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Five Stars

great machine great service would use again

By margaret on 23-Nov-2014

Fantastic machine.

saved so much time when you have a lot of sheets ect, to press. good for us owning holiday rentals.

By kevin thorley on 16-Oct-2013


this item was needed urgently so I was very upset that it wouldn't steam. on contacting the supplier though they were extremely helpful and sorted the problem immediately.

By sheila stephens on 13-Sep-2013

Very good press

I had never used one of these, but as I have foolishly bought Egyptian cotton bedding for all our beds I was getting tired of dragging large duvet covers over the ironing board several times to iron them. I must say I am very impressed with it! There's a knack to using it which is to fold the duvet cover into a strip and then move the press along it (avoiding the edges) and then refold the other way and do the same. The press copes exceptionally well with the many layers of fabric and took me half the normal time with an iron to achieve an excellent results. I would say it's very good for 'flat' items such as T shirts, trousers, pillow cases, sheets/duvet covers etc. However, it gives instructions regarding how to press shirts, and I gave up after two as I hate having creases down the sleeves, so I shall iron the shirts in the 'old fashioned' way. I really don't mind this, as the rest of the ironing will take a lot less time and being able to press multiple items at once (I managed 3 T shirts at a time). A good buy and it was delivered really quickly (well ahead of the estimated delivery time).

By Kayemcee on 09-Nov-2012

Fantastic product

I have had a normal press iron for years this is far superior having it with steam certainly speeds things up brilliant item

By Mrs. S. D. Jones on 07-Jul-2012

Can't live without it ! Superb after service too!

I love my PSP206eE super Mega steam press. I can't live without it now can't understand why I waited so long to buy it! Save me loads of time and still is working fabulously every time I use it which is at least twice a week some times more. Good quality product fast delivery too! Also when I had a problem with my press six months on They sent me a brand new replacement within days. Now that's what I call fantastic after service so your money is well invested too. So if you spend hours ironing buy one you"ll save so much time.

By Jem on 11-Feb-2012

Good delivery, works well - Just Perfect.

I did review this product when I first got it and thought the product was good. I can now happily say the product is great and so is the company supplying it. I happily used the press for serveral months and then we recently hit a snag. I contacted the seller via Amazon and they organised an immediate pick up of the press. Within a week I have had a brand new press delivered. Sometimes things do stop working and it is great to know that when that happens that the company is as good on their after sales as they are on the selling side. Thanks very much - One Very Happy Bunny merrilly steaming through lots of ironing again!

By NeilHobbs on 09-Oct-2011

quick and efficient press

Makes ironing so much easier. large surface makes it simple to iron sheets and bedding. water bottle is large, so saves filling up with water every 2 minutes like some other presses. Has a great burst of steam for those difficult creases and the pressure of the press is so great that most creases come out without much effort

By Nathan Hirsch on 25-Jul-2011


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