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Schmetz Combi-Box (9) - Universal, Twin, Stretch & Jeans/Denim

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  • System: 130/705 H SORT. VVS / 130-705-COMBI / 130-705KOMBI / 1750 / 1850 (130/705 H + 130/705 H ZWI + 130/705 H-S + 130/705 H-J).

Combi-Box (Kombi / Combination Pack) - Various mixed types and sizes.

Assorted - Universal (Regular / Standard), (Universal) Twin, Stretch & Jeans / Denim

  • Size: Universal (Regular / Standard) 70/10 - 90/14
  • Size: (Universal) Twin 2.0/80
  • Size: Stretch 75/11 & 90/14
  • Size: Jeans / Denim 90/14 & 100/16
  • Feature: Designed to allow the user the opportunity to try a variety of popular SCHMETZ needles.
  • Fabric Use: Numerous. Works with all household sewing machine brands.
  • Assorted needles for cottons and knits (Universal), Stretch fabrics and Jeans (denim and heavy fabrics). Embellish with Twin needle.

    Universal (Regular / Standard)
  • Colour Code: Needle size only.
  • Coating: Nickel.
  • Feature / Point Shape: Slightly rounded point.
  • Fabric Use: Numerous - wovens and knits. A great general purpose needle.

    Between a sharp point and medium ball point, this is a general purpose needle which can be used for most applications without issues.

    A general purpose needle that can be used on knit or woven fabrics. A casual sewer who might repair a pair of jeans today, a child’s t-shirt tomorrow, and some lingerie next month will probably use this needle most often. It will do a number of tasks sufficiently. It has a long scarf that is great for zigzag stitching and it does not damage knits. It is sharp enough to go through a lot of fabrics but it does have a slight ball point which does not make it ideal for going through many layers or high thread count fabrics. This needle comes in a wide range of sizes from size 60 to size 120.

    Size 70 is a finer needle for more delicate fabrics; for extra lightweight woven fabrics, for example sheers, tulle and lace.
    Size 80 is the standard weight needle for standard applications; for light weight woven fabrics, for example broadcloth, taffeta, crepe de Chine and gauze.
    Size 90 is a larger needle for heavier fabrics and thicker threads.

    Suitable fabrics:
    Brocade, fleece, leather (thin), velvet, seersucker
    Batiste, chiffon, organdy, organza, taffeta
    Chambray, terry, linen
    Crepe, poplin, voile
    Cord, felt, jacquard, calico
    Velour, wool/wool-mix fabric
    Tulle, viscose, panne velvet, half-linen
    Lavable, nylon, loden

    (Universal) Twin
  • Colour Code: None.
  • Coating: Nickel.
  • Point Shape: Slightly rounded point.
  • Feature: Two Universal needles mounted on one shank to create two rows of stitches simultaneously.
  • Fabric Use: Numerous - wovens and knits.

Twin needles are available for most fabrics.
Twin needle properties are equivalent to single needles.

Use for pintucks, topstitching, fusible bias, single and multi-coloured decorative seams and hems.
Use two spools of thread and one bobbin thread.

Twin needles are actually two needles mounted on one shaft and are used to create two rows of stitches at the same time. When using a double needle, two spools of thread will be used in the top of the machine. Pass the thread from each one on a different side of the tension discs and thread one into each needle. Only one bobbin thread will be used and the stitches will create a double "web" of stitches on the back of the work. Check to see how you like this under-stitching prior to using these needles. The package of needles will show two numbers. One is the needle size; the other is the distance between the two needles. Remember that the needles must fit through the hole in the stitch plate, so if you have been using a straight stitch plate you must change it to a zig-zag stitch plate to avoid hitting the plate with the needles! This could be a disappointing and expensive mistake!

Sew decorative stitches for decorative seams. Push the twin button on your sewing machine (if present) to limit the stitch width so that the needle does not hit the throat plate by mistake and break.
Sew on lace; the slightly rounded point of the Universal Twin Needle is suitable for a wide range of materials.


  • Colour Code: Yellow.
  • Coating: Nickel.
  • Point Shape: Medium ball point.
  • Features: Special transition from the scarf to the eye, shorter eye and deeper scarf.
  • Fabric Use: Elastic materials and highly elastic knitwear. The medium ball point, specially designed eye and scarf prevent skipped stitches.

    Made especially for synthetic suede or highly elastic synthetic knit wear. This needle is constructed with a medium ball point to help prevent skipped stitches. It comes in sizes 75/11 and 90/14. Choose the size based on the type and size of thread being used.

    Used for stretch materials - similar to the Jersey needle, the ball point on this needle avoids cutting through fibres, which would be disastrous for a stretch material. The scarf on this needle is specially designed to prevent skipped stitches.

    The special design helps to avoid skipped stitches.
    The shank is flatter than on other needles with the same diameter. This means that the needle is closer to the hook, which also helps to avoid skipped stitches.

    Sewing stretchy knits, fleece, minky / minkee / plush / microfibre fabrics or Shannon Fabrics' cuddle fabric? Using Schmetz Stretch needles will make sewing a breeze.

    Jeans / Denim
  • Colour Code: Blue.
  • Coating: Nickel.
  • Point Shape: Modified medium ball point.
  • Feature: Reinforced blade.
  • Fabric Use: Denim and similar fabrics. Advanced point design is a SCHMETZ exclusive. For penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, or quilts with minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches.

    The medium ball point displaces fabric threads: The needle penetrates into the spaces, which reduces the penetration force and helps to reduce needle breakage.

    Made especially for sewing through densely woven materials such as denim or imitation leather. It features a modified medium ball point and a reinforced blade. Some quilters use it when sewing through many layers of fabrics, especially high thread count batiks. This needle comes in sizes 70/10 through 110/18. Choose the size based on the type of thread being used. The heavier jeans threads work best with the larger needle.

    Great for denim or densely woven fabrics. The sharp point allows the needle to penetrate these fabrics more easily. Good for heavy duty projects.

    Schmetz German-made sewing machine needles have been made to the highest quality since 1851.
    Only Schmetz provides sewers worldwide with the consistent quality that sews the perfect stitch every time.
    While other companies attach fancy names to discounted cheap needle products, Schmetz pursues an active development and research program aimed at continually improving the performance of its needles ensuring that Schmetz sewing machine needles with consistently pull through the demands of the most challenging sewing applications and projects.
    Some people don't realize that the sewing machine needle is the most important element in the stitch forming process.
    Many needle companies wish they could match the amount of time, detail and quality of material that does into making every high quality Schmetz needle.
    In terms of sewing satisfaction, the price of using cheap discounted needles always exceeds the cost of the purchase!

    Using the correct needles for every different sewing applications makes all the difference to your sewing!

    Suitable for Singer, Brother, Janome, Frister & Rossmann, Bernina, Pfaff, Elna, Jaguar, Quilting Club, Husqvarna and all other household sewing machine brands.

    We are an official Schmetz UK stockist and we stock a huge range of sewing machine needles including Universal (Regular), Jersey / Ball Point, Stretch, Jeans / Denim, Leather, Quilting, Embroidery, Overlock, Metallic, Hemstitch / Wing, Topstitch, Quick Threading / Handicap / Easythread, Microtex, Double Eye, Spring, Twin, Triple etc.

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