2014

Great purchase

Really effective, dramatically reduces ironing time and makes a lovely job. I still iron shirts with the traditional iron and board but otherwise everything goes through the fast press. I have superkingsize bedding which has been a major pain to iron, with the fast press its done in under a minute.

By Caroline MacDonald on 21-Jul-2014

My new hobby - IRONING!

How I wish I had bought this years ago - ironing has become easier and even fun. Items like bed linen - fitted sheets, pillowcases and even king-size duvet covers receive a thorough ironing and look so much better than with an ordinary steam iron. The only problem I have is the weight but overall this apparatus is well worth the money.

By C. A. Picken on 14-Jul-2014

Fast and easy!

This has made such a difference to my life, I have found ironing increasingly difficult as I have got older, but can now sit down and get through bedlinen so fast.

By Jan on 07-Jul-2014

Excellant quality overlocker

I am really pleased with this new machine, i was going to purchase a Janome untill i read the reviews on this one and i am glad i changed my mind. The delivery was extremely prompt and arrived within a day of ordering, it was packed very sturdly and came already threaded, although i have used an industrial overlocker so i was familiar with how it all worked. I would have no hestation in reccomending this machine and all its gadgets, which i am trying out at the moment. I have already made several items including a pencil skirt from the sewing Bee book, it looks amazing and very proffessional i have been asked were i purchased it from and people were amazed when i said i have made it!

By Rosemary Cook on 02-Jul-2014


Excellent item, very powerful, easy to use, sit down and press away, no drips, no burns if used correctly

By Mrs Angela knape on 02-Jul-2014

Jaguar 097

Just decided that I would like to have a go at making some of my own clothes. After much deliberation I decided to purchase the latest Jaguar Epochlock 097. I am delighted with it so far as it appears to be a sturdy machine and is easy to thread. I have had a few problems with my cotton snapping but I am still trying to get used to the machine. The finish it has given me on the clothes I have already made has been excellent. So it's five ***** stars from me!

By David Rigby on 18-Jun-2014

Great delivery

Thank you so must for the excellent delivery time..a wedding present for my daughter in a couple of weeks! I think she's going to love it, I would be lost with out mine, makes ironing a pleasure....

By Sandy White on 13-Jun-2014

Almost makes ironing a pleasure

Wonderful product with a variety of temperature settings for different fabrics. I fold up all things to be ironed place it in a pile on one side of the ironing press before starting.I have mine on a table with chair in front put on the TV and in no time at all it is all on the other side beautifully pressed with very little effort. It almost makes ironing a pleasure. I bought this as being a lady of a certain age I am now finding that prolonged ironing with an iron and ironing board was making my elbow ache. No pain at all after using this press. The handle is easily pulled up and down over the garments to be ironed. There is also good height when the press is open so less chance of you burning your hands on the top hot plate.It presses layers of cotton sheets in one go and I do all the clothes on it. I looked at a number on line but chose this one due to the larger size of the pressing area. Easy to use and set temperature as needed it can be used with or without the steam facility. I would recommend this press to anyone looking to make ironing easier.Very quick delivery by the seller.

By netshopper on 07-Jun-2014

Excelent value for money

The machine arrived less than 48 hours after ordering which is some going as I live in the far north east of Scotland. A simple query about on of the items was answered within 48 hours in a friendly email. The machine itself is sturdy and performs well as a simple sewing machine. I was in the middle of making some bags out a heavy curtain material when my old machine packed up and I finished them using this machine. All the feet work well and I was particularly impressed with the button hole foot. You place the button at the back of the foot and it measures it out for you. All you have to do is choose your button hole from an impressive array of button hole patterns, press the start button and watch your button hole appear. Someone must have re-written the instructions as they were clear and written in good English. The machine is easy to thread and has a built in needle threader. It has a foot pedal but you can un-plug it and use a button to start and stop the machine.and a button to put it into reverse. I particularly liked the speed limiter, which you set with a sliding knob. Once you set it, the machine will not run any faster than the level you set. This means you can have the machine just ticking over for complicated work or free hand embroidery and leave both hands free. It came with a fair set of extras as well, and I was like a child on Christmas morning as I opened all the little packages, containing extra feet, needles, tape ,measure, snips, a good selection of scissors that cut well and some nice cottons. Now to the impressive array of built in stitches. The pattern selection is all done via the little screen, and I suggest you sit with the instruction book in front of you and work out how to get the screens up to choose your stitches. Once you have done it a few times it soon becomes second nature. There is also a chart printed on the front of the machine so you can see all the stitch patterns. There are three sections, simple sewing stitches and the buttonholes, fancy patterns and the alphabet and numbers.You choose the section you want and then scroll through to select the stitch you want. The alphabet and numbers are plain but readable and you can program up to 30 letters or numbers and save them as a phrase. I easily saved my name so that I could print it out over and over for name tabs. It is a simple, square looking font and there is no kerning, so some of the letters are far apart if you save them as a phrase or name. You can get round this by sewing each letter individually and then re-positioning the needle a bit nearer before you sew the next letter. The standard sewing stitches like straight, tripple and zig zag work well. Simply choose the stitch from the screen, then set the length and width you want. I was also impressed with the overlocker foot. Teamed with the overlock stitch, it acts very much like a real overlocker. I usually sew a straight line and then sew the raw edge again with a zig zag. This has a special foot and stitch pattern that does it all in one go. I set it on a small stitch length and found it acceptable to sew and zig zag over the edge in one pass. The edge was firm when pulled and the zig zag covered the raw edge well. There is the usual blind stitch foot and there is a pattern for the blind stitch to do with it. There is an impressive array of pretty patterns., I have tried most of them and the machine copes with at quite high speeds with even the intricate ones. There are lines of little hearts, and stars, vines and leaves. There are even some tiny dogs, birds, and even a koala bear. There is also the option to mirror every pattern, and a button to finish off each each pattern on the last stitch so you don't stop in the middle of a pattern. I found you can also can sew a long line, then press the button as you come to the end and the machine will come to a stop on a finished pattern. Before I bought this machine, I googled it and found a blog where all the patterns are shown if you want to see them all. I am very impressed with this machine and I hope you my my review helpful.

By Christine Westhead on 25-May-2014

Love it!

I hate ironing. In fact I hate it that much for every six things I iron I have a glass of wine. After 24 things I don't care what it looks like. Action had to be taken. First of all. Delivery fantastic. Emailed a week in advance and said I was only home the following Tuesday. They replied within 2 hours guaranteeing delivery on that day and they were right it arrived while I was home. Secondly instructions are readable and understandable. Set it up tonight and in 15 minutes I ironed 12 pillowcases, four sheets and 2 duvet covers. Am well impressed. Bad points I only managed one glass of wine.

By Jennifer Thompson on 16-May-2014


I spent a long time going through all the reviews for iron presses to try to find the "right one for me". I even spoke to the distributor about some things not mentioned in the product information. They recommended this model as they thought it would be best since I do quite a lot of ironing (more than average apparently). Found out that most Iron presses come from China - this one is German and is what sold it to me as the after sales service is apparently so much better than the others. A point worth mentioning. I am still getting used to using it - it does take time to work out the best way to move the items about especially things with curved edges like sleeves etc. Double size and bigger Sheets and duvet covers are quite tricky as you have to feed them to the back of the machine and pull them towards you as you press. The DVD and instructions recommend that "4 layers" are the maximum for best results, so with sheets & duvets you can either fold into four or two whichever suits best but you will need to turn it round or over to do the other edge. Any creases in the material will be pressed in, so it pays to spend a bit of time folding properly. The item is quite heavy (14kg net wt.) which is a bit of a problem for me as I have a bad back which is the main reason for getting an iron press, so that I wouldn't have to stand for too long. I can now sit down to iron which is a real bonus. Great for ironing T-shirts, tops, skirts, even jeans, but you definitely need the steam for those. The steam only works on the maximum heat settings, but you can always spray the item with water first - it comes with a spray. They recommend you use distilled water or bottled water (especially in hard water areas) but you can also used boiled, cooled water from the kettle. Filling is a bit tricky - they supply a funnel which is supposed to stop overflow when filling, but it didn't work for me. You just have to be careful not to overfill, but as there is no water level indicator, it is difficult to judge. There is no stand for this model - you need a sturdy table or worktop. Also supplied are a spare cover and foam. Overall, I am quite pleased with the item and I think that once I am more used to using it, I would not be without it.

By Sheila B. on 13-May-2014

A very good overlocker

This is an excellent machine and very good value for money. I would not hesitate in recommending this machine to anyone. It is simple to use and the result is good.

By loraine musson on 11-May-2014

Very happy with this product!

Bought this to replace an ironing press that had died after 24 years of sterling service. Did a bit of research and at first was disappointed with this - although same weight at previous one, the opening is bigger and consequently, a further stretch to reach up to pull down top press. First few times I used it I had pain in back and shoulder area from stretching that bit further. However, problem resolved by raising level of seat by placing thick cushion on it and now more comfortable. Works well.

By CJW on 07-May-2014


I love my new steam press and wish I had bought one years ago. It is so easy to use. I sit at the table, no standing & getting back ache. No pressure needed, the press does all the work. I highly recommend it.

By Clare on 30-Apr-2014


It was brillant, it cut my ironing by half the time, it took me only a hour to do a big bucket of iron, the old iron it would take about 3 hrs

By MARY PATTON on 24-Apr-2014

The best thing in my sewing room

We'll I will keep this short and sweet. I have never owned an overlocker until now. I was trying to sew some stretch fabric, but with a standard sewing machine, it was having none of it. So I spoke to a very nice lady who was buying the same type of fabric I had purchased, and she told me about this machine. So I went and purchased this Jaguar 097 Locker. It is very simple to thread, even for a total beginner as myself it's a piece of cake, as the front opens up and swings out the way, very clever.... You will not be unhappy in any way if you buy this Jaguar 097 Overlocker. I love it, only had it four days, already made 3 tee shirts, a top from my strech fabric, and will finish a shirt later.... A very happy customer!!

By Shaz on 21-Apr-2014

I love it

I ordered my press on Monday evening at about 8pm and it was delivered by 1.30pm on Wednesday. Fantastic service. This is my third press and each time I buy a bigger one. I am unable to leave mine set up due to lack of space so I am unable to use the stand. I set mine on my ironing board which is fine. I iron everyday, guesthouse,holiday cottage,family. The press makes the job so much easier.

By Helen Beaty on 11-Apr-2014


Great item, I have problems standing as I use a wheelchair this is a great item. It's quick and still works as good as an iron

By paula learmouth on 17-Mar-2014

Wife loves it

The wife can't use her hands very well so this is brill for her, had one before this it was 7 years old and the thermstat went

By lawrence on 08-Mar-2014

Blind hemming machine.

Would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys sewing (hemming) garments and curtains. Machine is robust and and quite compact.

By Susan on 16-Feb-2014

excellent press

An excellent press with lots of room behind to feed larger items when ironing like double duvet covers. I wanted the press for larger items so I choose this as it had the largest ironing area and also very important for me it had a stand which was free as an added bonus. I have had 2 presses in the past and they all have a small feed area which is useless for larger items definitely a design fault with the majority of other presses on the market. I would highly recommend this product as it is brilliant and does what it's supposed to do.

By Mrs T Edmondson on 15-Feb-2014

Can't live without this

It replaced old one after 10 years. There was a small gap between losing one and getting this one and I hated waiting.

By Elsie on 30-Jan-2014


I have my own ironing business and yes, it reduces the time. The finish is second to none. I have tried other makes of Presses,but none come close. Highly recommend

By kelly Page on 09-Jan-2014


Absolutely fantastic product for dressmakers!!! If you sew at home and do not have space for industrial iron is the perfect product for you! I'm very happy with the purchase :)

By Beata on 02-Dec-2013

You won't be disappointed

This press is the best, it does a great job and opens up wide enough that you don't burn yourself adjusting the clothes. if you need a press this is the one to get

By Jane on 26-Nov-2013

Ironing is a breeze

This was quite a bit more expensive than the press I have used for the last 8 years. Having read the reviews I decided to buy it as it addressed some of the short comings of the cheaper press that needed replacing. This is certainly a lot better quality both in the buils and operation. The stream is very efficient and I have noticed clothes are less likely to wrinkle with this machine and there is more room at the hinge side for bulky items such as sheets.

By Colin on 08-Nov-2013


It makes my ironing so much easier and cuts my time in half, its compact enough to put away in a cupboard when not in use

By Irene swift on 07-Nov-2013

Steam press usage

On first time of using , it was easy and great to use. Bedding is a doddle with this steam press.

By Sheena Allan on 03-Nov-2013

Fantastic machine.

saved so much time when you have a lot of sheets ect, to press. good for us owning holiday rentals.

By kevin thorley on 16-Oct-2013

No problem

Quick delivery and excellent product easy to use makes ironing easier. A bit pricey but will count down on type spent with small iron great for the bed sheet on our super king size bed

By Jenny on 29-Sep-2013

Ironing gets done much quicker than an iron and bo

Great ironing press - good size too. These presses do take some getting used to, but persevere and you'll really appreciate just how much quicker your ironing gets done. I still mainly use mine for sheets, duvets and pillow cases, tea towels. I have also ironed mens shirts on it too. Much, much quicker, but the moving the item around on the board gets some getting used to - in other words, trying not to burn your arms under the top of the lid - gets very hot!

By Mr Anthony Robert Goodchild on 22-Sep-2013


this item was needed urgently so I was very upset that it wouldn't steam. on contacting the supplier though they were extremely helpful and sorted the problem immediately.

By sheila stephens on 13-Sep-2013


takes practice to master it but the results are wonderful. Alot faster than the iron and takes less space. grab it.

By renato gallo on 05-Aug-2013

Cuts ironing time by 70%

Easy to use and makes ironing denim jeans a doddle. Shirts take a bit of practice and polo shirts are easier to iron when buttoned up. I love cotton sheets on my bed but hated ironing them. Now it is SO easy. Every home should have one.

By Eileen on 02-Aug-2013

Steam press.

This is my third steam press, in over thirty years, it's the only way to iron. The steam on this particular iron is very powerful and well directed, I just love it.

By Johnk on 31-Jul-2013

Bought for my disabled mother

My mother has used a steampress for some years now due to her disability and is very pleased with the machine. also nice and light for her. a little bit of a cock up when ordering as I received 2 instead of 1 due to an error so had to pay to return but other than that the service was fast and efficient and as much my fault as theirs.

By mrs gillianhallas on 30-Jul-2013

Makes light work of heavy ironing

This steam press makes short work of larger items and is ideal for quickly pressing t shirts etc ready for packing and actually makes ironing more of a pleasure. It is slightly larger than I thought it would be but that is not a bad thing. The leaflet enclosed with the steam press gives great tips on ironing certain items like shirts and trousers along with sheets etc. After a few trial runs, it becomes easier and one fairly whizzes threw what was (to me) a laborious chore.

By joan rae on 19-Jul-2013


This is the second Steam press I've had and I loved my first one. This is one is bigger and even better. Would highly recommend it.

By mr k neumann on 10-Jul-2013

Great asset to the utility room

Very impressed, the time I save on ironing the washed. The list goes on... bedding, jeans, clothes are done in no time as well, 3 pieces in one go, depending on what it is... it's great... a bit tricky with women shirts, as they are a different cut, but men shirts take less than a minute to iron. Would recommend this to anyone.

By I love books on 23-Jun-2013

What a turn up for the books!!!

My wife bought this product so I can't say first hand much about it but all I can say is that she is a much happier person now,with a lot more time on her hands to attend to my urgent needs! (like cooking cakes etc). Goes round muttering about how she wished she'd bought this thing ages ago. She had reservations of course, particularly when I unpacked it. It was smaller than both of us had imagined but after looking at it for a couple of days she decided to fill her up! and try her out! Well after a morning's ironing she packed it up and was finished. Big smile on her beautiful face. Worth the money ten times over! Tatian's husband

By Tatiana Locker on 18-Jun-2013

Does as it says

The press works well, It is just the right size for easy storage. The steam facility is efficient and it makes short work of the tedious job of ironing. Good in all respects.

By STANLEY PULLEN on 12-Jun-2013

Much faster than an Iron

This is a very speedy press. Follow the instructions and spray the items damp, they come out great. Obviously heavier to carry than an Iron, once in place you don't have to worry about the moving cable as attached to the moving Iron because once in place and heated the items are completed (particularly large items) much quicker. The Press Arm is balanced so people with weak arms are not at a disadvantage.

By Pauls on 12-Jun-2013

Easythread Overlocker

I am not an expert on overlockers, but I had this machine threaded and up and running within 15 mins. I found the instruction manual clear. So far it has worked extremely well for me, but time will tell.

By Ian P. on 11-Jun-2013

A great product and reasonable price

The steam press arrived in 2days, tried it out on duvet and sheets very pleased with the press, it takes practice but I like it

By mrs p thompson on 14-May-2013

What a great product

Delighted with this purchase,speedy service,easy to use,great finish and cuts ironing time by hours.wonderful seams in trousers and my pride and joy now

By Ms. S. M. Cranfield on 24-Apr-2013

Wished she had one earlier

My wife was finding ironing time consuming and standing for so long was affecting her health. Easy to operate and relatively light.

By Big Den on 15-Apr-2013

Steam Press

Very good and thank you. Very fast delivery. Would like to get stand for it too

By daviddrummond on 22-Mar-2013


I had one before but this one is better. It takes all the hard work out of it

By doreen ann lamb on 07-Feb-2013

Is it good?

The lady that looks after my holiday home (yes very decadent!) is delighted. Ideal for bed and bathroom linen, a bit of a learning curve for shirts etc, over all a good investment. We had intended buying one for our selves but now a delightful young woman from the Czech Republic does our ironing, so hey!

By r v n wilson on 03-Feb-2013

Blanca Press

I ordered this press from Linens Limited and it arrived bang on time. I was a bit worried that I might have trouble using it, especially for shirts. The instruction DVD made it look so easy - almost too easy! I needn't have worried. I got the hang of it really quickly - in fact it only took minutes with the tips given on the DVD. Now my ironing is painless and my linens look beautiful. My husband is really pleased with his shirts. I've been recommending it to everyone.

By chrisatallty on 27-Dec-2012

the best steam press yet!

My wife and I are using our third steam press now and I would have to say with the steam eject buttons incorporated in the handle now it certainly makes the press easier to use even with one hand, being the first electronic press we have had I am impressed with the handling and the finish of the press, many thanks for your advice to The Ironing Press Company.

By mingall3320 on 12-Dec-2012

Very good press

I had never used one of these, but as I have foolishly bought Egyptian cotton bedding for all our beds I was getting tired of dragging large duvet covers over the ironing board several times to iron them. I must say I am very impressed with it! There's a knack to using it which is to fold the duvet cover into a strip and then move the press along it (avoiding the edges) and then refold the other way and do the same. The press copes exceptionally well with the many layers of fabric and took me half the normal time with an iron to achieve an excellent results. I would say it's very good for 'flat' items such as T shirts, trousers, pillow cases, sheets/duvet covers etc. However, it gives instructions regarding how to press shirts, and I gave up after two as I hate having creases down the sleeves, so I shall iron the shirts in the 'old fashioned' way. I really don't mind this, as the rest of the ironing will take a lot less time and being able to press multiple items at once (I managed 3 T shirts at a time). A good buy and it was delivered really quickly (well ahead of the estimated delivery time).

By Kayemcee on 09-Nov-2012

Easy Ironing again!

For several years, we had a Domena press, with which we were very happy. When it finally went to the great laundry in the sky, we needed a replacement. The first one we tried was a disaster. A very narrow throat (no sheets!) and a small opening angle (very badly burned hands). So we sent that back and bought this. It's quite expensive, but after the burning we were prepared to spend more. So glad we did. This is, if anything, even easier than the Domena to use and produces better results. Plenty of room for sheets at the back and not a burned finger in sight. Warning :- don't over-fill the water chamber - unless you want a facial sauna - as the steam becomes a bit violent. However, once it calms down, the ironing is a breeze. You can have steam or no steam, there is a water/spray bottle provided and two pads for sleeves etc. There's also a special funnel for filling and spare rubbers for the water chamber, should they be needed. The soleplate is an ideal size for shirts and you can do a huge area of a sheet in one go. There's a DVD of how to iron for those who have never used one before because it takes a different technique than an iron (as we found out in the interregnum!). Don't think about the cost, think about the benefits! Highly recommended.

By Blodwyn Pygg85 on 03-Oct-2012

Fantastic product

I have had a normal press iron for years this is far superior having it with steam certainly speeds things up brilliant item

By Mrs. S. D. Jones on 07-Jul-2012

My wife loves her ironing press

My wife is very happy with her ironing press, she can sit down while using it, she use to have to stand while ironing before getting her press. I am in her good books once more.

By Billspain on 09-Jun-2012


Excellent labour saving device. Well packaged and delivered within stated date. Ironing your garments no longer a chore. Only caution--check garment labels for temperature instructions. Follow these and the rest is a breeze!

By Mr. J. Ballantyne on 26-May-2012


Arrived next day which was great, well what a pleasure ironing is everone should have one. We tried it tonight for the first time only got am amazing 5 mins ironing was done.

By Redstorm on 26-May-2012

Digital Steam Press

This is my second steam press, my previous press served me well for just over ten years before it packed up, this time l thought l would try the PSP202E. l am very happy with the way it works, the water tank is easier to fill and lasts a lot longer than my previous press, the pressing plate is larger too so it reduces ironing time still further than my previous press, it is a brilliant piece of kit, it even has a smaller bed for sleeves which just folds over to use. So why only four stars and not the full five? The reason is the weight - it is a heavy machine, much heavier than my previous press. l keep it out of the way under the stairs and a month ago l put my back out lifting it and l am going back to standard iron until my back is better and l find a better way of lifting. It deserves five stars apart from this. Thinking of purchasing a press stand and leave it out permanantly!

By Tony Cross on 17-Mar-2012

Good for the money I think

I've never used an overlocker before so cannot really compare...the main feature with this one is that you can open it out fully to thread it which is why I chose it.It was delivered quickly and it does the job. Unfortunately the manual is not at all clear and I bought a couple of books to help me, but! I think it's going to be trial and error which teaches me most. i have since looked at other machines ie janome and I think that one seems better made.

By Maggieann on 09-Mar-2012

Can't live without it ! Superb after service too!

I love my PSP206eE super Mega steam press. I can't live without it now can't understand why I waited so long to buy it! Save me loads of time and still is working fabulously every time I use it which is at least twice a week some times more. Good quality product fast delivery too! Also when I had a problem with my press six months on They sent me a brand new replacement within days. Now that's what I call fantastic after service so your money is well invested too. So if you spend hours ironing buy one you"ll save so much time.

By Jem on 11-Feb-2012

easy thread overlocker

nice to have a overlocker which is really easy to thread, the DVD instructions was excellent, added bonus was the 12 cones of 5000 meters of proper German Thread. Fast delivery considered the fact that I ordered at 3.30 pm and was delivered the next morning at 9.15am!

By jack on 09-Jan-2012

Reasonabe iron

Advantages over cheaper irons: Hold the steam button down and have constant steam as long as you want, without any downtime. Great results. Disadvantages: Iron is quite heavy. Only takes 1.2 litres of water so it needs filling often. Takes 20 minutes to heat up.

By John Richardson Jr. on 03-Jan-2012

Blind Hemming Sewing Machine

A really good purchase. Not only did this machine arrive the very next day (and with the Christmas rush on!!!) but it has also begun to save me considerable time when blind hemming garments. So far, it has been wonderful and I am very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.

By Looby on 14-Dec-2011

Good delivery, works well - Just Perfect.

I did review this product when I first got it and thought the product was good. I can now happily say the product is great and so is the company supplying it. I happily used the press for serveral months and then we recently hit a snag. I contacted the seller via Amazon and they organised an immediate pick up of the press. Within a week I have had a brand new press delivered. Sometimes things do stop working and it is great to know that when that happens that the company is as good on their after sales as they are on the selling side. Thanks very much - One Very Happy Bunny merrilly steaming through lots of ironing again!

By NeilHobbs on 09-Oct-2011

Steam Press

I am very satisfied with the product and it cuts ironing time down by half

By Morag on 31-Aug-2011

Digital Steam and Dry Ironing Press

This is the second of these machines we have bought, the first one we gave to our daughter-in-law and is still working perfectly, a very good product.

By Mr. John Humphrey Snr on 05-Aug-2011

quick and efficient press

Makes ironing so much easier. large surface makes it simple to iron sheets and bedding. water bottle is large, so saves filling up with water every 2 minutes like some other presses. Has a great burst of steam for those difficult creases and the pressure of the press is so great that most creases come out without much effort

By Nathan Hirsch on 25-Jul-2011

Great product

Really great press with next day delivery, will recommend to friends.

By Patricia Ashton on 30-Nov--0001


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