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Propress PRO580 Professional Clothes Steamer 4-litre

1 Year Warranty
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PRICE: £595.00
  • The ultimate fabric steamer!
  • Choose between 3 colours: Granite, Standard (Cream) or Pink.
  • Light, Portable, Robust.
  • Stainless Steel Boiler Tank.
  • Aluminium Nozzle.
  • 125 Minutes of Continuous Steam.
  • 4-Litre Capacity / 1.65m Hose / 1 Bar.
  • Standby Feature.
  • Ideal for bridal shops, upholsterers etc.
  • Free UK + mainland Europe delivery. Fast dispatch.

The PRO580 Propress Clothes & Garment Steamer's stainless steel boiler has a 4-litre capacity enabling you to steam for over two hours continuously.

The heavy duty PRO580 is a top of the range steamer, used by serious professionals all over the world in a wide range of industries from fashion to soft furnishings.

It has a stainless steel boiler, a 4-litre water capacity, and it allows you to steam for over 2 hours continuously!

This professional clothes steamer is the ultimate fabric steamer!

Despite this model's powerful performance, it still remains light and portable.

The robust outer casing is made from high impact ABS plastic while the boiler tank is manufactured from stainless steel - ensuring a long trouble-free life.

The PRO580 comes with a handy standby feature - if you’re interrupted while steaming, just turn the dial to standby and the machine will keep the water just below steaming temperature. When you’re ready to steam again, turn the dial to steam and steam will be generated in under 10 seconds, saving water and allowing you to get straight back to work!

Steaming fabrics with a Propress PRO580 Professional Steamer smooths creases and restores shape. It can be used effectively across a range of fabrics (clothing, sofas, cushions, curtains and bed linen), without damaging soft fibres and delicate materials. In addition to removing creases, it also helps to kill bacteria and remove odours, restoring freshness.

Powerful, portable and robust, the PRO580 is the top of the range steamer from Propress, used and trusted by fabric professionals and experts across the world.

1.65m Hose // 4-Litre Capacity // 1,750watt // 230V

Weight: 10kg
Dimensions: 46cm × 43cm × 45cm

Available to buy in three different colours: Granite, Standard (Cream) or Pink.

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