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Sale and delivery excellent.

Time will tell if Ironing Press meets our expectations

By Leslie Plant on 01-Apr-2021

Game changer

I’ve had one before, when I ran a small B and B. It broke, after 10 years. I have been without for 3 years. This one is smaller, I should perhaps have gone for the next size up. However, I’m no longer doing sheets so this is great for my clothes and pillow cases. I will not be having another “break”, without one of these handy and efficient little life savers in my home.

By Crystal Jenkins on 15-Dec-2020

Wish I had bought one years ago

I love ironing but find sheets and pillow cases difficult. I used this for the first time yesterday and it was amazing so light and easy to use I did my whole ironing basket in no time

By Pauline Ferrier on 12-Oct-2020

Ironing Press

Wife loves it has made life easier for her. Many Thanks.

By Patrick Curry on 01-Oct-2020

Absolutely Fabulous

Arrived next day and very easy to use, lightweight and compact, making it easy to store, wish I had bought one years ago when the kids were little.

By Barbara Jones on 11-Jun-2020

Great time saving press

Very easy to use, makes light work of pressing sheets.

By Velma Newman on 09-Jun-2020

Great press

Makes ironing easier, especially larger items such as sheets.

By Velma Newman on 09-Jun-2020

Steam press

Very quick delivery and very happy with the ironing press; would highly recommend.

By Andrew Whitfield on 16-May-2020

Ironing takes half the time

Wish I had bought one of these years ago!!!

By P Andrews on 09-May-2020

Fab Press

Was a bit anxious when I ordered this as a replacement for my steam iron. I had no reason to be - I'm absolutely delighted with it. It's the Compact press. Lightweight, and has cut my ironing time in half. Would highly recommend!

By Monica Forker on 07-May-2020


Arrived on time. So easy to use; I suffer with tendinitis in both wrists so ironing had become a painful experience. This will make life so easy, halving ironing time and no more strain on my wrists. Delighted!

By Jillian McVann on 02-May-2020


Brill produced good price

By peter dodson on 27-Apr-2020

What a machine

The press is absolutely wonderful.

By Anne Thomas on 17-Apr-2020

Steam press

Perfect press, good size for everyday laundry, quick and efficient.

By Sandra Ellis on 10-Apr-2020

Steam iron press

Very good as I have arthritis it is easy to use

By Thelma McCarthy on 05-Mar-2020

Cuts ironing time in half

Bought this on a whim and so glad I did. I offer professional services and this press cuts my time in half. I now love ironing. Uses less water than my traditional iron. If you do bedding on a regular basis it might be worth spending more on a larger one but I am happy with this one.

By Tracy Carter on 26-Feb-2020

What an amazing machine

Ironing is certainly a delight now I have this.

By Anne Thomas on 14-Feb-2020

Fast delivery, quality product

Next day delivery was great. I could have done with a larger press but this is all I could afford.

By Joe Evans on 04-Dec-2019


Very pleased with my new ironing press. Makes ironing so much easier. I love the steam boost button. Excellent!

By Elaine Cutting on 30-Nov-2019

Loving it

Great value for money, it works very well.

By Ronald Pollitt on 30-Oct-2019

Best thing ever

My wife was after a steam press for ages. She loves it, ironing as far as she is concerned is the bees knees! Cut her ironing time by half. No way she would ever go back to a normal steam iron again.

By John Sutton on 04-Oct-2019

Steam press

Working fine. Thanks.

By Robert Miller on 02-Oct-2019

Compact Ironing Pres

Best buy I've had for a long time, easy to use and press bedclothes beautifully, would highly recommend to my friends. ironing is not such a chore now.

By Joyce Haslett on 21-Jun-2019

Steam Press

Brilliant, this is the fourth one I have had. Love it.

By Jacqueline Bailey on 26-Apr-2019

It is the best thing I have bought - working great and definitely worth the money.

By Christine Jones on 19-Apr-2019



By Peter Horton on 02-Apr-2019

good press but wish I purchased larger model

good press but wish I purchased larger model especially for sheets

By Margaret Swallow on 01-Apr-2019

So Good My Daughter Has Pinched It!

I really loved the press when it came and offered it to my daughter to try, but she won't give it back to me now!! I shall soon be buying a second one!

By S Bell on 30-Mar-2019

Ironing press

The press is excellent like my last one. Cuts the ironing by 80% of a normal iron and it gives me more time for other chores and time with the family. Would recommend it to further friends who haven’t got one and the ones who have tried it have bought their own. Wonderful product. Thank you.

By Karen Dorey on 27-Mar-2019

Compact and easy to use

If you are looking for a compact and easy press iron to use for everyday this is really great. Big items may be a bit tricky to iron but it may be an issue of finding the ways to do this easily too. If you want to use it mostly have for your king size and super king size linen, go for the bigger size.

By Dikaia Chatziefstathiou on 18-Mar-2019

should have bought one years ago

By Graham Wright on 10-Mar-2019

spend a little

should have had one years ago, brilliant

By Graham Wright on 10-Mar-2019

fast delivery

great product

By Naomi Tailby on 18-Feb-2019

Looks good and easy to use even I can do it lol

By Mr Raymond Faxon on 28-Jan-2019

Excellent Service exceeded our Expectations

Excellent service would highly recommend Thank you

By David Dalton on 01-Jan-2019

Steam iron

This is a very nice steam iron I use it every day couldn’t be without one it’s great

By Mary Logan on 26-Dec-2018

Fantastic service

The supply was next day. The telephone support was incredibly good. The product superb. I wish I could give more stars.

By John Ridgway on 17-Nov-2018

Excellent product

Very very good. Thank you!

By Ioanna Pantazi on 16-Oct-2018


Sorry but this is a gift for my ironing hating son. Will comment later in the year


Hate Ironing? Buy an Ironing Press!

I cannot fault either the company, who delivered the press so speedily, or the product, which has made my life so much easier. Tee-shirts can be ironed in seconds!

By Veronica Sahiby on 30-Aug-2018

Steam press ironing made easy

This is my third steam press in 11years, The press is everything it should be, easy to use and does a great job. The delivery system leaves something to be desired!

By Grace Albison on 07-Aug-2018


Absolutely brilliant steam press. Don’t know how how I managed without it. So very happy

By lesley Davison on 28-Jul-2018

ordered at 4pm and received in the morning 9.30am

amazing fast delivery for an excelent ironing press, reduces ironing time but I wish I could afford a larger size as that would savre even more of my ironing time

By Keith Arnold on 16-May-2018

Steam press

Excellent service and very quick delivery

By Paul Leggett on 02-Jan-2018

amazing ironing press

believe it or not managed to make my wife happy, she enjoys the fact that her ironing now only takes 30 minutes instead of over a hour

By Airina Lukoseviciene on 27-Dec-2017

fantastic press

fantastic press cuts down my ironing in half. For sheets wish I had purchased the larger size

By Mr A Clark on 10-Dec-2017

Customer Service

First press I received did not work. I contacted company and spoke to Lionel who was very helpful. Replacement was received in full working order. Many thanks!

By Angela Wilson on 23-Nov-2017

Good purchase

My last table top steam press stopped working in 2016 after 15 years. Brilliant price and delivery time for this replacement. Works well but not yet used it on steam.

By Ernest MARTIN on 15-Nov-2017

couldn't run the business without it

I use this at least 20 hours a week so I'm on my third one. It works a dream, although I learnt not to put water in it which is difficult to empty and rusts. The spray that comes with it is perfect!

By Gayna Martine on 29-Oct-2017

works as intended

I purchased this steam press to take the strain out of ironing sheets and jeans, is seems to be just the ticket, I should have read the specks before ordering, as it is the small size, next time it will be a bigger one, and perhaps with a shot of steam facility, having made these comments, I am happy with the steam press, and it does the job.

By Sherry Wakeman on 05-Sep-2017

Love it!!!

Having fallen out with a very poor iron, the piles began to grow - this press is quite simply liberating - approx 1 minute per shirt!! Who wouldn't want one !!

By Sue Barker on 23-Aug-2017


I was pleased with the delivery, lovely and quick. Easy to read instructions and I now enjoy ironing, a lot easier

By Pam Coleman on 20-Aug-2017

Hironing press

Very good device, very convenient new at same cost of used

By Daniele Renzi on 25-Jul-2017

steam press

Well happy delivery exellent

By Frances Turner on 14-Jul-2017

buy one!

what a bit of kit,when you master it boy ironing is actually enjoyable and so so much faster done with this

By Butcherboy04 on 20-Jun-2017

Excellent Product

....that I'd done the bulk of my ironing before receiving this item. Firstly, it arrived two days before I expected it. Secondly, being ex-armed forces, I do like to be well turnes out. I used to quite enjoy ironing but a severe spinal injury made this task extremely painful. Not any more....its so easy and effective to use I fins myself looking for items to press.

By netshopper on 08-Jun-2017


This is the best item ever. Wish I had bought it years ago. Saves time, money and energy

By A. P. Rogers on 18-May-2017

Love ironing now

I cant believe I have waited so long to buy this ironing press,after a lifetime of ironing, I actually look forward to doing this chore now.

By Marge on 22-Mar-2017

Love this press

Love it. Totally worth the money. Saves time and irons much faster than the everyday iron. Highly recommend it.

By Carol P. on 20-Feb-2017

Wouldn't be without this

I love this machine! Bought for applying heat transfer vinyl to clothing and upholstery projects; it is so easy to use that I also use it for all of my ironing! Debating whether to get rid of my steam generator and ironing board - I haven't used it since I have had this ironing press. Every home should have one!

By Sandra Haggerty on 18-Jan-2017

Steam press

Great best thing I bought for ages does exactly what I want well worth the money x

By shauna on 17-Nov-2016


I do like it although it is nothing like as easy to use as a woman on a telly ad made it look, I still use the steam iron for awkward bits

By WIll on 11-Jul-2016

Would recommend

Bought this for my mum,she lives it wouldn't be without it now. Would recommend.

By Miss Sharon Kennedy on 06-Jun-2016

So disappointed......

.....that I'd done the bulk of my ironing before receiving this item. Firstly, it arrived two days before I expected it. Secondly, being ex-armed forces, I do like to be well turnes out. I used to quite enjoy ironing but a severe spinal injury made this task extremely painful. Not any more....its so easy and effective to use I fins myself looking for items to press.

By Sheila M on 20-Feb-2015


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