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Speedypress Water Filter Housing Kit Bundle, Includes 2 Water Filter Cartridges

Speedypress 10
Speedypress 10" Water Filter Cartridge
PRICE: $161.93
  • A bundle containing 1 x Water Filter Housing Kit + 2 x Water Filter Cartridge.
  • A highly recommended accompaniment for our range of Speedypress ironing equipment, boilers, steamers, irons and ironing presses.
  • Also suitable for regular household / domestic use, especially for drinking water purposes.
  • Fits into cold water line. Built-in pressure relief valve.
  • Eliminates unwanted contaminants, removes dirt and sediment, reduces chlorine, and improves bad taste or smells in water.
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Speedypress Water Filter Housing Kit Bundle with 2 x 5μm 10" Water Filter Cartridge

A highly recommended accompaniment for our range of Speedypress ironing equipment, boilers, steamers, irons and ironing presses.

Also suitable for regular household use and domestic settings, especially for drinking water purposes.

Our water filter housing kit is an ideal way to introduce fresh quality tasting drinking water to everyday life, removing murky looking and poor tasting water. Even tap water that is safe to drink can contain particles and contaminants. The unit is a one-off investment as you can buy replacement cartridges that are easily removable from the water filter housing unit.

Some of the typical users of the heavier housing unit are offices, factories and farms.

Our water filter housing kit is easy to fit, but nevertheless, we recommend that it is installed by a competent plumber.

The water filter cartridges from the trusted Speedypress range are designed for use with the Speedypress Water Filter Housing Kit.

Used to remove dirt and sediment particles together with the reduction in chlorine content and improve any bad taste or smells that may be present for drinking water purposes.

This cartridge filter is easy to replace at a recommended frequency of twice a year. It's used to filter water in domestic settings, office buildings and industrial workplaces.


Housing Kit - Features include:
- Eliminates unwanted contaminants
- Fits into cold water line
- Built-in pressure relief valve

Contents included in Housing Kit:
- Housing
- Fixing bracket
- Housing spanner

Housing Kit - Specifications:
Colour: Blue
Maximum Flow Rate: 50 L/min
Inlet & Outlet Connection: 3/4 in (¾") BSP, female thread
Maximum Working Pressure: 5 bar
Inlet & Outlet Size: 3/4 in (¾") female
Inlet & Outlet Thread Standard: BSP
Housing Height: 300mm (30cm)
Housing Diameter: 75mm (7.5cm)
Maximum Temperature: 30°c
Compatible Cartridge: SpeedyWaterFilter 5μm 10" x 2.5" filter
Filter Cartridge Replacement: Recommended at least twice annually, dependant on water quality

Water Filter Cartridge - Features and Benefits:
• Made of cotton and polypropylene
• For use with our water filter housing kit
• Filtration level of 5 μm
• Maximum flow rate af 30 L/min
• Maximum differential pressure of 8 bar
• Temperature rating of 30°c
• Internal diameter of 2.5 inches
• Length of 10 inches
• Micron rating of 5 micron

              Cartridge Specifications:

Attribute Value
Filtration Level 5µm
Maximum Flow Rate 30 L/min
Maximum Differential Pressure        8 bar
For Use With SpeedyFilterHousing
Internal Diameter 2.5in
Length 10in

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