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Schmetz Microtex (Sharp) Magazine, 30 Packets, 150 Needles

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Microtex (Sharp), Magazine (Contains 30 Packs)

  • Sizes: 60/8, 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, Assorted 60/8 - 80/12.
  • Colour Code: Purple.
  • Coating: Nickel.
  • Point Shape: Acute round point.
  • Special Feature: Sizes 60/8 & 70/10 with reinforced blade.
  • Feature: Very slim acute point.
  • Fabric Use: Microfibres, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather, coated materials. Very thin acute point creates beautiful topstitching and perfectly straight stitches for quilt piecing when precision is paramount.

    A magazine contains 30 packets of needles, with 5 needles per packet for a total of 150 needles.

    The special point enables accurate stitches in extremely fine or densely woven materials.
    The needle is suitable for particularly straight stitches when topstitching on edges.
    The needle is also suitable for topstitching collars or button stays.

    A very slim needle with a thin shaft that helps make very straight stitches. It was developed for the modern microfibres and polyesters and high thread count, high quality fabrics used today. The point is very sharp - thus the name - but because of this it is a bit more fragile and needs to be changed more regularly. This is a great needle for piecing high thread count fabrics like Batiks, silks, and microfibers. It is also used for beautiful topstitching or edge stitching. It comes in sizes 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110.

    The very sharp point makes this needle ideal for tightly woven fabrics including synthetic materials like polyester, silk and laminates.

    The Microtex needle, generically known as a sharp needle, has a very slim acute point for precision stitches. Use for piecing & quilting, batiks, silk and more. With such a fine point, this needle gets dull faster than other needle types, so always have extras for quick replacement.

    The Microtex needle has a very slim acute point for easier piecing of very fine or densely woven fabrics.

    Use for the precise stitching of edges, also for silk, microfibre fabrics, coated materials, foils and artificial leather.

    Perfect for fine appliqué work.

    Suitable fabrics:
    • Silk and microfibre fabric
    • Lining taffeta
    • Lamé
    • For coated materials like foil, oilcloth and synthetic leather

    Schmetz German-made sewing machine needles have been made to the highest quality since 1851.
    Only Schmetz provides sewers worldwide with the consistent quality that sews the perfect stitch every time.
    While other companies attach fancy names to discounted cheap needle products, Schmetz pursues an active development and research program aimed at continually improving the performance of its needles ensuring that Schmetz sewing machine needles with consistently pull through the demands of the most challenging sewing applications and projects.
    Some people don't realize that the sewing machine needle is the most important element in the stitch forming process.
    Many needle companies wish they could match the amount of time, detail and quality of material that does into making every high quality Schmetz needle.
    In terms of sewing satisfaction, the price of using cheap discounted needles always exceeds the cost of the purchase!

    Using the correct needles for every different sewing applications makes all the difference to your sewing!

    Suitable for Singer, Brother, Janome, Frister & Rossmann, Bernina, Pfaff, Elna, Jaguar, Quilting Club, Husqvarna and all other household sewing machine brands.

    We are an official Schmetz UK stockist and we stock a huge range of sewing machine needles including Universal (Regular), Jersey / Ball Point, Stretch, Jeans / Denim, Leather, Quilting, Embroidery, Overlock, Metallic, Hemstitch / Wing, Topstitch, Quick Threading / Handicap / Easythread, Microtex, Double Eye, Spring, Twin, Triple etc.

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