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  • System: 18x38x1.


  • Colour Code: None.
  • Key Feature: Barbs on the needle.
  • Key Feature: Without eye.
  • Key Feature: Round shank with a diameter of 1.2 mm needles.

Felting needles with barbs for decorative needlefelt work. Fibres are transported through the needle stitches, thereby incorporating fabrics or other suitable materials such as woollen fibre webs or wool threads into a base material. Felting needles do not have an eye and are not suitable for normal sewing with thread.

The Felting needle is a special needle for decorative needlefelt work without sewing thread.

The Felting needle's distinguishing feature is its triangular working part with barbs. As the needle penetrates the material, these barbs transport the material fibres, artfully binding woolen fleece, woolen threads or other suitable materials to a base material.

The Felting needle has a round shank with a diameter of 1.2 mm, while the standard shank on household sewing machine needles has a diameter of 2.04 mm. As the Felting needle does not have an eye, it is not suitable for normal sewing with thread. Wool- or felt-like fabrics are best suited as a base for felting. Try out different materials to create decorative effects and exciting looks.

For the first time in the history of SCHMETZ, a Felting needle is part of the product range. It is used in felting machines and transports the fibres via barbs in order to decoratively incorporate suitable materials such as woolen fibre webs or woolen threads into a carrier material.

When working with fabrics where the top and bottom are two different colours, such as jeans, the Felting needle achieves impressive three-dimensional effects or a vintage look.

Felting is also great for combining with other techniques, such as sewing or embroidery.

Finish off your felting work with beads, sequins, ribbons or other creative decorations. There are no limits to your imagination.

Please note: The Felting needle is only suitable for certain felting machines and special felting kits or punching tools for sewing machines. Therefore, please consult your user manual to find out whether your machine is suitable for the 18x38x1 Felting needle.

Schmetz German-made sewing machine needles have been made to the highest quality since 1851.
Only Schmetz provides sewers worldwide with the consistent quality that sews the perfect stitch every time.
While other companies attach fancy names to discounted cheap needle products, Schmetz pursues an active development and research program aimed at continually improving the performance of its needles ensuring that Schmetz sewing machine needles with consistently pull through the demands of the most challenging sewing applications and projects.
Some people don't realize that the sewing machine needle is the most important element in the stitch forming process.
Many needle companies wish they could match the amount of time, detail and quality of material that does into making every high quality Schmetz needle.
In terms of sewing satisfaction, the price of using cheap discounted needles always exceeds the cost of the purchase!

Using the correct needles for every different sewing applications makes all the difference to your sewing!

Suitable for Singer, Brother, Janome, Frister & Rossmann, Bernina, Pfaff, Elna, Jaguar, Quilting Club, Husqvarna and all other household sewing machine brands.

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