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Great results

I have a two bedroom B&B and bought this iron press to help with changeovers. I'm delighted with it - halves the ironing time and the bedding looks fantastic!

By Jill Uzel on 13-Jun-2021

Good quality product

Good quality press. Well-placed and efficiently delivered. Good communication throughout. I think that, as well as the manufacturer's instruction manual, it would be a nice touch to have separate instructions from the IPC. The steam took ages to come through. Spoke to IPC who explained that it did take ages the first time. It would've been nice to have that type of instruction written down. But a great machine!

By Lisa Flynn on 30-May-2021


Absolutely delighted with my press, just need to work out water side of it.

By Maureen Cannon on 02-Apr-2021

great press

By MISS WALKER on 17-Dec-2020


Very quick delivery. Press works beautifully.wished I had purchased one earlier

By Patricia Timms on 20-Oct-2020

Wow! Love it!

So easy! Ironing so easy!

By Jean Airlie on 01-Sep-2020


Why did I not buy a steam press before ????. I absolutely love it, it saves so much time and backache ????. I would definitely recommend getting one, best decision Ive made ????

By LYN GREGORY on 27-Aug-2020

Speedy ironing

A life-saver for bed and table linen

By Ann Livingstone on 15-Jun-2020


Has cut my ironing time down by a great deal I'm very happy

By June Talbot-Bloor on 14-May-2020

Good press

Good press

By Philip Hutton on 03-May-2020

Good press with fast delivery

Good press with fast delivery

By Damole Kun on 03-May-2020

Saves me a lot of time irons my sheets beautiful

By June Talbot-Bloor on 21-Apr-2020

Great helper

The ironing station works perfectly and does exactly what it was made for. I can only recommend the SpeedyPress!

By Sandra Cuel on 08-Apr-2020

Iron press

Very pleased so far only used it once but informative on how to press sheets would be helpful

By Mavis Jenkins on 06-Apr-2020

Super Mega Steam Ironing Press 80cm with Stand

Very happy with my purchase so far!

By Helen White on 10-Feb-2020

Very good press

I was hesitant before buying it, but very happy now with better quality of ironed clothes. Ironing has become much easier. Can watch TV shows while ironing !

By Vasudeva on 18-Jan-2020

Absolutely thrilled with this press. Purchased as a treat and it does everything it says.

By Malcolm Bayley on 13-Jan-2020

Ironing press

I had never have used one before so it's taking me some time to get to know how to use it properly. I think it has quickened my ironing skills but I've only tried it on pillows and sheets so far.

By Michelle Procter-Smith on 02-Dec-2019

Steam press

Absolutely fantastic delivery and a quality product, definitely worth the money. Will definitely deal with this company again. Thank you.

By David Oram on 01-Dec-2019

Super Mega Steam Ironing Press 80cm with Stand

I live in CA, U.S.A., so our American plug and the electricity voltage is wrong. I emailed The Ironing Press Company. I received a very quick response saying "You need to buy a 3000kW transformer which drops from 220v to 110v, these are readily available on Amazon and eBay, you just plug in the UK plug into the transformer and the transformer goes into your wall socket. We have sold loads of presses to the USA and everyone ones sorted with transformer seems very happy. Any questions feel free to come back. Regards, Lionel." Besides taking this extra step I just used it. I am a beginner. It is easy to use. My only dislike of it all is having the steamer's prints on my clothes after the steam press, but it could be that I haven't quite gotten the hang of how to use it yet. I would highly recommend this press to anyone who is tired of ironing and burning their clothes.

By Kimberly Recinos on 27-Nov-2019

Excellent buy

Very easy to use and much larger and better than my previous one. Great customer advice and fast delivery.

By Martin Will on 18-Oct-2019

Excellent Product!

I was very impressed with the product, also the quick delivery. I was not sure what size to get but opted for 80cm which I'm glad I did, as it's great for everything including sheets, quilts and jeans. I'm also glad that I got it with the stand as it's a really robust stand and I can keep it set up in the utility room all the time. Would highly recommend this steam press and the stand.

By Patricia Langmead on 11-Oct-2019

Amazing press

Amazing press, simple to use and fantastic results!

By Berlina Pye on 23-Sep-2019

Very good, but...

This press has an excellent size pressing area, great for bedding, as well as clothing. The downside is it's height. At 86cm, it is way too high for me to sit at, as suggested in the advertisement. I'm 5"6 tall and my chin is level with press area, when seated on a stool, and constantly reaching to pull down the press makes my arm ache. I have it set at it's lowest level, too. Otherwise, an excellent product.

By Gillian Deadman on 09-Sep-2019


I wish I had bought it sooner. I wouldn't have wasted my life ironing with a traditional iron!

By Nokutula Gore on 15-Aug-2019

Best steam press

This is my third one. Got it with a stand this time so I can iron wherever I want to.

By Tina Spicer on 29-Jun-2019

Efficace - Mais prise Anglaise?

Convient parfaitement à nos besoins (gîte de 14 personnes) mais j'attendais une prise Européenne et pas simplement un adaptateur. Par contre - livraison rapide, bonne qualité. Merci!

By Sarah Naylor-Butter on 21-Apr-2019

Super Mega Steam Press

What a joy! This is a fantastic Press and has saved me so much ironing time. I'm delighted with it.

By Margaret Gregory on 09-Mar-2019

So far so good delivery quick no problems. Only used it once so far and soon got through the pile I had... shot of steam secured the perfect line in trousers and short sleeves! Excellent buy in my opinion.. if I had to pick a fault it would the stand could do with been able to adjust lower than it does but this is a minor and does not affect how well the ironing press works.

By Pat Barry-Clarke on 04-Mar-2019


This was to replace a different make. I'm so happy with it. Glad I got the 80cm one. Great for linen. The stand foit-print is quite large but it is very sturdy. No complaints. Pressing happy!

By Anna Maloney on 14-Feb-2019

Love it

Great size for b&b bedding

By Marie Mackay on 03-Jan-2019

Best investment ever

Speedy, easy to use and has cut hours off the normal ironing time, brilliant for bedding jeans etc. Have not quite mastered shirts yet however I have a broken arm so that is hindering my progress.

By Mike Harvie on 27-Sep-2018

Love it!

Does everything I want it to do. Bedding fits well because of the width, seems to work better on several layers of fabric than just one or two. Gives an excellent finish.

By Pam Sherratt on 19-Sep-2018

My new best friend.

I have always hated ironing and would do anything rather than stand ploughing through baskets of it. I have had tennis elbow and been in a lot of pain for the last four weeks, which is what led us to buying the ironing press. Since getting my ironing press, I have washed and ironed it straight off the line. It is a bit awkward at first but I have now got the hang of it and love it. I now find it quick and easy. It cuts my ironing time in half. When I walk away from the press, I don't feel as if I have been stood ironing, our clothes look newer and there is no fighting to get my old ironing board up and down. I'm off to do some washing. Highly recommend.

By Helen Rogers on 16-Sep-2018

Great service

Ordered the unit and was delivered to Spain it was one day later but that is normal when it comes from England very nice unit and does everything I was told it would. Thanks

By Carol Webb on 02-Sep-2018

I'm very satisfied when I'm using it.

By Nu Nu Yi on 01-Aug-2018

Does as it says on the tin but a lot smaller than

Works well but I think it is pushing it to call it a 'Super Mega' press. Not sure it is saving us the time we expected but time will tell. Wishing we'd gone for something larger.

By Scott Gibson on 17-Jul-2018

Best Buy ever

I hate ironing but with a cabin to rent out I need everything neat and tidy. This saves me hours of work. 40 years a housewife wish I had this long ago. Well worth the money

By Fran Barnbrook on 04-May-2018

Love it

I wish I had bought one of these years ago. It has cut ironing time by half and a much more professional job too.

By Kim Foster on 10-Apr-2018


The press makes short work of bedding. I had a different press some years ago and it was quite physical because you had to apply pressure all the while the press was closed. This press closes and applies the pressure for you and also cuts out if you leave it closed for too long. I like the stand for ironing in front of the tv, otherwise it is easy to set up on a table.

By Barbara Fennell on 31-Mar-2018

The press is 5* and olive it. however the stand is a tripod one , not the one on the picture , the stand takes u a lot more space . I did contact them and they told me they only supply the tripod as the 2 leg stand is not stable enough to hold the larger press - as yet they haven’t changed the picture.

By Sandy Fellowes on 07-Feb-2018

So Far, So Good.

We have used this once and were pleased with the results, just a bit of a job keeping the cats off the press as they were fascinated!!

By Ceri Sheppard on 27-Jan-2018

Ironing Press

Wonderful in every way Delighted with transaction and iron is excellent Would recommend

By Anna Cooper on 17-Jan-2018


I am enjoying using this and find it quite therapeutic! It is excellent for flat items , tablecloths, pillow cases , duvet covers, trousers, t.shirts etc., but I am still trying to master sleeves and necklines. My one complaint is the velcro strip which holds it onto the base/stand, I think that this should be something more substantial i.e. safer.

By L Trundley on 22-Nov-2017

Ironing Press

Love the ironing press .I cannot fault it any way .I am just delighted with the result I get and,yes I can do my ironing in half the time with excellent results.The only problem I have is with the stand.The stand I received is a tripod and we cannot get it to fit the ironing press.

By Anna Cooper on 15-Nov-2017

OMG where have you been all my life

Well, just got this beast up and running, and all I can say, is where have you been all my life. I hate ironing, and just found myself ironing every thing in sight

By sharon birkenshaw on 06-Nov-2017

Steam press.

Excellent service from ordering to delivery. I read all review's before buying this produc, due to the cost, let me tell you, it was worth every penny, Easy to set up, amazed at the time saving of ironing also the speed I can press sheets, Love my new steam press. Thank you guy's.

By Fiona Marrow on 04-Nov-2017

This has cured my allergy to ironing!!!

The press is amazing and such fun to use! I agree with some of the other reviewers that it doesn't open far enough and I have already burned my left middle knuckle twice despite being warned. That's my own fault but you so have to be careful. Too easy to get carried away with the joy of using the machine!! I had a problem with the stand but a new one came the next day. A brilliant product

By Judith Chamberlain on 07-Oct-2017


This press is amazing and has made ironing all these duvet covers, and pillow cases a pleasure - if only I could learn how to fold fitted sheets!!

By Jeannette MacKinnon on 12-Aug-2017

Ironing press

LOVE IT...fabulous. I actually now enjoy ironing

By Agnes Bryson on 11-Aug-2017

Great Time saver

Love this piece of equipment. It makes ironing so easy. It's quiet too so watching TV whilst ironing is more enjoyable than ever.

By Liz Cheesman on 09-Aug-2017

Best buy ever

We bought this press to cut down on ironing time and it's fantastic. Nice and big so it takes sheets and things but easy to store. I recommend it!

By Liz Cheesman on 06-Aug-2017

Excellent love it

My wife really loves it, she says that she don't mind ironing now as it is so easy and seem a lot bigger. My wife is short so would have like the stand to be adjustable, but says it doesn't take long anyway.

By Michael Chadd on 02-Aug-2017

I now have the hang of it . It's good but if you get a crise wrong, you need a hand held iron to sort it out .

By Debbie Buggins on 14-Jul-2017

Five Stars

Just what I required.

By JYR on 19-Nov-2016

How did I manage before?

I am thrilled with my purchase - only wish I had bought one long before this. Now have duvet covers with little or no creases. Simple to use and can sit whilst operating it. Would not hesitate to recommend.

By Rosemary on 19-Jul-2016

Five Stars

great product

By Kate on 23-Mar-2016

Life is so much easier now

Bought this for the wife as we look after numerous villas and apartments in Lanzarote. She loves it. Has cut the ironing time by 2/3 rds. Wish we had bought one years ago.

By Richard Tandy on 18-Oct-2015

My first steam press - making ironing a treat.

This is brilliant for ironing bedding which is mainly why I bought it, it has taken a little time to get used to ironing T shirts and trousers. I have also found it less tiring than using a small iron. I have burned my knuckles a few times so I do wish it would open a little higher to give more room when straitening sheets etc. The only downside to this is the steam shuts off below 150 degrees which means I have to wait for it heating up again on the wool setting. I'm pleased the stand came with it as this locks the press to it making it very safe to use. I would definitely recommend this.

By Veggie on 12-Aug-2015

Five Stars

Very happy, thanks.

By Rob on 05-Jul-2015


I am so pleased that I bought this product it is excellent for the bedding that I have to launder, makes my life so much easier and the response from the company with my queries was immediate, would definitely recommend.

By JA BARTLETT on 18-Jun-2015

Try it

Why did I not get one before! I read many reviews before opting for this one. It's so simple. Once you get used to it it's super! But watch your hands and arms while getting used to it. I have it set up on the stand and I'm glad I have the room to do so as it is rather heavy! If your in doubt just try it! Came very quickly and very well packaged.

By Susan on 29-Apr-2015


Super machine & excellent Customer Service from The Ironing Press Company. Had a problem a few months after purchase & they didn't hesitate to replace. Fantastic !!

By Andy on 05-Nov-2014

I love it

I ordered my press on Monday evening at about 8pm and it was delivered by 1.30pm on Wednesday. Fantastic service. This is my third press and each time I buy a bigger one. I am unable to leave mine set up due to lack of space so I am unable to use the stand. I set mine on my ironing board which is fine. I iron everyday, guesthouse,holiday cottage,family. The press makes the job so much easier.

By Helen Beaty on 11-Apr-2014

excellent press

An excellent press with lots of room behind to feed larger items when ironing like double duvet covers. I wanted the press for larger items so I choose this as it had the largest ironing area and also very important for me it had a stand which was free as an added bonus. I have had 2 presses in the past and they all have a small feed area which is useless for larger items definitely a design fault with the majority of other presses on the market. I would highly recommend this product as it is brilliant and does what it's supposed to do.

By Mrs T Edmondson on 15-Feb-2014

Ironing gets done much quicker than an iron and bo

Great ironing press - good size too. These presses do take some getting used to, but persevere and you'll really appreciate just how much quicker your ironing gets done. I still mainly use mine for sheets, duvets and pillow cases, tea towels. I have also ironed mens shirts on it too. Much, much quicker, but the moving the item around on the board gets some getting used to - in other words, trying not to burn your arms under the top of the lid - gets very hot!

By Mr Anthony Robert Goodchild on 22-Sep-2013


This is the second Steam press I've had and I loved my first one. This is one is bigger and even better. Would highly recommend it.

By mr k neumann on 10-Jul-2013

Is it good?

The lady that looks after my holiday home (yes very decadent!) is delighted. Ideal for bed and bathroom linen, a bit of a learning curve for shirts etc, over all a good investment. We had intended buying one for our selves but now a delightful young woman from the Czech Republic does our ironing, so hey!

By r v n wilson on 03-Feb-2013

My wife loves her ironing press

My wife is very happy with her ironing press, she can sit down while using it, she use to have to stand while ironing before getting her press. I am in her good books once more.

By Billspain on 09-Jun-2012


Excellent labour saving device. Well packaged and delivered within stated date. Ironing your garments no longer a chore. Only caution--check garment labels for temperature instructions. Follow these and the rest is a breeze!

By Mr. J. Ballantyne on 26-May-2012


Arrived next day which was great, well what a pleasure ironing is everone should have one. We tried it tonight for the first time only got am amazing 5 mins ironing was done.

By Redstorm on 26-May-2012


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