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Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste

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  • Gives your iron / ironing press a newer look!
  • Non-flammable; safe for metals, fabric and skin.
  • Cleans whilst the metal is hot.
  • Ez-Off (by Faultless) makes irons glide faster.
  • To clean iron, squeeze EZ-Off onto a cotton cloth and rub iron whilst it is hot.
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EZ-Off Steam Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste by Faultless - Metal Surface Cleaner / Hot Iron Cleaner.

Suitable for all of our extensive range of ironing presses.

Keeping your ironing surface clean is extremely important. When you use EZ-Off, you will be able to clean off starch build-up or any residue that you may have.

Remove starch, scorch, soil and foreign residue from all hot metal ironing surfaces.

Can be used to remove fusibles, iron-on interfacings, trims, burned-on synthetics and coatings caused by excess starch & detergent build-up.

Ez-Off can be used to clean all metal surfaces quickly and easily.

It cleans whilst the metal is hot.

Using Ez-Off will not only help prolong the lifespan, it will also allow your iron to glide quickly across garments.

Ez-Off is a cleaning solvent that allows you to remove a variety of items such as foreign residue, scorch, soil, and starch to keep ironing surfaces clean. Using only Ez-Off, a steel wool pad and any hot metal ironing surface that needs cleaning, you can say goodbye to those nasty build-ups that just don't look good.

Best of all, Ez-Off is non-flammable and safe for metals, fabrics, and skin so you don't have to worry about ugly side effects that can happen with other products.

Ez-Off comes in a 5 1/4 oz. convenient tube dispenser that makes it easy to place the amount desired to keep the iron plate looking clean and professional.

Simply apply any amount needed onto a (cotton) cloth / onto your hot head mitt using the convenient tube dispenser, and rub or wipe clean.

Ez-Off hot iron cleaner simply removes all foreign objects from the soleplate of your iron whilst the iron is hot. Simply apply a small amount of iron cleaner onto a cloth and rub away.

Non-flammable; safe for metals, fabric and skin.

This is an industrial product, which is safe for everyday household use.

149g / 5-1/4 oz. per tube.

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Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste
Ez-Off Iron and Ironing Press Cleaner Paste


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