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Steam Brush for Snail/Magpie/Easy Steam/Minuteman

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PRICE: £229.50
  • For ironing clothes. Universal.
  • Can be used to replace an iron.
  • Usable with many types of boilers for industry and the home.
  • Suitable for fur, leather and other delicate materials.
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Steam brush (vertical ironing brush) for:

  • Snail 2-litre Ironing Boiler & Iron for Professional Use
  • Snail 3-litre Ironing Boiler & Iron for Commercial Use
  • Snail 5-litre Ironing Boiler & Iron for Industrial Use
  • Snail 5-litre Semi-Automatic Ironing Boiler & Iron for Industrial Use
  • Snail Professional Ironing System - 2-litre Boiler, Vacuum and Heated Ironing Table & Iron
  • Snail Commercial Ironing System - 3-litre Boiler, Vacuum and Heated Ironing Table & Iron
  • Snail Industrial Ironing System - 5-litre Boiler, Vacuum and Heated Ironing Table & Iron
  • Magpie 5-litre British Heavy Duty Ironing Boiler & Industrial Steam Iron by Speedypress
  • Magpie 5-litre British Ironing Boiler, Iron & Table Bundle by Speedypress
  • Magpie 5-litre Boiler + De-Luxe Vacuum and Heated Ironing Table Bundle by Speedypress
  • Magpie 5-litre Boiler + Pressmaster Turbo Vacuum and Heated Extra Wide Ironing Table Bundle by Speedypress
  • Magpie 5-litre Boiler + Rectangular Vacuum and Heated Ironing Table Bundle by Speedypress
  • Speedy Twin Ironing Boiler System with 2 Irons for Industrial Use
  • Speedy (C5+) Vacuum and Heated Ironing Table with Built-in Snail 5-litre Boiler for Industrial Use
  • Easy Steam Industrial Automatic Heavy Duty Twin Ironing Steam Iron & Boiler System for Industrial Use by Speedypress
  • Easy Steam Double Ironing Boiler & Irons + Pressmaster & De-Luxe Vacuum and Heated Ironing Tables by Speedypress
  • Minuteman Vertical Finishing Station by Speedypress

Can be used to replace an iron!

Ideal for ironing clothes and perfect garments in a very short time.

This steam brush is universal and can be used with almost any type of steam generator; for industrial or household purposes.

Removes lint etc.

Lifts crushed pile.

Perfect for upholsterers.

Suitable for fur, leather and other delicate garments and materials as the heated part of iron does not touch the garment.

Latching steam switch for continuous use.

Needs a separate steam generator to operate.

Fits onto any Snail / Magpie / Easy Steam / Minuteman ironing boiler (requires a free solenoid valve or replacing an existing iron etc.).

A heating element is built into the soleplate of the brush. The steam brush features a dual-touch microswitch steam button which will allow the operator to select continuous or button-operated steam supply. The ergonomic handle allows for a far more comfortable use than any other steam brush on the market. Equipped with a cloth-covered mono tube containing both the electric and steam cables, which will reduce the risk of damaging the cables. The microswitch is mounted centrally for use with either right or left-handed use. The heat of the steam brush is controlled by the thermostat, which is pre-set to optimum temperature.

Steaming, brushing, refreshing. Removes shine, creases and some dirt (e.g. threads, dust). It arranges the naps and gives final fresh view of clothes and upholstery furniture. Perfect for velvet and others fabrics with naps. Thanks to its special microswitch construction it can be used either right or left-handed. You will get the highest temperature and the industrial quality ironing when it connects to the steam source (any steam generator or central steam source). The heater is 500 watts.

Features & Specifications:
Type of iron / brush: Electric steam brush
Power supply: 230v
Power: 500w
Compatibility: Universal
For right and left-handers: Yes

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