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Jaguar Starter Overlocker Serger 435D, 3-4 Thread, Colour-Coded Threading, Differential Feed, 91W, LED Light, With Accessories.

PRICE: £195.00
  • Versatile 3/4 Thread Overlocker: Sew and finish with three or four threads simultaneously.
  • Color-coded Threading: Ideal for beginners with color guides for threading .
  • Differential Feed: Ensures optimal fabric control and precision for all materials.
  • Power: 91 W motor with LED work light for clear visibility.
  • Accessories included: 4 Small Starter thread spools, 4 thread spool plates, tweezers, replacement lower blade, brush, needles: 2 pcs. #11, 2 pcs. #14, 1 pc. #16, needle storage box, 3 screwdrivers, cover, operating instructions, and lint tray attached to the machine.
  • A hidden blade at the back of the machine makes it quick and easy to cut your thread when finished stitching. all accessories you need for the overlocker are located on the side of the machine in the storage box.
  • The differential feed allows you to offset the stretch in your fabric, so you can get the straightest overlock edge even on the trickiest stretch fabric
  • Whether you are sewing fine silk or stretchy Lycra, this overlocker has the ability to give you a professional edge finish as well as a twin needle facility for a strong, sturdy edge
  • Includes 4 small cones/reels of white starter overlocker thread. The Ironing Press Company - Europe's leading supplier of Ironing Presses, Sewing Machines and Accessories since 1977
  • Please see the product description below for the full list of features and specifications


The Overlock sewing machine 435D is a versatile and beginner-friendly machine that simplifies the sewing and finishing process. With its 91 W power, LED light, basic accessories, it can handle cutting, sewing, and overlocking with ease. One of its standout features is the ability to sew with three or even four threads simultaneously, allowing for creative and durable finishes. The colour-coded thread paths and automatic threading system make it incredibly user-friendly, especially for those new to overlocking. The separate thread tension ensures optimal precision across all fabric types, from delicate silks to sturdy denims. The differential feed system ensures accurate fabric guidance, resulting in professional-looking seams and hems. With a range of creative possibilities and comfortable operation, this overlock sewing machine is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced sewers alike. Embrace the world of overlocking with this comprehensive and efficient machine.


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