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Jaguar Epochlock 099 Overlocker Serger Machine (includes Large Accessories Bundle!)

1 Year Home Warranty
12 x Coats Overlocker 120 Thread: Black, White & Cream
12 x Coats Overlocker 120 Thread: Black, White & Cream
24 x Schmetz Clear All-Purpose Sewing Machine Lubrication Oil
24 x Schmetz Clear All-Purpose Sewing Machine Lubrication Oil
Overlocker Accessory Kit Presser Foot Set: 5 Feet
Overlocker Accessory Kit Presser Foot Set: 5 Feet
Schmetz Super Stretch (HAx1 SP) Needles, size 90/14
Schmetz Super Stretch (HAx1 SP) Needles, size 90/14
Schmetz Super Stretch (HAx1 SP) Needles, size 75/11
Schmetz Super Stretch (HAx1 SP) Needles, size 75/11
PRICE: $498.15
  • 2, 3 or 4 Thread Overlocker, with Built-in Rolled Hem and Differential Feed.
  • Includes £150.00 of extras and accessories - see details below.
  • Easy to work and thread with a colour-coded threading system.
  • Tool storage on machine.
  • Thread cutting blade.
  • Adjustable stitch width. Adjustable over-edge width.
  • Free UK delivery. Same day dispatch.
  • Full 12 Months Return-To-Base Warranty.
  • Special launch promotion of Jaguar into the UK market to join other European Jaguar markets.

This Jaguar Epochlock Advanced 099 Overlocker is a brilliantly engineered machine which can be used as either a 2, 3 or 4 thread overlocker with full differential feed to cope with all fabrics, and is made by Jaguar to a high specification.

Versatile 2, 3 or 4 Thread overlocker serger sewing machine, with Built-in Rolled Hem, Differential Feed, Roll Hem Dial, Built-in Thread Cutter, Built-in Needle, Electronic Foot Control, Foot Pressure Regulator and a unique opening system for quick and easy threading!

Easy-to-Thread: You can thread this easythreading machine from start to finish in under 5 minutes including the loopers!

This easy-to-use Jaguar 099 overlock machine has the ability to serge/overlock using a 2-thread, 3-thread or 4-thread stitch. The two thread ability of this machine is important where a very good looking finish is required on the edge of fabrics but added strength is not needed such as wraps, table napkins and lingerie. It can handle all types of fabrics, everything from fine silks and satin to denim, fleece and stretchy fabrics with the greatest of ease. The differential feed keeps seams smooth and flat. The rolled hem feature is yours by simply removing the stitch finger. And using the right or left needle gives narrow and wide options of most of the overlocker's many stitch formations.

The swing-out front make threading the lower looper a breeze. Without plate changing the Jaguar 099 performs superb rolled hemming on headscarves, underwear etc. It is smoother and quieter than any machine in its class!

The Jaguar 099 is one the best choices for bridal wear as it produces a top quality overlock finish on such a wide range of fabrics. To help get you started, the overlocker is pre-threaded, so it comes ready to overlock, and an instruction manual is included.

Never before has threading loopers been so easy; the front of the machine opens for cleaning and threading area access! Plus the handy built-in thread chain cutter is quick and easy to use.

Expand your sewing capabilities. Create the latest fashions or decorative home items and crafts with the Jaguar 099 four-thread overlock. Perform all the popular overlock and flatlock variations ideal for use with today's latest fabrics as well as decorative threads.

Both front doors open, making threading easily accessible.

For threading, no special tools or tweezers are needed.

Cuts as you sew!
Colour-coded for easy threading.

Adjustable foot pressure.
Up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

Quick change rolled hem.
Stand-out tensions for fine needle setting.
Lay-in tensions with tension release for easy looper threading.

Clip-on feet.
Includes lint waste tray.
Integrated storage compartment.

Japanese technology.
Unique swing away cutter.
Dual feed for difficult or stretchy material.

Detachable blades.
Cutting width dial.
1-5mm adjustable stitch length.

This overlocker comes with many outstanding features and high specification including electronic foot control, differential feed for control of the more challenging fabrics and a foot pressure regulator.

With this machine, you do not need to use the two needles and can still have a great overlocker stitch!

The Jaguar 099 will do 4 thread overlock and 4 thread safety seam overlock, 3 thread wide overlock, 3 narrow overlock and 3 thread rolled hem, 2 thread rolled hem, 2 thread overlock and 2 thread super stretch.

The overlock stitch is fully adjustable on the stitch length and the overedge cutting dial allows you to fine tune the edge of the overlock stopping the loops to hang of the edge or curl the edge.

A hidden blade at the back of the machine makes it quick and easy to cut your thread when finished stitching.

The main bonus with this machine is that the whole of front opens up, making it a lot easier to thread, sew the thread paths and to clean.

Everything you need to convert the overlocker to the different stitch variants is located on the inside of the drop-down front.

There is even a built-in needle cushion, to place your needle when you use the overlocker as a 3 thread and needle threader for the top two needles.

The differential feed allows you to offset the stretch in your fabric, so you can get the straightest overlock edge even on the trickiest stretch fabric.

Whether you are sewing fine silk or stretchy Lycra, this overlocker has the ability to give you a professional edge finish as well as a twin needle facility for a strong, sturdy edge.

Return-to-base 12 months warranty.

Jaguar Japan is one of the largest sewing machine manufacturers in the world, making machines and overlockers for Bernina, Juki, Singer etc.

The Jaguar Overlockers are a favourite amongst sewers, easily producing a professional finish; far beyond the capabilities of a regular sewing machine.

Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker additional features over the Jaguar Starter 098 Overlocker are: Built-in Rolled Hem and Roll Hem Dial, Built-in Thread Cutter, Built-in Needle and Parts Storage.

Built-in light upgrade, 2019: This product has now been upgraded from a 'Jaguar Advanced 097 Overlocker' to a 'Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker', which now includes an LED lamp.

Open Front Thread System
Cord Guide
Foot Pressure Regulator
Sewing Light
Presser Foot Lever
Thread Cutter
Needle Plate
Over-edge Cutting Width Dial
Working Table
Thread Guide Pole
Left Needle Thread Tension Control
Right Needle Thread Tension Control
Lower Looper Thread Tension Control
Upper Looper Thread Tension Control
Thread Tension Release
Needle Thread Guides
Thread Cutter Lever
Two Thread Converter Instruction
Threading Chart
Lint Tray
Foot Control
Release Lever
Foot Release Lever
Spool Disc
Stitch Length Dial
Differential Feed Control Lever
Hand Wheel
Plus Connector Socket
LED Light
Front Cover
Moving Cutter
Upper Looper
Weight: 8kg
Stitch Length 1-5mm
Up to 1,300 Stitches per Minute
4 Thread overlock

3 Thread wide overlock
3 Thread narrow overlock
3 Thread rolled hem
2 Thread overlock
2 Thread rolled hem
2 Thread super stretch
Machine Size: L 30cm x W 22cm x H 32cm x D 28cm
Package Size: L 39cm x W 33cm x H 38cm

Voltage: 220-240 Volts

Accessories included:
Spare needles
Lint brush
Stitch finger A
Stitch finger B
Cloth guide
Tape measure
4 spool disc / holder / clap
Machine cover
Thread net
Foot control pedal
Accessories bag

Instructional DVD
Clear instructions manual

Cone threaded with test spool

Additional free accessories (see pictures in gallery):

Overlocker Accessory Kit: 5 Feet (RRP £99.95)
Contains: Piping Foot, Gathering (Shirring) Foot, Elasticator (Elastic Tape) Foot, 0.5mm Blind Hem Foot, 1.0mm Blind Hem Foot.

12 x 5,000 Yards of Coats Cometa Quality Overlocker 120 Thread (Black, White and Cream)
Coats Cometa original overlocker thread. Using genuine, quality thread makes all the difference!

Canvas Bag
Strong, durable bag to transport your machine in.

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