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Handymaid 2.5-litre Clothes Garment & Fabric i-Steamer

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  • Steam garments and textiles in their natural position.
  • Removes creases effortlessly. Manufactured in England.
  • Use on any material with no scorch or burn.
  • Full stainless steel construction.
  • Extra large but lightweight, fully aluminium nozzle (iron head).
  • Free UK + mainland Europe delivery. Fast dispatch.

British manufactured Handymaid 2.5 i-Steamer - a Portable and Professional Clothes, Garment, Textile and Fabric Steamer for Commercial and Home Use

Capacity: 2.5 litres of water
Wattage: 1.5kW

85 minutes of continuous steam.

Perfect presentation in seconds.
All metal robust construction, built to last.

Use on any material with no scorch or burn.

Removes creases effortlessly.
Restores boxed garments to new look.

Steams garments and textiles in their natural position.
Steam curtains as they hang.

Durable steel body, including stainless steel internal boiler.

Normal tap water may be used, although we strongly recommend that in hard water areas, deionised or filtered water should be used (please see 'Available Add-ons For This Product' above).

3 years warranty + lifetime boiler warranty.
Fully British made.
Typical lifespan of 20 - 50 years.

Rapid waiting time - Partial fill: 4 minutes / Full fill: 4 - 10 minutes (depending on the amount of water and the water temperature).

Fast warm-up time.
Low / empty water warning buzzer.

Raises crushed piles.
On / off indicator light.
Run dry safety cut-out (self-resetting).

6 double bearing heavy duty castors for all work / floor surfaces.
3-part collapsible nozzle support metal rod.

Extra large but lightweight, fully aluminium nozzle (iron head).

Carry handle for portable use.

First class sales, service and repair.

Weight of steamer: 5.5kg.
Weight of steamer with rods & nozzle: 7.9kg.
Box weight: 9.5kg.
Hose length: 164cm (208cm hose can be ordered).
Pole height: 142cm.
Cable length: 3m.

Speedypress have been making steamers in the UK since 1965.

Stainless steel pressure boiler carries full AOTC design approval and is manufactured according to BS5500.

For a fast and first class finish!

Curtains: From pelmet to valance, our Speedypress steamers will ensure a perfect finish! Quickly and easily removes transit creases when hanging.

Bridal: Put the finish back into the fitting room; a crushed and creased bridal gown is restored in minutes.

Menswear Department: Put life back into hired suits, or for returning display garments back onto the rail.

Dry Cleaners: For that final finishing touch. The Handymaid can cope with a heavy workload for around an hour and a half of continuous use.

Steam to Perfection: Curtains. Bridal fashion outlets. Soft furnishings. Hire departments. Costumes. Hotels. Theatres. Dry cleaning. Laundry. Upholstery. Furniture. Manufacturing. Airline seats. Auto upholstery. Exhibition displays. Private homes. Dressmakers. Clothing factories. Rugs and carpets. Marquees.

Speedypress have been making commercial ironing equipment including boilers, ironing tables, steamers and accessories in the UK since 1965.

The Ironing Press Company - Europe's leading supplier of Ironing Presses, Sewing Machines and Accessories since 1977.

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